tagLoving WivesA Chat With A Loving Wife

A Chat With A Loving Wife


This is written for someone who was special to me.

Thank you Jason I love those photos of your cute little dickie. Now think about this. It's me and I'm sitting back against my bed completely nude and about to use one of my best toys to make me cum for you today. Do you like that idea? You know, the idea of me cumming as I look at your little dickie all hard and throbbing to cum?

Can you visualize that? The image of my nude body right there in front of you, my thighs wide open my knees bent and spread and my 10 inch thick dildo now moving up and down the wet slit between my legs. Muumuu it feels so good Jason. I bet you would love to see that and watch me fuck myself wouldn't you? Would you like to see that sweetie?

Don't you want to bend down and kiss my tight little wet pussy for me now before I start fucking it? Up and down my slit I'm moving the dildo now Jason teasing you. God I would love for you to watch me.

Soon my toy will be moving in and out of my cunt filling my hole slowly at first and filling so much deeper than you could ever imagine doing with that little cockette. And it will be fucking me and making me feel so good baby.

Oh Jason! Is your cockette hard baby? I can almost see your little dickie growing so hard! Good! Doesn't it feel good to hold your cock and think about my cunt? You can do that Jason. Hold your little hard-on dickie for me baby but no cumming! That's not allowed.

Oh Jason I'm fully nude my nipples are so hard and sensitive and I know you want to see me. In time baby! Oh Jason my pussy is already wet and wanting to be fucked by a big dick. Can you imagine how it would be to see for real rather than in your sex crazy brain baby? Can you imagine how good it looks waiting to be fucked by such a big toy?

If you were here I'd have you strip completely for me and then pull on your little cock. I would make you sit right here in front of me between my spread thighs. I'd have you watch me fuck my little wet pussy on this big dildo.

Would you lick it for me sweetie and get it wet and juicy for me sweetie? Oh yea that's stroke your little cockette and I'll spread my pussy lips so you can see the pink insides. How I wish you were here so you could suck on that fake cock for me and get it super wet.

You could suck it after I insert in my pussy and then pull it out and you could taste me on it baby! You love to taste my cum don't you baby, and my lover's cum too. You didn't know that, but when you licked me when I got home the last time you were drinking my big cock lover's cum along with my own. Did you enjoy that baby?

And if you were here you could watch me and I would have you pump your little dickie for me. I would love to see how small you are when you're soft but also when you are as hard as you can get, what is that Jason 5 inches maybe? Oh 5 1/2 inches that's right I remember now. Well your little cockette is not very memorable is it baby? Not like my 10 inch lover.

If you were here I could see it now with the cock head hardly sticking out from your hand around it. Poor thing it's almost completely hidden by your one hand. I mean with my lover's cock Jason you could put both your hands on top of each other and have enough to suck really god. Oh yes that right you know, you did that for him the last time he was here to fuck me didn't you?

Oh Jason your little cockette looks so damn hard and all red and throbbing in your hand. It's mad isn't it Jason because it so wants to fuck me. But it's so small I most likely wouldn't even feel if after a weekend with my lover, I mean he's so much thicker than you are Jason. I'm sorry baby I know your cockette so wants me to take the dildo out and let you fuck me anyway. Tell you what. You can use my dildo to fuck me while your other hand jerks off your tiny little but very cute dickie.

But no baby you can't put your little dickie inside my woman cunt, it's just not big enough! You realize that don't you sweetie so you'll have to jerk it off while I fuck myself with this toy!

But if you were really here you could see my red/pink nipples growing hard and thick and my breasts rising and falling with each breath I take. Would you like to take them both in your hands and feel their fullness? Well Jason they do need sucking so badly right now. I might let you do it for me while I fuck myself.

Oh and you could see my pussy stretching as I insert this fake cock head on the dildo into my pussy. Oh Jason you could see it spreading my pussy lips wider and wider and then ...... God yes Jason! It would go into my hole. The lips of my cunt squeezed tightly around the shaft! Oh baby it feel so good. I wish you were here to see it. Are your masturbating right now for me? That's OK. But remember no cumming yet.

I need to push it in even deeper. Don't you want to see me push more of it into my body? Is your dickie throbbing yet? I bet it is. No cumming now it's only Monday and you're not allowed to cum again until Saturday! You promised me. And if you do I'll let you clean my dildo and my pussy clean with your mouth and tongue like I promised.

Don't you wish the toy was your cock going into my hole? Think of it Jason, can you almost see it. Here I'll turn on my PC camera now so you can watch me cum. Can you see me being fucked now but the dildo? Oh Jason it feels so good.

Oh Jason I bet you hunger is so bad right now, hungry to fuck me. But you have to sit there at home and watch as the toy starts sinking deeper and deeper into my pussy hole. Watch it Jason. See how deep it goes into my hole?

Oh Jason I'm so hot I need to cum so badly. If you were here you could lick me pussy as I fuck myself. Would you like that? I would love that!

Watch it go in baby! Watch as I take all of you I mean it! Would you like to pull out that dildo and put your dickie into my open hole? I bet you would. Are you hard baby? Are you ready to cum? No not yet baby!

See my pussy hole Jason stay open as I pull out the thick dildo. See my pussy hold baby, look at it Jason. Don't you want to bend down and kiss it a few times for me? Oh yes your mouth would feel so sweet baby!

Now if you were here you could put your little thin cock head at the opening! And ..... no Jason I'm sorry but you're just not big enough sweetie to put it inside me. I'm sorry you would just frustrate me. I need this big fake toy.

Tell you what, if you were here you could put it back in my tunnel and fuck me with it. Oh that feels so good baby! Deeper!! You have to learn that women love it when you push it a little deeper.

Jason is your cock is leaking pre cum all over your thighs! It's OK I know you are so horny. OK if you were here you could just let it rest on my thigh as you watch closer as I fuck myself.

You could be so close that maybe just maybe you could smell my musk now baby? Take my used panties I gave you the other day and put them to your face. Smell my cum on them? Muuuu I bet you want to eat my pussy so badly don't you? But no not now I want you to sit back now and just watch me fuck my hole until I climax.

And when you do you'll see both my ass and pussy holes. As I begin to slump down in my bed fucking my pussy like crazy with my toy I push more of the dildo into my hole and begin to fuck myself. Watch because I now have over 7 inches of the toy inside me. Bigger than your cock could go inside me Jason my toy is bigger than your little cockette.

Are you watching sweetie? I still have a few more inches to go. See I need more than you have baby! I'm sorry. Watch it now as I take more and more. Muuuu! God Jason that feels remarkable, so good!

Now you can see the long thick dildo becoming wet and shinning with my juices when I pull it out I wish you were here so you could lick it for me. Yes that's right baby you would be able to lick my juices off the dildo and then my cunt.

Oh Jason I bet your dickie looks so hard! If you were here would you let me touch it! No I better not you would shoot all over my hand.

But I could see it jumping with your excitement. Would you like to bring it up to my lips and have me suck your little dickie? I bet you would love to feel the head of your dickie being sucked as hard as I can suck! I bet you would love to cum in my mouth and see me drink your cum?

Well NO! No I can't do that especially right now baby. I am too involved with fucking my pussy right now Jason to suck your little dickie. I mean I have 8 inches inside me now.

But I want you to do something now. Let go of you hard on. Let it go, do it Jason, don't touch it again. Just watch me fuck this dildo. See my hips rise up to take it as I push it in deeper and faster now. Oh God Jason! I'm holding it with two hands and driving it into me. How I wish your cock was 10 inches long! I want to fuck a real cock so badly rather than this fake one.

Oh Jason if you were here you could see my pelvis beginning to pump as my orgasm starts to approach? You could watch Jason; watch my body react to being fucked by a big cock! Watch baby! NO! No you couldn't touch your dickie just watch my entire body become an orgasm! One big orgasm as I come closer to achieving a climax.

If you were here you could watch me but you wouldn't be allowed to touch your little cock! Don't you dare touch it Jason, I mean it don't you touch your cockette or I'll turn off the camera.

Just let your excitement make your small dickie jump with your need and excitement. Yes baby, yes that's it!! See it jumping all over the place. Don't touch it just watch me and leave your dickie alone! That's it watch and see the pleasure on my face, in my eyes, my mouth open and my body thrusting up now to meet the push into my hole.

Oh Jason you can't imagine how good this feels baby! Watch me! Watch it fill me and fuck me. Oh it feels so good to be filled! So good! I bet your cock looks so hard and in such need to cum. I bet if I touched it you would explode. So no touching!

Oh Jason stop crying I know it's hard not to jerk off but you can't. Just watch my pussy baby. See my cum all over that dildo. Such pleasure I'm receiving from that big tool. Size does matter Jason! But you know that! That's why you can't fuck me any more. Only my lover's big cock can do for me what I need baby! I'm sorry but the truth is the truth.

Oh Jason if you were here I could see your pre cum forming at the tip of your cock. It's almost dripping out on my leg again. Do you want to cum on my leg baby? Do you need to cum baby? Yes you need to cum so badly don't you sweetie! I'm sure you do. Should I let you cum? Well.....well no! No baby! Sorry, No! Not today! Just watch and see me being fucked faster and harder. I'm so close to cumming again now.

Would you like to help me sweetie. Would you like to see me do that while you sit and watch me baby? Would you like to see me do all this right in front of you! Your cock is screaming to cum but you can't touch it. You're not allowed right now to cum baby. I know it's so hard and it hurts but you haven't earned the right to cum yet sweetie.

Jason do you think I could make your cock cum now without you touching it any more? I mean if I pushed up close to the camera, my pussy could be so close to your face. See it baby see my open hole and my throbbing clit and the dildo right in front of you? Now would you cum w/o touching your cock for me as you watch my pussy squeeze the dildo and cum?

Just seeing me fuck my pussy and reading these words Jason could that make your cockette cum w/o you touching it again? If you do it that way it would be OK to cum. If you can cum w/o touching your cockette now it's OK to get relief that way.

You can cum this way tonight or any day before Saturday if you can do it without touching your dickie. Make your cock cum w/o touching it for me Jason. Do it for me! You can cum today this way if you can do it.

Have you cum w/o touching your cock baby? Tell me are you that hard that much in need? Want to fuck me so badly that your cock will shoot your small pool of cum even if you don't touch it?

I know you want to cum in me baby but that won't happen today? So try and cum w/o touching your cock. Look at my photos like I do with yours and make your dickie cum w/o touching it. You're doing it!!! Oh Shit Jason that's so fucking sexy! That is so hot. You are so hard and in such need that you shot off w/o touching your cock! And you took photos for me, great that I want to see. Are you still hard baby? Do I stimulate you that much?

I'm so wet now and I have cum twice from looking at your deflated dickie in the palm of your hand with your used cum dripping off of it! You love to see me on camera don't you? Even if you can't be here you can help me cum baby and I thank you for that! More later sweetie. No jerk off now remember sweetie, not until Saturday! But if you cum w/o touching your dickie it will be OK with me.

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