tagLoving WivesA Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 02

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 02


This is a fictional story and as a help aid to Ass w/o a name I have included cuckolding in the discription of the story. He knows now it's a cuckolding stroy. So if he reads it or even comments on it we all know he liked it and wants his own woman to cukold him! Right Ass w/o a name? Right baby! We know!We all know baby! It's OK cuckolding you might improve your brain and your understanding of what real women want!

I wondered how Larry would react after the phone call to him as Rick came into my office and pulled out his huge cock to show me what I had done to him by teasing him all day showing him my panties with my garter belt and stockings on. I had let my husband hear what was going on up to a point then I told him I had to hang up. Well that I'm sure drove him crazy wondering what I would do.

When I opened the front door to the house and called my husband. "Larry! Are you home yet sweetie", I asked loudly?

He came into the living room and stood looking at me. Then he began talk but stuttered as he slowly asked? What did you do? Did you fuck Rick? What did you and Rick do when you hung up the phone Bonnie? Oh God what did you do with Rick?"

I smiled at him and walked to the sofa. "Had you questing did I", I said as I sat down.

I slowly crossed my legs showing Larry my inner thighs and the stockings that were hooked to the garter belt I had on and wore to work today. He stood there and asked again: "Did......did you....did you f....fuck him Bonnie? Oh God tell me you didn't fuck him!"

I said: "Come here baby! Sit with me. Don't be upset with me Larry I was just playing with you and Rick. You know how I am sweetie."

Larry came to the sofa and sat down; I could almost see tears forming in his eyes as he asked for the third time: "Tell me Bonnie. Tell me did you or didn't you do it? Tell me you didn't fuck him. Please God tell me you didn't fuck him Bonnie! What happened after you hung up the phone Bonnie? I know you said he had his dick out! What happened? It's eating me alive. Tell me please."

I patted his hand and gave him a little smiled and then I asked him: "Do you really want to know baby? I mean wouldn't it be better if we didn't discuss it just now? You're so emotional right now Larry I don't think you can handle what happened today right now baby."

He started to sob and said between breaths: "Bonnie! Tell me please I have to know I have too! I have to know! Did you fuck his big cock? I hate this you know that. I hate it when you tease me so badly."

I took his hand and held it and used my other hand to lift his chin up and had him look me in the face. I kissed his cheek and held him as I let his hand drop to my thigh and I put my hand over his. I let it rest about 6 inches above my knee with his fingers down between my legs. As I held him with my other hand I could feel him shaking.

I held him and tried to calm him by licked his ear and then whispered: "No baby! No I didn't fuck him. Calm your self Larry I haven't fucked him.....yet! Not this time Larry we just played a little. But we need to talk. You and I need to discuss this and discuss what happened today. Let's go into the bedroom I can see you are excited. YOU have a hard on don't you sweetie?"

He shook his head as he pulled back and said: "Are you telling me the truth Bonnie? Please don't lie to me. Please don't tease me any more I can't take this again."

I said: "Have I ever lied to you baby?"

He shook his head no. I took his hand and said: "Here see for yourself Larry."

I uncrossed my legs and spread them wide so he could see down between them. I took his hand and we both watched as I moved it slowly up my inner thigh to my softness that was bare between the tops of my stockings and where my panties should have been. But when his hand reached that point he felt for my panties and instead he touched my bare shaved pussy.

He was shocked and looked at me stunned and said: "Where......where are they? Where are you panties? What happened to your panties? You did do it! You did fuck him and he took your panties OH God Bonnie what have you done?"

I stood up and left his hand cupping my pussy. I asked him if he could feel any cum on my pussy. He looked and said: "No I don't see any but you could have cleaned up before you came home."

I told him that as big as Rick's cock was and as deep as he could put it in me I would be leaking cum for two days. He looked up at me and I said: "Smell! Smell and tell me if I lied to you."

He put his face right in my pussy and I held it for a few seconds. When I let it go he looked up at me and I told him: "Well we need to talk now baby! But no I didn't fuck Rick today I swear it. And you should know now Larry, I mean you have to know I haven't been fucked by anyone. Come on let's go into the bedroom and get comfortable. I think it would be better to tell you the rest of what did happen if we got you nude and had you lay in bed. Maybe we can begin to make love."

He stood up and followed me into the bedroom saying: "I wanted to know all of it Bonnie. I'm really upset tonight."

I took his hand and walked ahead of him swing my hips and wiggling my ass as we walked. When we entered the bedroom I told him: "Well if you really do want to know everything you'll get nude for me and lie in bed. Come on baby let me make your little cock hard and maybe we can make love sweetie. Would you like that baby? I sure would I'm very horny tonight."

Larry stopped and looked at me. So I asked: "Don't you want to make love to me? I mean don't you want to make sure that Rick's huge cock didn't stretch my little pussy for sure but putting your little cock in me and see if I'm as tight as I was this morning?"

He shook his head yes and then looked down at the floor a little ashamed of how he was so submissive to me. I held his hand and pulled gently. Larry started to walk and came towards the bed. As he stood there taking off his shirt I said: "Come get undress sweetie and lay with me. We'll talk all about today and I'll tell you everything that happened with Rick and his big cock."

Larry undressed completely for me as I undid his slack and let them fall to the floor. He was already hard and when I took his cock in my hand it was throbbing. I told him to take a shower and he did. When he came out of the shower his little cock was hanging down and it was only about an inch more than just a cock head hanging there. Poor Larry, he was so cheated in the cock department. It was such a small deflated little cock that his balls hung way down under the shaft. Pity, Larry was so small he was a good man and he was a great pussy eater. But sadly he was really missing in the cock department. Even when we made long love and he was super hard as hard as he got when he was in me he was only in about 4 inches. Not good.

Now he was clean and completely nude. I had he lay back on the bed and I sat cross legged so he could see my pussy as I took his little cock in my hand, well actually with two fingers and started to play with it. He asked me to remove my top and of course I did it for him he is my husband. He reached for my right breasts and stroked it and played with the nipple while I stroked his cock which was coming alive. I was now using three fingers and my thumb to cover all of his shaft and part of the head. He smiled at me and told me how good it felt to have y hand on his cock! I smiled back and told him I loved doing it for him. He asked me to tell him now what I did with Rick.

I said: "OK sweetie I will. Now what I'm going to tell you may upset you a little bit but I want you to know had to do it Larry. I mean it was my fault things got out of control a little. OK? So baby I want you to clam down and stay clam until I'm finished. Then I'll answer any questions you have. Deal?"

He told me: "OK? But what happened to your panties Bonnie? Why did you take them off if he didn't fuck you?"

I said: "Well I just gave Rick the panties. I mean he asked for them and after all we had to use them to cover his cock so he wouldn't get cum all over me. Now don't get upset let me tell you all of it."

Larry's eyes grew large and he was about to say something when I cut him off by saying: "You see Larry it was Rick's huge cock that was the problem and it was my fault he was so big and hard. And baby it was so damn big and so damn hard and it stuck out so damn far from his body when he dropped his slacks and showed me what I had done to him. I knew he would never be able to get his slacks back up without his cock being deflated first. And baby he wasn't going to get deflated without cumming that was for sure."

Larry didn't say anything he just looked at me. So I continued by saying: "So we both agreed I should help him cum since it seems it was my panties and my legs spread wide most of the day for him so he could see them that had started to make his cock hard. But sweetie it was that little patch of material on my panties that went up between my legs that was really the problem and made his cock hard as hell."

Larry asked what patch and I said: "Oh baby you know that part of my panties that covered my pussy and ass holes. That part you love to suck on when we play at night before I take y panties off. You see that part must have moved because Rick told me he could see both my beautiful holes as I sat there teasing him all day. If course he didn't tell me that until he was standing there in front of me with his cock out. When I looked sure enough my panties were to the side and I knew he had been looking at my pussy and ass holes almost all day.

Larry sighed and asked: And.....and you didn't know that?"

I told him: "No, I swear I didn't know it baby! And that was what was so bad. Rick saw my pussy and ass holes and my open thighs and Larry it was enough to make his cock swell to its hardest. So he felt he just had to show me what I did to him when he came into my office and closed and locked the door."

Larry's cock was as hard as it gets now from me stroking him just like I knew he loved being played with. But I was sure it was hard from what I was telling him and what I did with Rick today. Plus I had moved closer and he was now touching my pussy and making me and it feel much better. He had his fingers spreading my lips and rubbing my clit as I pumped his little dickie and made pre cum form in the hole in the cock head.

He had his eyes glued to my open wet pussy as I continued telling him what happened. "So Larry, because I had made Rick's big cock so hard he made me sit in my chair and spread my legs wide placing my feet on the desk and open my thighs as wide as I could so he could get a better and a much closer look at my bikini panties and the patch between my legs and of course the two holes it covered. Do you understand a little baby?"

I bend down as watched his face as I took his cock head and sucked on it I heard my husband say he was thinking and that he guessed he understand why I had to help Rick get his huge cock down.

I smiled up at my husband as I sucked his little cock head and took his entire shaft into my mouth! I made love to his cock with my mouth and tongue and I knew I was driving him wild with his need now. When I felt he might cum I popped my mouth off the head and said: So then Rick asked me for them, the panties baby! And, well I couldn't refuse could I baby? I mean the poor man's cock was so hard and so big Larry! Plus he had my breasts out of my top sweetie and was playing with them like you are ding right now. Muuu that feels very nice Larry very nice. Can you feel my pussy getting wet?"

He told me yes and I asked him: "Do you want me to suck your cock some more sweetie?"

He told me no he wanted to hear the rest of what happened. So I said: "Well Rick told me he needed to see them, my boons and feel them in order to cum. But I swear I didn't fuck him today baby. Oh I wanted to Larry, my God his cock is so long and so thick and so hard sweetie it makes two of yours. I mean it stood straight out and was facing me. Larry are you listening?"

He seemed to be looking in a sort of fog as I pumped his little hard on and squeezed the pre cum out the hole. It was leaking all over the shaft and on my hand. Larry's cock was so hard, like he was really enjoying what I was telling him.

I said it again if he was listening and he shook his head yes and said: "Yes....yes I'm listening Bonnie. Please tell me the rest and please make me cum baby! Stroke my cock and make me cum I need to cum so badly right now!"

I smiled and bent down and kissed his cock head feeling it throb on my lips and tongue as I sucked it for a few seconds. Then I sat back as he asked: "So then what happened if you didn't fuck him and he needed to cum?"

I stroked my husband's cock rubbing the head with my nails and thumb. I could feel it jumping with excitement and from my stimulation and I knew from what I was telling Larry. It was making him even hotter. And as he laid there watching my hand stroked his shaft I heard him moan with pleasure every few seconds. I didn't let him cum, not yet anyway. I smiled down at him and kissed the head one more time making it jump.

As I pumped the cock and played with his balls Larry told me it was so hard and he was so excited and to please help him cum. His cock was throbbing and red and I knew he needed to cum very badly. "In time baby! In time," I whispered as I held him again and calmed his fear and to increase his excitement I put a nipple in his mouth and he sucked and nursed on it like a kid. Larry gets so emotional these days and sucking on my nipples and holding my breasts always helps to calm him down.

He said: "So...tell me how did you make him cum?"

I squeezed his cock and made him moan again. He was so hard he was almost in pain. I sat back up and said: "Well you see baby the head of Rick's big cock was only an inch from my face so I took the head and sucked it like this."

I bent down and sucked Larry's cock like I had sucked Rick's big one. He held my head and began to fuck my mouth. But, I pulled off and squeezed his shaft again working out another drop of pre cum but keeping him from cumming. I flicked my tongue and licked it off his cock head.

I said: "I sucked Rick's cock today Larry and I stroked his shaft like I'm doing yours baby! But I need two hands for Rick's long cock and you know what I still have two or three inches and the head to suck on baby! He is huge you should see it sometime. Maybe I could invite him over one day and you could watch as I make his cock so hard. Would you like to see that?"

Larry was arching his hips now and pumping my hand fucking it. I smiled and asked him if it felt good? He told me it felt wonderful and would I please squeeze a little tighter. I did and he fucked my hand arching up and moaning.

So would you like to see Rick's cock get hard as I jerk him off and suck t while you're there to see it?"

Larry just moaned I said: "Answer me. Would you like to see that?"

He was fucking my hand like a wild man and yelled out: "Yes Oh God I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"

I squeezed his cock just under the swollen cock head and kept him from cumming one more time. Then I said: "So I let Rick feel my breasts and pull on my nipples as I sucked his cock head and jerked him off. My legs were wide opened too Larry and Rick's other hand was playing with my pussy just like you are doing baby! And it didn't take long maybe 20 minutes of that and Rick told me he was going to cum."

Larry cried out and arched his hips up off the bed again trying to fuck my hand and cum. I held his shaft and pumped it hard and fast now I wanted him to cum And cum fall on his stomach and thighs and form a small pool on his pelvis. He kept fucking my hand hard and fast and I let him enjoy the sensation and orgasm he was having. I did whatever I could to make it long and hard and god for him.

As he finished and the cum sort of dripped out and ran over my thumb and fingers and down his shaft. As he was cumming I told him: "And them since I didn't want to drink his cum baby, I told him to wrap my panties around his cock head and he did it. I pumped and jerked that cock Larry and Rick began to cum like a fire hose. Shot after shot of his warm wet cum filled my panties and ran down my hands and arms and dripped on my thighs. And you know what Rick did when he was done Larry?"

Larry opened his eyes and just looked at me. I let his deflated cock fall from my hand and he asked: "What? What did he do?"

I said: "Rick scoped his cum up with his fingers and we shared them. He fed me and I fed him. He had me lick my panties and suck the cum stain. And you know what happened next baby? His cum was so sweet I didn't care at all that he was kneeling between my wide open legs now and eating my pussy as I cleaned my panties of his cum. After he fingered me and licked my pussy giving me two fantastic orgasms we decide it was late and time to go. But Rick kept my panties. And I'm so horny right now I need your help baby!"

I moved over my husband's face and sat my wet open pussy on his mouth. Larry began to lick and suck my pussy like a starving man. He worked and worked and gave me three of the best orgasm I have ever had from his sucking and licking. When he was done I looked around and saw his little 4 inch cock was sticking straight up in the air. So what could I do? I moved down and sat next to it and while I played with his little hard on I handed him the 10 inch dildo and he began to fuck me with it as I retold the story of what I did with Rick in my office today! We both came almost together him first and then me. He asked me to move back on to his face and he was sweet enough to eat me into one more earth shattering orgasms before we fell asleep.

The next day he saw me dress in my black garter belt black bikini panties and bra. I put on my short skirt and low cut blouse and he kissed me goodbye asking: "Please don't fuck him Bonnie please baby I don't know if I could take another cuckolding."

I patted his cheek and kissed him as I reached for his cock. It was hard! I knew for sure he could handle it if and when I decide to see how Rick's big cock felt in my tight wet pussy hole. Then I walked to the car and drove off wondering what today would hold for me when Rick saw my outfit. I stopped at the coffee and donut place and went into the lady's room. I removed my black bikini panties and then got a coffee. Driving t work I was smiling think of how Rick would react when he saw me wearing nothing but the garter belt and stockings.

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