tagLoving WivesA Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 04

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 04


As I drove home I couldn't believe how much cum I had on my lower body around my pussy. My pelvis and inner thighs were covered with it. I also had it running down between my breasts. I could feel it and smell it. As I drove it got stickier and the wetness began to dry. About twenty-five minutes into the drive I could really smell the sex.

My pussy was flooded with my own cum from seeing Rick's big cock tasting and pumping out his seed all over me. And finally I could taste his cum on my tongue and smell it on my breath. When I pulled into the driveway I looked into the mirror at my hair and I had a nice big drop of it stuck in my hair.

I opened the door and walked into the living room and saw my husband sitting there waiting for me. I surprised him because he had his slacks down and his cock out the hole in his underwear and his hand was stroking it. I told him to stop immediately. He did.

I came up to him and bent down and kissed him as I slowly ran my fingers down the shaft and squeezed it. He moaned. Larry was very hard and was close to his orgasm when I stopped him. I asked him what he was thinking of while he was stroking his little dick and he told me he was thinking of me. How sweet. I asked him what he was thinking about me and he blushed and told me he was thinking of me and Rick and Rick's big cock. I worked on his cock stroking it and squeezing it and got him to tell me that he was thinking of me stroking Rick's big cock and making it cum like he hoped I was going to continue to do to his smaller cock. .

I smiled and told him that was exactly what I did today. "I made Rick's cock cum Larry I used my hand and mouth and he shot a huge load. I want you to see it, see how much Rick can cum from me teasing his big dick."

As I told him that I pumped his shaft and made him arch up a little. Then I shoved my tongue into his mouth like Rick told me I should do and I knew Larry could taste the cum Rick had deposited there about 35 minutes ago. When I pulled back Larry just looked at me and I saw his face red and amazed looking. He slowly stood and said; "You didn't do him today did you? Oh God please tell me you didn't fuck him Bonnie. Don't lie to me I can taste the cum on your tongue and smell it on your body. You must have a ton of it inside you. You smell like you have been fucking for hours. Oh God Bonnie how could you do this to me, to us?"

I smiled at him and as I held his cock I said: "No baby, now don't start that again. I didn't fuck him Larry today. I told you I wouldn't fuck him unless you told me you would be OK with it. But I did suck him off and he did cum al over me between my legs. I watched it Larry. God sweetie I watched as he pumped his big shaft and that huge cock head just kept squirting and shoot cum everywhere on me. Look"

I took his hand and we walked to the big sofa on the other side of the room. I sat down and patted the seat next to me. When Larry sat next to me I told him: "I sucked his cock baby. I let him cum on me! He came all over my. See? Look, just look at it all sugar."

I lifted my skirt about my legs and showed my husband my stockings and garter belt covered with Rick's cum. He just looked at my white soft thighs and then he said: "I guess you loved seeing him cum on you."

I smiled and spread my thighs slowing showing Larry my still wet and cum covered pussy as well as my upper inner thighs. I took Larry's hand and ran his fingers over my sex and squeeze had him my pussy with his hand and when he did I closed my thighs tight around it. When I opened my legs again we both saw his hand was covered with cum, my cum and Rich's cum. I took his hand and started to suck one of his fingers. Then two then three fingers were cleaned with my mouth and tongue. Larry just sat and watched my mouth work on his fingers like they were his cock. Then I took his thumb which had a big drop on it and I turned it towards Larry's mouth. He just looked at me and I said: "Just smell it baby! Smell it! It's my cum and wetness mostly but there is some of Rick's cum on it too. Smell how beautiful it smells when we mix our cum together Larry. Smell it for me baby!"

He let me move the thumb to his nose and I saw him inhale. Then I pushed a little and the thumb touched his lips. I kissed him on the cheek and whispered: "Lick it baby, suck your thumb for me. Taste him baby, taste me. Do it baby! Suck your thumb and clean it for me Larry. Show me what your mouth can do."

Larry opened his mouth just enough and I pushed his cum covered thumb into his mouth." Suck it sugar. Let your tongue clean off your finger. Clean his cum off of it. Taste him Larry taste his cum and know how beautiful it is to eat his cum. I did it twice today and he is so big and so sweet and he cums so much there will be enough for both of us baby! Suck it, clean it for me baby! Clean it for me. Yes that's it, now swallow baby, and drink it down for me."

I was really jerking him off fast and hard with my other hand. He loved it and I was proud of him he did it; he had sucked Rick's cum off his thumb for me. I love Larry so much he is so good to me. When he removed his thumb from his mouth I pulled him close and kissed him and we sucked each other's tongue. I felt him swallow again and I knew Larry had drank a little of my soon to be lover's cum for sure.

I put his hand on my pussy now and told him to rub. As he did I released his cock from his shorts completely and with his shorts down around his knees I had his cock and balls out in the open and now began to masturbate him slowly and gently but seriously. His balls were already tight. As I worked his cock Larry was fingering my cunt hole with his fingers. I moaned and told him that it felt so good, and it did. Larry has such thin long fingers he can get three of them insider my hole and as he wiggled them he made me moan with my own pleasure.

I began to tell him what Rick and I did today. I began by saying that I left my panties home so Larry could see them and that he knew I wasn't wearing any today. I told him how I spread my thighs wide when Rick came in the office and that began our play. I told my husband everything Rick and I did today and as I told him and stroked his cock I felt him shutter a few times and when I let Larry's cock go with my hand it was sticking straight up in the air. He asked me, begged me to finish him off he needed to cum so badly.

In just a few minutes he had his head back and whispered: "Fuck me baby, get on top and fuck me please. I need you so badly right now! Please fuck me Bonnie!"

I teased him a little and said: "If I get on top you'll fall out sweetie your little cock isn't long enough for that position. Riding on top would be great if Rick was here you could see his huge cock moving in and out of my hole filling me like you can never do with this little dickie."

He begged me and begged me and finally I said: "OK sweetie I know you need to cum but so do I. If you cum and I don't you have to promise you'll clean me and eat me until I do cum. Deal? If not I'll have to call Rick and have him come over and show you how to make me cum baby."

He was so worked up from what I was telling him about Rick 's big cock and what I did to that cock and how Rick shot his cum all over me that I stopped jerking him off and just held his cock and pressed down on the base of it. I made the skin around his cock head as tight as it could get without hurting him. His cock head was so super sensitive when I straddle him and pressed my pussy into his face first so he could smell Ricks cum. I told him to smell it and then I would fuck him cowgirl.

Larry not only took in the cum odor he began to lick me. He licked my pussy and my open thighs and I knew he was licking more of Rick's dry cum off of me as well as my wetness. Then I heard him tell me: "I'm.....I'm going to cum! Oh hurry Bonnie sit on me and let me cum inside you. Please!! Please baby hurry!!!"

I wiggled away from his sweet wonderful mouth and slowly sat down on his cock. I sat all the way down until his balls were under me. Then I slowly began to lift up and down, up and down squeezing the walls of my vagina as tight as I could around his cock shaft. He cried out with his pleasure and in about 30 seconds Larry was thrusting up as hard as he could. He slammed his cock up into my hole again and again and again. I knew he wouldn't last long he was fucking me to hard and fast. I heard him moan and then cry out as I felt the first of many shots of his cum begin to make my pussy tunnel wet. He held my hips and grunted out over and over again as he climaxed hard, very hard. It was a great orgasm for him; I knew he had really enjoyed it.

When he was done I smiled and bent down and kissed him. I told him: "That was good wasn't it baby? You came a great deal too. You filled me up sweetie. You must have been really aroused."

He shook his head yes and I said: "Take off my blouse and when he did I unhooked my bra. My breasts came free and I pushed them into his face letting him smell and taste even more of Rick's dry cum. Larry didn't care he loves my tits and I pushed them into his face hard.

He sucked and licked and cupped them and made love to them as his cock shrunk and finally fell out of my pussy. His cum started to drip out of me and I lifted off of his lap and told him to lie back on the sofa. He did and I straddled his shoulders and sat on his face. I told him I needed to cum and he should use that wonderful mouth and tongue on me.

Larry went to work with them and used his fingers too as I began to fuck his face and mouth. He was so good at eating pussy! He sucked my clit and fingered my hole and I rubbed my pussy all over his face. Larry licked and sucked everywhere taking what was left of Rick's cum off of me, cleaning me. He continued to clean me and made he made me cum three times before I fell over on the side and we held each other.

As his face rested on my breasts and my leg was between his I kissed his forehead and when he looked up at me I smiled down at him. He moved up and I kissed him tasting the cum he had removed. I told him: "Soon baby! Soon you and I will see Rick's big cock inside me and it will be so good for both of us. Yes baby yes, shhhh now, no don't say anything. Rick's big cock will make me cum like never before Larry and you will be there when he does it so you can see that big thick shaft moving into my hole and coming out all wet and slippery."

He moaned and I held him saying: "Oh Larry I want Rick to fuck me so badly baby. And you'll love it when he does sweetie I promise. Just think about it. Think how it will look and sound as Rick makes me cum and he pumps his cum deep into me. .So deep baby! So deep! Deeper than you have ever been able to do."

He held me tighter as I stroked his back and rubbed my thigh against his wet semi-hard cock and I whispered in his ear: "Yes Larry! Soon baby we will both experience it. You want to see it too don't you baby? Tell me the truth Larry; you want to see his big cock deep inside my pussy giving me such a great fucking."

He moaned again and I could feel his soft cock begin to grow against my leg. I held him and rubbed my thigh up and down his cock as I said: "OH Larry I can tell without you saying anything baby. Your cock is growing hard again just thinking about it. Here let me roll over and you can fuck me again! Cum in me Larry cum in me thinking of how it will look with Rick's big cock fucking me. Oh Larry you're so hard. Yes baby! Put it in me. That's it now pump baby! Fuck me Larry fuck me and think of Rick doing the same thing. Oh yes Larry you feel so good baby!"

Larry rammed into me and his thrusts were hard and fast. And, as he fucked me I talked about Rick fucking me. The more I talked about it the more Larry went wild. And when he was at the point of cumming again I asked him: "You want me to fuck Rick don't you baby! Tell me Larry! Tell me as you cum in me that you want this as much as I do. Tell me baby!"

Larry was arching his back and his head was up and he was crying out like a wolf as his thrust went into me hard and he held it and began to cum. I felt his cock thumping as he spewed his cum into me as deep as he could get it. And as he shot his load and reached his peak he almost yelled it: "Yes Oh fuck yes! I want to see him fuck you baby! Oh fuck yes!"

I was now going to give my husband exactly what he wanted I was going to have him watch Rick fuck me. And I would love him so good when it was over. So good! I held him and wrapped my thighs around his body and squeezed my cunt tight and humped up meeting his cock and he came inside me! We fucked longer and slow letting him savor every second of this point, changing point in our love life. We stayed locked together longer than we ever had before.

I knew it. I knew Larry wanted this to happen. I knew he wanted to see me be fucked by another man. After 10 years with someone you know what he is thinking and wanting. I just had to work on him a little to get him to open up.

When it was over and we were resting I asked him again to be sure and the sweet man Whispered: "Yes."

As he did he looked so embarrassed. I stroked his face and kissed and made gentle love to him for a long, long time thanking him and telling him we would both enjoy it when it happen. And when it was over and Rick had gone home I told my loving husband that I would give Larry my ass, my mouth, anything he wanted. Plus we could share Rick's cum together and our love would grow and grow. He held me tight and told me he was sacred. He was scared I would fall in love with Rick's big cock and leave him. I held Larry as tight as I could and looked him in the eyes and told him there was nothing to be scared of, that I would never fall in love with Rick

I told Larry I would never leave him and that I loved only him and in fact I loved him even more than every for granting me this gift this pleasure. I told Larry that fucking Rick was just that fucking. I told him I love only my husband and that I only want to try Rick's big cock. I told Larry he was my only love and I thanked him for allowing me he chance to complete my true fantasy. We kissed and Larry went down on me again. God I love that man!

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