tagLoving WivesA Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 05

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 05


This is for the Ass w/o a name. If you read this Ass you already knew from the title that it was a cuckold story. No!! Now don't deny it Ass we all know you fucking love these stories and can't help yourself. So don't bitch Ass just enjoy it! Jerk that 2 inch hard-on off Ass and cum all over yourself. Since I don't know your real name I'll just call you Ass. It fits so well!!!!!


The next morning as I dressed for work I slipped my stockings on and was just about to pull my garter belt up and hook the stockings when I asked my husband if I should wear panties today. He looked at me and I could see the excitement and fear in his eyes, so I asked him: "Larry should I wear any panties today. Or, should I let Rick see, touch, kiss, lick and feel my pussy?"

He started to stutter so I figured now I'd ask him the big question. I sat next to him on the bed and took his hand. I kissed it and then looked into his eyes and asked: "Did you mean what you said last night in the heat of our sex and the afterglows of our passion Larry? Do you still want me to fuck Rick and take his big cock deep into this pussy? You know this pussy that has only had your small cock in it and your wonderful tongue?"

He was looking down at it and I lifted his head and had him look me in the eyes too. I said: "Well Larry? Do you baby? You know I won't do it if you don't want me to baby. But last night you sure seemed to want me too. So? Do you sweetie tell me what you really want."

He said: "I'm scared to tell you Bonnie. I mean yes, I want to see him fuck you. You know I want to see him doing it while I sit and watch you being pleased much better than my small cock can ever do. But, I mean I'm scared to say yes. Scared it will change our entire relationship and our love for each other. I mean I'm scared he will take my place and you won't want me any more. I mean.......oh fuck I don't know what I want."

I kissed him and placed his hand between my legs. I felt him cup my warm wet pussy as I said: "Oh sweetheart I will never leave you or not want you. I mean Rick is just a big cock that's all. We will be together while we do this. You'll see and even participate if you want. You'll be there all the time he is here and he is fucking me baby! I mean I know you want to see it as much as I want to feel it. I will never feel that I don't want you Larry I will never leave you. All I want is to see how it feels to fuck a big cock and Rick has a big cock."

Larry held me and still kept his hand on my pussy. He was shaking and I stroked his face and kissed him hard and held him tight as I told him: "How about we do this, we invite Rick over and then let me and him make out while you watch. If you tell me to stop, I will, I promise. Or how about if I make out with him and just take out his big cock so you can see how large it really is when it's hard Larry. You know I could masturbate him and let it lay on my belly and you can see how far it would go up inside me as it lays on my stomach. Or I could hold it with both hands and jerk him off. You could watch him cum and then watch as I suck him dry. We could do something like that the first time lover so you could decide if I should continue. While he is here we could decide if you want me to go further. It would be up to you. What do you say baby? Let's invite him over tonight."

Larry began to think and then he said: "No panties Bonnie, I want him to see your pussy. No bra either, let him have your beautiful breasts today too."

I didn't tell Larry Rick had already had his hands and mouth on my breasts. I let him continue by saying: "Get him super hard and then invite him over. I can't say I will agree that you two can fuck, but I would like to see him play with your body and you jerk him off. And who knows I may love it so much we can go ahead and let him fuck you too tonight. But if I say stop you'll stop right?"

I told him right as he said: "But if we do this Bonnie I get to see it all and no fucking unless I agree to it."

I agreed to his demands and actually I jumped at the idea because I knew Larry would agree sooner or later. And who knows if I made it erotic and sexy enough tonight he might just go for it. I knew Rick would be willing he wanted to stuff my pussy so badly with his big dick. I hooked my stockings to my belt and finished dressing in a short skirt, and a silk blouse with no bra. Then I kissed my loving husband goodbye and off to work I want.

When Rick arrived at the office an hour early again, just like me I asked him to come into my office and to sit down. I had my legs crossed and when he sat facing me I uncrossed my thighs and spread them wide so he could see I wasn't wearing any panties. I took both his hands and cupped my breasts. I saw his slacks jump. I smiled and told him that my idea about my husband wanting to see me get fucked by a big cock man was coming to reality. I told Rick it was his cock that was going to be the one to fuck me if he was up for it.

He smiled and took my hand and placed it over his hard-on in his slacks. I squeezed his shaft. Then I explained to Rick what the plan was and that he was invited over tonight to talk about it with me Larry and me. I explained: "You see baby we would begin to make out and feel each other up and begin to make love right on the sofa in front of my husband. As long as Larry didn't tell us to stop we would keep going. I am pretty sure Larry will agree to have you fucking me as long as he gets to watch. So we'll work on each other while Larry watches us make love and undress each other."

Rick smiled and said: "I don't care if he watches us baby! I just want that cunt to keep my cock warm. And I'm not going to wear any rubber it's bareback or nothing. You really think he wants this as much as you think he does baby?"

I told him I was sure of it. I told Rick: "Each time I told my husband what happened at work and how I sucked your big cock and you ate my pussy and came all over me Larry's cock got super hard."

Then I told Rick: "So last night when he was cumming I told him to tell me he wanted to see me get fucked by another man, a man with a big dick. And he screamed yes as he shot a huge load. And it was the idea of you fucking me with this beautiful dick that made him so hot."

I had Rick's cock out of his slacks now and was stoking it. Rick laughed and said: "He'll most likely bust a nut cumming when he sees my big cock going deep into your pussy baby. I mean I will too. God baby I want to fuck you so badly."

I told him I knew he did and he had no idea how bad I wanted to feel that big cock inside me, deep inside me. He told me we could always go to a hotel this afternoon and practice so it will be better for Larry."

I smiled and patted his big cock and said: "Nice try. But I don't want to fuck this up. We will get Larry to agree and let him watch us and we can then fuck our brains out. I want this to be right Rick, and I want Larry to enjoy it as much or more than we do, if that's possible."

Rick agreed and then dropped to his knees and began to eat my pussy as I placed my legs over his shoulders. He licked and sucked and finger fucked my pussy until I exploded on his face thinking of that cock of his fucking me senseless!

When he was done or I should say when I was done he came up and stood next to me. I unzipped his slacks and let them fall to the floor. I reached for his cock again in took his hard on in my hands and took his cock head into my mouth.

Jesus his cock was beautiful. I let his balls out the hole in his underwear like last time and sucked his cock head as I pumped his shaft fast and hard. I wanted to drink his cum fast because it was getting closer to start time in the office and I didn't want to have anyone hear his moans when he came in my mouth! I made him moan so nice when I sucked his cock so hard.

I worked and sucked his cock like I knew my husband enjoyed and now with my tits hanging out my blouse and Rick pinching the nipples he didn't last long. I was sure he was as hot about tonight as I was. He held my head and fucked my mouth as I sucked and sucked and sucked. He was so big but now I was getting better at letting his cock head slip down my throat without chocking as much as when we first started this thing.

And then he moaned and I pushed back on his cock shaft at the base of his shaft and stretched the skin around his cock head tightly. The head was straining and his shaft was as big and long as he could get. I sucked and rubbed the cock head with my tongue as I kept the skin tight around the head.

He moaned louder and I knew he was close. When he held my head tighter I felt the head pulsing in my mouth and I knew he was going to cum. I sucked hard and pumped fast and I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat! I drank it. Then there was another, and another and another and I lost count of the shots spraying my throat. His cum filled my mouth and I just kept milking him and sucking that head. He finally stopped holding my head and fucking my mouth!

Rick was done cumming. I let his cock pull out of my mouth and looked up at him and drank his sperm as he watched me do it. It took two swallowed and he smiled as I wiped my mouth on his shirt tale. Then I kissed that fat cock head and told him to zip up. We finished up around 7:45AM when we heard people arriving at work.

Rick stood at the door and said: "See you around 7PM baby! By the way, what will you wear tonight?"

I smiled and told him it was surprise and that he should just keep that cock hard for me. He squeezed it showing me his hard-on before turning and walking out the door. Now to just get past the day which I was sure would be very long

It was so long but finally it was 4:30 PM and I left to go home and prepare you body and my husband for what we were both going to enjoy tonight.

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