A Cheating Husband's Revenge


The blonde woman stopped what she was doing and looked back at Megan and said. “Sue.” Megan was determined to learn more about her and asked. “Do you work around here?”

Sue looked over at Megan again and hesitated before saying. “We work together across the street.” Megan pushed it further to the edge and said. “I bet that guy is hot in bed?”

Sue looked over at Megan but didn’t respond to her question when Megan turned to walk out and with a smirk said. “Good luck.”

Megan walked back out and sat with Robert and looked up at where her husband was sitting and saw he dialing his cell phone. Just a few second later, Megan’s cell phone rang and Megan picked it up and looked over at Robert and said. “It’s my husband.”

Megan answered her phone and said. “Hello.” Rick said “Honey. I’ll be working late again tonight, you may just want to eat without me tonight and I’ll see you when I get home.” Megan replied. “Oh. Are you meeting with clients again?” Rick said. “Yes. I’m with one of them right now and have to go.” Megan responded and said. “OK. I’ll see you when you come home.”

Megan hung up the phone and looked over at Robert and said. “That Bastard just lied to me.” They both watched as Sue walked past their table and back up the stairs and kissed Rick when she reached the table.

Megan told Robert what Sue had said to her in the ladies room and Robert could see how hurt Megan was and tried to comfort her. Robert said. “Maybe you should go up and confront them both and catch them in their own game.”

Megan replied. “I’m going to wait and let him hang himself. If I go up and confront him now, he’ll just have some excuse for her.”

They finished their lunch and left and as they walked out the front door, Megan looked back and saw her husband holding hands with that woman.

Megan had tears in her eye’s as they drove back to the office and Robert said. “Maybe we should close up the office early today and I’ll drive you back home.” Megan wiped the tears from her eye’s and said. “No. I want to be with you this afternoon. I’m afraid I’ll just go home and get more upset.”

Robert replied. “OK. I understand how you feel because I’ve been there and it hurts. Maybe you can talk to him when he comes home tonight. Try and get it all out in the open.” Megan put her hand on his arm and said. “Thank you for being so kind and understanding.”

Megan could feel the stress building up the rest of the afternoon at work. How could she have been so stupid over these past few months and let this get out of control? Obviously, Rick had been seeing this woman for sometime because he had lost interest in sex several months ago. The more Megan thought about the situation, the more angry she became. It was a mixture of anger and hurting inside and confusion

Robert was very understanding and took care of most of the clients that afternoon and when they were almost finished for the day, he sat down with her and said. “Would you like to stop for a drink after work tonight? I think we could both use a drink before we depart for the evening.”

Megan replied. “No thanks.” Megan hesitated and said. “I changed my mind. I think I’ll take you up on that drink. I need someone to talk with tonight.”

Robert replied. “Good. I’m so glad you changed your mind. I think I need someone to talk to just as well tonight.” Megan said. “If you could stop at my house first tonight and let me change into something comfortable to wear before we go out.” Robert replied. “I’d be happy to.”

Robert and Megan arrived at Megan’s house later that afternoon as Megan said. “Make yourself at home while I change.” Robert looked around and saw a bar in the family room and said. “You have a nice bar. Do you keep it stocked?” Megan replied. “Sure. Help yourself to whatever you like. I’ll be out in a few moments.”

Megan walked out a few minutes later wearing a different green dress. This one was much more revealing than the green dress she wore to work on occasion. It had thin shoulder straps and exposed half of her tits just above her nipples and was very tight and enhanced every curve of her body.

Robert smiled and had made her a drink and said. “You look absolutely stunning wearing that beautiful dress.” Megan took a sip of the drink Robert had mixed her and walked up near Robert and said. “I’m going to need to drink more of these myself tonight.”

Robert thought to himself how attractive this woman is and how he couldn’t understand why her husband would want to cheat on her.

After having a couple drinks, Robert took her to a club and after dinner they sat listening to a jazz band while they spent time talking. A real band came in later that evening and Robert asked her to dance as they took to the dance floor with several other couples.

After several songs the band said they were going to something slower for those lovers that requested it and Robert had hesitated about staying on the dance floor but stayed as he took Megan into his arms. This had been the first contact he had with this beautiful woman since she walked into his office a few short weeks ago.

Megan rested her head against Robert’s shoulder and Robert knew she was thinking about her husband and felt sorry for her. Robert wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue the dance and said. “Megan. Would you like to set this one out?”

Megan responded and said. “I feel fine. I was just thinking to myself but I’d like to continue to dance.” The band moved into its second slow song as they continued to dance and Robert could feel Megan’s fingers as they massaged his back as he held her tight. Robert said. “I use to take my ex-wife out dancing all the time and this reminds me of those moments we had on the dance floor.”

Robert felt her body as it seemed to melt into his chest and knew she wanted to be here with him at the moment. Robert made a brave move and kissed the tip of her head and held her even tighter as they danced.

Robert lowered his hands to her lower waist as they swayed to the music and leaned his back and said. “You’re such a wonderful woman and I’m so glad you came into my office that day and I hired you.”

Megan replied. “Thank you. I’m so glad we met and happy that you hired me as your partner and don’t know how to thank you.” Megan stretched up and kissed him on the cheek as they finished their dance that evening.

Robert dropped Megan off that night around ten and when they approached the driveway they spotted Rick’s car sitting there. Megan thanked Robert for the lovely evening and said she would be all right and as she opened the door she turned and waived at Robert as he drove away from the house.

Megan walked into the house and found her husband asleep on the sofa and slammed her purse down on the table which woke him up. Rick looked over at his wife and said. “Where have you been tonight?”

Megan replied. “Never mind where I’ve been tonight, tell me about this whore Sue you were at lunch with this afternoon?” Rick said. “Who is Sue? I don’t know who your talking about.” Megan walked around in front of her husband and said, “Don’t lie to me, I talked to Sue myself and she admitted to me that you were her boyfriend.”

Rick sort of laughed and said. “Oh. That Sue. She works at my office and I was just having lunch with her.” Megan replied. “I bet you had more than lunch with her, as a matter of fact I think she is the reason why you’ve been late all these nights for the past several months and I’m tired of it.”

Rick than said something she didn’t expect him to say as he replied. “OK. We had a little fling but it’s over and I’m sorry and I promise it won’t ever happen again” Megan stood there looking at her husband in disbelief and knew that he had been drinking tonight as she replied. “I want you out of this house tonight. I don’t even want you here with me right now.”

Megan started to cry as her husband stood up and tried to put his hands on her shoulders for comfort when she said. “Get away from me.” Rick’s voice got louder as he said. “Who were you with tonight?” Megan was crying but didn’t want to lie and said. “That was my new boss and it’s none of your business right now to know anything else about him.”

Rick stood there and said. “So. You went out and got a job without even asking my opinion. You go out with this guy behind my back.” Megan didn’t let him go any further and said. “You got your nerve to even say that to me. You went out and got yourself some slut at work to fuck and you didn’t even tell ME!”

Megan looked at him as if she were going to choke him and said. “You really have your nerve to even ask me that question. Now. I want you to get your clothes and get out of here.”

Rick walked away and got some of his things out of the bedroom and left as the door slammed as he drove off leaving Megan crying. Rick came back early the next morning and cleaned out more of his things without saying a word to Megan as she dressed for work and she didn’t say anything to him as well.

Six weeks had passed since they had that argument and Rick had got himself a small apartment a couple blocks from there house on a short term lease until his wife had time to cool down. He was really sorry to have hurt her and sorry about his affair with Sue and knew how wrong he had been in doing so. Megan had been a wonderful wife to him and wished he could take it all back and start fresh but figured he would just have to give her more time.

Megan spent those six weeks learning to manage her home and her new job with Robert as co-manager and they even hired two other people in those six weeks. Robert and Megan had discussed her relationship with her husband many times at lunch and Megan still wasn’t sure if divorce was the answer at this time.

One Friday Megan invited Robert to dinner and asked if he could be at her house that evening around six. Robert didn’t know that she had prepared dinner at her house when he arrived and was surprised to find the dinning room table neatly set with candles. He had arrived with roses in his hand and Megan placed them in a vase on the center of the dinning room table.

After dinner Megan had cleared the table and put everything in the dish washer as Robert helped and looked over at him and laughed as she said. “We work as a good team with just about everything. Don’t we?”

Robert laughed as he replied. “You are right. You’re a very talented woman and dinner was just wonderful.”

Megan smiled as she finished by turning on the dish washer and said. “Why don’t you sit down out by the pool and I’ll get us a couple drinks and come out?” Robert smiled as he walked out by the pool and sat on a love seat and watched as the Sun dropped below the trees in the distance and waited for Megan.

Robert sat waiting a few minutes when the pool lights came on and the door slid open and Megan walked out with tow drinks and a tray with two glasses, an ice bucket and a bottle of wine.

Megan also had changed her clothes and she now wore a red silk robe that was tied tight around her waist. Megan smiled and poured them some wine and gave Robert his glass as he asked. “Your dress was so pretty, why did you change into your robe?”

Megan replied. “I have this nice pool sitting here and nobody has been swimming in it these last few weeks and thought we might go for a swim this evening.” Megan went on to say. “There is a swim suite that you can wear laying out on my bed if you would like to change out of your clothes.”

Robert sat his drink down and followed Megan into the bedroom as she shut the door and left him change out of his things. She had put the suit and a robe and towels on the bed for him as he took his things off and laid them on a chair next to the bed.

The suit was tight but Robert got into it as he thought it must have belonged to her husband as he tucked his cock inside and slipped the robe onto his shoulders and walked back out to the pool with the towels in his hands.

Robert saw Megan walking his way near the pool with a drink in her hand as she said. “I see that you were able to get in that suite. My husband is smaller than you and I wasn’t sure if you could get into it.” Robert smiled and watched Megan as she stood next to him in a black bikini that barely covered her tits and the bottom wasn’t much more than a thong.

Megan stopped in front of him and turned around in a circle and said. “How do you like my new swim suit?” Robert smiled and replied. “The swim suite is nice but you’re more beautiful than I ever imagined and you wear it very well.”

Megan smiled as she sat her drink down on the table and took Robert by the hand and walked toward the pool steps.

Robert laughed as Megan gently put her foot in the water and splashed his legs as she let go of his had and walked into the water. Megan said. “Come on in the water its actually very warm.”

Megan ducked under the water at the deep end as Robert walked down the steps and slowly walked halfway out to where Megan had popped up out of the water and said. “I’m adjusting to the water temperature so you’ll have to give me a moment.”

Megan splashed more water his way as she ducked back under the water and came up next to him clearing the water from her mouth and playfully splashed him again and said. “Follow me.” Megan dove under the water and again and Robert followed this time and they both came up on the deepest end.

Megan’s top had unsnapped under the water and when she noticed she held up the front of her top and started to laugh. When Robert saw what, she was laughing about, he laughed and said. “Let me get that clasp for you.”

Megan turned her back toward Robert as he took a hold of the clasp and tried to hook it together when it broke and he stretched his hand out over her shoulder so she could see what had happened. Megan turned around as she tossed the bra top up by the chairs and laughed and said. “What the heck, I might as well go topless in my own pool.”

Robert looked stunned as he glared down at Megan’s tits as she ducked under the water again and came up in the deep end again and said. “Come on Robert, your not going to let me frighten you like this. Are you?”

Robert ducked under the water and came up next to her as he still stared at her tits and said. “See. You didn’t need that suit to make yourself look beautiful.” Robert watched as Megan surprised him again and slipped out of her bikini bottom and through it up by the chairs next to her top and said. “OK. I’m I still as beautiful as you thought?”

Robert replied. “You’ll always be a beautiful woman to me.” Megan smiled as she swam over toward Robert and said. “Come on, its your turn now.”

Robert smiled at Megan when she indicated that she wanted him to take his suite off. He knew she had been under a lot of stress and seemed to be acting much different from the Megan he knew but he gently pulled his suit off and through it up next to the chairs along side Megan’s and said. “How’s that?”

Megan got up out of the water and grabbed their glasses and walked back into the pool and waited for Robert to swim back toward her. Megan had been very bold in taking her suit tonight as she held out the glass for Robert. Megan had never acted in that manor before but she felt some stress that evening and felt like playing with Robert.

Robert said. “I think this is a first time for me tonight.” Megan replied. “Do you mean that you never went swimming like this before tonight?” Robert said. “I’ve done this before it’s just that I never did it with a married woman before.”

Megan took another sip of her drink and said. “Its just that I don’t really feel like I’m married to that jerk right now.” Megan was looking down at Roberts cock and starring at it and Robert noticed but tried to ignore it as he sipped his wine.

Robert was hard as a rock from being here naked in the pool with this lovely woman and he knew he was rather huge and figured she must be admiring his size and glance down under the water in the direction of her pussy.

Megan giggled when she saw Robert looking toward her pussy mound and walked up a few feet to shallow water and exposed her shaved mound and said. “I trimmed off all of my hair so you can’t tell if I’m a natural redhead.”

Robert laughed and said. “There must be one or two of them down there that you missed.” Robert couldn’t believe he was standing in this pool naked with his beautiful business partner and talking about shaved pussy.

Megan walked next to Robert in the water until she was just inches away from him and said. “You can trust me. I’m a natural redhead.”

Robert moved his legs in the water and his cock brushed up against her leg and Megan said. “Oh. I think you just poked me in the leg with your cock.” Megan reached over to the side of the pool and sat her drink down and took a hold of Roberts shoulders and stretched up to kiss him. Robert kissed her back as he sat his glass down along the side hers and put his arms around her.

Megan pushed her tits into his chest as they continued to kiss and Robert slid his hands down and cupped her ass in his hands as they broke the kiss long enough for him to say. “I wanted to kiss you for a very long time.” Than locked his lips back on hers and kissed her passionately as she reached down in front of them to take a hold of his cock.

Megan began to stroke his cock but couldn’t get her fingers completely around its huge thickness as they continued to kiss. Robert wanted to suck on her tits so badly but they were limited to what they could do out in the pool so he said. “Why don’t we go back into the house and get more comfortable?”

Megan didn’t answer but took a hold of Roberts hand as she walked him back into the house. She picked up the towels on the way inside and began to dry him off while he did the same to her.

Megan than put her arms around Robert and began to kiss him again running her tongue deep inside his mouth as she rotated her hips making his cock rub her bare pussy mound.

Megan was horny because it had been several months since she had been fucked and couldn’t wait until Robert was deep inside her pussy. Megan had never been fucked by a black man as she Backed him up against the bed and pushed him down. She was being the aggressor as she lay on top of him and continued their kiss.

Megan than slid her body down as she kissed his neck than worked her way down his chest and gave the head of his cock a gentle kiss than giving it a lick with her tongue. Magen than opened her mouth and took his cock inside her mouth and slowly lowered her head all the way down until his pubic hair was touching her face.

Megan had always been good deep throating her husband as she held it in her throat for a second longer before choking than slowly lifted her face back off his cock than looked at Robert’s face as he laid back enjoying the pleasure she was giving him.

Morgan twisted around so her pussy was laying above Robert’s face as she took his cock inside her mouth again and began to lick around its side than back up to its head. Robert began to lick her pussy running his tongue deep inside as she arched her back pushing her pussy down into his mouth.

Robert’s hands were holding onto her waist as she began to squirm around on top of his face as his tongue worked its way inside her pussy. Megan was working her mouth around his cock as she sucked him deep inside her mouth until she lifted up and turned around and gave him another kiss before moving up over his head and let her tits hang down in front of his mouth as he took one of them into his mouth and began to suck.

Megan said. “That’s it. Suck my tits for me.” Megan rotated her ass around until she straddled his body and took hold of his cock and placed its large head against her bare pussy. Megan moved her ass slightly letting the head lodge inside her pussy and rotated her ass again until an inch disappeared inside her.

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