A Cheating Husband's Revenge


Robert was still sucking on her tits as he reached down and took hold of her hips to help steady her weight as she slid more of his cock down inside her pussy. Robert thought about a rubber but figured she must be on the pill because she didn’t mention anything to him.

Megan had several inches of Robert’s cock inside her pussy now as she placed her hands on his chest and began to move herself up and down his large black cock. Magen moaned as Robert started to arch up sending more of his cock inside her pussy.

Megan’s tits were hanging down in Roberts face as he licked each tit with each downward stroke that Megan made above him. Robert could feel her pussy as it clamped down on his cock. Robert moaned and said. “That’s it. Ride that big black cock. Shake that little white ass for me.”

Magen was working her ass around above him as she panted and moaned and said. “Oh Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Robert grabbed a hold of Megan’s ass and rolled her over until she was now laying on her back with him on top. Robert was able to stay inside her without losing a stroke as he continued to fuck her pussy. Robert was enjoying the way her pussy was squeezing his cock as she locked her legs around the back of his ass.

Megan put her arms around his shoulders as Robert began to kiss her again keeping up his slow steady pace with his cock inside her pussy. Megan said. “Your cock feels so good inside me. It’s been so long for me and I needed it badly.”

Robert replied. “Your pussy is so tight. I might keep it inside your pussy until morning.” Robert felt her tighten again as he finished his sentence and moaned as he continued to push his cock into her pussy.

Megan’s pussy was soaking wet as it gripped his cock as she tilted her head in order to kiss him again. Robert pushed his tongue inside her mouth as her body started to tremble from the excitement.

Megan’s whole body began to quiver as she broke the kiss to say. “I’m going to cum. Oh Yeah. Keep fucking me. God. Yes. I’m cuming.” Her legs began to buck as she shivered and dug her nails into Roberts back as she reached her orgasm.

Megan’s pussy was clamped around Robert’s cock like a vise as he continued to fuck her as her body trembled from her orgasm.

Robert was enjoying fucking this beautiful white woman as he glanced down to look at her tits and the contrast of her pale skin against his jet black skin. Robert held onto her again as he flipped her over on top of him again making sure his cock didn’t get dislodged from her pussy.

Megan was still breathing hard from her orgasm as Robert put his hands on her ass and gripped her tight as he began to move Megan up and down his thick shaft. Megan’s bent down and kissed him on the lips with an open mouth kiss and Robert said. “You like that black cock don’t you?” Megan responded and said. “Oh Yeah. Keep fucking me. I love it inside my pussy.”

Robert felt he could hold back just a little longer and wanted to enjoy their first mating as much as possible and lifted her body forward letting his cock dislodge from her pussy. Megan said. “Oh God. No. Don’t take it out.”

Robert replied. “Don’t worry. I want to give you a special treat with my tongue.” Robert pulled her forward until she straddled her legs on each side of his upper chest as he held her ass in his hands to help guide her onto his face.

Robert didn’t waste anytime dipping his tongue inside her pussy which was wet from her orgasm and began to lick around as deep as he could until he could hear her start to moan.

Megan’s ass rotated around his face as he buried his tongue deep inside her pussy. Robert began to work his tongue against her clitoris as she began to shiver again. Robert reached up to massage her tits as her body swayed with his tongue deep inside her pussy.

Megan’s body began to shake more as Robert continued to circle his tongue around her clitoris. His hands held her by her waist now as she began to cum again as she said. “Oh God. Yes. Oh Yeah. Oh. Robert. Oh God. You’re tongue. Oh Uh. Yes.”

Robert considered himself an expert with his tongue as he continued to flicker it against her clitoris as her orgasm began to weaken. Once Megan’s body stopped quivering, Robert stopped moving his tongue and gave her pussy a few more kisses before turning her over onto her back again on the bed.

Robert didn’t waste anytime reinserting his thick cock inside her pussy as she arched her legs up and helped him mount her again. He was able push himself all the way inside her pussy because it was so wet and she was beginning to accommodate him more easily this time.

Megan wrapped her legs back around him as she dug her heels into his ass and said. “Don’t leave me again. I want you to stay with me all night tonight.”

Robert gave her an open mouth kiss and said. “I’ll stay here with you as long as you want.” He began to fuck her again as her pussy made sucking sounds each time he pushed inside her pussy.

Megan dug her nails into Robert’s back again as she held onto him as tight as she could. Robert continued to kiss her lips as he sent his cock inside her with more force each time. He knew he was going to cum soon as he felt his cum building up inside him.

Robert continued to push his cock inside her as his own orgasm began to and he pushed inside her deep and hard as his cock spewed its seed deep inside her pussy. Robert was experiencing so much pleasure that he barely noticed that Megan’s body had began to quiver again as she too had another orgasm just as his cock was spurting its last amounts of seed into her belly.

They both moaned and yelled out as they finished their orgasms and within seconds were laying on the bed with Robert’s cock deep inside her pussy. He was still hard as he slowly withdrawal his cock from the warmth of Megan’s pussy.

Robert lifted his tall frame off her tiny body as his cock slowly slipped from the confines of her pussy. He glanced down to watch as his cock slipped out and her pussy lips closed and could see a glimpse of his cum seeping from inside her pussy.

Robert looked down the crack of her ass and saw his cum slowly leaking from her pussy and leaving a small puddle on the bed below. He climbed up next to her on the bed and gave her a kiss on the lips and said. “You’re a wonderful lover.”

Megan lifted up and kissed him back and said. “You’re a very talented man and I think I should keep you around here.” Megan laid her head near his chest and Robert put his arm around her as they both fell asleep totally exhausted.

To be continued.

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