tagMatureA Cheerleader Next Door

A Cheerleader Next Door


After 30 years in the military I finally decided to retire. At 50 years of age I was still in superb physical condition and young at heart. I owned a home not too far from the military base I retired from. I had lived there for several years, and liked it, so just stuck around after retirement until I decided what I wanted to do next with my life.

Perhaps one of the reasons I stuck around rather than looking for employment elsewhere, was the horrible crush I had on one of the neighborhood girls. I had known Heather for years. Her family lived across the street from my house, and when she was a little kid, she used to always ride her bicycle back and forth in front of my house whenever I was out in the yard pulling weeds.

Every time she saw me she would yell out “hello Mr. White.” She would do that sometimes even from the window of their home when ever she saw me go out for a jog, or pull out of my drive way on my way to work. I’d always said hello back to her, and had had a couple of conversations with her. Of course I was flattered by all the attention, but I had never thought of it as being anything but a little girl’s crush on an older single male—until she entered high school and started to fill out. In time I found myself thinking about her all the time. And on the days she didn’t yell “hello” at me, or ride her bicycle back and forth in front of my place, I felt a huge let down. In contrasts, the days in which our paths did cross were days of immense joy and exhilaration for me.

I’d always been interested in women, but never had the time to date, much less get married. My military career kept me on the move so much that I was never able to maintain a relationship. Now that I had time on my hands, and stability in my life I suddenly realized how much I craved female companionship.

I don’t like going to bars or computer dating schemes, so I just pinned away for a girl that was way too young for me to ever get near—and tossed and turned in bed at night.

Heather made the cheerleading squad her sophomore year in high school. I found myself suddenly taking an interest in the local high school sports scene. I started going to all of Heather’s school’s football and basketball games—just so I could catch glimpses of her. She always waved at me when she saw me in the stands. And I found myself drooling at her cute legs when she did those dance routines in those short skirts cheerleaders wear.

One day during her senior year, when she had turned 18, and right after I had retired, I was out jogging when Heather caught up to me on her bicycle. She rode along beside me as I finished my run.

“Mr. White,” she said as I was gasping for breath. “I’m going to tryout for the College cheerleading team next fall and I need to learn how to do handstands. Could you help me?”

Heather had a part-time job at the front desk of the gym where I worked out and had seen me do my handstands and other gymnastics.

“S-s-s-ure.” I said, still struggling for breath. “Why don’t you come over tomorrow a couple of hours before dinner?”

The next day happened to be a Saturday, so she didn’t have school. I spent the day cleaning house so things would look half-way decent. Promptly at four the doorbell rang.

“Hello, Heather, come on in.”

“Hello, Mr. White. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me.” She stepped in wearing her cheerleader skirt with a white T-shirt and sneakers. Her shoulder length blonde hair was done up in a ponytail. Her tits weren’t all that big, so she didn’t need to wear a bra. Her nipples were obvious through her T-shirt.

With a great deal of effort I managed to keep my emotions, and my erection, down. I had her do a couple of calisthenics and stretches to warm up. Then a few push-ups.

“Okay, now we are going to do the wheel-barrow exercise to build up your arms and shoulders. This will help give you the strength to do handstands.”

This is an exercise we used to do in the military, where one person holds on to the ankles of the other who becomes the “wheelbarrow” and walks around on their hands with part of their weight being supported by their partner.

With Heather lying on her stomach, I grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her legs off the floor. She giggled as blood rushed to her head.

“Okay, start walking now,” I told her.

Holding each of her legs on either side of my waist, I had a clear view down between her thighs to her cute white panties. As she struggled to walk on her hands, her whole body twisted from one side to the other causing her legs to twist in such a cute and erotic way.

I was no longer able to control my erection. There was an obvious bulge in my gym shorts that I could do nothing to hide.

“My arms are getting tired, Mr. White. Can I stop?”

“Okay, since this is your first time.” I let go of her feet. She collapsed to the rug, then rolled over on her back to look at me.

I was still facing her, and didn’t have time to turn away to hide the bulge in my shorts. Heather looked right at it. Her eyes bugged out of her head like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Then she looked me in the eyes and smiled.

I turned a hundred shades of red. “U-u-u-oh kay, let’s try some handstands now just for kicks.”

I went over to the wall to demonstrate how to kick up into a handstand position, using the wall as a support for the feet until proper balance is learned. I was hoping the physical exercise would make my erection go away. It didn’t.

In my upside down position, my crotch was just about eye-level with Heather—and she was standing way too close to me. When I came down to my feet, she had a wry smile on her face.

“Gosh, Mr. White, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Just do what I did. Put your hands about a foot away from the wall, then kick up with your feet until you’re upside down.”

She tried a couple of times, but couldn’t get all the way up.

“You can do it Heather, you’re just afraid to go all the way up. Here, let me help you see what it feels like.” I grabbed her feet like when we did the wheelbarrow exercise and lifted her legs all the way up until her feet were straight up over her body.

Big mistake on my part, if I wanted to keep my erection down. With her legs and her whole body upside down, her little cheerleader’s skirt flopped all the way down exposing every square inch of her panties.

My erection went to full mast, throbbing.

In order to place her feet against the wall, I had to stand right up next to her. Heather was a fairly tall girl, almost my height, so when I guided her feet to the wall, the huge bulge in my shorts pressed against her belly button.

I felt terribly embarrassed about that, so I stepped back as soon as her feet were snug against the wall.

Heather, trying to support her weight on her hands, started to wobble. She split her legs apart, almost falling over in the process. “Help me, Mr. White. I’m losing my balance.”

I stepped up again to grab her legs. She had split her legs so far apart I couldn’t reach her feet, so I settled for her thighs. The touch of her smooth young thighs on my hands sent chills all through my body and made my cock throb against her belly button all the harder.

I was terribly embarrassed to know she couldn’t help but feel my hard-on twitching and throbbing against her tummy. But what really set my cock to boiling was watching her panties get wet as I tried to work her legs back up to the upright position.

She wasn’t cooperating much.

“Come on, Heather; let’s get your feet back up on the wall.”

Finally, she closed her legs, but only part way before letting her feet rest on the wall.

“Come, let’s close up these legs,” I said, trying to squeeze her thighs together—but unable to take my eyes off the growing wetness in her crotch.

She giggled, and her arms started to give out, so I let her down. She rolled over on her back.

“Okay, let’s do some sit-ups now. Bring your feet in close to your rump so your knees are sticking up. I’ll hold your feet down. Put your hands behind your head and try to touch your elbows to your knees.”

I knelt down and grabbed her by the ankles and leaned forward to put my weight on her feet. But, oh what a view! It was impossible to not look right up her skirt, her white panties standing out so clearly against her red cheerleader’s skirt.

She couldn’t help but know what I was seeing, and with each repetition she did, when her elbows touched her knees and her face was close to mine, she smiled so sweetly. And her breath, coming hard after all the exercise, was like honey on my face.

After the first couple of repetitions, she made no pretense of trying to keep her knees together, but spread them several inches apart—smiling all the more seductively at me with each sit up she did. Her growing wetness drove me crazy. And, then, there were those sweet, sexy smiles, and her knowing I was looking at her panties.

Finally I could take no more. “Okay, Heather, that’s enough for today. You can come back tomorrow and we’ll push you a little more.” I let go of her feet.

Before I had a chance to get up she wrapped her legs around me locking her feet behind my back. I was a bit off balance because I had just started to rise up. She yanked me forward in her scissors grip so I fell right on top of her. My stomach on her crotch, my face buried in her breasts, my lips inadvertently on a nipple sticking out through her T-shirt.

“Ohhhh, Mr. White,” she said. And, the rising and swelling of her stomach and chest as she spoke felt like floating on a cloud full of angles. Her wetness steamed through my T-shirt scalding my stomach.

She rolled me over on my back and sat on top of me.

I put my hands on her beautiful legs, fondling up and down.

Heather undid her pony tail, letting her hair fall free, then she bent down, lowering her face towards mine.

Somehow my hands found their way up her skirt so I could fondle her butt.

Her blonde hair cascaded down on my face like morning sunshine until I was enclosed by her curtain of gold. Her lips only inches from mine, I drank her breath in, smelled her sweetness--her sweat mixed with perfume.

Her lips touched mine. Firecrackers went off in my head.

I moved my hands up from her ass, one on her back, and one on her neck—to hold her close and not let her get away.

Her tongue slithered inside my mouth. Volcanoes erupted all over inside my body. My cock, trapped in my jockey shorts, throbbed and screamed for release. The bulge of my desire pressed against her ass as she frenched me. Her erect nipples raked my chest through both of our T-shirts.

She moved off my face and started kissing my neck. Her hand slipped up under my T-shirt, pulling it up. Then both her hands were under my shirt fondling my pectoral muscles.

“Oh, Heather,” I moaned. “Oh sweetie pie, sweetie pie.”

When she paused to pull my shirt off of me, I used the opportunity to stick my hands up under her T-shirt to play with her nipples.

“Ohhhh Mr. White, that feels so good.” She giggled and wriggled her body back and forth and proceeded to take her own T-shirt off.

“Ahhhhhh, so Beautiful,” I said. “Such precious little titties you have.”

I fondled the flesh of her breasts. “And these nipples. Look how big and sexy they are, just like a couple of marbles sitting on your chest.” I used my thumb to bend them this way and that.

She bent down to give me another tongue kiss while I played with her titties. Then she offered her little marbles to my mouth.

My tongue shot out. Lick, lick, lick. First one, then the other. I flicked my tongue harshly at them, making them bounce. Then I sucked them into my mouth, pulling on them, making them grow.

While I sucked and licked her titties, she reached down to feel my cock bulging painfully in my shorts.

Then she was running her hands through the hairs on my chest and kissing my tiny nipples. She had scooted her crotch down so it rested on one of my thighs. Her thighs straddled mine and she began to hump her sopping wet panties on my thigh as she kissed and fondled her way down my body.

She moved further down my body until her nipples were teasing the bulge in my shorts. Then she pulled my gym shorts down to my knees and started kissing my hard-on through my jockey shorts.

“Ummmmmmm,” I moaned, my hands frantically trying to grab a part of her, any part of her that I could love while she mouthed my underwear, sending wave after wave of heat coursing through my body.

She paused, but only long enough to pull my underwear down, and then take both my underwear and my gym shorts the rest of the way off my legs.

I used that opportunity to get at her. While she pulled my shorts of my feet, I sat up, then grabbed her and pulled her down on her back. I climbed on top and ate her face out like she’d done me. Then I worked my way down her neck until I was sucking on her tits again. I reached a hand down up under her skirt to play with her pussy. Her panties were so hot and wet it was scary.

“We’ve got to get these off you,” I said. “Please stand up for a moment.”

I was sitting on the floor with my legs sprawled out in front of me. She straddled my legs and moved in close to my face. I fondled her legs again, running my hands up and down her beautiful skin. I kissed the insides of her thighs while my hands run up under her skirt to play with her ass. I pressed my face into her crotch to suck her cunt through her skirt and panties while I fondled her butt, and pulled her more strongly into my face.

“Ngggggggg, nggggggg,” she moaned.

Then I eased her panties down her legs. “Such a beautiful sweet pussy you have Heather.” I lifted her skirt and ran my index finger very gently up and down her slit. I kissed her salty, swollen lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. Then she shifted positions to pull her skirt and panties all the way off, toss them aside. No sooner did she have her skirt and panties off her feet than I was trying to cram my face in her crotch while playing with her ass. I tongued her slit up and down while pulling on her ass cheeks.

She shifted positions, once again straddling me, except this time she had her butt in my face. I started kissing her ass cheeks like a maniac while playing with her pussy.

With her butt up in the air, she bent over to tease my cock with her mouth. Her tongue shot out to flick at my hard-on, making it bounce. Flick, flick, flick. Then Lick, lick, lick, as she ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft.

I stuck my face between her legs and slurped away at her dribbling pussy. She took my cock her in mouth and started sucking me while I ate her and teased her clit with my finger.

Her knees started to buckle, so she shifted positions again. She straddled my mid-section, while facing me. She pushed me down on my back, then slowly lowered herself until her pussy was directly over my cock.

She grabbed my cock with one hand, and parted her pussy lips with the other. As I slipped inside of her, she looked at me with her most adoring eyes. I felt like my insides were turning inside out—but in a very beautiful way. The ocean of her wetness, so hot and sexy on my cock took my soul back to the beginning of time, the creation of the universe, the opening of the first egg of being.

Heather continued to lower herself on my pole, swallowing me up whole inside of her. Galaxies exploded, stars plummeted this way and that, her eyes, her beautiful sparkling blue orbs glistened love at me. My hands played with her nipples, then they were on her hips as she fucked her slippery hot cunt up and down my cock.

Supernovas exploded. Meteors crashed and whizzed. I shot my hot cum up inside of her, bathing her G-spot with my sticky sweet star juice.

She squealed in delight, came, then collapsed on top of me.

So ended the first of many exercise sessions. We’ve been getting together for our “workouts” now almost every day.

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