A Cheerleader Next Door


I began to move in and out of her, fucking my hot cheerleader neighbor, feeling her pussy clutch my cock with every stroke. "Your cunt is so hot...so tight, Valery..." I gasped.

"You like fucking me?" she whimpered. "Mmmm, tell me you like it, Justinn."

"I love fucking you," I groaned. "I have wanted to since I saw you watching us that night."

"I wanted to be the one sucking you," she murmured. "When I came that day in my bedroom I said your name...hoping you would come in and fuck me right there..."

My mind reeled. Fucking Valery...hearing her tell me how much she had wanted me...my cock hardened more, throbbing inside her tight confines, and I began fucking hard into her, sucking her tits, her nails digging into my back as we neared orgasm.

"Yes, Justinn! Fuck me...fuck my tight little pussy, make me cum!" Valery cried, pushing her hips forward to meet my fuck thrusts, our skin slapping together wetly. I glanced down to watch my dick pistoning in and out of her tightness, my shaft coated in her cunt juice.

"I'm going to cum...fuck me...yes, oh yes, please fuck me!" she groaned as she came hard, her cunt squeezing tightly around me, and suddenly I was there, my cum boiling up my shaft.

Valery let go and fell to her knees, offering up her face as I grabbed a handful of her wet hair and held on tightly, spurting shot after shot of my hot cum unto her face and tits. She greedily licked up the cum on her lips and tits, and used her hot little tongue to catch remaining drops on my cock.

We cleaned up and I walked her downstairs to the front door, not really knowing what to say, but needing to make it clear my marriage was important to me.

"Listen, Valery," I began. She shushed me and grinned.

"Just a little fun, Justinn. Isn't that what neighbors are for?" she kissed my cheek and headed out, calling out before I closed the door.

"If you ever need anything...remember, I'm right next door!"

Needless to say, I left my front door unlocked the rest of the weekend!

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