tagInterracial LoveA Chocolate Lover’s Dream

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream


How does that saying go? When I was a child, I played with childhood toys . . . Well, I have matured to a full grown man and had put away all my childhood dreams and toys but . . . I still have a sweet tooth. Try as I might, I can't fight the feeling. When the urge hits me, and hits hard, there's nothing that can keep me from sweets. My tastes have matured over the years, I am not satisfied with candy I can buy at a drug store, I need sophisticated confections to fulfill my refined palette and I was craving some hot chocolate. Not even Godiva was going to satisfy this particular desire; I needed some special chocolate and my lover Regina was just the woman to help me satisfy my cravings.

Regina is a sexy, Ebony lady that drives me to distraction . . . I swear the Creator must have fashioned her after the Goddess Venus. She's 5'5" and 120 pounds of curvaceous woman. Her breasts always seem to peek out of her blouses, revealing her 36 D's that create that soft, pillowy cleavage that makes a grown man want to nurse again. Her chocolate brown nipples get as hard as rocks and stick out like the tip of my little finger. I swear I could suck them for hours. Her soft round tummy and tiny waist frame the most suckable belly button you've ever seen in your life. Her hips and ass are every butt lovers dream, fine and heaven to hold on to when you are doing doggie style. She always amazes me at how in tune she is with her body. I swear I think she turns herself on with how sexy she is.

It's her pussy that makes a man want to fall to his knees and shed a tear however. Hidden between those soft sexy brown thighs is nirvana. Within the delicate folds of her pussy are the most beautiful, crimson inner lips. They open up to one of the hottest, tightest, hot honey pots I've ever experienced in my life. Her slippery-sweet juices seem to flow like wine when she's aroused and she loves to taste herself on my throbbing hard cock while I'm fucking her. "Stop," she'll say, "let me lick all my sweet cum from that hard meat." Seeing her devour my white cock like that is pleasure in ways I can't even describe. My body feels the pleasure of her soft, full lips licking and sucking but my mind knows she's doing it to taste her own heavenly juices. I can't blame her, I'm addicted to her taste as well and I'd probably lose my job, house, and my car if she let me eat her out every day. I'd be so distracted with the way she moans, the way she fills my mouth with her cum, I'd probably forget to eat real food. That's how much I love going down on her sweet black pussy.

I gave her a call on Friday night and told her that I had a very special treat in store for her. I'd gone shopping online and found the Lover's Paint Box, a set of three different types of chocolate that you can paint on your lover. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, it was beautifully packaged and it was sure to please Regina's aesthetic tastes and my tastes as well. I know I'm not the only man in line for her affections, but I also know that I take my time in pleasing her and that I move to the top of the line in front of other lame guys that think they are doing her a favor by pumping her a few times and thinking that they've done something special. Me, I spend hours touching, caressing, licking, sucking and finding ways to bring her to orgasm. I learned a long time ago to throw out everything I thought I knew about a pleasing a woman every time I am with someone new. Every woman likes to be touched in a different way, every woman likes to be pleased differently, so I start from scratch and have her reveal exactly what turns her on. It takes time but believe me it's worth it. Not only will she climax harder than she's ever cum with someone who doesn't take the time to get to know her body, but she's always going to invite me back for more. Regina loves the fact that I start out slow, gentle and tender and built up the tension. I massage every inch of that fabulous body like I am a sculptor creating the most treasured piece of art. By the time we get to penetration, she is screaming for me to fuck her like there is no tomorrow.

She arrived Friday and she was a half hour late. Sometimes I think she does that just to keep me on edge, other times I imagine that making that body smell so good and feel so soft has to take a long time. I didn't even try to pretend to cook; I ordered Thai food and had it waiting for her when she arrived. We ate passionately, the spices and flavors stimulating us for a night that was sure to be memorable. After dinner, we made our way to my den for a cocktail. I had a bottle of Merlot breathing and she was anxious to find out what my special surprise was for her.

"You know how much I love chocolate, and you know how much your sweet honey drives me wild. Well, tonight, I thought we should combine the two. I presented her with the box I had wrapped in some left over gold wrapping paper from some other night of seduction I'd planned for someone else and some ribbon from a present my mother had given me on my birthday that I had thought to save for an occasion such as this. The box was almost as beautiful as she was, sitting there in the candlelight with her shoes off and her legs under her on my sofa. She tore open the paper and her eyes danced playfully as she opened the box. "Hmmm, I'm not sure this gift is as much for me as it is for you, sweetie," she taunted me playfully.

We laughed and I confessed that I had in fact intended to get much more pleasure from it than she would but that it would be a close call. We opened up the jars and tasted the sweet chocolates. I loved the dark and white chocolate the best and Regina liked the milk chocolate. When the night was over, I knew I would have my sweet tooth satisfied and a few other desires as well.

Regina took her ring finger and dipped it gently in the milk chocolate and stuck her finger in her mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking my cock. I got so hard so fast I felt light headed. I moved the wine glasses out of the way, knowing that things were going to get heated quickly. I started unbuttoning her blouse, and revealed a beautiful red lace bra that looked like it was straining to hold its contents. She pulled her left breast out, looked me right in the eye, and told me to put my favorite chocolate anywhere I wanted. I took the paint brush from the box and dipped it in the white first. I painted the letter R on the right side. I took the brush and dipped it in the milk chocolate next and painted the left side of her nipple with a heart. I saved the best for last and took the dark chocolate and painted her pointed hard nipple right in the center so it looked like a chocolate chip. Picasso didn't have anything on me. She took her hands and grabbed her full breast and offered it up to me. I lowered my mouth to it and tasted sweetness like I've never known. Her hard nipple, her soft brown breast, her hands pulling me to her, telling me how good my mouth felt on her . . . and the taste of chocolate; my senses were overwhelmed.

I undressed her, she undressed me, clothes were thrown all over the floor, and we spent the next hour painting chocolate and licking it off each others sensitive spots. She licked my sensitive nipples and had me whimpering like a baby. I put a pool of white chocolate in her belly button and licked it all out. I even painted her sexy toes with chocolate and licked and sucked them while she fingered herself to orgasm.

My cock was just about at critical mass when Regina reached for the milk chocolate and applied it liberally to the head of my shaft. I waited and watched. She looked up at me and licked her lips. Her mouth was like hot velvet. She licked and sucked and licked some more. She licked my nuts, which always feels so damn good. Then she swallowed my head and swirled her tongue around it in I what I swear is some ancient technique she learned from a channeling a tantric priestess. My head was spinning. I heard moaning and cursing and I realized it was me. "Oh shit, stop," I begged her, "please stop, I'm going to cum."

I grabbed my cock and squeezed it to keep from erupting. Once I had regained control, I grabbed her in my arms and flipped her over and lay her back on the sofa. She held her legs open and I lost my focus for a second, forgot where I was; I might have even had to think about my own name if someone questioned me at that particular second. I was in awe of her gorgeous pussy and just wanted to stare at it for a few moments.

There's something about staring at a beautiful pussy that leaves me sort of speechless. I've seen dozens in my lifetime in one form or another but every time I'm presented with one in real life I just have to pay homage to the sweetest place on earth, the center of the universe, the place where all life comes from. It's humbling to know that I am allowed such an honor as to go inside there. And the fact that it gives me so much pleasure is just icing on the cake. I could see her sweet honey glistening on her lips, letting me know she was already really aroused. Her clit was swollen and peeking out at me, calling me to it. I took my index finger and rubbed it softly, making her wiggle.

She wanted to forgo the chocolate and the licking and get straight to fucking. I would have agreed with her if it hadn't been for the fact that I never, ever, ever make love to a woman without licking her to orgasm first. It's my trademark, it's my ritual, and it works for me . . . no need to change game plans in the middle of the fourth quarter when I have the ball and I'm ahead.

I closed my eyes and had a moment of silent meditation. I just wanted to appreciate every second of the gift I was about to receive. With my eyes still closed, knowing her pussy like the back of my hand, I gently placed my mouth on her clit. I held it there for a few seconds, warming it with the heat of my mouth, ever so softly and gently licking it. I took my fingers and spread her lips and began to softly kiss the lips of her pussy, having them open up to me to allow me to taste the precious nectar that flowed within. I stopped for a second to use the paint brush to softly paint the outer lips of her pussy with whatever combination of chocolate remained on the brush. With my eyes wide open, I tasted her again, this time, the succulent juices of her pussy were mixed with the decadent taste of the chocolate. If Emerill knew what the hell he was doing, he would have this on the menu at his restaurant. I got your BAM right here!

Regina was grinding her pussy on my face, getting me wet with her juices and I was trying to bathe in them. My mouth was alive with the sweet, salty, earthy taste of her cunt and the most delicious chocolate in the world. Well, maybe it was so delicious because it was mixed with such a rare delicacy. Regina was chanting incoherently, "Eat me . . . lick me . . . suck me . . . fuck me . . ." I took my fingers and inserted two inside her. I made her clit my target with my mouth and began licking her just the way she likes and fingering her. She lost control and started calling me names like a drunken sailor on a weekend pass. Her breathing was erratic and out of control. She was grinding her pussy on my mouth and she had a grip on the back of my head that the WWE would be jealous of. I felt her legs tremble and heard her muffled cries as her body tensed up.

The night was far from over, we licked and sucked and fucked each other well into the wee hours of the morning. We had chocolate for a midnight snack, we had chocolate for breakfast. I laughed when I thought about how much my trainer and my dentist would appreciate my new found satisfaction for my sweet tooth.

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