tagInterracial LoveA Chocolate Weekend

A Chocolate Weekend


All I knew about Daniel for the first couple months of the class was his name, and that he was a hot, sexy, black, married guy. He seemed polite and respectful to everyone I saw interact with him. I did notice his physical features my mind had at times wondered absent from class studies to his body. He has beautiful hands, perfectly manicured nails, a wedding band, and a body that I have thought would be fun to jump upon. I wondered about how it would be to be in bed with him, even going as far as to self love thinking of him in my bed unknowingly he had already given me several orgasms.

I had never been on a workout program nor ever wanted to be on one, but I gained 4 pounds I am bound and determined not let my shape fade. I attributed the weight gain to the Patron' I drink like water also being away from home the first time is part of it. Lost when I first joined the fitness center was not the way to go about getting the tonnage off, and I had no money for a trainer. I would go to the gym with no direction or hope of building a solid workout program because of ignorance. I knew a lot of guys that would help I also know what they would like in return not that I would not like it too, but not under those circumstances. I knew Daniel had to work out no way a body like that just happens I decided I would ask him after class the next day.

While walking out of class I maneuvered close to Daniel looking at him, I said, "Hi, can you talk a second?"

"Sure Vikki," he said.

I told him about my dilemma of the weight gain also wanting to know how to work out. Smiling he said, "Oh I noticed you're a fat butt now."

I hit him teasingly on the outside of his arm it was as my hand had hit a rock. Then I said, "I am not fat I will never be fat."

Quickly I asked. "What are you doing noticing my butt, aren't you a married man?"

He smiled and said. "Yes, I am, but I am not dead either I have looked and your butt, it is hot."

This was the first time in over two months he had even tried to flirt with me or anyone that I know of in this class. He was terrific at flirting his laugh and smile are captivating.

I said, "Thank you, can you help me at all?"

"Yes," he said.

He gave me his email address then told me to shoot him an email on my goals for working out, the time I would be able to spend daily, and my phone number. His wife walked up just as I said I'd send email to him after I got home tonight. Daniel introduced me to his wife we exchanged pleasantries then I shuttled off to my next lecture but not before I turned to look her over once again. Shockingly she was slouchy looking, overweight without any make up, and not well groomed the exact opposite of Daniel. When I made it home, I lined out what I wanted to accomplish working out also decided I could give my work out routine at least five hours a week. I put it all in an email sent to Daniel then went out to party. About an hour after I had been in the party zone I received a text Daniel wanted to meet with me in the morning, so we could talk about the work out program. It hit me that he took this stuff seriously I could live with that.

My usual class attire was t shirt and jeans, but today I was going to meet with my masturbation fantasy guy at Starbucks. The meeting in my mind required sexy panties, a crop top, and a short skirt. I made sure to show up early to insure I could get a seat perfectly positioned to get his attention upon arrival. While he was talking about cardio vs target training trying to lose weight I was thinking how in the hell did she get this hot, intelligent guy. I did listen enough to realize I wanted to do cardio along with target training my legs and butt. He smiled then wrote in his notebook it read STAIR MASTER 30 minutes daily. We both laughed and then he wrote step aerobics 30 minutes every other workout, circuit training every other workout.

I had class when walking out I turned and said. "You looked at my butt."

He said, "Hell yes it is very cute."

My skirt had gotten the desired result from Daniel. I knew I was not the only one thinking about sex while talking about working out that morning. While walking to class, I thought about being sexual with Daniel wondering how it would feel to fuck a guy built like that. Daniel lingered in my mind most of the day. When I got home that night, there was an email from Daniel asking my workout schedule times saying he might rearrange his to fit mine and train me. Reading that email made me wet knowing he would be spending time with me. I emailed him my workout times also telling I could not afford to pay him letting him know I was a poor college student. Shortly after I sent the message I received one from him saying no problem he did not expect to be paid, and would let me know if he could make the changes.

Thinking naughty thoughts about Daniel I took my tee shirt off then slipped out of my cutoffs. While, on the couch, I began to think of how magnificent in bed, he would be. My hand moved to my breast rubbing then squeezing the nipple between my thumb and forefinger I could feel the stirring within me subtly turning myself on thinking about fucking Daniel. I readjusted how I was laying then slid my hand between my legs my panties moist with my juices. Rubbing my pussy and clit through my panties made me let out a little moan of satisfaction. I was way too far into the zone I had to have orgasmic relief, but I wanted my rabbit. I went to the bedroom to find my rabbit I dug into the drawer then slipped off my panties. Laying on my bed, I let my mind think about fucking Daniel how he would touch me how he would taste me how he would fuck me. My rabbit was dipping into my pussy making me moan louder. My mind was thinking about his cock how it tasted what his cum taste like. Daniel being married made me think I could fuck him unprotected that thought took me over the edge along with the vibration of the rabbit. My back arched tummy tightened eyes dilated, and my moans surged out my orgasm. The thought of knowing I had the power to make this fantasy become a reality made me orgasm again.

The next morning knowing I would see Daniel in class I wore a tee shirt without a bra, sexy lil panties, and a short skirt. Daniel walked in after I had already taken a seat he took the seat right next to me. We talked a bit before class during class I caught him checking me out more than once. I was thinking how much had changed in less than a week between us. After class, he asked if I had time for coffee to talk about schedules I told him yes, so we went to Starbucks.

I asked, "Are you going to change your workout schedule?"

He said, "Yes I can change two days that should be enough to get you started the right direction."

"What days?" I asked.

"Thursdays and Fridays," he said.

"That's great," I said.

He smiled when he said, "No problem it will be fun to see the progress I will have you in shape in no time."

I retorted, "It is not as I am way out of shape, I like my shape."

He said, "I agree you have a great shape with some great parts."

I was laughing when I asked, "And what would those great parts be?"

He smiled when he said, "You have great legs and butt. We are going to make them to die for magnificent with work."

I said, "You know some guys have told me my butt is magnificent."

He laughed and said, "I understand that but those guys are the ones that just want a piece of it. I want it all to mold it into being magnificent that means you have to work."

I let him know I had a class that I would see him Thursday five o'clock at the gym. Walking out I made sure to drop my keys, so I could bend over to show him, I did have a magnificent ass. I looked back while opening the door to see the look on his face. That second my intuition told me Daniel would hit on me. I would have to decide if his marriage would stop me from saying yes. By the time, I got half way to class I had soaked panties from how wet he had made me by talking about my body.

I was about to go into my class when Steve walked up. He said, "Hello sexy girl."

I said, "Hello sexy boy."

Steve then asked, "Would you rather have a little fun or sit in a boring class?"

I knew by a little fun he meant sex I had fucked him several times. I meant to say boring class, but I heard myself say little fun. We went to his frat house up the stairs and to his little fun bedroom. Steve had given me many orgasms he knew what I liked. His tongue licking my pussy through my panties his hands playing with and squeezing my breast I began to sigh, moan, and squirm a little as his hands slipped my panties off. His tongue tickling my clit making me squirm his hands gently spread my pussy while his tongue leaped into it. I was almost at the point of no return when he slipped his finger into my ass. My back went into full arch as I exploded into a much needed orgasm. He stood up took his jeans off I got to see what I knew was Steve's finest quality a fantastic cock. He wasted no time wrapping it and plunging it deep into me. His cock was the only one that had been in me for three weeks my pussy felt happy wrapping around it. I also knew what rang his bells, so I forced my way on top of him with my hands on his chest sat up on his cock with his hands below my thighs I began to lift my hips almost off his cock. His cock almost coming out of me then plunging back into me. I began to moan then sigh then my breathing was erratic while picking up the pace fucking him. I stopped with him deep inside began circular movements over his cock he began to moan loudly knowing we were both on the edge. I slipped off him squeezed the condom off then sucked on the head of his cock while stroking the shaft. His moans became even louder as he came into my mouth. Steve is one of the best tasting guys I have ever tasted. I swallowed and then kissed him as his hand went to my pussy finger fucking me until my orgasm forced me to stop him. He is a terrific fuck buddy when he is not trying to share me with all his frat brat buddies. I thanked him for the orgasms then got dressed and scurried my little fucked self out of there.

At the gym early I changed into my split shorts and sports bra. Primed and ready for the workout not knowing what Daniel was going to ask me to do. I went ahead and attacked the Stair Master the burn felt warm. I did not realize Daniel had even showed up until I saw his reflection in the window.

He did not even say hi just asked, "Are you here to work out or to show off your body?"

I asked, "What the matter with what I am wearing?" Quickly following up with, "I refuse to wear that spandex crap you should not be looking you are here to help shape me not ogle me."

He retorted, "Mess with me, and I will spank your ass."

"Just get to work Mr. Trainer I will worry about who spanks me later." I said while giggling.

We both began to laugh we were becoming friends soon to become lovers is what I thought. The official workout began with him starting to show me how to stretch. I think he noticed when he touched me his touch excited my senses. Specifically when his hands were on the top of my thighs holding my legs flat on the mat my legs spread wide open. I tried to hide it, but he was unknowingly making me wet. He put me through a varied workout ending with 30 minutes of him watching my little butt on the Stair Master.

He said, "Vikki you did good I am proud of you."

I thanked him and asked, "When are you going to work out?"

He said, "I have changed from 5 times a week to 4 Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will work out with you tomorrow instead of training you."

Pointing at sweat beads running down my tummy he said, "That is what we want to solve."

I looked at him asking, "What's wrong with sweating?"

He laughed then putting his hand flat on my tummy he said, "Not sweat the little bitty bitty pooch right there. Can you feel it."

I said, "Yes I can."

With his hand still on my little fat pooch, he said, "When that disappears your ass will be to die for magnificent."

Feeling and seeing his beautiful black hand on my tummy caused my pussy to soak my panties. I knew I had to get away from him, or I would jump his bones. I did not even shower gathered my clothes then went home to release the longing he had caused in my body. Laying around afterwards, I knew I wanted to fuck him was just a matter of time till I would hit on him unless he hit on me first.

Daniel was at the gym when I arrived we went right into the stretching to loosen up today he was also doing the stretching. I had decided I needed to know a little about his slouchy wife so while we were working out I steered the conversation to that subject. He was remarkably open about her, their relationship, he loved her, and they were happy with each other she worked at Dell while he worked on his degree. I was doing circuit while he was lifting weights with his buddy that had joined us to spot him. I had my iPod in my ears but tuned it off, so I could eavesdrop on their conversation. Their conversation varied until it turned to Daniels wife and me.

His friend asked, "When is Kesha leaving for Indiana?"

Daniel said, "Her flight is at 9 tonight."

His friend asked. "For how long?"

"Monday morning." Daniel said.

His friend then asked about me, "Have you tapped that yet?"

The next thing I heard was his friend asking, "When are you going to tap that pussy?"

I heard no response from Daniel at all.

We were all sitting in the juice bar chatting about the workout when his friend had to leave we exchanged pleasant goodbyes. While his friend was walking away, he told him the answer to your question is soon. Daniel had no idea I knew the question or that he had just made me wet.

Daniel asked. "It's Friday what do you have planed for tonight?"

"Nothing special, a frat party at a friends frat house," I said.

Then I asked, "What's happening in your world tonight?"

"Taking Kesha to the airport then watching a movie I guess," he said.

I asked, "Where is she going?"

"To see her mom," he said.

"That's sweet," I said. Then asked, "When will she be back?"

He said, "Monday."

"You could come over to the party tonight might have some fun," I said.

"I might do that," he said.

I told him which house he said had partied at that house last year before he married. I headed for the door turned to let him know I would not be at the party till after eleven. I did not tell him Steve, and I had plans to hook up before the party, plans I was thinking about changing. I could not decide if I wanted to meet Steve or call him and let him know I would see him later. I was thinking if I did Daniel would show up and hit on me if I did not I could fuck Steve later. I decided that was the perfect plan, so I called Steve to break the news I was not coming over till after eleven. Steve was not answering his cell I would try after my shower I was still sweating a bit from the workout. I also had to decide what to wear to the party usually frat parties are jeans and a tee shirt, but I did not want Daniel to be disappointed in what I wore. I wanted him to undress me when I was wearing something sexy. I heard the door bell opened the door to Steve standing at my door step.

"You rang my dear," he said in a funny voice while acting like a hunchback.

I got tickled at him the said, "Yes."

He asked, "What can I do for you my dear?"

I did not even realize I said it, but I heard myself say, "Take me to the bed room and fuck my brains out."

From behind me Steve started kissing my neck telling me how salty I tasted then he took me into the bedroom. He slipped my sports bra over my head releasing my breast then his hands cupped them squeezing and tweaking both of them. He had my back pressed to his chest while playing with my breast he slipped one hand between my shorts and panties. Rubbing my clit and pussy through my panties caused me to sigh while letting out lil moans of desire for his cock. I was so ready to be fucked his hand was driving me batty with desire I wanted him, and I wanted him right now. I turned pushed him on the bed ripped his jeans down and off then started sucking on his fabulous cock. Sucking and stroking his cock hard, I stood up slipped out of my panties wrapped his cock and sat on it. My hips began an around the world movement making his hard cock touch all sides of my sex. It was as if I were stirring an upside down bowl with warm juices trickling down the cock/spoon making sure all the edges did not cool. His moans of delight began to become louder and more intense I did not change my movements or speed. I was close to coming I wanted to cum I needed to cum he began to rub my clit with his thumb it pushed me over the edge. My orgasm drained from my mind to my pussy then exploded on his cock. I stopped with him deep inside me slowly slipped off him pinched the condom off then sucked his cock hard while stroking it hard. He moaned loudly then shot my mouth full of his protein filled cum I looked at him smiled then swallowed his cream. I pulled him up told him to get out of my apartment then went to the shower, in the shower, I realized how much of a fun fuck Steve was. Then my thoughts wondered to how it would be to spend the entire night with Daniel. I began rubbing my just fucked pussy while my thoughts of Daniel spurred me toward another orgasm.

The party had kicked into overdrive by the time I arrived I looked around but saw no Daniel or Steve. I knew all the frats would descend upon me soon, so I began to play beer pong. Halfway through the game Steve appeared looked at me then said, I looked spectacular. I had decided to wear a fuck me skirt, a pink half tee shirt, and pink panties with my wedges. A girl named Diana, and I won 2 games of beer pong, and were playing another. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daniel he had shown up causing me to lose my concentration, I began to think about him not my beer pong game. When the game ended I moved to talk to Daniel. He said I looked devilishly sexy we had a couple drinks while we chatted. He did not look comfortable or relaxed, so I decided to ask him to take me for a walk out of the loud, crazy party. He jumped at the chance took my hand leading me out of the house. We sat side by side on the curb talking about school, and what we wanted to do after school. I was waiting for him to kiss me wanted him to kiss me needed him to kiss me. I began to talk about his hands being extremely manicured and beautiful when he started telling me his mom was a manicurist. She had taught him how to take care of his hands. I was holding his hands in my hands the electricity was charging my senses I know he felt it in his senses. He then took my hand put it palm up mentioned his mom also taught him to read palms.

He said, "I see a long profitable life line."

I said, "Oh it tells you if I will be rich?"

He said, "No I just added that."

He then added, "You have a long and predominate sex line."

I said, "There is no such thing as a sex line. It is a love line."

He laughed then said, "That is what people call it, but it is a sex line."

My hand still in his asked, "Does it tell you if I am going to fuck you tonight?"

He said, "Yes it does tell me."

He kissed me our lips melting into one our tongues tasting each other for the first time. His beautiful chocolate hand slipped down the back of my thigh sending shivers up my spine. Sighs seeped from my inter most being I wanted all of him inside of me. Daniels hands were on my tummy and his lips on my lips while I was trying to open the door of my apartment. Once inside we melted together in a long intimate kiss his hands exploring my ass my arms locked around his neck.

I led him to my bedroom standing in front of my full length mirror he positioned me in front of him put my arms to my side then commanded me, "DO NOT MOVE!"

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