tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Christmas Abduction Ch. 03

A Christmas Abduction Ch. 03


Thump, scratch, howl, whip, bang. Just some of the noises that threw my eyes open. I was in an alleyway. Dark covered the alleyway, a darkness I had not seen before. I walked toward the end of the alleyway, the sound of angry dogs, arguing to each other in their loud barking voices. Further and further I walked down this alleyway, louder and louder the barks. Finally I reached the end of the alleyway and reached a pub. At the entrance to the pub stood the 2 dogs. Their faces grizzling, saliva dropping from their mouths with the eager anticipation of me coming closer to them. The owners stood looking at me, silent. They were dressed in long black leather jackets, their faces covered and their heads under dark hats. I walk closer to the dogs, alongside, then past them and toward the door. I come through it and it squeaks as it opens.

Suddenly, the noise of the pub stopped as everyone stared at me. I walked towards the booth and sat there right opposite my girlfriend. Why had we chosen this place? Where was this place? I felt panicked, but the calm of being with Sophie had somewhat calmed me.

I told her about what had happened, about Liza and Rosa. About how I had been abducted on the outskirts of town, been tortured whilst tied to a chair, being forced to drink my own cum and eat Liza's poo, being locked in a humbler, chastity and confined in a cage.

"I can't believe that!" Sophie said to me, quite visibly shocked. I looked down as she grabbed my hand, I lifted my head to her reassurance, "you'll be fine" she reassured me.

"I've got to take this." She said when her phone begun to buzz, she headed outside and suddenly I felt uneasy again. Panicked, worried, cold, petrified. All of these words could explain my feelings in that pub as Sophie walked out holding her phone to her ear.

"Hello again," I was shocked to look out of the booth and see Rosa, her beautiful face which I hated to love. "Wait where's..." I stopped my sentence as soon as I felt the grasp pull my wrists behind my back and lift me to my feet. The cuffs went on and I was again under the control of the two dommes. Amazingly even though I knew the pain I was about to re-enter, I felt safe again, like I couldn't be taken from this, somehow felt happy, content and easy. I was taken outside to the sight of a black hooded lady, wearing a red dress getting into the van that I was being brought into.

I finally got in and saw her. Sophie. I was shocked she was weak but not unconscious. I saw the two figures who owned the dogs standing over her. Kicking her, slapping her, shocking her. I tried to wriggle away from Liza to help Sophie. I should've known I would have no luck. She pulled me to the ground and jumped on top of me. I spluttered, I'd been winded by the landing that happened at the time the van started moving. I laid there with my wrists behind my back, sat on by Liza. Her hand pushing my head which the ear was being forced into the ground. I could just see Sophie, she'd dropped, motionless, the hooded figures had left her alone and got into the front of the van. Liza unlocked me and cuffed my arms to a bar, just under the roof of the van. Liza blindfolded me and Sophie as the van did that final mile before halting to a stop.

I fell asleep from my weakness before the van stopped and I woke up hanging upside down, swinging from side to side. I looked as Sophie stood there looking at me, she was bruised, bandaged, bloody and weak. She stepped towards me when I realised her legs were tied to the wall. She had to lean to come close to me, she pulled me towards her and hugged me, she was crying but she didn't say a word. Suddenly she flew away from me and sucked through the wall before disappearing. I felt a sudden whip hit me and everything went black.

I'd realised that this new lifestyle that I had no option to join was the lifestyle that I felt comfortable in, in some strange way every pain made me feel more secure. I realised my dream was not to get away from the lifestyle, but to share it with someone who meant the world to me. Yes I felt the pain. Yes, if someone asked me 2 days ago would you like this lifestyle I'd say no, but this felt right, this was me.

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