tagRomanceA Christmas Dream

A Christmas Dream


Colette Adams was, to say the least, hot! The only person around hotter was her boyfriend Conner Brady. Colette was five-ten, Conner, a complimentary six-two. Colette's shoulder length hair was a deep chocolate brown with natural red highlights. She had full breasts, a slender hard belly and the most luscious hips melting into the shapeliest legs. She worked hard at keeping fit. That's what Conner wanted and she would walk through hell to please him, he would do the same for her. He was the most handsome man she had ever set eyes on. His hair was lighter than hers was but still dark. His eyes were a stunning cold blue. When he looked into her light brown eyes in his special way her heart melted and her body burned. He was a hardbody and cut to the max. He had grown up playing sports and even though he had given up playing anything but an occasional game of racket ball he stayed in great shape. His waist was almost as slender as hers. Some of their most intense intercourse had come after sweat drenching workouts. They made the perfect couple.

Colette wanted to get married more than anything, but she knew better than to push Conner. Colette was twenty-eight and her biological clock was ticking like a time bomb. Conner was thirty and working his way up the corporate ladder, he expected to be a full partner in his law firm by the end of next year. His superiors had hinted that being married might be an advantage to him. He wasn't swayed by anything; he would live his life his way. Not even his career was important enough to change him and the partners at Lytle, Crosby and Sterns liked this about Conner Brady. He would back down from nothing and no one. They also knew that there were a dozen other firms that would kill to have him on their team. Colette was working on her Ph.D. in Psychiatry. She had big plans for a private practice. She was so close to having so many of her dreams come true. They sat there at her fingertips waiting for her to grab them; she just had to make sure she didn't push them away instead of clinging to them.

Conner loved having sex in the morning, but this morning when he rolled over to take hold of Colette, he got an armful of nothing. He heard the shower running. He pried himself out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. He watched Colette through the frosted glass of the shower door. He stroked his swelling manhood and eased toward her. She jerked around with a smile when she heard the clasp on the shower door pop open.

"Good morning...uh...horny boy," she said running her fingers through her shampoo-laden hair, studying his gorgeous body.

"Umm," he moaned as he moved closer and laid his head on her shoulder and pulled her to him.

"No Conny, I have to be at school early today. I have that meeting with Dr. Thomas this morning," she said.

He loved to hear her call him Conny, her pet name for him when they were getting misty. As his hands explored her wet glistening body she began to breathe deeply. She could never resist his advances. She didn't want to now but she couldn't afford to be late. His fingers kneaded her flesh from her perky breasts to her wet pubic hair. He turned her back to his chest and wrapped his arms around her, his erect member pressed between the cheeks of her hard shiny butt. He rolled and pinched and pulled her hardening nipples between his fingertips.

"Conny...I...need..." she sighed as she bent under the spray to rinse her hair.

He slipped his hand between her legs and pulled the head of his penis between her lips and pushed into her. She was hot and creamy before he made three strokes with his long thick member. She pushed against the tile wall as his thrusts got harder and harder. Conner picked her up and sat down on the bench, built into the corner of the stall, with her impaled on him. He bounced her up and down on his well lube tool. He fondled her breasts and belly as he rode her up and down his length. She was writhing and grinding hard against him in less than five minutes. She reached between her legs and began to massage his testicles wildly. Anytime she could get her hands on his balls while they were making love she did, it always drove Conner crazy...without fail. He was moaning loudly and shooting his sticky cream into her in no time. She loved his attention. He was so tender yet so forceful and satisfying. He finished and Colette returned to her shower. Her face was flushed, she watched him hungrily. He sat there massaging his shrinking penis watching her wash their mingled juices off her shimmering thighs. He loved the way the water pulled her pubic hair down between her legs in cute little curls. He loved her completely; there was nothing he wouldn't do for her.

When she was finished and stepped out of the shower he took her place and began to soap his body. They talked over the noise discussing their plans for the night. They were expected at an early Christmas party at LCS (Lytle, Crosby and Sterns); they needed to be there by eight. Colette said she had no problem with that. She asked if she needed to cook dinner or would they eat out or would there be food at the party? Conner said he wasn't sure and that they'd play that by ear but don't plan on cooking, they would do something. Colette put her hair up wet; she didn't need to look particularly special today even though she did. She popped her head into the shower and took Conner's limp penis in her hand, sighed deeply and stared at it. She leaned down and sucked it into her mouth licking him lovingly. It slurped out of her mouth with an audible wet pop. She kissed him on the mouth quickly and headed to the bedroom to dress.

Colette threw on a pair of faded lowrider jeans and a tube top. She pulled on an equally faded jean jacket. Conner was standing in the bathroom door naked, drying his hair as she shot out the bedroom door. She wanted to stay for more of him but priorities were in order and Dr. Thomas could make or break her doctoral thesis.

Her thesis was due before the Christmas break. It was so close to complete that Colette had quit worrying a long time ago but Dr. Thomas insisted on these meaningless meetings. Colette suspected that he just wanted to exercise his control over her life at this point in time. She was right and she always dressed just a little nasty for him. And she always, always made sure her navel was visible for him. That had been Conner's idea at one point when Colette was having trouble getting along with Dr. Thomas. It worked. She never had another instances of a problem from the first day she flitted into his office with short shorts and a high cut tshirt on. She loved Conner's confidence. He suggested she half dress to get this old geezer on her side, it had worked and he wasn't in the least bit upset about having some old dude looking at her.

She was waiting outside Dr. Thomas' office when he arrived ten minutes late as usual. He greeted her and opened the door and ushered her in. He studied her firm young bottom in those threadbare faded jeans. He probably couldn't do anything if she offered herself to him but she didn't mind giving the old guy some fun in his lonely bored existence. Colette walked to his window and looked out over the campus. She put her hands in her front pockets and pulled her jeans tight against her rear. If he couldn't tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath them he was blinder than she thought. He didn't say anything for several minutes. Colette finally took a seat in front of his desk and studied him studying her file. One never spoke before Dr. Thomas, even if he sat there for an hour saying nothing.

"Well Colette we're almost through this thing. How do you feel about your work?" he asked.

"Um, Dr. Thomas I really feel good about it. With your guidance I think I have been able to put together a very concise exact thesis. I can only hope you agree," she answered.

"Well, if it's like the rest of your work I am sure it will be excellent," he added.

There was a knock at the door. Dr. Thomas impatiently beckoned the person interrupting them to come in. It was a florist deliveryman. He read the card, "a Colette Adams?" Colette looked at him curiously and got up to take the bouquet of roses.

"That's me," she said.

The card in the envelope read 'Sorry if I made you late this morning. I should have been encouraging you toward your meeting instead of indulging myself with your delicious body. I will make it up to you tonight. Forgive me - Conny.' Colette smiled and sat back down.

"From you young man I presume?" Dr. Thomas asked.

"Yes Dr. Thomas, I am so sorry. He is so impetuous. Please forgive me, I am so sorry," she answered.

Actually she was all giddy inside but she had to pretend for Dr. Thomas' benefit. She promised that it would not happen again. She knew this meeting was unnecessary but humoring the old professor was not an unpleasant act for her. He continued on with his questioning. It was approaching nine-fifteen when he finally released her. He had a senior class at nine-thirty and needed to leave for it soon. Colette got up holding her flowers. She stood there with her precious mound crammed into her jeans staring the old fellow directly in the face across his desk. She stood there for several seconds more than she normally would just to make sure he got a good eyeful. Those jeans looked so sexy. They caressed her muffin and showed the detailed creases and crevices of her sweet body. They were cut so low you could almost taste her.

When Conner got home he found Colette in bed; the champagne colored silk sheet covering her. Rose petals were strewn all over the bed; one single rose lying between her almost exposed breasts. Her beautiful hair was thrown about her head in a sexy mess. He dropped his coat in the doorway; his tie and shirt soon followed. He kicked his shoes toward the closet. He dropped his pants at the foot of the bed and slid his bikini briefs off as he climbed into bed with her.

He took the rose and began brushing it across the smooth pristine flesh of Colette's chest and shoulders. She raised her arms above her head; he ran the rose up her arm and back down to her breast. He pushed the sheet off the gorgeous mound. Colette moaned sexily as he pulled the petals across her sensitive nipple. The little bud began to swell. Her flesh broke out in goose bumps. As he ran the rose across her body to give equal treatment to her other breast, his lips found the hot hardening little nipple. He chewed it gently, she moaned louder as it grew more erect with each lick of his hot tongue.

Conner put the rose between his teeth and taking a breast in each hand he began to kiss slowly down her body. She rose up to meet his mouth with each delicious kiss. As he reached her heaving belly button he consciously rubbed her pubic hair with the rose. The delicate touch sent Colette's thighs parting. Lying with his head hovering over her heating bush Conner started to sweep the rose from the middle of one inner thigh up to her pouty vagina and back down the other thigh, then back up it repeating over and over. He lay the rose across her belly and began kneading her stomach just at her hairline with eager fingers. His other hand began massaging her perfect thigh. He slowly kissed around her bush with hot puckered smacking kisses. She writhed against his mouth begging him to kiss her moist bush.

Conner slid between her thighs with his mouth just mere inches from her muffin. Colette's thighs parted wide and her hips rose desirously to his mouth. When she groaned in protest of his teasing he pressed his wet mouth against her engorged lips. She melted into the bed and released a deep sexy sigh of relief and intense pleasure.

"O Conny...yes baby, that feels so good!" she sighed hotly.

Conner didn't reply; his mouth was busy making love to her sweet genital folds. Suddenly Colette jumped up in the bed.

"No, wait. I'm supposed to be thanking you. This was to be your afternoon delight," she said with labored breath. Conner never took his mouth off her body. She pulled on his hair and started sliding down in the bed. "Conner, come here baby. Stop," she begged, she had her plans but had gotten lost in his redirection for the moment.

Conner finally gave in to her urging. He felt back in the bed and let her have her way with him. She rolled on top of him. He could feel the wetness between her legs on his thigh. She kissed his neck softly massaging his flesh with her teeth. He began to writhe at her touch. Her hands were racing all over his body. Just as he had teased her she now teased him. Her fingertips would rake ever so close to his growing manhood. It was standing half way to attention already. As she ran her hand down his outer thigh her forearm would graze his tender penis head making it jerk wildly upwards.

She knelt between his legs. She bent his knees up and pushed them open. It was her turn to drive him crazy. She began to chew roughly down one thigh then the other. The closer she inched toward his dick the deeper his breathing got. She loved to see him stretched out like this. His arms were raised above his head, his strong chest rising at her touch. His cut stomach and ribs looked so hot like this. Colette chewed his flesh and studied his hot body. His penis was staring her in the face as if it were begging her to kiss him.

When she finally gripped the base of his penis in her fist he came unglued. He rolled to one side and spread his legs even wider. She squeezed him hard. She loved to watch it gorge thicker as her grip tightened. She licked the bead that oozed out of him off his sensitized head. She released her grip and dropped her thumb beneath his testicles and included them in her fist. As she began to knead him she gently kissed the dome shaped head. She clasped both hands around him now, her thumbs and index fingers touching around his girth. As her mouth eased over the first two inches her hands compressed his balls hard against his shaft. This was as close as Colette could come to having control over this man and she loved it. The swollen veins along his shaft felt great against her tongue and lips, they turned her on fiercely. Her tongue played with each delicate inch feeling the swollen lines throbbing against her touch. She was hotly stroking his length, she loved to feel the head swell in her throat. When he put his hand on her head and began groaning loudly she knew she had him where she wanted him.

She slid back up his body. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He rolled her onto her back; their eyes danced as they simultaneously reached for his tool and guided it together to her waiting vagina. She smiled hotly as the head opened her. Her smile rapidly turned to a sultry frown as the inches filled her. It was too much for her. His blue eyes pierced her soul as his manhood pierced her body. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck as the tingling sensation began to crawl up her thighs. She tried to hold back but she couldn't, she never could. The orgasms were starting early today.

Soon Colette was writhing furiously and sighing and moaning and groaning. She grew more savage with each stroke of his wonderful sweet tool. She was so wet he was gliding in and out of her effortlessly. No sooner had one climax subsided than another one began to build inside her. Now he was back in control. He worked on her deliberately. As he watched the passion grow in her he would vary his thrusts. As an orgasm would flood over her he would quicken his strokes. As she fell and relaxed for awhile he would slow his stroke. As she would start wiggling beneath him crazily again he would begin hunching faster and harder. He pushed all the right buttons and each button hit the next target of her desire.

When one orgasm got particularly hot, Colette shot her sweat hot juice out bathing his head deep inside her. Over and over her hot cream washed him. Now he couldn't control himself. His balls tightened as the cum began to fill his shaft. When the first hot rush shot up his tube and into her body he let out a fierce scream. With each blast his screams got less and less primal. She held him as tight as she could, loving the pleasure that was racing from his body to hers. Soon they lay satisfied in each other's sweaty bodies. She brushed his hair and rubbed his back. Her breath escaped her in short sighs. She would lick her dry lips and kiss his neck gently ever few seconds. She loved this man in her so much. She looked at her ring finger sadly. She closed her eyes and forgot about it.

Conner left her alone in the shower this time, her third one today. Making love to Colette was the number one pleasure in his life. She always left him satisfied and drained. When she was out he took his turn. By the time he was out Colette had on the most unbelievable ankle length low cut black silk dress Conner had ever seen. It shimmered as she moved. It had a thin strap around the neck; her breasts sat perfectly in it, her cleavage was to die for. It was slit up one leg to the middle of her thigh. It was obvious that there was nothing on under it. Her black high heels set her off totally. She was fussing with her hair and checking her makeup.

"Oh babydoll, where did you get that dress?" he asked.

"I got it the other day, just for tonight. Do you like it?" she asked, standing up and turning around once to show him.

"Oh no honey. You can't wear that tonight," he said seriously.

"Oh Conny, why not, what's wrong with it?" she asked troubled, looking down at her gorgeous body.

"Baby, I need to pay attention tonight. I need to hobnob with the upper crust. How do you expect me to look at anything but you if you look like that?" he teased. "I was thinking something in flannel with long sleeves." He joked as he pulled her long flannel pajamas out of her drawer and held them out to her.

She smiled and hugged his neck. "You look so cute standing here naked holding those ugly things," she told him.

"Honey, woman has never looked better than you do right now. You're incredibly amazing," he said holding her at arm's length studying her.

She looked down at him. "You have never looked better either," she said, smiling.

He took his bow tie off the dresser and held it over his limp penis. Colette started laughing. Conner danced her around the room holding the bow tie in place. Her laughter got more uproarious.

"I think I could handle this. Is it a good look for me?" he asked.

"Yes, I think you should go just like that," she laughed.

"Maybe a coat?" he said taking his tux and holding it up to his chest.

Colette wrinkled her nose up and shook her head no. She was looping her string of pearls around her neck. Conner dropped his act and rushed to hook them for her. He squeezed her shoulders and pressed up against her. She jerked away from him and pushed him away.

"No sir mister. You're not getting anything on this dress, not until we get home anyway," she smiled. "Get that nasty boy away from me and now."

She bounded out of the room and down stairs before he could catch her again. He dressed thinking about dealing with her new dress when he got her home. Colette was sitting in the black Mercedes C32 when Conner got to the garage. He pointed to the Jeep sitting beside it and shook his head with an inquisitive look. She just smiled and shook her head no.

He got in and hit the garage door opener. He rebuked her for opening her car door herself. He reminded her that that was his job. He smiled as he said it. She looked so hot sitting there with one arm on the door and one across the back of his seat. Her pearls lay seductively between her full round breasts. He just wanted to rip her dress off those amazing globes and ravage her here in the car. He took a deep breath; his eyes locked on her, he started the car.

When they got to the party Mrs. Lytle rushed to them and immediately swept Colette away to the other ladies. Colette gave Conner a quick look over her shoulder. Sterns greeted Conner patting him on the back and leading him to the group of men standing near the bar. They were proudly describing their exploits in the halls of justice. Conner knew he could out argue and debate the best of them with the exception of Sterns perhaps. Sterns had taught Conner a lot since he had joined the firm two years ago. Conner would more than likely make full partner next year. More because these guys were older than dirt and they would need someone to fill the voids. But make no mistake, Conner Brady was every inch the lawyer any of these guys were. And they were all among the best.

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