tagRomanceA Christmas Fire

A Christmas Fire


Dear Reader: I hope you enjoy this second installment into the lives of Rich and Ellen. With love and respect,



"Do you remember our first Christmas together?" Ellen asked Rich as they lay curled up on the sofa, gazing off into the roaring fire.

"How could I forget?" he replied. "It was the first time you went down on me."

"Rich!" she scolded, and his soft laugh filled the following silence. Rich looked down at his wife, her head tucked against his chest and arm. He ran his hand up and down her side, still incredulous at how he felt whenever he held her. Though she wasn't thin, her body was perfect to him. Even seeing her naked still turned him on.

As a comfortable silence settled over them again, Rich's thoughts drifted back to that first Christmas, ten years ago today.


After driving all day from house to house, Rich and Ellen arrived home, exhausted, after 11 pm, Christmas Day. They deposited their armload of gifts, then filled their arms with each other. "You look so beautiful tonight, Sweetheart. It was torturous keeping my hands to myself. And, come to think of it, did you realize that this is the first time I've gotten to hug you all day? My arms were going through withdrawals!"

Ellen laughed softly and Rich smiled at the sound. They'd only been married a few months, but to him, it was an extended honeymoon; with every beat of his heart he loved this woman. They'd both wed as virgins and with each lovemaking session, they were still learning new tricks, positions, and touches, and growing ever closer.

"Do you still have those Santa boxers?" Ellen asked him, ten minutes later. Rich held her back slightly and looked her in the eye. Ellen saw the blush start to creep over his face, and she fought a smile.

"Yes, I think so. Why?" Ellen bit her bottom lip, grinning.

"Well, Santa hasn't visited me yet today, you know." Rich's eyes lit up.

"Oh really?" he asked, his voice tinged with mischief. Ellen giggled with glee.

"Uh huh. And I think I've been a good girl this year," she replied sadly, pouting for emphasis. Rich laughed at his wife and excused himself to go change.

"I'll be right there, baby," Ellen called after him. "I'm going to get a glass of water." When Ellen watched the bedroom door close, she went into the kitchen, stripped off her coat, and threw it over the back of the nearest chair. She moved around the kitchen, then filled a glass of water and set it down on the counter. Nearly skipping with delight, Ellen almost ran to the coat closet and pushed her duster aside. From the back of the closet she pulled out a hanger wrapped in a plastic bag.

Opening the bag, she slipped the sheer red garment from the hanger and hurried back to the kitchen. She'd removed her green velvet dress, bra, panties, and nylons in record time. Pulling the sheer, wine red g-string from the plastic strips that attached it to the babydoll, Ellen slid them up her legs. The sheer fabric would let Rich see immediately that she'd gone bald for him. She felt the blush creep up her cheeks as she thought of his reaction. She adjusted the red string along her rear, and picked up the babydoll.

Pulling the rest of the plastic strips free and depositing them into the trash can, Ellen pulled the lingerie over her head. She adjusted it around her breasts, then smoothed out the front. Though she couldn't see what she looked like, she felt amazingly sexy. When she pulled her hair from its French twist and felt as it framed her face, she was nearly beside herself with excitement.

With hardened nipples and a pool forming between her thighs, Ellen started down the hall toward the bedroom. She knocked softly on the door. "Is Santa ready for his present?" she'd called out in a low voice.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Rich called from inside. Ellen laughed and opened their door.

When Ellen walked into the bedroom, she saw Rich sitting on the chest at the foot of their bed, wearing nothing but the velvet Santa boxers, red with a white band around the legs, and a "belt" around the middle, and a red Santa hat. She smiled seductively at him, her eyes taking in the lean hips peeking from the top of the boxers, his bare chest, and strong legs.

Rich didn't know where to look first. Ellen was beautiful! His eyes took in the way her blonde hair framed her face, her rosy cheeks, the smile that spoke volumes. Then he moved lower to the spaghetti strapped nightie she wore. The entire thing was wine red, the straps made of velvet. The lingerie itself was sheer, with a white snake of feathers lining the bottom and the top, atop the breasts and circling to the back. The only part not sheer were the breasts, which also were a wine red velvet.

Rich's eyes traveled down Ellen's body, noting that the white feathers stopped at the tops of her thighs, just past her ass. He saw the slight bulge of her stomach, the red flimsy material of her thong, and her creamy thighs, as his eyes continued downward. When he reached her bare toes, his eyes traveled upward again. Rich knew he was standing tall, but until his heart started beating again, he didn't care.

In two steps Rich was in front of his wife, pulling her in his arms and kissing her hard. His tongue dipped past her lips possessively, and Ellen gave in willingly. She slid her arms around his neck and his pulled her close. She could feel his erection pressing against her, and even felt the wet spot from his pre-cum soaking both their Christmas garments.

As their mouths fused together hotly, Rich's fingers were in Ellen's hair, down her back, cupping her rear, down her thighs, back up to her hair. He couldn't stop touching her, feeling her against him, filling his arms. He pulled back once, breathing heavily, and looked into Ellen's eyes. She saw that his were a fiery shade of green. She smiled, shyly and knowingly, and Rich immediately attacked her lips again.

The kiss was hot, scorching, and left both individuals breathless and eager for more. When they parted again to catch their breath, Ellen laughed a soft, throaty laugh, and pushed Rich back a bit. "Now, now," she whispered, panting, "you haven't seen my outfit!"

Grinning, Ellen slowly turned around, letting her husband see the sheer back of the babydoll, and the string that disappeared between her cheeks. When she turned around, she could see Rich shaking. Mmm, she thought, he wants me just as badly as I want him.

Ellen went back into Rich's arms and kissed him softly. When Rich tried to kiss her passionately, she refused, forcing him to be gentle. She pushed him back until his calves hit the bed, and he sat down, breaking the kiss. When he laid his head against Ellen's stomach, she hugged him to her briefly, before pushing him back. He moved to the middle of the bed, then Ellen climbed on and straddled him.

She linked their fingers and looked down at him. His lips were swollen from the kiss and his desire, and his member was still straining hard against their velvet restraint. "Do you like my new nightie?" Ellen asked huskily.

"Uh huh," Rich answered hoarsely, his voice half an octave higher than normal. Ellen smiled. The thought that she could make this man want her so much, excited her to no end, and filled her heart with warmth with the knowledge that she was all he wanted.

"Good. 'Cause, I bought it for you. Merry Christmas, Cowboy," she replied, leaning over and kissing his lips again.

Ellen didn't stop at his lips though. Still holding his hands laced with hers, she moved down to his neck, kissing beneath his chin. She flicked her tongue against the stubble-covered skin, and delighted in the fact that it made his erection jump. She did it again before moving down to his chest.

She slowly kissed her way across his chest, stopping to flick her tongue against each nipple. With each flick, she was rewarded with a groan and an involuntary upward thrust of his hips. "Mmm," Ellen replied, grinding against him for a few seconds.

As she'd done many times in the past, Ellen licked down Rich's chest and dragged her tongue along the tip of his waistband. Her hands left Rich's to slide off the boxers and toss them aside. She stared down at her husband's body, noting how beautiful and strong he was. She giggled when she saw how purple his head was, then giggled again when her soft breath caused his shaft to jump.

Ellen leaned forward again and dragged her tongue along Rich's hip bone, following the path along the crease where his leg met his torso. Ellen loved that part of Rich, for reasons she couldn't explain. The sight of his hips was a turnon for her, among many other parts of his body. She flicked her tongue rapidly, moving along the path of first one thigh, then the other.

Glancing up at Rich and seeing his eyes closed, Ellen then flicked her tongue against his balls. She wrinkled skin felt funny to her, and she did it again. Delighting in the fact that Rich was lost in bliss, moaning his appreciation of the newfound pleasures, Ellen gently sucked his balls into her mouth. "Oh God, El, Oh God!" Rich cried over and over. Ellen kept sucking softly on Rich's balls, moving her tongue over the underside, then dropping them from her lips and lapping at the skin.

Ellen could tell she was extremely wet. Hearing the moans of praise coming from the man who was her heart, she felt like she were on top of the world. His encouragement only spurned her further, and the next thing she knew, the tip of her tongue was dragging up his shaft. The skin was so smooth yet hard, it surprised her. When her tongue rounded the tip, Ellen got her first taste of precum. Though it was salty, it almost tasted sweet to her.

She wrapped her lips around the head, and Rich nearly lost it. His hands flew to Ellen's head and held her gently in place. She gently sucked on the purple head, and her mouth was filled with another small burst of precum. She tasted it this time, and decided she liked it. She wasn't ready to enjoy it as a meal yet, but she was enjoying the new feel of soft and hard skin, and her husband's moans of ecstacy.

Ellen was awed at how soft and squishy-like the head was, and she was soon growing needy with want to feel the soft skin again. Her lips left the head and kissed their way down Rich's shaft. With the sensitivity of them, she could feel the veins straining against the hardened member, the soft velvety feeling of the skin, the hardness of him. She rubbed the shaft along her face, over her cheeks and forehead, like a kitten rubbing along a person's leg.

She heard a soft laugh from Rich and looked up at him. "What?"

"Nothing," he said, smiling. He stroked her face as their eyes stayed locked. "I love you, El," he said softly.

"I know," she grinned, and wrapped her lips around his head again. This time she didn't stop there. She wanted to see how far she could take him, so she slid her mouth down until she felt her gag reflex. She sucked a couple of times and pulled back up, breathless, awed, and eager for more. Rich approved vocally as she experimented again. She loved how he filled her mouth, how her tongue felt pressed against the underside of his shaft, how each flick of it earned her another moan.

"El.. El, please..," Rich moaned hoarsely after Ellen went down on him a few more times. With her mouth still taking possession of his cock, Ellen raised her eyes to Rich's. "God, that's hot." he blurted instantly.

"Ellen, ohh! Baby, I'm going to cum if you keep that up," Rich said again after another minute. With reluctance, Rich gently pushed Ellen away from him. He lay panting for a minute while Ellen looked on in glee and wonder.

"Mmm, I like your cock," she said softly, then laughed when it jumped, as if on cue. "I think it likes me too!"


Rich stopped caressing Ellen's arm. He could feel himself as hard as a rock, but he didn't want to ruin the romance of the evening. His wife loved sex, tender and loving, hard and fast, but, he knew, she craved their cuddle time. It was when she felt most loved, most cherished. And after ten years of marriage, he still loved showing her in any way, how much she was cherished.

"Do you remember how smooth my lips were?" Ellen asked softly, interrupting Rich's thoughts. How could he not? It was a definite surprise. One he'd revisited often.

"Of course, my Love. You were smooth as a baby's bottom, and by the time I'd gotten to you, as wet as Niagara Falls." Ellen chuckled.

"You attacked me that night," she reminisced. "I think I nearly passed out with all the orgasms I had."

"It was your fault, you know," Rich said softly. "Between the smooth lips, my willing bride, and the shock of you going down on me, what was a guy to do?"

Smiling, Ellen turned her head and looked up at Rich. He leaned down slightly and caught her lips in a tender kiss. "I love you, Ellen."

"I love you, too, Rich," she replied, then repositioned herself until she was comfortable again, staring off into the fire.

Ellen laid her palm against Rich's chest and snuggled closer to him. He pulled the blanket up a bit more and tucked it around them, then started rubbing Ellen's back. He looked down over the top of his wife's head, the smell of her shampoo filling his nostrils. He couldn't believe how lucky he'd been that she gave him a second chance.

"Your heart's beating fast," Ellen commented.


"Mm hm. What's on your mind?" Rich's hand slid up to Ellen's hair and began stroking the silky strands.

"I was just thinking about how lucky I am," he trailed off. Ellen lifted her head, studied his face for a second, then frowned.

"Hm. Don't." She rested her head against his chest again, and Rich pulled the hair from her face, running his fingers through the long locks.

After another long silence, Ellen spoke again.

"Do you still have them?"

"Hmm, what?"

"The boxers."

"Yes," Rich replied, a smile melting away his self-disapproval.

Ellen rolled off the couch and helped Rich up. Together they walked to their bedroom, and fished out the garments from ten years ago. "I don't know if they'll still fit me, El," Rich said, holding the boxers up to him.

"Of course they will," she replied. "Besides, you're perfect. If they don't, they shrunk. Wear them anyway." After a brief silence, Ellen walked over to where her husband sat on the edge of their bed taking off his shirt. She held out a hand and pulled him up, then resumed undressing him. When he was completely naked, she helped him step into the old Santa boxers, and slid them easily up his legs. The waist band was slightly stretched out, but otherwise, the boxers fit just fine.

"Now, my turn," Rich said softly. He reached out to Ellen and tugged her sweater over her head. He reached behind her after dropping it to the floor, and unhooked her bra with deft fingers, then gently slid it down her arms, watching eagerly as her breasts came into full view. He reached out and brushed each nipple simultaneously with his thumbs, causing a gasp to escape Ellen's lips. "They're still beautiful," he praised.

Next, Rich slid his hands down Ellen's stomach to her black slacks, unzipping them, then sliding them and her panties down her legs. He helped her out of them, then helped her remove her trouser socks as well. Unable to stop himself, Rich slid his hands up Ellen's body slowly, taking in each curve. His hands came to rest at her face. He gently cupped each side in his hand, then leaned forward for a long, slow kiss.

After the kiss, Rich walked over to where the babydoll lay, then carried it to Ellen. He helped her with the g-string, which, after all these years, still remained in tact, though, he realized with a smile, there was one time it almost was ripped from Ellen's body.

Next came the babydoll. As it was slid over Ellen's head and up-stretched arms, Rich noticed that the feathers were slightly aged making it off-white in color, and flattened. He lowered it to where it rest on her thighs, then made her spin around. Just like the first night, ten years ago, his breath caught in his throat. His wife was stunning.

Ellen took her husband's hand and led him back out to the living room, where the fire was still burning. She pulled the blanket from the couch and spread it on the floor, then smiled over at Rich. He joined her, and they lowered themselves to the ground.

"You're full of surprises on Christmas, aren't you?" he asked softly, kissing Ellen's neck.

"Hmm, oh, there!" she exclaimed softly, tilting her head. As Rich's lips tasted Ellen's skin, she trembled. Her eyes closed to the soft insistence of his lips on her neck, and she delighted in the feel of his stubble against her skin. Taking no preliminaries, Rich kissed her in all the spots she enjoyed. Sometimes he kissed around those places, building up her excitement, but today his lips were gentle and his tongue lazy as they lavished the sweet taste of her skin.

When Rich moved down to Ellen's collarbone, her hands would through his hair. She tugged subconsciously, then alternated, pulling him closer. He nibbled along the bone, then moved to the top curves of her breasts. The orbs were still firm, still perky. Rich felt Ellen's nipples piercing his hand as he cupped the velvet enclosed globes. He ground his hand gently across them, growing ever harder as Ellen whimpered with desire.

When Rich fully lowered Ellen to the blanket, the fire to his right, he sat back and gazed over his wife's body. The babydoll she wore was beautiful against her pale skin, and with the light and shadows dancing over her, Rich was momentarily at a loss for words. When he reached down to run his hands along Ellen's legs, their eyes met and Ellen smiled, but there was nothing soft about it. To Rich it screamed, take me, you fool. And he did just that.

His hand slid up her smooth thigh to the V where each leg met. When his palm pressed against the core of her being, he was rewarded with a damp hand. He ground against her clit, marveling at the moans elicited, and leaned forward to press his face against the flimsy cloth hiding her essence. He gasped in wonder when no hairs poked through the fabric to tickle his nose, and pulled back, noticing for the first time, that she was, just like the first Christmas, completely bald.

"Oh, El," he gasped softly, looking up at her. Her smile was genuine and knowing. She knew how he craved her smooth lips and she decided to reward him again.

With a flick of his wrist, Rich pulled at the g-string and heard the unmistakable sound of fabric ripping. Ellen started giggling, which quickly turned into moaning as Rich spread her thighs and buried his face in her. The sweet, musky scent filled his head, making him dizzy with it, and he stroked his face along her lips. He loved feeling the baby-soft skin, and delighted Ellen by lapping at each lip with his tongue.

Rich's hands stroked Ellen's rear end as he held her to him, his hands sandwiched between her and the blanket. After nuzzling is face against her lips, Rich first kissed the right lip, sucking it gently between his lips, then the left, repeating the gesture, as he would the lips on Ellen's face. He then began French-kissing Ellen between her thighs, his tongue dipping into her essence, as his lips locked with hers.

When Ellen began thrashing around, Rich's grip tightened on the soft cheeks in his hands, pulling Ellen closer to his mouth. His tongue dipped inside her rhythmically, dancing around in her warm folds, and sliding into her hole. With each retreat of his tongue, Rich's mouth was filled with the sweet taste of his wife.

He continued french-kissing her this way for a full five minutes before he brought one hand from beneath Ellen, to press his thumb against her clit. When he began moving his thumb in slow circles, Ellen began writhing painfully beneath him. He stopped the act of kissing, and dove his tongue deep inside her. He slid it against her inner walls in a quick rhythm, reaching as deeply as he could into her depths. Within seconds, he'd developed a fast pace, his tongue and finger working simultaneously.

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