A Christmas Fire


"Ohh, yes! YES!! RIIIIIIIICH, YESS!!" Ellen cried, her hands once again finding Rich's head and pulling him close. Never relenting, Rich gave her what she wanted. Automatically, his index finger lifted the hood of her clit and his thumb rubbed against the sensitive, hardened, fully exposed bud.

He felt the tremors rip through his wife before she vocalized her content, and his plastered his face to her, sending his tongue in deeply. Locking his lips with hers, Rich moaned, causing vibrations rippling over Ellen, and his tongue wiggling back and forth.

"RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Ellen screamed, pulling on his head painfully. Rich continued his oral praises on Ellen, until, with an earth-shattering scream, her limbs locked around him and she came. Her body arched off the floor and her legs went stiff while an orgasm that any man would be proud of, raked her body thoroughly. Rich kept up his ministrations until Ellen collapsed back against the blanket, gasping and shaking with the aftershock.

He slowly withdrew his tongue from inside her and pulled his thumb from her clit. He then parted her labia and gently licked along its length, gathering every taste he could.

When he slid back up Ellen's body, his heart was warmed at the smile cemented to her face. It was one of utter enjoyment, ecstacy and satisfaction. Rich smiled and kissed the corners of Ellen's mouth before kissing her lips. She responded lazily, still panting. Rich stroked her face and kicked his boxers free. He rubbed his shaft along Ellen's folds, purposely letting the head bump her clit. With each upward stroke, he was greeted with a soft gasp.

"I want you, my Love," he whispered gruffly in her ear. Ellen's eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at Rich. Her hands slid along his small, muscled arms, to his shoulders where she stroked the muscles of his back.

"Well, I think you should give the girls some lovin' too, Cowboy," Ellen replied with a soft smile.

"Hmm, are they jealous that they weren't first?" With a pout, Ellen nodded. Rich slid the babydoll up Ellen's body and helped her sit so he could lift it from her head. Ellen, finally registering her husband's state of undress gasped, then reached out to cup his member in her hand. It was Rich's turn to gasp as he gently forced Ellen back onto the blanket.

Staring down at her breasts, Rich picked one up and brushed his thumb along the nipple, still delighted by the way it hardened for him. Ellen stared boldly into Rich's eyes as he teased her sensitive nipples, until, overcome by desire, her eyes flitted shut and her body gave in to the trembles tugging her. As Rich administered his praise to each hardened nub, Ellen's hands slid along his back and her thighs parted around his waist, grinding up to his hips, spreading her juices over his skin.

Taking the cue, Rich began moving his hips in circles, his shaft easily finding its way between her wanting lips. He let her grind against him as he lashed at her nipples, then sucking her right breast in his mouth as far as he could. Ellen gasped and writhed again, grinding hard up against Rich's hips as a series of pleasurable shocks coursed through her body. She forced her eyes open and lifted her head slightly to watch as her breast disappeared past Rich's lips, then gasped as another shock of pleasure hit her.

When their eyes met over the top of her breast, Rich began sucking on it, his tongue lapping the underside of the nipple. A low, long moan escaped Ellen's lips as she fell back against the blanket, her eyes involuntarily closing against the feeling. When Rich switched to her left breast, Ellen was nearly off the floor as he sucked the entire thing into his mouth.

Ellen found that Rich feasted on this side more, because it was slightly smaller than its twin. With the entire sphere buried in his mouth, Rich again began simultaneously sucking the globe and licking the nipple. Ellen's cries told Rich that she was nearing another orgasm. As her cries became louder, and her body trembled more, Rich slid himself easily into Ellen's depths. When his head hit her g-spot, Ellen merely gasped before the physical pleasures took over.

She came again hard, her muscles clenching and pulling his shaft deeper into her canal. The gentle tugging of her muscles was nearly enough to send Rich over the edge, but he held on, lavishing Ellen's breast still, taking her through the orgasm.

Knowing that her body was becoming overly sensitive, Rich reluctantly let the orb fall from his mouth and instead, kissed the valley between the two. When Ellen began to come from the high, Rich began stroking her inner walls, his member hard, throbbing, and aching.

He stroked her slowly until she began to respond. Even after her legs came back around his waist, and her arms clutched his neck, Rich kept his slow pace. It wasn't until after the slow, tender kiss they shared, that Rich began moving faster.

He kept his rhythm steady as he rocked faster in and out of Ellen. She participated too, lifting her hips just so, causing him to thrust deeper, eliciting moans of delight from both. Rich stroked and tested, teased and prodded, alternating his speed from fast and hard, to slow and tender, keeping Ellen in a constant state of wondering what would happen next.

As he continued to pivot in and out, Rich told Ellen to play with her breasts. She immediately obeyed, knowing how he loved watching her guide the soft flesh side by side, pushing the nipples as close together as possible. "Yes, yesss," Rich hissed. Ellen felt the slight tremble of Rich's cock inside her, felt the slight swelling as he became more aroused.

In a move she knew would please him, Ellen rubbed her thumbs across both nipples, gasping in pleasure. As she predicted, Rich's cock grew harder and thicker. She moved her hips with him, eager to feel her walls stretch further for him.

Rich continued pistoning in and out of Ellen, and as he did, he bent to flick his tongue across both nipples, rapidly, as they were still pushed side by side. Ellen cried out in pleasure and stroked Rich's cheeks with her thumbs. His tongue danced across each hardened nub, then flicked the underside, causing Ellen to cry out.

A low growl escaped Rich's chest, and Ellen knew he was close to his own orgasm. She squeezed her muscles taut around him, grasping his cock for all she was worth. The pleasures that followed took her by surprise and, as Rich's mouth kept reigning praise on her breasts, Ellen came for the third time, screaming loudly with the immensity, her hands falling from her breasts to cling to Rich for all she was worth.

With Ellen's intense orgasm came Rich's. He stroked through her trembling muscles twice before tensing up and letting out an animalistic cry. His cock fired four immense loads of his seed into Ellen's womb, and after his balls were emptied, he collapsed atop her, both bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat. The smell of sex and sweat, the sounds of their labored breathing and the fire dying in the fireplace, filled the air.

Rich lay with his head buried in the crook of Ellen's shoulder, his heart hammering against his chest as he struggled to gain enough strength to roll from his wife. Ellen lay pinned beneath her husband, her chin resting atop his shoulder as she, too, struggled to breathe. She listened to the sound of Rich's pants in her ear, smiling languidly. Her body still trembled with the force of their lovemaking, yet her heart fluttered even more with the thought of what was to come.

When Rich rolled off Ellen, a solid five minutes later, he gathered her close and guided her head to his shoulder. She lay curled against him, a leg draped lazily over his, and her arm resting on his chest, perfectly fitted.

"My God, El. You're amazing!"

"Hm. I know," Ellen replied with a grin. "But it takes two to tango."

Rich sighed with content and hugged his wife closer. She purred softly, as she was prone to do, post-sex. As he turned his head to kiss Ellen's forehead, he noticed the dying embers. "Fire's dying," he said to noone in particular.

"Yeah, I noticed," Ellen replied softly. "I like Christmas fires. They seem more magical than a fire on any other day of the year."

Rich thought about that for a minute before agreeing. "Christmas is magical. Especially when you're wrapped up in the arms of the woman you love." Ellen blushed then tilted her head up to look at Rich. He kissed her lips softly.

"Do you know what else is magical?" she asked quietly.


Ellen reached across Rich's chest and slid his hand to her stomach. "Becoming a mommy and daddy," she whispered, her eyes never leaving his.

Rich stared down at his wife, speechless, while the news struggled to register in his brain. When it finally did, tears of happiness sprang to his eyes and fell down over his cheeks. "I--, But--, When?"

Ellen chuckled and propped herself up. "I'm two months along, Baby," she answered, kissing first Rich's tears, then his lips. "Merry Christmas. I hope you like it, but you'll have to wait a few more months before you can unwrap it." Ellen smiled again, beaming, then laid back down.

Rich held her for a long time after that, his hand never leaving her stomach. The wonders and fears of becoming a father for the first time plagued his mind as Ellen fell asleep against his chest.

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