tagGroup SexA Christmas for Sharing

A Christmas for Sharing


Most everybody gets Christmas gifts. Every now and then we even get one we like or can use. But most of the time we couldn't remember what we got last year if our lives depended on it.

John and Cheryl had this same problem. They met in college and were now boyfriend and girlfriend living together in sin. Lots of sin. But at 25 and 24, respectively, they were already seeing their relationship begin to show signs of the "old married couple" routine.

Especially when it came to gifts. Neither one was truly into shopping that much, but they didn't want to cop out by asking the other person what they wanted. John figured his cute blonde girlfriend was getting tired of the normal sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret and Cheryl figured her boyfriend had all the sporting goods he could use.

Not only did they have each other to worry about, but Cheryl had to buy a present for her big sister Debbie. The girls were only separated by three years so their tastes were somewhat similar. Cheryl's problem was that Debbie's rich live-in boyfriend Dan overindulged the gorgeous blonde with everything she could ever want. There wasn't much left for Cheryl to choose from.

The two couples were extremely close. They went places together all the time and always had a good time. John never minded having the incredibly sexy Debbie around and Cheryl, if pressed for an answer, might concede she kind of liked her sister's hunk of a boyfriend. No hints of cheating ever surfaced, but plenty of friendly flirting took place.

One of the best things about having Dan around, according to John, was the fact he often asked his little sister Trisha to tag along. Dan did it out of sympathy for the nineteen year old's shyness and lack of dates, primarily. However, one never knew if he wasn't just trying to drive John crazy. Trisha was the cutest little thing he'd ever seen. Not knockout gorgeous like Debbie, but extraordinarily sexy in an adorable way.

There had been many times when John was thinking about either Debbie or Trisha while fucking Cheryl. It was this thought process that formulated the basis of his plan to liven up the Christmas gift-giving season.

He knew he would only have one shot at pulling this off, so he waited until the perfect moment. When he and Cheryl were with Debbie and Dan for Thanksgiving, John made sure the entire group was thoroughly under the influence. He consciously turned the conversation in a racy direction before dropping the bomb.

"Do you guys have as much trouble as me and Cheryl when it comes to buying gifts?" he asked the other couple.

"Are you kidding?" Dan exclaimed. Debbie nodded. "I hate it sometimes. Well, I mean, I don't hate buying gifts for Debbie..." He put his hand on her leg, trying to make sure he wasn't in too much trouble. She pretended to be indignant. "But, you know, it's hard finding something new and different every year."

"Yeah. I love all my gifts but there's always something out there I don't get that I really want," John added.

"Like what?" Debbie asked.

John thought about how abruptly he should get to the point. He decided it was too early, yet. "Oh, I don't know. Sometimes it's not even a material thing."

He got unanimous looks of bewilderment from the other three.

"Huh?" Debbie asked again.

John decided he couldn't wait any longer. He looked squarely at Debbie. "Don't you wish sometimes you could have SOMEBODY instead of SOMETHING?"

Debbie laughed. "Well, hell. Who doesn't do THAT?"

"Then who?" Cheryl asked innocently.

Debbie looked at her sister with disbelief. "Oh no you don't. You're not going to get me to fall for that."

"Then who?" Dan said. John and Cheryl laughed loudly.

"Hey. John brought this up. I think he should have to answer," Debbie said in some form of twisted logic.

The entire room looked at John. He hesitated for effect. "You and Trisha."

"What?!?" It was more a shriek than a question. Debbie leaned forward on the couch to emphasis her reaction.

"Wait," Dan said. "Do you mean you want Debbie and Trisha in a threesome...or do you mean you want to watch Debbie and Trisha go at it?"

"Daniel!" Debbie punched him hard in the top of the arm. Then she did it again before he tried to escape.

"Geez. I have to choose?" John said seriously.

"Choose wisely," Cheryl said.

"OK. Your turn," John said, looking at Debbie.

"Well, let it be known I've never thought of Trisha in those terms," she replied.

"Yeah, right. Go on," John urged her.

She scowled at him one more time. Then thought. "OK. There are some guys...you know. At work. Just around." She fidgeted.

Dan looked over at her with interest.

"So you've thought about it," John said.

"Are you going to answer Dan's question?" Cheryl asked

John smiled. "This is my point. We all have fantasies. We hide them and go through life sorry they were never acted upon."

He stopped to let it sink in. Nobody said anything.

"So I'm suggesting that this year we begin fulfilling some of those dreams," he concluded.

The room was silent for a moment. "How?" Dan finally asked.

"I suggest we each write down a couple of attainable fantasies. For instance, it's no use for Debbie to write down that she wants to do some guy at work who we know wouldn't be part of this. You've heard one of mine. And your fantasy COULD involve two people...or more...besides yourself. Maybe the Debbie and Trisha thing."

He stopped to smile, but Debbie jumped in. "And who are we supposed to include in this?"

"The four of us and Trisha, if she wants to join in. Dan, that's your job," John said.

"I can find out," Dan said confidently.

"And Carly," Debbie added.

John was pleasantly shocked at Debbie's addition of Trisha's nineteen year old roommate. Carly had the morals of a drunken sailor on leave. And quite the body.

"See," John said. "We can do this. The more the merrier. Let's get the final list of participants and, in the meantime, be thinking about your entries. We'll draw next weekend. And we'll also throw in some random combinations just for fun. Each of us will have one opportunity to refuse what we draw, but you have to go with the second pick. Fair?"

"So we don't get our own entries?" Cheryl pouted.

"We'll make sure your entries are identified. If somebody else draws it and passes it on to you, then the original person who drew gets a bonus pick."

That seemed reasonable to everybody and nods prevailed. More details were ironed out, such as the fantasies could be designed to be acted out the night of the drawing or at a future time and place. Entries could also specify witnesses to the event.

"Dan, get hold of Trisha and Carly. Report back," John ordered.

"Got it," Dan replied.

During the following week, John made up entries involving each of the participants in various combinations. He set aside the ones including Trisha and Carly until Dan confirmed they would take part. With that last piece in place, John's box of fantasies was complete except for each of the participants adding their own.

On Saturday the entire group met at Debbie and Dan's. Trisha and Carly, each looking scrumptious in their tight jeans and loose t-shirts, were a little more inebriated than the "older" members. Their nervous giggles only excited John even more about the possibilities of his idea being a success. Not to mention the beginning of a hard on.

With everybody gathered in the family room, John collected the individual entries. He tossed them into the box and gave it a prolonged stirring with his hand. He put the box on a coffee table in front of the couch and watched the other guests stare at it like it was magical.

"Merry Christmas everybody," John announced. "Shall we begin?"

Everyone agreed.

"When you draw an entry and open it, state whether it is somebody else's fantasy or not. Remember, if you give somebody their entry to play out, you get a bonus pick during the game," John said.

"When's the game over?" Cheryl asked.

"When everybody has a fantasy to play or a fantasy plus their bonus."

"Sounds fair," Dan said. "Who's first?"

"Good question. How about if we each pick a number from a separate stack?" John suggested.

Carly got a piece of paper, cut out six squares and put numbers on each. She mixed up the pieces of paper on the floor and told everyone to pick one.

"Who's got number one?" John said.

"That's me," Trisha said softly. "God, I'm nervous."

Everyone laughed, but they were probably just as nervous as the shy, cute teenager with the long, dark hair. They watched her crawl on her hands and knees from her position on the floor to the table with the box. Her little shirt rode up her body, exposing lots of skin. Her jeans rode very low on her hips. The strap of her panties appeared just briefly before she reached into the box.

They watched her open the piece of paper and read it. She appeared to John to be blushing just slightly.

"This one is Debbie's," Trisha said.

"Yes!" John blurted out to the enjoyment of the others. "You can give it to Debbie, or take it as your own. If you give it to Debbie you get a bonus pick."

Trisha read the entry again and smiled.

"I'll let Debbie have it." She reached over to the couch and put it in the outstretched hand of the owner.

"OK. So it's basically Debbie's turn now to read her fantasy. And she gets her own pick when it's her turn. Trisha has another pick coming," John confirmed.

All eyes were on the beautiful, blonde woman. John wondered how many in the room hoped to hear their name soon. His eyes moved to the deep v-neck cut of her sweater, showing the upper portions of her ample breasts which were obviously not supported by a bra. Not that they needed support.

"Well, um...I put down...uh..."

"Just read the fucking piece of paper," Dan finally shouted out.

"Me, John and Trisha alone for one hour. Trisha's choice," Debbie read verbatim.

"I knew it. I knew it," John shouted, raising his hands above his head.

"Wow. Can I watch?" Carly chimed in.

"It doesn't say anything about witnesses, so I'm afraid not. Sorry," John ruled.

Carly moped, but was clearly getting into the game now.

"When is it?" Cheryl asked, apparently not too apprehensive about the consequences of the fantasy.

"I guess that's Trisha's choice," Debbie said, looking at the young girl.

"I don't know," she said. "Maybe tonight. We'll have to see." Her smile said it all.

"OK. Trisha, it's still your turn," John said. "Choose again."

Trisha's hand went back into the pile of paper and withdrew with a single entry. She read it silently, grinning before turning serious again.

"It says 'Choose two people you want to see together, right now, right here, for five minutes.'"

"Nothing about it being someone else's fantasy?" Carly asked.


"Are you going to use it?" Dan prodded her.

"Sure," Trisha said, slowly looking around the room. She stopped when she got to her brother. "OK, big brother. You and Carly."

Cheers went up from John and Cheryl, and even Debbie had to smile, perhaps from the ever-increasing effects of her wine. Dan looked at her and Debbie pushed him off the couch towards Carly.

"Go," she ordered him. "And keep it to five minutes."

Trisha moved out of the way so Dan and Carly were together on the family room carpet. Dan looked at the young girl. She rested on her knees, nipples poking against her thin t-shirt. A strip of skin could be seen just above her jeans. He wanted to grab her and throw her on the floor, but decided against making the first move.

Carly had always liked the athletic-looking older man. Now she was peering at what appeared to be a growing bulge in Dan's pants. She licked her lips and looked up at him. Then she inched forward until they almost touched.

"Five minutes. Go," John said, looking at his watch.

Dan wished he'd been drinking a little more, just to make this easier. But his body took control of his mind and he reached out for the young goddess in the short, brown hair. They came together in a friendly embrace, their lips lightly touching each other.

Carly's tongue met Dan's and the embrace became something more. Their bodies pushed against each other and Carly felt her breasts being compressed against Dan's muscular chest.

The room was eerily silent as everybody watched the pair on the floor. Hands began to roam. Dan put his on Carly's bare back, slightly above the bottom of her shirt. Carly put hers on the man's hips, desperately trying not to reach for his cock.

Their kiss took up nearly the entire first minute of their "session". Finally, Dan's continued pressure on Carly's much smaller body forced her to fall to the floor. They remained locked together, with Dan slightly on top. They continued to kiss and Dan found his hands riding up the smooth skin of Carly's belly.

Everyone's eyes were riveted on the bottom of Carly's shirt, inching its way up her body. Soon, her navel and perfect abs were fully exposed, with only a few inches to go to get to the bottom of her breasts. For her part, Carly had moved a hand so that it rested on Dan's thigh.

The non-participants each wondered separately how far it would go. None of them really expected anything more erotic than they'd seen already. At least, not until Dan's hand reached the point of no return.

He either had to stop or he was going to be on top of Carly's right breast. When he felt his finger touch the base of it, he waited until their kiss ended.

He moved his head to her ear and whispered, "May I?"

She whispered back, "If I may."

She got her answer when Dan's fingers slid completely under her shirt and over her breast. Carly then moved her own hand onto his crotch and felt for the outline of his semi-erect cock.

John looked at his watch. Three minutes. He felt his cock twitch and thought about letting them go on indefinitely.

Everyone in the room could tell Dan's hand was now engulfing Carly's breast. He kneaded it roughly, the material of her shirt stretching back and forth as he did so.

Carly had found his cock and was rubbing it gently through his jeans. It, too, was easily identified by anybody watching.

Dan put Carly's nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly. She moaned and squeezed his cock in return. Both of them would have cum given another five minutes alone.

John saw the time pass the four minute mark. He looked at Debbie, who honestly seemed engrossed in what her boyfriend was doing to the much younger female.

Dan moved his hand to Carly's other breast and repeated his treatment of that nipple. Now both nipples were pushing against her shirt like pencil erasers. She, alone, was aware of the fact her panties were soaking wet. Only Dan knew that precum seeped from the tip of his cock.

"Time's up," John announced, causing the women to all flinch from the abruptness of his decree.

Dan and Carly gave each other one last little kiss, and one last little feel. They smiled and rolled apart.

"Wow," Trisha sighed. "That was a good one."

John was glad the tension was broken and anxiously awaited what might happen next. Dan suggested they all take a drink and bathroom break, which was met with unanimous agreement.

When they reassembled, Cheryl asked who had number 2 and John said he did. He pulled out an entry and read it aloud.

"Have any two related participants each take off one piece of clothing from the other."

Cheryl, Debbie, Dan and Trisha each felt their heart race.

"Oh, I've GOT to use this one," John said gleefully.

He looked around the room and considered his options. As much as the girls would have enjoyed watching Dan start to get undressed, the selfish side of him won out.

"I think Cheryl and Debbie should take part in this one," John concluded.

Dan and Trisha cheered and thank their friend for sparing them. Cheryl gave her boyfriend a hateful stare before facing her sister and standing.

They each had jeans had. Cheryl wore a t-shirt with no bra, although John may have been the only one who knew that. Debbie wore a sweatshirt and Dan knew for a fact there was nothing underneath.

"Well," Cheryl muttered.

"I'm older. You first," Debbie said.

Cheryl reached for Debbie's jeans. She quickly had them open and unzipped. With a slight tug, the jeans fell around the ankles of Debbie's luscious legs. Cheryl helped Debbie step out of them while the guys concentrated on the woman's tiny panties. They barely covered her pussy and neatly outlined the indentation of the area. John could only see a small portion of her ass, but was sure he'd get a better view soon.

In no time at all, Debbie had likewise pulled off her sister's jeans, revealing an equally small pair of panties over an equally fine pussy and ass. The men, along with Trisha and Carly, enjoyed a great view of Debbie's exposed ass during the process.

The sisters stood when they were finished and headed back to their seats, pleased that nothing more revealing had occurred...yet.

"Thank you ladies," John said. "That was well done. Well done."

Carly had number three and she pulled out an entry. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth as she read it.

"Oh my God," she said.

"Come on," Trisha said anxiously. "Read it."

"This is Dan's. It says one female, chosen by a separate drawing, must spend the rest of the evening naked."

"Oh shit," Trisha said, "Pass on that one...please."

"Yes. How much do you want?" Cheryl offered.

Carly was already thinking about passing until the others began to beg. Now the evil side of her came out.

"No. I think I like this one. There's only a one in four chance of getting picked. I'm going to do it," Carly said triumphantly.

Boos and hisses came from the other women as their names were put on pieces of paper and spread on the floor. Since it was Dan's fantasy, he got to pick. The anxiety in the women was obvious as he finally selected one and opened it.

He laughed loudly and swung his head toward Carly.

"Sure you don't want to pass?" he said. He showed everybody the sheet with her name on it.

"Fuck," she hissed. "Don't you think it's time to go home?"

"Hell no," John said. "We have a ton of fantasies to fill yet."

The others joined in and were nearly chanting by the time Carly finally stood up. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and the room quieted down again. She stepped out of the jeans and revealed a dazzling thong. All eyes were on the strip of material even while she began to pull off her shirt. Then her bare breasts came into view and their fullness took everybody's attention away from her pussy and ass.

Carly stood nearly naked as five pairs of eyes scanned her Barbie-like figure. She teased them by running her hands up and down her body one time before pulling off the thong. Now it was impossible to decide what to look at.

"Very nice," Dan said quietly. His eyes were locked onto the fine breasts he had held just a few minutes earlier.

"I don't think it's fair my turn was spent on YOUR fantasy and it ended up being ME," Carly whined.

"Should have passed," Cheryl said as Carly sat down Indian style on the floor. Her neatly shaven pussy, with just a strip of hair above her clit, seemed to beg for attention. But it would have to wait.

Not a single person in the room could deny a growing horniness. Cheryl and Debbie both prayed the wetness between their legs wasn't too obvious as they sat in just panties and tops.

"OK. Who's next," John said to break the spell.

"Me," his girlfriend said excitedly.

Cheryl reached into the box and pulled out the next entry. She thought for several seconds after reading it.

"A person or persons of your choice must open their Christmas presents naked and provide the group with either pictures or a video of them doing it," she read out loud. "I'm definitely taking this one. And Dan, you're the man."

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