tagInterracial LoveA Christmas Party Ch. 02

A Christmas Party Ch. 02


The party was starting to gain steam thirty minutes into it, the DJ was phenomenal, playing the right songs according to the mood, nothing less would be expected from the team that was put together to achieve this, making the infamous party animal of the office, Luke Herman, head of the planning department was definitely a good decision.

Jeremy took a swig of his rum, he swirled it a little in his mouth and swallowed. He raised his wrist and looked at his watch, he had to be here at least another hour and half, unlike the other employees, he didn't have the pleasure of just leaving whenever he got bored, he had special 'duties' as the vice president that couldn't be overlooked, besides his father would be highly pissed if he pulled the same stunt he did two years ago.

He sighed deeply as he thought of the best way to spend the next hour and half. He had barely picked up his glass to take another drink from it when someone bumped into him so that he almost spilled his drink all over his pants, he was all set to yell at the wasted bum that thought him the most deserving to crash into and probably slip in a threat to relieve him of his job, when he turned and saw Claire, he bit his tongue and held his harsh words, she was apparently far too wasted to even comprehend whatever it is he was going to say.

"What the hell Claire! The party's barely started" he said as he helped her to a seat next to him. He watched the pretty, green-eyed, blonde-haired woman as she stared at him blankly for a few minutes with hooded eyes, she was one more drink away from losing consciousness.

She waved his concern away, "I'm not drunk, I'm just a little unbalanced, must be these heels" she slurred.

"No more alcohol for you, you'll have to remain here for at least ten more minutes"

"Don't be a party pooper Jerry, I've not even had that much to drink" she replied, as she fell back into the chair.

Jeremy scoffed, "Yeah right" he murmured. He stood up and made his way to the temporary bar that was set up across the room to inform the bartender that Claire wouldn't be having any more alcohol, if he failed to do that, Claire would definitely be ordering more.

He got to the bar without having to push away any drunk partier- thankfully. He tapped the counter to get the bartender's attention and shouted over the loud music, "Hey, there's a lady here you shouldn't serve any more alcohol" he said when the bartender turned to him, "She's over there, she's over the limit so she shouldn't have any more drinks, alright?" the bartender nodded, "Thanks"

"So much for being the center of attention" he heard a sweet, velvety voice say as he turned to leave. Normally, he'd ignore such comments, but the voice of the speaker thrilled him in a way he hadn't experienced in years, it was what he had always imagined the voice of a phone sex operator would sound like. His curiosity won over after a while of debating whether he should return to his seat or see the speaker.

He turned to the speaker and grayish blue eyes met beautiful, dark brown ones, dang! He should have ignored the comment. He surely wasn't prepared to meet the most gorgeous little goddess he had ever laid eyes on, he gulped audibly at the sight of the little woman sitting next to him, her caramel skin looked almost edible, her head was topped by a mass of thick, dark brown hair which was in nice curls, brown eyes framed by long, full lashes looked like they could read his every thought, he bit his lips and groaned inwardly when his eyes fell on small, full, pink lips he ached to discover the softness of, he couldn't get a full view of her body because she was sitting, but the view of her upper body was good enough to stir his interest, suddenly loins he had previously termed docile came alive.

Jesus Christ! There really was an Adonis! Kachi had to fight to swallow the drink she had in her mouth, she hadn't taken so much as a glance at him when he spoke to the bartender, but as her eyes moved away from the stoned woman, it landed on the man. He was hot personified. Her eyes performed the same survey on him as he did on her, only, from the bottom, she eyed his long legs, encased in a pair of well-tailored pants, she could imagine the toned, muscular calves that lay beneath those pants, she purposely ignored the slight bulge in the crotch area of his pants, letting her eyes move higher to his body, ooh la la, what a bod! Even in the jacket, you could trace the outline of his biceps, and his broad chest and broad shoulders made that suit look like it was straight off the runway, her eyes lingered on lips she wanted worshipping every spot on her skin, and then moved on to soulful eyes and hair so blonde he had to be German, in fact KGB.

She looked away when she realized she was more or less gawking at this Greek god who would never have the time of day for her if he was with the pretty woman; who despite being stoned, still looked worthy of the front cover of Vogue. But when she realized the man hadn't walked off like she thought he would, she did what she always did when she was around a gorgeous man- act goofy.

"You know if you stand close to a bar, there's a 90% chance someone will throw up on you"

He couldn't help the smile that came upon his face, it disappeared when he realized he was smiling, that was odd, he couldn't remember ever smiling at a complete stranger, even less, a comment from one- and a female?, "Is that so?"

She nodded her head as she took a sip of her drink and said, "mhm"

He smiled again, she looked so cute sipping on her drink and nodding, it wasn't one of those cheesy attempts to look sexy like he had gotten used to seeing, or a failed attempt at flirting, she probably didn't even realize how cute she looked, now that was a record in his books, two consecutive smiles?

"Wouldn't want to ruin your nice suit" she added, "Kachi" she said as she extended her hand for a shake.

The gesture looked so much like a 9 year old introducing herself to a new friend, she was too cute for her own good, "Jeremy" he replied as he took her small hand into his large one, he looked down to see the contrast between their hands, his totally enveloped hers, he had definitely never had such a small hand in his, thirteen-year olds had larger hands. He wanted to pull her off the seat and hold her small body in his larger one, and maybe taste those tempting lips , and run his hands over her pert, inviting brea....she was speaking.

"...call you Jerry?" he caught her last words


"Jeremy, Jerry, you know"

"I really don't like being called Jerry"

She laughed, "Guessed so, big guy like you shouldn't be bearing the same name as a mouse"

He laughed at her insinuation, he never would admit it, but to an extent the cartoon had influenced his decision concerning the name, he took a free stool next to her, "So, Kachi, catchy name"

She rolled her eyes with a smile, "Was waiting for that" she had gotten used to people over here mispronouncing her name, and then using the word 'catchy' as an added touch.

"Were you?"

"Yes, I was, the name isn't pronounced 'catchy' like you all have changed it to, but there's no point making corrections your accent won't allow...the full name is Karachi, but when I got here some people thought I was Japanese, thinking of going back to my Japanese roots now" she joked

"When you got here...where are you from?"

"Most populous black nation in the world"

It took him a while to process that information and come up with an answer, "You're Nigerian?"

She looked surprised-no, she was surprised that he had gotten it right at his first try, "Congratulations, you're the first American to get that at your first try"

"Do I get a prize?" he asked with a grin, he was already imagining his prize- her pretty little body naked on his bed, he would play that game over and over again just for the prize.

She thought on it for a while, "Order whatever drink you please, bill's on me"

He chuckled, "Sweetheart, it's the office party, you're not paying for drinks"

She hit her hand on the table in mock anger, "Dang it! And I gave the bartender two dollars for this" she indicated the glass of what he guessed was guava juice in her hand

He laughed, "Really? You should get your money back"

She shook her head, "Nah, he earned it" a bit of silence reigned between them for a short while before she spoke up, "So have you heard about the vice president?"

Jeremy's ears perked up at that, "No, what's the news on him?"

"Oh, it's a he...the stories vary, I've been here a month and the stories are everywhere, he's like a ghost"

"Really? So what do you think of him?"

"I don't know, what am I supposed to think? Not everyone wants to be the office celeb, some people like their privacy, he could be one of them...the women here say he's hot though" she said with a twinkle in her pretty eyes, "..even some men"

He smiled, "Do they?"

"Yes, you ask a lot of questions"

"Do I?"

She laughed, "You're still doing it"

He laughed with her realizing she was right, "I am, aren't I?..." they exchanged knowing looks, "...still doing it"

She nodded in the affirmative.

There was another reign of silence between them, and after a while, she broke it again, "So why haven't you run off?"

"What?" he asked, she didn't sound like she was just playing this time, like she really thought he'd up and leave at something she said.

"You know, everyone who hears I'm Nigerian scoots away minutes later" she replied almost nonchalantly, but he could tell that fact disturbed her more than she wanted to show, she leaned closer to him, "I think it's got something to do with my country" she whispered as though they were sharing some kind of top secret information.

He smiled, she was back to her goofy self, he liked that, but what he really liked was the sight of those lips of hers up close, what he would do to have a mistletoe hanging above them...

"Well, I don't care about where people come from, I base my judgments on what I think of a person, and you, my dear, are a witty, interesting, beautiful woman, and that's all I care about"

She stared at him, did he just call her beautiful? Did Jeremy Adonis just call her beautiful? If she wasn't in a public place, she'd do one of those silly dances she had come up with, but without that option, she did the next thing that came to her just knowing her decision would come to haunt her sometime later- she kissed him. It was supposed to be somewhat of a peck, but Adonis didn't think so...

Jeremy couldn't believe his luck, she was kissing him? He'd be damned if he didn't grab this opportunity with both hands, he got off the stool as his arm came around her waist and he brought her little body flush against his chest and probed for something deeper, when she parted her lips and gave him entry, it was like an early Christmas gift for him, God! She tasted heavenly, his taste buds were attacked by the taste of guava and a hint of cherry.

Kachi froze momentarily, feeling his tongue invade her mouth, she placed her hands on his hard chest as he ravaged her lips in ways that moistened her panties. She could never have imagined in a million years that this would be happening to her, she definitely never thought herself the kind of girl that would attract a man like Jeremy, she was much too goofy, from the wrong race, and most importantly, the wrong country, all that was needed to complete this was the sound of her alarm waking her up from what had to be her best dream ever.


And there goes the alarm!

Jeremy let go of Kachi reluctantly, his hazy eyes met hers and by the look she gave him he just knew she had felt the same thing he just did in that one kiss.

He turned around to meet Susan's questioning gaze, "Hey Susie" he said casually, as though his default mother hadn't just caught him kissing a lady for all he was worth.

Susan's eyes left Jeremy briefly to rest on the female he had just had in his arms. She was definitely small for a man his size, but she was undoubtedly very pretty. Her godson suddenly used his large frame to block her perusal of the lady and her eyes returned to his.

"Your father was looking for you" she said, though it was obvious she wanted to see more of Kachi.

"Okay, tell him I'll be with him in a few minutes"

Susan raised her brows, this was a side to Jeremy she hadn't seen in years, he would usually drop whatever he was doing, leave whoever he was with, whenever his father needed his attention; but that was a topic she thought would be suitable for a later discussion, she definitely wanted to know more of this female that was able to hold Jeremy's attention because God knows Claire had been trying to do same unsuccessfully for the past three years.

"Will do" she replied as she turned around and left, glancing back at them until she got on the elevator.

Jeremy only noticed that Claire had left the position she was sitting in when he had come to the bar when his eyes moved in that direction and found the seat empty, but he wasn't about to go hunting for Claire just yet. He heard the sound of what he knew to be the theme song for Total Drama Island right behind him and turned to see his little goddess reaching into her purse and then getting out her phone- her ringtone was the theme song of a cartoon? Her cute level just reached the ceiling.

Kachi took out her phone and looked at the ID, it was Donald, her one hour of partying was over, she had totally forgotten she asked him to come pick her up at 10:00pm, what with meeting her dream hunk and everything else that followed. She answered the call and put it to her ear, "Yes?...I'm coming, I'm coming...give me three minutes Donny, I'll be right down" she cut the line and shoved the phone in the purse.

She would be right down? She was leaving already? He had barely basked in the afterglow of their kiss, "What's going on?" he asked, hoping she wasn't about to leave him hanging.

"I have to go now Jeremy, my friend's waiting for me outside"

"What? Already? Stay a while, please" he sounded much more upset than he intended to.

She smiled at him, "I wish I could, but I can't, I'll see you at work Monday" she said as she walked away without giving him a chance to say anything more.

Jeremy stared on at the path she had taken long after she was out of sight. He took his seat and buried his face in his hands, he so was not expecting this at a Christmas party, he sighed deeply as he shoved his hands in his hair. Kachi. He would go through every file containing the information on the company's employees until he found hers, there could only be one person bearing that name.

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All im going to say is GREAT start... just great i see myself in Kachi sooo much lol

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Same height Same Country!!!!

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