tagInterracial LoveA Christmas Party Ch. 04

A Christmas Party Ch. 04


The sound of Lee-Anne's voice over the intercom drew Jeremy's attention from the work at hand.

"Sir, Miss Iloh is here, do I let her in?" she asked.


She was the sole purpose of the extra time he was putting into his work, in an effort to ward off thoughts f her, he had drowned himself in his work-that didn't do him a lot of good, so he asked to see her, the only way to get something our of your system was to confront it....right?

"Yes, please do" he replied.

Kachi was in his office in a matter of minutes. He looked up from his work and felt his heart momentarily stop, God! She was gorgeous! Her small frame was wrapped in a grey, knee-length, bandage dress that accentuated her curves so well he felt his dick stand at attention at the sight, who in the hell let her walk the streets dressed in that?!

"You asked for me Sir?" she asked softly in that oh-so-sexy Nigerian accent that complemented her sexiness.

That question and the tone with which it was asked carried a promising message, he would confront this problem alright; and have it screaming his name and begging for him in every language known to man.

"Yes, I did" he replied after clearing the dryness in his throat, what powers did this woman wield over him that got him so nervous? He who had addressed top shots in the world of business and politics all over the globe was suddenly nervous because of a mere woman, what an irony.

He was going to stand up and approach her, but the obvious bulge in his pants halted that movement- she would come to him.

"Well, what for?" she asked when he made no attempt to give further explanation on his purpose for asking her to his office. She approached his desk slowly in her four-inch heels which performed the double tasks of elevating her and showing off her toned, caramel legs that he could already imagine wrapped around his waist while he pounded into her little, tight, wet, willing...

"Mr. Blaire?" she called, breaking him out of his reverie

His eyes moved upwards to meet hers, there was a mischievous smile on her lips- those small, full lips he had wanted wrapped around his cock from the moment he laid eyes on them.

She leaned over his desk- the only item keeping her safe from his ravaging, and stared deeply into his lust-filled eyes, "Do I turn you on, Mr. Blaire?" she asked throatily.

The flowery scent of her perfume, the sound of her sexy, arousing voice, that accent, and the sight of her mouth-watering cleavage calling to him, merged into one and sent his brain-and cock on overdrive. Before either of them knew it, he literally pulled her across the desk and onto his lap, and his hands and lips were attacking every part of her they could reach.

With her moans and sighs egging him on, and her lean fingers digging into his thick, blonde mane, Jeremy's hands roughly fondled Kachi's 36C breasts, and his lips sprayed kisses along her slender neck. He tweaked her beaded nipple, eliciting a moan from her lips, her heavy breathing was like sweet, melodious music to his ears, he had never wanted so badly to pleasure and be pleasured by a woman.

One hand slid lower to her exposed thigh, her dress had ridden up three inches over her spread legs, He took in a sharp breath when he felt her grinding her soaking wet crotch against his bulge.

"Oh God! Mr. Blaire..sir, you're so big" she breathed.

There was no overstatement there.

He hadn't given his size much thought until now, but he knew he was at least ten inches long at full girth- and Kachi was going to testify to not just his length, but his sexual prowess, once he was through with her fine ass.

"Call me Jeremy" he said as his fingers finally found her snatch, pushing her lacy panties aside, he slid one, two fingers into her tight cunt.

"Oh! Jeremy" she damn near screamed as his thick fingers fucked her into oblivion, he reveled at her sounds of unadulterated pleasure and her facial expressions which mirrored how good she was having it, he bit at her erect nipple through the material of her dress and bra, making her whimper, a few more thrusts from his finger and her body's sudden stiffness and consequent wild jerking was enough to let him know he had brought her to an orgasm.

With his dick all set to explode, he slid his soaked fingers out of her and had her on his desk, her dress bunched up around her waist and her legs spread in open invitation. With a speed he wasn't aware he possessed, he had his belt unbuckled and his pants pooled around his ankles. His boxers followed suit, and his 11-inch cock danced for joy at it's freedom, he smiled seeing Kachi's amazed expression, it was time to put this baby to work.

He pulled her closer to the edge of his desk and slowly slid his length into her treasure nest.

"Oh, Jeremy...Jeremy...oh" she moaned. He couldn't get enough of the sound of her calling his name.

"Jeremy, Jeremy.."

Her voice had changed, perhaps receiving the pounding of her life aktered her voice. As she repeatedly called hus name door, the voice grew more distant, he swore he could hear a totally different voice, familiar, but certainly not Kachi's, perking his ears up for better hearing, it sounded like...


Jeremy's eyes flew open to find his godmother hovering over him, concern written on her face.

"Are you alright son?" she asked, checking hi temperature, he was sweating profusely.

Jeremy blinked once, twice, and frowned when he realized he had been having another one of those frustrating wet dreams where Kachi was the lead, he had so many of those recently, he considered seeing the family doctor, surely there must be some sort of medication to end this torment.

"Susie, what time is it?" he groaned, wondering what his godmother was doing in his house so early.

"It's 9:o8 am Jeremy" Susan replied as she went to draw the curtains open.

"What the fuck?!" he exclaimed as he sat up fully, he had NEVER slept this late on a weekday- not even on weekends.

He noticed Susie's eyes trained on his lower region, once the sun streaming in, provided some light in his previously dark room, his eyes followed hers and he all but died of pure embarrassment at the sight he got, his cock had formed a tent in his sheets.

"Holy crap!" he turned over, lying on his chest to hide his too-obvious erection from a now smiling Susan, she might be his godmother, but she definitely had never seen this side of him.

"I'm guessing a certain Kachi is to blame for that?" she asked, her brows cocked, and her lips upturned in a mischievous smile. She had walked into the room to sounds of him breathing heavily and groaning 'Kachi' repeatedly.

Jeremy didn't reply, the embarrassment hadn't quite washed off.

"I'll give you some privacy" she said as she made her way out of the room, "There's a public holiday today, it's Christmas eve and we're going shopping for presents" she said just before she walked out and closed the door behind her.

Jeremy grunted at her exit as he pushed the sheets off his body and flung long, muscular legs off the bed, he frowned at the sight of his cock which was yet to be completely flaccid. As he went into the bathroom with thoughts of jerking-off to the image of Kachi, her nubile body spread on his bed, awaiting his conquer, he felt his dick come back to life- it was going to be a long, long shower.


The sun was shining, bringing some warmth to the usual cold, the roads had been cleared of last night's snow and the streets were crowded with people hurrying to make their final purchases before Christmas.

Christmas was literally in the air, the aromas of everything from ginger bread men to apple pie and baked turkey filled the air, it was enough to make anyone hungry.

Jeremy and Susan were sitting inside a coffee shop, which boasted not just the best coffee in the area, but the best confectionary too. It was a simple place, not the over decorated restaurants he was used to. Only Susan could make him come into such a place, when having business meetings or the likes, the place of choice would be some five star restaurant with overpriced dishes that tasted as bland as the price tags on them and an interior that looked like Michel Angelo and Da vinci vomited in the place.

As he ate a very crisp croissant to go with his cappuccino, he relaxed in the ambience of the place, he could definitely get used to eating here

Susan studied her godson, from his birth, she had always known he'd grow into an attractive and smart man, but he had by far surpassed what she had imagined both in looks and success. She knew how much the death of his mother had destroyed him, and seeing him so broken all those years had made her pray to God that some day he would find peace and happiness. When Claire had come into his life three years after the unfortunate incident, she had thought a woman would sooth him and lighten him up, unfortunately, Claire's presence did little to help his situation. He remained in that little shell he had crafted to keep him away from the world, he paid her no mind, and even when he did, it wasn't in the way she knew Claire wanted, he just wasn't attracted to her despite her glaring beauty, but this new woman...

"Do you like her?" she asked with her eyes fixed on Jeremy, the question had an obvious answer, but she wanted to hear it from his lips.

Jeremy's eyes left the window through which he had been watching pedestrians go by, "what?"

"This lady, Kachi, do you like her?"

He dropped the croissant in his hand and swallowed the bite he had been chewing, "Maybe" he shrugged. He wasn't willing to admit he liked Kachi, it seemed too...easy. He who had been beyond an introvert was suddenly growing feelings for a woman he had met only a week ago? And why? Because she was funny, witty, beautiful and had the body to ensure World peace? That definitely wasn't enough to bring down the multiple steel barriers he had built around him...but what if it was?

Susan smiled at his hesitance to admit his feelings, "Maybe? You're having wet dreams about a woman and ignoring you father's call and you're still on a 'maybe' with your feelings for her? Come on Jeremy, don't lie to me"

Susan's ability to read through his façade was both a blessing and a curse depending on the situation on ground, "I don't know Susie, I can't say" he admitted

"But you're attracted to her"

He nodded, "That I am"

Susan smiled at that admission, "Well, that's a start" she was just glad there was a light at the end of the tunnel for her baby's love life, no matter how dim. This girl was definitely a good addition to Jeremy's life, and she planned to do some investigation concerning her, what kind of godmother would she be if she allowed her godson walk into a trap?

There was a dearth of conversation between them, during which neither noticed the entrance of Claire.

"My,my, who do we have here?" she began with a pleasant smile as her emerald eyes gleamed in excitement. She had only come here to get a sub sandwich and some donuts for her father who loved the snacks this restaurant offered. She didn't like this place much, because she found it a bit low-class, but her father's likes came above hers when she wanted a favor from him.

Jeremy looked up at her, his expression flat, mostly because he thought it would be rude to frown at her- which was what he really wanted to do. He had been so pissed at her since her little show during the office party, not only had she thrown up on one of the office directors, but she had gone on to dance uninhibitedly on the bar. He found her actions unbefitting of a lady and disappointing...and to think she passed herself off as some prim, proper lady..well, she was all of that- when her system wasn't overloaded with alcohol.

"Hello, Claire. How are you?" Susan spoke up with a bright smile when she saw that Jeremy was in no mood for a conversation with Claire.

"I'm fine Susie, may I join you both?"

"Of course" Susan replied, Claire sat on a vacant seat between Susan and Jeremy.

"Are you still mad at me because of the party Jerry? I apologized" Claire began staring at Jeremy with puppy-dog eyes.

"You really should stop calling me Jerry, Claire, you know how it pisses me off" he said coldly.

"I'm sorry" she said softly, "Hey, I was thinking, there's going to be this New Year's eve party at my friend's place..."

"I'm not interested" he cut her off before she could even finish, it was just like Claire to go for more social functions than a sitting President, and then get wasted at such events, and he would only follow her to make sure she got home safely. He was sure he could find better things to do on New Year's eve- like fantasize about Kachi.

"But it'll be fun"

He said nothing in reply, just downed the rest of his cappuccino and looked at Susie, "You ready to leave Susie?" He stood up without waiting for her reply, "It was nice to see you Claire, my regards to your parents" he gave a lean smile and walked out of the coffee shop as both Claire and Susan watched him in shock.


How dare he treat her like that?!

Claire seethed in her car as she drove to a high-and jewelry store where she planned to get herself a nice Christmas present courtesy of her mother's credit card. He had no right to walk out on her like she was nothing, she deserved more from Jeremy, why di he always have to treat her like trash and act like she was the one chasing him...but wasn't she?

Claire Gareth had always gotten everything she wanted. The daughter of a Texan oil magnate and a heiress worth millions, it was safe to say she had NEVER lacked, all she had to do was ask- verbally or non-verbally, and people would literally be falling over themselves to please her...until now.

In all of Claire's life she had never met a man that could resist her feminine charms, she was trained in the art of seduction- hell! She took an eight hundred dollar per month class just to learn how to attract and keep a man. It irked her to no end that the one man she wanted to put all her training to use on was totally immune to her charms.

There was nothing humanly possible she hadn't tried to capture Jeremy Blaire's attention, but she could have as well been a speck of dirt on his $12,000 Italian leather shoes by the way he treated her. She was fully aware that her family wanted her to reign as queen in the heart of the most eligible bachelor in all of Ohio, not only did the title come with prestige, but it strengthened both families and made them an invincible force in the state, but she was starting to think Jeremy might not possess a heart after all. He was so cold to her, if he had to warm up, it was nothing more than a passive glance of acknowledgement, or a few words- of advice.

Every time he spoke to her, she felt more like his rebellious teenage sister than a twenty-five year old woman who was vying for his heart. She didn't get him. She knew losing a parent cou;d be gut-wrenching, but Jeremy gave that word a whole new meaning, how could a man who was 6ft 5" of pure sex and carnal desires shut himself down as far as women were concerned? At first, she had thought him a closet homosexual, but she couldn't even name one man he related with after his father, there was Lee, his high school friend, but he was married and Claire could swear Lee was as straight as Ricky Martin was gay.

As she parked her 2011 Bentley- a Christmas gift from her unclem in the parking lot reserved for the jewellrt store, her phone rang.

She fished the diamond-studded gadget from her purse and rolled her eyes with a grunt when she saw the caller ID- it was Lee-Anne, that girl could snitch on her own family with the right 'motivation', hence she had been the best candidate to plant as a spy in Jeremy's office to 'infiltrate; his dealings. It had only been a minor push to get her the job as his secretary, and she had been her diligent informant since then.

She contemplated ignoring the call, it's not like Lee-Anne ever had any useful information for her concerning Jeremy, all she ever got was a schedule that included business meetings and lunch with Susan and Dillan- Jeremy's father- nothing that interested Claire.

She answered the call after further thought, "What is it?" she began, her tone icy, making it clear to Lee-Anne that she was in no mood for her blabbering.

"Good afternoon, Miss Gareth, how has your day been?" Lee-Anne began pleasantly, like she hadn't just been spoken to like some pesky servant.

"Do you have anything for me, Lee-Anne?" Claire asked totally ignoring her question.

"Ye...yes ma'am, I do have something to tell you"

"So? Spill it already!" Claire said. Her tone dripping with impatience.

"He asked one of the employees to his office some days ago, a female"

"And? Is she the first female to be asked into his office?"

"No ma'am..but, this one is different, she's the lady he was talking to at the office part, and when she walked out of the office, he gave her a peck on her forehead"

Claire's eyes widened, "He did what?!" she asked in disbelief, Jeremy wouldn't even touch her purposely in private and he was openly pecking this...this...intruder! In the presence of someone else? What the fuck?!

"I was as shocked as you are ma'am" Lee-Anne said sincerely. After working as Jeremy's secretary for eight months, she had peggen him as one of those really hot guys who preferred to let women imagine what could have been, a tease. Not intentionally though, but he was still one.

Claire comported herself as her mind worked on overdrive thinking of all the things she'd do to the little slut who had the nerve to step into her territory, by the time she was through with the twit, she'd wish she had never entered Ohio, even less met Jeremy Blaire, "Do you know this woman?"

"Not really ma'am, she just began working here a little over a month ago"

Claire bit her thumb in thought, "Is she pretty?" perhaps some women would find that information irrelevant, a rival was a rival, right? But Claire needed to know if she was going to have an easy fight or a hard one.

Lee-Anne hesitated before answering, "Not as pretty as you are ma'am"

Claire was no fool, her hesitation and consequent reply only meant one thing; this woman was just as pretty, if not prettier than she was.

"Get close to this...woman, and find out EVERYTHING you can about her and get back to me, you understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

Claire disconnected the call at that, how could he? Virtually everyone in that office knew she and him were supposed to be an item, and he had the guts to even touch another woman romantically- an employee at his office! Was he trying to mock her? No worries, she was going to kill off this seed before it could germinate.

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