tagInterracial LoveA Christmas Party Ch. 06

A Christmas Party Ch. 06


*so here's chapter six, intended for it to be longer, but I couldn't resist leaving you guys in suspense. Thanks for the comments and feedbacks, please rate and vote.*LS


Chapter 06

Maybe she's not that kind of girl.

Jeremy paced around his office trying to settle his nerves and make sense if his conflicting thoughts. It was two days after Christmas and everyone was back to work- well, except him

He couldn't put himself to work when all his mind was interested in was if he had done the right thing sending those gifts to Kachi on Christmas day. Various questions vied for answers which he couldn't yet provide. Had he sent too many gifts? Perhaps he had come on too strong? What if she didn't like them? Was she less of a romantic than he (and Susan) had thought? Worse still, what if she hadn't received them? What if he had gotten the wrong address? But that couldn't be, he had cross-checked it at least three times before sending it to the florist, jewelry store and boutique, and twice again after, even this morning, the first thing he did once he sat in his chair was check her file, sure enough he had gotten the address right.

He chastised himself for not giving her his cell number or sending it with the notes- the notes, those poems were another factor that plagued his thoughts, he had found them so corny, but Susie had convinced him that women liked that sort of thing. He had never given it much thought though, because he had never had to court...what the fuck?! Court? Was that really what he thought if this? A courtship? Jeremy Blair, the rigid, stone-hearted son of Jonathan Blair was thinking of...no, had begun courting a woman?

He shoved a large hand into his hair- which had to look a mess considering how many times he had done that in the past hour- there had to be some other word to describe what he and Kachi had here, one that didn't indicate as much depth or seriousness as that word, courtship, a much simpler term that didn't get his pulse racing and his mind reeling when he thought about it, something like...lust? Is that what he thought of this? An avenue to sate his sexual appetite? A route to douse his hunger? A way to extinguish his raging libido? He knew there was no truth in that, Kachi meant more to him than a living blow up doll, he really REALLY liked her, but there were just some things a man couldn't easily come to terms with in his love life...what the hell?! Where were these words popping out of? Love life? He didn't have one of those, he was a businessman through and through, a 120% dedicated to his work, the goings on of the world was no business of his, he didn't care for things he considered trivial and of no addition to one's life; love, sex, women...

He paused when he heard what he knew- from many fantasies and dreams- to be Kachi's voice, outside his office, she was talking to Lee-Anne and asking if he was in.

Before he could stop himself, he rushed to the door and flung it open, "Kachi" he said, sounding a little too excited when his eyes fell on the cause of his worry, she was every bit worth the trouble alright.

She smiled at him, that heart-warming smile that made his stomach do more flips than an Olympic gymnast and his heart race faster than Usain Bolt, what was she doing to him?

"Hey. Good morning, I just..."

"Come in" he cut in without letting her finish what she had to say, there were more pressing matters to attend to presently. He turned and walked a few inches into his office knowing she was right behind him but not bothering to confirm this.

Kachi followed him slowly, noting the smile on Lee-Anne's lips, she seemed much...friendlier today. She didn't give it much thought though, there was no space for that when her mind was trying to make sense of Jeremy's sudden change of attitude from what she had thought of as excitement to a much calmer, indifferent one- definitely not the expected attitude of a man that had sent her those gifts.

She closed the door behind her and watched his back for a minute, noting how the muscles underneath his shirt flexed and wishing she could get her hands on his bare skin and trace the definition of his taut muscles with her fingers. Instead, she entwined said fingers and looked down at them, "I came to thank..." firm hands cupped her heart-shaped face and hard lips crushed hers before she could even realize what was happening, she whimpered and opened her mouth to welcome his invading tongue, she moaned softly at the contact as her hands held on to his shirt fearing her legs may fail her.

He could never tire of kissing such lips. He was addicted alright, the feel, the taste, the warmth, no sort of drug could be as intoxicating as Kachi's lips , hell, his cock could already feel the effect. It was like she had gotten better after their last kiss, matching his vigor, fuelling his lust, and amplifying his desire. His body moved of its own volition, pressing it's self against hers so hard he could feel her peaked nipples through the fabric of their clothes, he groaned, wanting so much to fill his hands with her perky breasts and tease those tits until she begged to have his lips on them. Feeling one small hand snake up into his hair , pulling his head closer for a deeper kiss, had his dick jumping in anticipation and his mind thinking up the many ways he could take her in his office...his OFFICE!

That thought made him end the kiss, if he took her here, he was sure to have her screaming loud enough to alert the entire building of their office romp, and the last thing he wanted was to make the headline for tomorrow's news, besides he had bigger plans for Kachi than a reckless office romp.

They were both breathing hard from what had to be at least two minutes of tongue-fucking each other's mouths, her lips were swollen, her shoulder-length hair disheveled and her eyes, which had only just fluttered open, were still hazy with desire. The sight made him want to re-consider his decision to not take her on his desk like he had often dreamt.

They stared at each other for over five minutes, both unsure of what to say after sharing such a phenomenal kiss.

Kachi's thoughts were messed up, she knew she had come here to tell him something, but her brain was still trying to recover from the discombobulation it had just experienced in the form of Jeremy's kiss, "...you for the gifts" she completed when she had finally regained her composure- partly.

"You're welcome" he replied, his eyes never leaving her mesmerizing ones.

Kachi, unable to hold his gaze; mostly because she had been overcome by shyness considering what she was about to say, looked downwards, "The notes were lovely"

He smiled, so she did like them after all, "Just like you" he placed a finger under her jaw and raised her head so that her eyes met his, "And the date? You do know that the request wasn't just placed there because it rhymed, right?" he was now grinning.

Kachi couldn't help her blushing, he made her feel so shy, "Really? I could've sworn it was there solely for that reason"

He laughed, he liked laughing- or maybe he just liked laughing at what she said, "So, where would you like to go?" he asked, as he leaned down and peppered kisses all over her face.

Kachi sighed, that felt sooooo good, "Well, considering the dress and the shoes, I'm guessing...oh..." she breathed when she felt his lips on her collarbone.

"You like that?" he breathed, he kissed her on that spot again, it excited him that he had found her sensitive spot.

"Yesss" she hissed feeling her panties moisten

"I like it too" he said as he gave her collarbone one last kiss, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume, before restraining himself for the second time and putting some distance between them this time to ensure that he didn't do something he would regret.

"Saturday, 7:00pm, is that okay for you?" he asked.

She smiled, "Yes it is"

"It's a date then"

"Where are we going?"

He smiled mischievously, "That's for me to know, and you to worry your little head about"

"Don't I get a clue?"

"Why spoil the surprise?"

If there was one thing Kachi liked, it was definitely surprises. She nodded in agreement, "I should return to work, earn what your father pays me"

"You're earning every dime you make, spending time with me"

She laughed as she shook her head, "I don't think so"

He closed in for one last kiss before letting her go, "I'll see you after work? Give you a ride home"

"You're the boss"

"I am, aren't I?" he asked as he opened the door and let her out.

She laughed.

She noticed Lee-Anne's grin once Jeremy closed the door and felt an uncomfortable stirring.

"Hey, Kachi, how about we have lunch together today?" she asked sounding all bright and sunny.

Kachi raised a questioning brow, the last she checked Lee-Anne didn't like her, she didn't dislike her either, but still..., "I thought you usually have lunch with Gretchen and Danielle" those women were renowned gossips in the office, and Kachi didn't doubt for a minute that Lee-Anne was one of the contributors.

"I just feel like switching up today, wouldn't it be nice if we got to know each other?"

Got to know each other? Was it her or did Lee-Anne sound like she had forgotten to take her meds this morning?, "I don't know, I usually have lunch with some friends"

"I could join you guys"

Kachi knew she should think this through, there was something off-putting about Lee-Anne's sudden change of attitude, but she chose to forego that thought, what the hell, one lunch wouldn't bring the world to an end, "If you wish" she shrugged.

"Great, we'll meet at the lobby"


"Later then" she said with a wave of her hand and a large grin.

"Later" Kachi replied suspiciously. As she went to her cubicle, she couldn't help but wonder what had come over Lee-Anne. After a while of thought though, she just assumed the girl pitied her, she was like an outcast here, so why push away someone who was trying to be a friend? It wouldn't hurt to have a go at it.


"So...you're a friend of Kachi's?" Phi asked to end the rather uncomfortable silence among the three women as they sat in the coffee shop during their lunch break.

Phi had been more than surprised to see Kachi with a colleague from her office, especially going by her previous comments concerning her colleagues. She had gotten the feeling they were a bunch of judgmental, stuck-up bitches and sons-of-bitches, and hadn't expected to ever meet any of them- well, unless they were new. She didn't exactly like this one, she creeped her out, who wouldn't be creeped out by someone who had been grinning for over five minutes when there was absolutely nothing to smile about?

"Yes, I am. She's a very nice person" Lee-Anne replied chipperly.

Phi raised a brow at Kachi, who shrugged in reply, how in heaven's name did she become friends with this one? She assessed the woman, her auburn hair was held up in a pony-tail, she had light bangs, her blue eyes had a queer brightness about it, she had a slim, oval face, and her lips were so thin, you could barely see them if not for the gloss applied. She had on a light green camisole over a yellow blouse, paired with a grey pencil skirt, she wasn't exactly a plain jane, but she was no startling beauty either, her general appearance did not sit well with Phi, there was just something...suspicious about her.

"So, did Donny say why he couldn't join us?" Kachi asked, not just because she wanted a topic to take her mind off Lee-Anne's presence, which was really unsettling, but also, because she wanted to understand Donny's behavior. He had taken her to work today, but he was a bit too distant, yes, their little rituals had taken place, but it lacked warmth and enthusiasm, she could've as well been hugging a cardboard box, and then, they had barely spoken the entire way, and he had only given her a lean smile when she said goodbye, she was confused and disturbed, she couldn't have wronged him in any way, except...

"Something about paying bills, balancing account...I don't know" Phi dismissed with a wave of her hand. She knew full well what was going on with Donny, it was a little thing called jealousy, and it would eat into his system slowly until he made an effort to fight for what he thought was his.

Kachi nodded wondering why he hadn't told her this in the morning.

"Who's Donny?" Lee-Anne asked looking at both women, she sensed that whoever this Donny was could make for good detail when she spoke to Claire.

Kachi glanced at her, she had almost forgotten she was there, "He's a friend of ours" she replied simply, unwilling to go TMI on someone she barely knew.

"More like an obsessed, love-struck friend of ours" Phi murmured as she sipped some of her now warm tea.

Lee-Anne knew Phi didn't intend to be heard, but she had always had a keen sense of hearing, and her ears grabbed on to that little information like a squirrel would an acorn. She noticed Kachi's glare which was directed at Phi and her immediate cover-up once she realized she was looking at her, it was apparent there was more to this Donny than Kachi wanted exposed and she almost smiled at the prospects of finishing this assignment in record time.

As if to lend further credence to Lee-Anne's suspicion...

"Um, Phi, can we have a little chat?" Kachi began as she stood up, she knew Phi could be a loose cannon, but sometimes- in the presence of certain people, one needed not utter every sentence that came to mind- times like this

Phi sat unmoving

"In the ladies' room?" Kachi asked in exasperation, sometimes she likened the relationship between herself and Phi to one of Renee and Lynette in /desperate Housewives, she being Lynette of course.

Phi shrugged and stood up unaware of the talking to she would be getting behind those doors.

"Please excuse us for a few minutes, Lee-Anne" Kachi said with a warm smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Of course" Lee-Anne replied with a smile, her mind already working on retrieving this Donny's number in their absence. An action she promptly began once they were out of sight by reaching for Kachi's phone.

The two women made their way to the ladies room, passing by the unavoidable men's room where a group of four guys stood having a chat by the door.

"Well hello there ladies" one of the four said as he stepped in their path, his tall, bulky frame totally hindering any chance of their getting past him in the narrow hallway. He was about 6ft 2", his skin was dark, and his hair in a neatly trimmed afro, "Call me a seer, cos I definitely see you in my future" he drawled as he eyed up Kachi.

She knew him- and his rascal friends, from the many times he had tried one silly line or the other on her, he was a regular here, though she couldn't say if they came for their services or other attractions.

"We don't have time for this Mister..."

"Mister? Sweetie, you can just call me daddy" he said as he reached for her hand, but she pulled it away before he could touch her bringing a smug smile to his handsome face, "Don't be scared love, I don't bite...much"

"Careful Ty, she's with that white boy: another guy in the group said.

Kachi couldn't believe her ears, someone else had noticed Donny and her? She turned to see who had made that comment and her brows shot up, this guy was as white as they got, his pale skin matched his head of curly, dark hair and grey eyes, he was an inch or two shorter that Ty and not half as muscular, but equally handsome, with just a little make-up he could pass for a vampire, and HE was calling Donny 'white boy'?

"Who are you? Eminem?" Phi voiced out Kachi's thoughts

The guy smirked at Phi, his eyes took in her voluptuous body with such brazen lust it disgusted Kachi, "Nice ass" he finally said.

Phi smiled, "It'll look much better when I walk away. Let's go K" she said as she grabbed Kachi, they had learnt to not mention each other's full names in the presence of weird guys. They both retreated to their seats, forgetting their talk and totally unaware of Lee-Anne's actions in their absence.

"I call dibs on the feisty one" Eminem- Keith said as he watched the women walk away, she was right; her ass did look better when she walked away, and he could bet it would look awesome with him drilling into her from behind, he sure wasn't letting go of that one.


Date night.

Kachi smoothened her emerald green dress with sweaty hands as she stared at her reflection in her vanity mirror trying to decide if she liked her look or not. If the dress fit just right or too right. In honest, she loved the fit of it, how he had gotten her size in such a lovely dress was beyond her, with such a small frame, it was something of a Herculean task finding something that fit so well without looking like she just stepped off the set of a 'Barney and Friends' episode. She was grinning on the inside, it was nice to know he cared that much.

She eyed up her delectable figure, patting her hair, which- thanks to Phi's magic fingers- was pulled back in a lovely bun, with a few loose strands framing her face, it was a look she couldn't see herself carrying as frequently as she would like mostly because she just wasn't the dress-up type, it seemed a little too much for her, but with Phi, this was as far as she could get to 'toning it down'. Phi had thought the hair-do complemented the dress. So who was she to argue with her fashionista friend?

She had to admit though, the final look was breath-taking- well, she hoped it would take Jeremy's breath. Her fingers danced along her neckline, touching the necklace, it's diamonds complementing those on her wrist and the sequins slanted across the bust of her Grecian-style dress. Her make-up was simple, another act of Phi, there was already enough going on with her clothes and jewelry, so minimal make-up was the best choice.

She sighed deeply as she picked up her little black purse and did a double-check to make sure she had all she would need, after which she went to the living room to meet Phi standing by the door with a large grin.

Phi gasped audibly when her eyes fell on her friend, she had always known her to be pretty, but this...

"How do I look?" Kachi asked self-consciously.

"oh my God, girl! If that man doesn't give you the fucking of your life tonight, we'll have to question his sexuality."

"Phi, I'm not looking to get..." Kachi's voice trailed off with her hesitance to use the 'f' word, she wasn't as liberal as Phi was with her words.

"...your cherry popped?" Phi completed

Kachi's eyes widened alarmingly, Phi used her words liberally alright, a little too liberally, "Phumi! You know how I feel about that"

Phi laughed, "Well, going by this dress, we know how he feels about you, and something is getting popped tonight, whether it's your cherry or his dick is up to him"

Kachi shook her head with a smile, "I swear I should've introduced you to one of my brothers for the 'friendship' test before certifying you, now I have you corrupting me with all your nonsense talk" she replied.

"Yeah, yeah, take it to Oprah"

They both heard a car pull up close to her apartment and exchanged glances, "You think that's him?" Kachi asked, the sound of a car door opening and closing and approaching footsteps answered that question

And then came the knock.

Kachi moved to open the door, but Phi stilled her movement and shushed her away from it, just before she said, "Be right there" she shook her head in exasperation when Kachi stared oddly at her, even as the older one, Kachi had a lot to learn in the art of dating, everyone knows not to answer the door at the date's first knock, that was a desperado move.

She cleared her throat at the second knock and slowly unlocked the door, only to find- a stunt-double for Chris Hemsworth? Kachi hadn't exaggerated Jeremy's looks, dude was foine! Even as tall as Phi knew she was, she was eye-level with his broad chest. She was just as dumbfounded as Kachi had been when she had first met him- and was staring just as long.

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