tagInterracial LoveA Christmas Party Ch. 08

A Christmas Party Ch. 08


Hey guys, sorry for the delay, had some typo issues.some words which are Nigerian slangs may be unfamiliar, here are their translations

Toast- Woo

Abeg- Please

Aboki- trader

Hope you enjoy it. Feedbacks and ratings are always appreciated** L.S


Claire looked at her wrist watch. 7:22. What kind of dolt had she set up a meeting with? How hard was it to locate the ritziest restaurant in the entire city? She had been clear when she gave him the name and address- which was totally unnecessary. Everyone knew this place- well, everyone who was someone.

Going by the class of friends he had. She could understand if he didn't know the place, they probably hung out in some crappy restaurant she'd never be caught dead in.

She snorted.

The shit she had to go through to get what she wanted. The end of all this better justified the means; if she had to be seen with a nobody, it better be worth it.

She took out her ipad and began fiddling with it idly to pass the time and avoid the curious eyes of the other customers, it wasn't everyday a pretty girl like herself sat alone. She smiled at that thought, at least others acknowledged her beauty.

She was going through some dresses on a fashion blog when she heard a cough. She looked up and was momentarily stunned at the sight of the dark-haired hottie she was staring at, he looked every bit an Abercrombie, sure his outfit of choice; stone-washed blue jeans and a fitted grey polo, was far from fashionable or eve inappropriate for this restaurant, but his looks definitely made up for any fashion flaw. Sure not the loser you're expecting. She thought to herself- but that didn't mean she couldn't flirt and have him as company, who knows? He could be a good way to temporarily forget about Jeremy, he looked like a good fuck, a man as big as him ought to have a long, thick...

"Claire Gareth?" she heard him ask.

He knew her name? How...? Damn! He had a sexy voice too.

She smiled flirtatiously, "Who wants to know?" she asked in her best Marilyn Monroe voice.

Donny nearly laughed at this walking Barbie doll's attempt at being sexy. It was no wonder Jeremy didn't want her, he wouldn't want a vain plastic doll either. She was pretty, he would give her that, but according to what he presently saw and how she had addressed him until now- like he was some scumbag she was trying to help- he figured her looks were as good as it got for her.

"Donny Iliamson, Kachi's friend"

No way! That greedy little skank! She had this swooning over her and she still went after her Jeremy? Some people would just never be content with what they had...then again, her Jeremy was wealthy, Abercrombie here looked like he was just as broke as his gold digging friend, at least he wasn't totally useless. He seemed like he would have other 'talents'

"Um...may I sit? People are starting to stare" Donny said, he didn't feel comfortable with her staring at him like he was on the menu, and in honest just wanted to be through with this meeting and leave.

She had called him two days ago and told him she was Jeremy's fiancée, he didn't believe her, but what the hell? She wanted Jeremy, he wanted Kachi, they weren't making head way with their respective efforts, a team up would be a welcome arrangement if they got what they wanted, so he was perfectly okay playing along with her imaginary role.

"Sure." she replied. He sat across from her, his large frame making the chair and table seem much smaller- and taking her mind back to the possible size of his di...

"So, what's the plan?"

"Well, first we order something to eat."

"Order?" Donny asked with raised brows. He definitely hadn't come here to eat tasteless, over-priced meals that wouldn't even fill him up, the kind of food served here was solely for skinny, diet crazed females (and a few males)- like Claire, "I thought we were here for a plan."

She scoffed, "Well I can't come up with a brilliant plan on an empty stomach." she didn't get him, most men would be itching to be in his position right now, yet here he was acting like she was some leprosy victim he needed to get away from, it was her reputation that could be damaged by this fraternization, not his

Brilliant plan? He doubted any amount of food would make her conjure anything more than a mediocre plan, she didn't strike him as one who was remotely brilliant. He shrugged, if he had to put up with her to achieve his aim, so be it, "Fine then." he grumbled as he picked up the menu.

His eyes bulged at the prices of the meals; a bottle of water here could get him a large cappuccino and two croissants in the coffee shop he hung out with Kachi and Phi. His brows furrowed as his thoughts suddenly went to who would be paying. He looked above the menu at Claire who was glancing through the menu and humming like she was only doing this for formalities, he could bet she knew the price of every meal like the back of her hand.

Her eyes caught his, and as though reading his mind, she played down his fears, "No worries, the bill is on me."

Better. He thought to himself, and by the appalled look on her face, he had probably muttered it too.

Their waiter, a scrawny guy with scanty, brown hair who reminded Donny of himself when he was much younger, came to take their orders. By the way he looked Claire over and spoke with no enthusiasm whatsoever, it was evident they didn't have a good history, he wondered why.

Watching her give her order like the mere presence of the guy would upset her bowels, he could see why she wasn't his favorite customer, even he was getting sick just sitting across from her.

"You know you shouldn't talk to people like that." he commented once the waiter left their table.

She glared at him, slightly offended that this nobody would call her out on her manners, "Meaning?" she snapped.

"Meaning you should address people more respectfully." he stated, his tone failed to relay how pissed he was that she would dare to use that tone with him.

She scoffed, "He's the one who took this job, he'll take whatever he gets."

Donny wanted to verbally tear her ass up for that statement, instead he bit his tongue, he would get that chance some other time, not here and not now.

"Just tell me this plan you've got to break them up." his tone told her he was sick of her bullshit, he didn't have the patience to sit next to a woman who was begging for a smack down however way possible. It annoyed him to see people being mistreated, especially those who were smaller in stature, the sight hit a little too close to home.

"Like I said we eat first..."

"Bullshit! I didn't come here to fucking eat and share the grace alright?"

Claire jumped at the hardness of his voice; it was just as scary as it was strangely arousing. She could feel her pussy tingle in anticipation, oh she was going to have this man alright, he may not be good for anything more, and she did find him uncultured and totally abrasive, but that didn't mean she couldn't play with him, bulldogs had owners too.

"Tell me what you have in mind or I will leave. Now." he said firmly, his tone leaving no doubts that he meant every word he said.

Leave? He couldn't leave...well not until her wet pussy got a feel of what he had in his pants. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat to ease the throbbing between her legs. She made up her mind to stall him as much as she could.

"Okay, okay." she said testily, "I was thinking, we could set them against each other." she said.

Donny stared at her, waiting for more, when it seemed like nothing was coming, he had to ask, "And?" he didn't get it, of course they would set them against each other, how else were they to break up if not by being against each other? It didn't take a genius to figure that out, what he wanted to know was how they were to set them against each other.

"Well feel free to contribute." she replied sarcastically.

Donny found himself wondering if he really had to sit through all of this, it was obvious Barbie here was just as plastic and dumb as the doll itself. He grumbled thinking of how quickly he had jumped at an opportunity to meet with a fellow conspirator without getting any basic idea on what she had in mind, she obviously had nothing.

He stood up to leave but was stopped by Barbie.

"Wait!" Claire said, her voice held just a tinge of desperation.

He turned. The look in his electric brown eyes sent a ripple through her body that came at a juncture between her legs. She closed her eyes briefly, looking at him brought the wrong thoughts streaming into her head, not wrong wrong, just wrong like at-the-moment wrong. She needed to say something to keep him- not just anything, but something smart.

"So?" he asked testily.

"I was thinking I could seduce Jeremy." she began.


"Well sit and let me finish."

"Donny sat back in his chair with a sigh, "Okay."

She smiled, "I can get him drunk and seduce him, we put up a video camera and tape the entire session, then send it to Kachi."

"Get him drunk? How drunk can you get him to make him fuck you?" Donny asked. He thought about two to three packs of beer, even he would have to be really stoned to kiss her.

Lucky for him, Claire didn't understand his comment for what it was. Reading it to mean an imperfect plan, she thought a little harder...and then it hit her, "Or, we could drug him, I have an insider in the company who can make sure his coffee is drugged, then getting him to sleep with me without seeming drunk would be much easier." she rambled on.

For the first time in probably ever she really felt smart. She had never had any cause to actually think up any plan, but as she informed Donny of this one, she felt more and more convinced that it could work.

Donny thought a bit, finally admitting to himself that there may be a semblance of a brain lodged somewhere in Barbie's head after all. He imagined how distraught Kachi would be, she had always been a stickler for honesty and faithfulness, and though many would call that part of her a weakness- hell even he had always thought so- she wasn't one to actually investigate further before making conclusions.

As far as she was concerned, seeing is believing, she didn't care to know how, when or where, she just took things as she saw them. He almost smiled knowing that she wouldn't take Jeremy's explanations- she probably wouldn't even ask..and him? He would be just where he belonged, right by her side.

"Hmm..." he began thoughtfully, "That just might work."

"So we work together?" she asked with a large grin, not just in anticipation of the demise of 'Kacheremy', but also being in close quarters to the gorgeous man in front of her.

Donny nodded, he stretched his hand out to her, "Let's shake on it."

Claire only smiled with a glint in her eyes, she didn't accept his shake, she had other ways they could seal the deal.


To call or not to call. That is the question.

Phi stared at the piece of paper that held Keith's number, it was now worn out from days of being scrunched up, unfolded, scrunched up again, and unfolded again. She knew she had been given the go-ahead by Kachi, but still....

She wasn't used to this...this....style. She wanted to call him, but she remained unsure, she didn't want to seem desperate or eager. She had thought of giving it a few days, five days had passed now and she was nowhere near dialing the first digit of his number, whatever was stopping her, she honestly couldn't say, but she just couldn't call...Kachi would definitely laugh at her, the bold, daring, Phumi Khumalo, the one who claimed to have flashed a professor in class, the one who flirted with anything in pants- and sometimes skirts, the one who planned to get married in a bar, couldn't even call some dude...even she wanted to laugh at her own self, what a joke she must seem.

She sighed, that deep sigh of longing she had gotten used to recently, and tucked the number back in the pocket of her coat. She made her way to the kitchen, looking at the wall clock on her way, it was just past five. Too early for dinner, she didn't even know what dinner was going to be.

"Might just go to Kachi's, she always has something." she muttered to herself. One of the perks of being friends with Kachi was a guaranteed meal whenever anyone dropped by. She didn't think it was on purpose, but 98% of the time, Kachi cooked more than she could finish. Donny was usually the lucky one who got to eat most of the left-over, even he wouldn't admit it, but she knew Donny rarely cooked because Kachi was sure to have something for him.

A slight knock came at her door, interrupting her thoughts. She went to it and opened to find Kachi at her door. She frowned, "You're not at home?"

"Well I'm at your door so....anything the matter?"

Phi's frown eased, she opened her door wider, "Nothing. I just thought I'd drop by this evening."

"And eat free food, right?" Kachi asked as she stepped into the house.

Phi smiled sheepishly, "Thank God you know."

The two women crashed onto Phi's couch and sighed in unison. They stared at the air without speaking for a long while, it was a weird act, but they did have those moments when they went silent after a brief conversation, that moment they spent preparing their thoughts for release, and when the release came it was usually long.

"So, how are your legs?" Phi asked with a smirk.

Kachi shot a glare her way, but smiled it away as she tossed a pillow playfully at a laughing Phi, "You're a very stupid girl I swear"

Phi just kept laughing, "The first two days after your 'retirement', I almost thought I would have to get you a walking stick or even a wheelchair" she joked.

Kachi had relayed to Phi everything that had happened between she and Jeremy, she had no choice really, her body told the tale of good lovin' her man had given her, five days later she could still feel every stroke he had taken within her...well she had gotten a repeat performance two days ago.

She smiled to herself as she remembered it all.

He had invited her to his office, even going to work had been awkward, she had gotten an odd feeling that everyone knew she had slept with Jeremy- no one gave the impression that they had, but she likened it to the feeling one got after stealing from the family kitchen or something, she had laughed at herself for being childish, but she couldn't shake off that feeling.

When she got to his office, the look on her Jeremy's face told her all she needed to know. If the whole office didn't know they had slept together previously they would definitely know now.

He had pulled her to him gently, but she could feel the strength of him in that pull, "I missed you" he said huskily, he placed a light kiss on her cheek, "Did you miss me?" he asked, his hand slid upwards and cupped her breast as his lips took hers.

She moaned into his mouth and leaned into his touch, her body already singing for him, she missed him, her body missed him....she especially missed the feel of him between her legs, an area that was now throbbing for his touch, "I missed you too" she sighed once his lips left hers to savor the rest of her body.

"How much?" he asked, his hand now playing with her beaded nipples, the other moved to the hem of her skirt, slowly raising it higher and exposing more of her thighs.

"Jeremy, in your office?" she asked breathlessly, the sensations he was causing within her made her voice a bit raspy and her knees weak.

"Mm hmm." he had only gotten half-way up her thighs, but he could feel her juices against her inner thigh, he smiled to himself, she was definitely soaked, "I see someone's missed me." he went on to discover how much as his hand moved faster and found the soaked crotch of her boy shorts, "Maybe you shouldn't wear these anymore." he suggested with a sly smile as his hand delved within the confines of the fabric and his finger found the origin of her heat.

She moaned, her legs spreading even further of their own volition as his long finger pleasured her, "God! I missed you" she cried, her orgasm building as his thumb found her nub and rubbed it.

The next thing she knew, his finger had left her wet middle, his hands hooked behind her knees and she felt herself being lifted off the ground, her skirt hiked up to her waist, in his haste, he ripped off her boy shorts and plunged himself deep into her, they moaned in unison.

She braced herself, her hands gripping his broad shoulders firmly as he began driving his thick rod into her. He placed his lips against hers, muffling her moans and cries.

It didn't take long for Kachi to reach her orgasm, the feel of her tight pussy clenching his cock in a tight grip was the death of him as he reached his orgasm almost immediately as he shot his load into her with a grunt.


Kachi snapped out of her flashback when she noticed Phi's fingers snapping in her face.


Phi gave her a concerned look, "Okay, I knew he was good, but I never thought he was that good. Chic you need to break up with him if he's making you lose concentration like this, it's not healthy."

Kachi shook her head with a smile, "Who told you I'm thinking about him?"

"Mm hmm. Why are you blushing then?"

Kachi hissed, "Don't even start with me this evening, I'm not in the mood. I came to ask you about something"

"What about?"

Kachi was quiet for a brief moment, "Donny." she sighed.

Phi raised curious brows, "What about Donny?" she asked as she crossed her legs Indian-style in preparation for what she assumed would be an interesting story.

"I did something...something really bad. At least I think so, I just want to know if you think it's bad."

"What is it?"

Kachi went on to relay to Phi all that had happened on Christmas Eve, from Donny's dropping by, to the stare-down he had with Jeremy and then their consequent argument when Jeremy left.

Once she was through, she stared at Phi, waiting for her judgment as she chewed her lower lip.

"Hmm." Phi began thoughtfully. She was starting to like this position as special adviser to Kachi, not that she liked that Kachi was so confused, but it was nice to not be the only person with drama. She was younger than Kachi, still, she sometimes felt like an elder sister with her, "I think you screwed up just a teeny weeny bit."

Kachi's shoulders slumped, "I did, didn't I?" she sulked, "Time for damage control."

"Ultra-damage control."

"You think he'll accept my apology if I take some food along?" food had always worked with Donny, but she couldn't remember being at odds with him to this extent, their usual disagreements were trivial, but this wasn't one of those 'you stood me up' arguments, this was much deeper.

Phi nodded vigorously, "If nothing else works, that surely will. Donny's a sucker for your cooking."

"But this isn't one of our little disagreements."

Phi shrugged, "Well make him a bigger meal, pack up an extra-large picnic basket if you will, but trust me, food WILL work."

Kachi thought about Phi's reply, the more she thought about it, her brain went into work-mode as she thought of the various dishes she could prepare. Maybe food would work after all. She sat up in excitement, her current sorrows now forgotten temporarily

" In fact I even wanted to ask you about that your guy, how far with him?" Kachi asked Phi in a swift change of subject.

"Which guy?"

"Eminem of course, or have you forgotten him already? What happened to 'I've never felt so good'?" Kachi asked imitating Phi.

Phi tossed a pillow at her playfully, and then sulked, "I can't call him."

"Did you lose his number?"

"No" she shrugged her shoulders, "I just..I'm scared." she admitted almost shamefully.

Kachi gave her a look of surprise, which turned to one of amusement and then all out laughter, "You? Scared? Wonders have finally ended! What happened to the baddest of the bad? I never knew you and scared could be in the same sentence."

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