A Christmas Play


I rose and lifted her on to the bed and she clung close to me and said, “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

“No my love, I will never hurt you.”

With Gloria sex had been all techniques: vaginal, oral and anal sex had been grist to her sexual mill. With Aine I understood it had to be very different. My mother had warned me, and I heeded that warning. I would do nothing to Aine that was not clearly initiated by her.

I kissed her and for the first time felt her mouth open to receive my tongue. Our lips clung together for a long time, and when I finally broke away, it was to suckle her beautiful nipples.

I had imagined her breasts many times, and as ideal as my fantasy had been, they were beyond anything I had envisaged. Firm and creamy coloured, they were surmounted by rose pink nipples. Had I been less urgent in my desire for her I might have lingered long over her lovely mounds.

My need was too great. I explored her vagina with my fingers, and finding it wet with her lubricant, I parted her legs and came over her, ready to penetrate.

I hesitated: “Darling, I haven’t got anything…I mean…you might get pregnant.”

“Yes, I know Derek. Would you mind?”

Visions of Gloria arose in my head; her resistance to pregnancy and my pleadings for us to have a child. Now, here was woman who actually did not mind my impregnating her, someone who might actually want to have a child with me. No argument, no fuss, just opening herself for me to fertilise her.

Still I hesitated. “Darling, are you sure?”

“Yes, very sure.”

I entered her and very quickly ejaculated into her, pouring out the frustration of months of holding back from her. She had no orgasm, but when I had stopped pumping into her she said, “Don’t leave me yet.”

I had no desire to leave her, and as I lay upon her she kissed my lips and face saying over and over, “Oh my love… my darling…”

My hands caressed her breasts as I felt a wave of contentment pass over me. I loved her; loved her almost to distraction. It was a love the like of which I had never experience before; a love that was tender and protective, yet passionate and demanding. It was a love that wanted to both give and receive.

My penis, still inside her, began to harden again, and I began to move in and out. Suddenly she clasped me and began to moan, “Oh my darling, my darling, don’t stop…please don’t stop…”

She gave a tremendous upward thrust and cried out, “Deeper…please deeper.”

Her legs wound round me and I put my hands under her buttocks, and thrust in to the last millimetre of my length. I felt the sperm pumping up my shaft, and then it was firing into her as she wept and continued to cry out, “My love… my love.”

It was over, our first coupling. I lay inside her for a long time as she climbed down from her climax. She gave out soft whimpering sounds that ended with a sigh of contentment, and we lay, looking into each others eyes, neither of us desiring the inevitable separation of our bodies.

When we did part, Aine said, “I love you very dearly, Derek,” then slipped out of the bed and ran from the room. I had wanted her to stay with me for the night so that I might sleep with her in my arms, but Aine had decided otherwise. I was disappointed, but having emptied myself into her, I slept in peace that night.

Chapter 16: The Morning After.

I awoke next morning as if to a new world. It was Saturday and I did not have to go to work. I sang as I showered, and went to a breakfast I hoped to share with Aine. She was already sitting at the table eating, and looked up briefly as I came in, then blushed and looked down at her plate.

I was about to make some affectionate comment when mother entered. She was carrying Aine’s pant suit and underwear and she was smiling.

“I’m very happy for you both,” she said, “but do be more careful with your clothes, Aine.”

In my euphoria on waking I had failed to notice the garments I had removed strewn across the bedroom floor. Mother had started her morning tidying around the house, and found them.

She sat beside Aine and said, “I’m so glad, darling. Was my brute of a son

“Very gentle, mother,” Aine replied.

It was the first time I had heard Aine call her “mother”. It marked how great the bond that had developed between them was.

I wanted to get Aine on her own to speak to her. I wanted to reinforce my devotion to her, but after breakfast mother caught me first in the lounge.

“Derek, was everything all right?”

“Yes mother, it was lovely.”

“Good, I’m so glad for you. I’ve wanted it to happen almost most as much as I imagine you’ve wanted it. I gather from the presence of her clothes in your room she came to you.”


“You know, Derek, Aine is not like a lot of women and their one night stands. If it went well with you both, she will feel bound to you. It will have been as important as that to her. She overcame her fear to be with you, and that took courage. What I want to ask you, not out of prurient curiosity, but for Aine’s sake, “Was it important to you?”

“Yes mother, very important.”

Mother came to me and kissed me; “I don’t want to see either of you hurt, darling.”

“I don’t think you will, Mother.”

“Good. I’ll keep Sam and father out of your way for a couple of hours. I’ll take them shopping. You’ll find Aine in the kitchen. Speak to her, Derek.”

Mother began to leave the room, but paused at the door, turned and asked, “You’ve got three bedrooms in your house, haven’t you?”


“Excellent.” She smiled and left me.

The significance of my mother’s question about my three bedrooms did not sink in immediately, and putting it aside I made my way to the kitchen and found Aine working at the sink. She must have heard me come in, but she continued working. I went up behind her and put my arms round her.

“You’ve been very quiet this morning.”

She was still and silent for a moment, then she turned in my arms but kept her head turned from me.

“Derek, was I very terrible last night?”

I laughed and said, “You were exquisite, darling, why do you think you were terrible?”

“Coming to you like that, asking you to undress me, and…”

I laughed again. “Darling, I couldn’t come to you. If I thought that was possible it would have been a long time before last night. You understand why I couldn’t approach you?”

“Yes. Then you don’t think I’m a slut? You know…cheap?”

I kissed her and said, “Don’t you ever think of yourself as a slut again.” I gave another laugh and said, “And you’re not cheap. Look at the money I’ve spent on you taking you out.”

She looked at me for a moment as if considering how serious I was about the money, but after I kissed her again, she laughed, “Was I worth it?”

I became serious and responded, “You were worth that and far more, and I’m not just talking about sex. You’ve had a bad time yourself, but you’ve brought sunshine to my life, and Sam’s. What I want to know is, can we look forward to more sunshine in the future?”

As soon as I said it, I could have kicked myself. Aine had laid herself on the line coming to me the previous night, I was in a sense asking her to do it again. It was for me now to say something about the future by making an offer.

It was at that point mother’s three bedroom question sank into my thick head. The implication was I might want to take Aine to live with me, and beyond that, perhaps have Jamie come to us. I made up my mind to speak out, so I led Aine to the rather unromantic kitchen table and we sat.

“Aine, you know about the situation Sam and I are in. I’ve begun no divorce proceedings but, if you feel we can have a future together I’ll set things in motion. Gloria hasn’t been near us; she’s not even sent a letter or made a telephone call. It a little while I can file for divorce on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.”

“Are you asking me if I’ll marry you, Derek?”

“I didn’t do it very well did I? Let me say it properly. When I’ve cleared up my marital situation, would you marry me, Aine?”

“You’ve all been wonderfully kind, you, your father and mother, but just because of last night you don’t have to…”

“Stop it, Aine; you know it isn’t because we made love. I would have…I’ve wanted to ask…Damn it, Aine I love you, will you marry me or not?”

“Why can’t women answer a simple question with a simple answer,” I silently wondered. Then, as if to confound me, Aine said, “Yes.”

Surprised at the final clarity of her answer I waded straight on with, “As soon as we are settled I’ll get dad moving about Jamie.”

Aine made no response to this but sat looking at me speculatively. “Is that it, then?” she asked.

“Is what it?”

“I said ‘yes’.”

“I know I heard you.”

“Aren’t you pleased I said yes?”

“Well of course I’m pleased. What makes you think I might not be?”

“You didn’t kiss me.”

“Let the earth open up and swallow a blundering idiot,” I thought. I ask the woman to marry me while I’m still married to someone else, I propose in the kitchen, and I don’t even kiss her when she says “yes”.

“Darling,” I said contritely, “I think you might consider changing your answer to ‘no’. I mean, you don’t want to be married to a thoughtless clod, do you?”

I kissed her long and passionately, the she said: “Yes, I do want to be married to a ‘thoughtless clod’.”

“Darling, they won’t be back for some time, do you think we could…”

Yes, I did have that in mind.”

We made our way to the bedroom.

Chapter 17: One Door Closes.

If I was superstitious I might suspect that what happened next was provoked by the understanding Aine and I now had. I would have wished Aine to come and live with Sam and me, but cautious as ever, Aine said we should wait at least until the divorce proceedings were set in motion.

As it happened it was just as well Aine did not come to us immediately, because a little over a week after our agreement to ultimately marry, I received a telephone call from Gloria.

Not only was I surprised to hear her voice, but was amazed at her effusive cheerfulness.

“Darling, it’s been such a time. It’s lovely to hear your voice, are you well,” and so on and so on.

The upshot was, she wanted to see me and would be arriving the following evening.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing you darling…and Sam of course.”

There was no question as to whether I wanted to see her or not, and she rang off before I could make any adequate response.

One thing was certain; Gloria would not see Sam until I had found out what she wanted. I saw no point in risking Sam being disturbed once again by her erstwhile mother.

I contacted my mother soon after Gloria was off the phone, and telling her what had happened, asked that she keep Sam for the following evening and night. She immediately saw the point and agreed, and added, “Have a talk to your father darling he might be able to give you some advice.”

Father came on the phone and rumbled, “Coming to see you is she? Well, whatever she wants, don’t agree to anything until you’ve had a chat with my colleague. Never liked that woman, but she’s no fool, so just be careful, and for God’s sake don’t put anything in writing or sign anything.”

“Thanks dad.” I rang off.

Next day I was tense and made errors in my work due to lack of concentration. It was not knowing what Gloria wanted that troubled me, and like most people in those situations, I conjured up the worst possible scenarios.

Arriving home I prepared a meal I couldn’t eat and moved restlessly around the house waiting for Gloria’s arrival.

The front door bell clanged and I went to it and opened it. Gloria stepped straight in and flung her arms round me.

“Darling, it’s been ages. Have you missed? But of course you have.”

I disentangled myself from her grasp and said, “Let’s go into the lounge to talk.”

Seated I looked at her, trying to assess from her appearance what was coming. Gloria was an attractive woman in a buxom sort of way. Large breasted, in fact, with what used to be described as and “Hour glass figure.” She had clearly gone to some trouble preparing her self for this visit.

She has long dark hair, and I always used to enjoy seeing her wear it in a single braid over her shoulder. That was how she had it tonight. Her dress was cut low to reveal an expanse of upper breast, and the hem line exposed more than it covered.

Gloria was looking round the room. “Well, darling, you do seem to have looked after things while I’ve been gone, so neat and tidy.” She gave a stupid giggle, “You really would make a delicious house husband, sweetheart.”

“What is it you want, Gloria?”

“Oh, so serious, so solemn, anyone one would think you weren’t pleased to see me. And where is my sweet little Samantha, darling?”

“She is stopping with my mother tonight.”

Oh, darling, that's not very kind, is it? I was so looking forward to seeing her, but never mind; I can see her another time, perhaps tomorrow.”

“Just tell me what you want, Gloria.”

“Darling, isn’t it obvious? I’m coming back to you.”

I was speechless. Whatever I had conjectured about Gloria’s visit, this had not been thought of.

“Darling, didn’t you hear what I said? I’m coming back to you; back here, to our house. Now tell me how pleased you are.”

It was amazing at the apparent self-assurance of this woman. No question about whether or not we should come together again, simply a blank statement that she was coming back. I think it was the utter gall of the woman that paralysed my vocal chords.

“Well, say something, darling.”

My voice returned and I asked, “What makes you think I want you back?”

“Oh darling, don’t be so pompous, of course you do, you love me. Now tell me how much you’ve missed me,” she gave another giggle, “especially in bed.”

Once I had felt bitterness and anger at her desertion of Sam and me. Now, looking at and listening to her, I only felt sickened. It seemed hardly credible that anyone could be so blind to the anguish she had caused, so arrogant as to believe she could just walk back in.

I decided that the conversation, if that is what it was, had gone far enough. I came out directly with what I thought and felt.

“Gloria, if ever I might have taken you back, it’s all too late now.”

“’Taken me back’? You take me back! I’m not asking you to take me back. I’m telling you I am coming back.”

She had spoken in anger, but she calmed again, making a visible effort to control herself. “Darling, I realise you might want to punish me a little, but you know in your heart you want me back. It will be just like it was before…better. Come on darling, come over here and kiss me. I might even agree to something more than a kiss if you’re nice to me.”

“I’ve told you Gloria, you’re too late. I don’t want you back and I don’t want you in this house. I don’t know what’s happened to bring you back here, but would you please leave!”

She gave a laugh touched with hysteria. “You don’t want me back! God almighty, who do you think you are? Where do you think you’ll get someone as good as me? You sniffed around me often enough before, you couldn’t keep your hands off me, and now you don’t want me back! You must have lost whatever senses you ever had, Derek, since I went away.”

She made another effort to control herself again. “Look, sweetheart, it was all a silly mistake. Let’s call it an aberration, a marital hiccup. I know I should never have left, but…”

I felt utterly cold as I sat looking at her. “No Gloria, you shouldn’t have left, you are quite right, but you did. You left without a thought for me, and worse still, Sam. Well, I can tell you we’ve made a life without you, and to put it bluntly, it’s a much better life.”

“You bastard, you self-righteous arsehole; I’ll take you for everything you’ve got, and I’ll get custody of Sam, you can be sure of that. Courts always give preference to the mother. You’ll find out…You don’t want me back…” She gave another even more hysterical laugh. “You think...” She stopped in mid sentence and her face contorted even more with fury. “Oh, I see…you’ve found yourself some stupid slut to stick your prick in. Which gutter did you scrape her out of Romeo?”

“My God, you’ve got a nerve. You stuck a bloody kid in me, very nearly ruining my career, and now you’ve got yourself some tatty tart you think you can dump me. Well, my sanctimonious spouse, you’ve got another think coming to you. I’ll be a millstone round your neck for as long as you live.”

I almost reacted to her vicious and foul remarks, but I was alert enough to realise that this would be just what she wanted. I restrained myself and said, “Gloria, if you’ve said all you came here to say, would you go.”

“What are you going got do, chuck me out? I know you, you wouldn’t lay a violent hand on a lady your too much of a gentleman or too gutless.”

“Gloria, I don’t think you’re doing yourself much good and it would be better if you left. We can perhaps talk through our solicitors if you wish, but for now…”

“Oh, I see. We’re going to hide behind our lawyer daddy, are we? All right, I’ll go, but I shall be back and you’ll be out of here. What do you say to that, arsehole?”

Recalling my father’s warning to be careful what I said, I made no response.

Gloria stood, and for a moment I thought she would rush at me and tear my face with her nails. She made another mighty effort to control herself, but she was shaking all over, indicating the fury raging within.

“See you in court,” she screamed, and left slamming the front door behind her.

Chapter 18: Another Door Opens.

I was shaken. I cared little about the house, but if Gloria should ruin the future I had in mind for Sam, Aine, myself and hopefully Jamie….

It was too late to do anything further that night, so I went to bed, but not to sleep. I tossed and turned until morning, wondering what was ahead.

I rang the office first thing and said I had a domestic crisis. They knew my circumstances and agreed I should take time off to try and sort things out.

I was about to ring father’s office to make an appointment to see Mr. Smyth-Anderson, the member of their firm who specialised in “Family Law,” when an inspiration came to me. I dialled the work number of my mole inside the offices where Gloria worked. I had not heard from him since he told me about what Gloria hoped for by “coming across” for her executive lover.

When he came on the line and I identified myself, I hardly needed to ask him anything. He was bubbling over to tell me the latest Gloria news.

It came to this: Gloria had moved in with her would be benefactor. All went well for a while but the promised advancement was not forthcoming. Gloria got increasingly, as he put it, “Uppity”. “You could have cut the atmosphere between them with knife,” he said.

Then a new girl had started work in the office, apparently with more charms than Gloria as far as the gentleman was concerned. In no time at all Gloria was out and the new girl was in, and, it seemed, with the same offer of career advancement that Gloria had received.

It seems that the senior executive had played this game several times before and had frequently shuffled back and forth between his long suffering wife and family and the latest target female in the office.

The Company Board had finally had enough of his office philandering that had caused a number of emotional disruptions in the workplace, so they dumped him. His wife also, having had enough, started divorce proceedings. Gloria had retained her job, but only just.

I spoke next to Mr. Smythe-Anderson my “Family” legal advisor, and made an appointment to see him. Leaning on the special privilege afforded me because he was a colleague of my father’s; I got to see him that morning.

There were three clear areas for discussion: Divorce from Gloria, which could be easily effected after twelve months separation; Property settlement with Gloria; Custody of Sam and visiting access; Retrieval of Jamie from the clutches of his grandparents and his restoration to Aine.

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