tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Christmas present

A Christmas present


This is a true story, although the names and some of the details have been changed. Jennifer, I can only say sorry it took me so long to get round to writing it down!


Walking over the worn carpet of the steps down into the warm fug of popcorn and leather seats, I already had goosebumps and shivers cascading over my skin and a hungry, fluttering, tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach and the base of my groin. This was not the first time I'd met up with a fellow Litster, but still the sheer excitement coursing through me was like nothing I could remember. It was like Christmas morning. Well, actually Christmas morning had been yesterday and if anything, this was better.

Stepping in the cinema proper, I glanced around looking for the right seats. I'd arrived nice and early, while it was still empty, so I'd be able to bag the ones we'd agreed. Shit. My heart juddered to a standtill. We'd said back row in the far right corner. Except there was no corner! The doors to the foyer led out at the far right and left sides of the room, the aisles going down the edge, seats in the middle. Ok. Never mind. It was late afternoon on boxing day, and there was hardly anyone else here. I was surprised the cinema even opened today. I went to the empty back row and took the seat right in the centre, spreading my stuff out across the nearby seats to try and discourage anyone from sitting near me.

I better explain what I was doing. Jennifer had found me online only a couple days ago. She was a gorgeous, witty, lighthearted woman married to a man she loved and who who satisfied her emotional needs, but not her sexual appetite. She was in town just for the holidays, visiting family, and wanted some excitement while she was here. Her husband was in another country, the kids were with their grandparents, and the fantasy we'd settled on was this. There would be no phone numbers, no picking her up from her family's house or booking a table in a restaurant. We had agreed only which cinema, which film (it was called Sightseers, and it wasn't very good in case you're wondering, although we weren't paying much attention) and the seat that I would be sitting in, waiting for her. She would come in and sit down next to me like we were perfect strangers.

Hence my moment of panic when I realized this cinema didn't have corners.

I made myself calm down, reminding myself that we'd seen photos of each other and that she'd still find me in the back row easily enough. I settled back in my seat, a combination of nerves, excitement and a throbbing erection preventing me from getting too comfortable. I was waiting a while, sitting through adverts and trailers, jumping every time the side doors opened, turning eagerly to see if it was her, pulse racing again, trying not to scowl in disappointment at people. The film was due to have started by now, although it was clearly running late. Probably nobody else minded what time it was, being content to rest their hands on their turkey and brussel sprout stuffed bellies, but I was sweating, wondering if she'd gotten lost, or changed her mind and stood me up, or actually been a 15 year old boy playing pranks on strangers on the internet all along, or... And there my paranoia stopped, because in through the entrance and walking straight toward came a tall, curvaceous brunette, soft hair spilling over her shoulders, eyes sparkling, her pretty face and full lips flashing me a smile that was filled with conspiracy and sheer wantonness.

The stranger act ended right there. Our eyes were on each other as she made her way between the seats, and as she reached me she leant down and we kissed before even a word had been said. It was breathy and excited, soft and warm and deep, my fingers sliding into her hair as our tongues and lips met. Fuck she was a good kisser! My other hand went to her thigh, moving up over the smooth texture of her black thigh high stockings, under the hem of her dress, across her smooth skin and up to her waist to check that she wasn't wearing any knickers like we'd agreed. We broke the kiss, panting slightly and looked at each other, grinning like naughty children, eyes shining in the house lights. "Hi!" she whispered, giggling "I'm Jennifer! How are you?" She told me why she was late and how she'd got the wrong cinema and panicked, and we joked about the conversation she'd had trying to explain to the man behind the counter why she couldn't watch the same film there. For the next few minutes we sat, leaning in to each other, kissing, chatting, hands exploring, waiting, desperate for the lights to dim, glancing around to see if anyone was sitting close to us, cursing when one guy sat in the row in front of us just a few seats along (if you were this guy and we put you off enjoying the film, we're sorry! Unless, of course, you enjoyed the show we were putting on, in which case, you're welcome).

Finally the house lights went down and the volume went up for the trailers and then the film. My hand slid to the inside of Jennifer's thigh and she sighed softly into my mouth, scootching forward in her seat and spreading her legs as I stroked around the tops of her stockings, caressing her skin, teasing just around the edges of her cleanly shaven pussy. I could feel how hot she was, and the way she bit my lower lip and breathed an elongated "fucccckkkk!" as I touched her told me exactly what effect my touch was having. Her back arched as I dragged my fingertip across her soaking wet sex for the very first time. Our eyes met again, fuzzy from being so close in the dark of the cinema, her mouth open, eyes wide, body aching with need, her face filled with lust and pleasure as I slid my finger between her lips, circling her sensitive clit. I can't describe her expression in those first few moments as I fingered her, but the memory of it puts a big grin on my face and a bulge in my pants every time I think about it. Brushing her long hair aside, I ran my teeth and lips up the side of her neck, making her shiver and stifle a moan, her hips lifting into my hand. When my mouth reached her ear, I took her earlobe briefly into my mouth, and then whispered "Give me the remote".

Oh yeah, I should mention. That was the other part of our agreement. That she would turn up for our date wearing a dress that zipped open all the way down the front, thigh high stockings, knee high leather boots, no underwear, and with her favourite remote control vibrator already pushed up deep inside of her pussy.

She pressed the small plastic object into the palm of my hand, biting her lip from the anticipation of handing over control of her pleasure to a man she'd never met, and in a completely public place. Her gasp and the roll of her eyes as I pressed the 'on' button and turned it up a few notches may very well be the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Her right hand was over the bulge of my cock, rubbing and squeezing through my trousers, the other sliding under my shirt to drag her nails down my chest as I slowly circled her stiff and throbbing clit, kissing and biting her neck, increasing and decreasing the intensity of the vibe in time with my own movements on her pussy and her impassioned breathing in my ear. I could feel her tensing, her hips gyrating in the seat, body writhing from the sensations between her legs. Her face was buried in my neck. She smelled and tasted so fucking good. I turned the vibe down to its lowest setting and slipped the remote into my pocket so I could play with her generous, supple breasts. She groaned quietly as I squeezed her soft boobs, lifting her chest to press them into my palm and taking her hand from my shirt so she could place it over mine and encourage me to squeeze them harder.

She glanced around. I followed her gaze, but everyone seemed to be watching the film. I think we'd reached the first sex scene by now, good cover for any stray moans we let out. We both looked at the guy sitting near us, but we could only see the back of his head so, passing a conspiratorial look and a grin between us, she slowly unzipped the top of her dress and pushed her bra aside, brazenly showing her tits to me in the flickering light from the screen. I couldn't help myself. I instinctively leant forward, taking one large, stiff nipple gently between my lips, circling it with my tongue as my fingertip did the same to her pulsing hard clit. She had her boobs in her hands now, lifting them toward me, pressing them into my mouth, sighing as I rolled and tugged on them with my teeth, her nipples hard and slippery with my spit. Her legs were spread wide, one of her thighs lifted across my lap so that it rubbed against the hardness of my cock as she writhed in half-naked ecstasy. I reached into my pocket and flicked the vibe up a couple notches and felt her react instantly, the soft moan running through her chest, hips lifting against my teasing fingers, turning her face against me, kissing me and opening her mouth as the tension built, rolling and arching her gorgeous body. I felt her fingers slide into my hair, pulling my head up to face her and our eyes met again in the darkness and we shared an intense kiss while my fingers rubbed harder and faster between her legs, dipping into her spasming cunt to press the vibe in a little deeper, tipping her over the edge. Her voice was shaky and panting as she breathed "Ohhh fuck I'm gonna cum!" into my ear and flung her arms around my neck, face pressed into my shoulder, her body wrapping around me tight as she shook and spasmed, sobs of pleasure exploding through her, my fingers in her soft hair, my other hand in her gushing pussy, stroking gently and fucking harder until her orgasm faded, her gasps growing shallower, muscles unclenching again.

Once I'd turned off the vibe, she lifted her face to look at me, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. We both glanced cautiously around, suddenly aware of just how full on we'd been in a room surrounded by peope we burst into giggles again. Shushing each other and grinning, we zipped her back into her dress and kissed deeply. I was completely in awe at how easily she had cum, and how brazen and how horny she clearly still was as her hand was tugging at my belt, pulling my achingly hard cock from my jeans. I gasped a bit as my throbbing prick came free of my boxers and was exposed to the warm air of the auditorium. We grinned at each other as she wrapped her hand around the base, stroking gently. "Nice penis!" she whispered, before casting a playfully exaggerated glance to either side and leaning down to take me into her mouth. I stifled a groan with the back of my hand, loving the warmth of her body against me and the heat and wetness of her mouth, the soft roughness of her tongue and silkiness of her lips enveloping and caressing the tip of my achingly hard dick. Running my hands through her hair, stroking her face and reaching and underneath her to feel her breasts, I had time to relax and take in our surroundings a little, and appreciate just how risky and public a blowjob I was getting. It was fairly dark, but there was easily enough light from the screen that if someone walked in the side doors and glanced over, or if the guy sitting not too far in front of us turned around, he would quite clearly see Jenifer's head in my lap and my hard dick disappearing between her lips. Her mouth traveled leisurely along my shaft, lapping at the head, licking along the length of me, enjoying herself, licking slowly around each of my balls (that I had, at her request, shaved for her), taking them into her mouth, sucking and tonguing at them, feeling the cum that she knew would be waiting for her, then moving up and licking up the drops of my precum as they appeared at the tip and gently swallowing them.

Placing a hand softly on her cheek, I brought her up for a kiss. Her mouth was hot and wet from sucking my dick, with a hint of my precum on her lips and tongue. Her cheeks were flushed again and I reached back between her legs. She continued to slowly wank me as we kissed. I moved across her cheek to kiss and bite softly at her neck, nuzzling and inhaling her scent, licking behind her ear. As my fingertips again found the centre of her heat and wetness, I whispered "I want to taste you". I felt her bite her lip and let out a mewling sound. She lifted her thigh and hooked it over the armrest, lewdly displaying her excited, soaking wet cunt to the entire cinema had anyone been watching. I took a moment to appreciate her beautiful pussy, perfectly framed between black stocking tops that were damp with her cum, her clit hard and just visible, her cuntlips slippery and plump. The vibrator was deep enough in her that I couldn't see it, but knowing it was there was a huge turn on. Her scent was intoxicating and drew me in to drag my tongue gently across the length of her slit, feeling a ripple of pleasure run all the way through her. I took each of the lips of her sex into my mouth as she had done with my balls, sucking and teasing before flicking my tongue against her throbbing clit, gathering some of her juices with my fingers and running them down the crack of her arse to tease her sensitive anus while I pleasured her. She was gyrating slowly in her seat, lifting her pussy onto my mouth, and looking up I could see she had taken her breasts out again and was playing with them, tweaking her nipples, rolling them in her fingers. Her eyes were closed in bliss, fluttering open occasionally to watch me tonguing her, or to glance around and check we weren't being watched. Grinning to myself, I decided she'd had enough time to recover and reached for the remote. Her thighs tightened around my head as I turned it on, her fingers digging into my hair as I felt the soft buzzing spreading through her cunt, massaging the tightness of her clenching pussy and I just made out the words "Oh you fucking bad man!" escaping her lips, and could only hope no-one else heard them. She started tugging on my hair, lifting me away from her pussy and pulled me to face her, breathing heavily and half kissing, half licking my lips, inhaling her own scent from me. She slipped a finger inside herself, hooking it through the loop on the vibrator and started to ever so slowly ease it out of herself until it fell into her palm. It was small and oval, completely slick with her juices and buzzing away happily to itself in her hand as she pressed it to her aching clit and began to rub it against herself. We continued snogging heavily as my fingers once again dipped into her sopping twat, pushing right up inside her this time to finger fuck her as she played the toy all over her pussy.

All of a sudden there was a break in the onscreen dialogue, and the buzzing of the vibe seemed unbearably loud in terrifyingly quiet cinema. We panickily fumbled for the off switch, whispering and giggling again, stifling our laughter with more kissing until the film became noisy again and we dared to switch the toy back on.

When we did she almost immediately melted in my arms into a molten core of lust, trembling at every touch, gasping and shaking as another orgasm approached, her boobs pressed against my chest, our tongues deep in each other's mouths, her nails raking at my chest and stomach, grabbing at my dick, pulling her own nipples, moaning that she was going to cum, writhing in her seat, pussy gushing and tightening around my fingers, her breath hot on my neck and face, hair everywhere, gasping and panting and biting my neck and her own lip as she came, shoving her cunt down hard onto my fingers to take them as deep inside her as she could, me pushing up, working them into her juicy, spasming pussy, rubbing her tits and fucking her through the waves of pleasure that were bursting between her legs.

As she came down I brought my hand between us so we could share her juices in our mouths as we kissed for a while, until she returned to sucking my cock. We took turns pleasuring each other, pausing to smile and kiss and make fun of the film. She came maybe another two or three times on my fingers and tongue and the toy before the credits rolled.

When they finally did and the other people in the audience started waking up, we hurriedly and guiltily zipped each other up, readjusting our clothing as the lights came on, feeling like teenagers getting caught trying to fuck at a school disco, but made ourselves decent just in time and waltzed out feeling high and horny and smug for getting away with it. We went across the street to a sushi place and sat on high stools by one of those conveyor belt counters, snogging and chatting as we ate, and, seeing as the place was nearly empty, she whispered "Hey, kneel down to get something out of you bag!" and when I did she turned toward me and spread her legs wide, giving me nice long look at her gorgeous, cleanly shaven and still dripping wet pussy in the bright lights of the restaurant. I winked at her, then leant forward and ran my tongue quickly up her thigh, just brushing her pussy lips before get backing up and kissing her cheek. She groaned quietly and dug her nails into my arm and told off for being such a tease.

After we ate, we found a nearby bar and snuggled in a corner. There was another couple in our part of the bar, but we figured they wouldn't mind too much, so we positioned ourselves so my back was to them, blocking the view between Jenifer's legs as I slid my hand back up her thigh, pushing the hem of her dress up around her waist, exposing her stocking tops. Slipping a finger either side of her clit, I gently worked in circles, being careful not to rub her now extremely sensitive pussy too hard, while she sighed and leaned her head on my shoulder, whispering how good it felt, directing me to go higher, slower, to press inside her, telling me how wet she was, how wet she'd been all day in anticipation of having me inside her. This time we held hands as she came, quietly but deeply, a slow, drawn out exhalation of an orgasm, releasing all of her tension, holding my gaze and telling me she was cumming over and over as it rushed through her. And then she whispered that it was time for me to cum. So we got up, and walked around the bar (it was big and sprawling, with lots of room and balconies and suchlike) looking for a non-obvious bathroom. Luckily, there was a perfect set of toilets down a flight of steps right at the back, where no-one would think to look. She slipped into the ladies to scout it out, then stuck her hand out to grab me and pull me inside, guiding me to the cubicle at the end.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. We'd kissed and touched, wanked and sucked each other, and I was no longer even sure exactly how many orgasms I'd given her, but as the door shut behind us was the first time we'd actually been alone together. I pressed her to the wall with my full weight, letting her feel the bulge of cock against her, the warmth and firmness of our bodies pressing together, grinding our arousal against one another. I tugged at the zip of her dress, finaly taking it all the way down and off, and reached behind her to unclip her bra, letting her luscious breasts fall free, gathering them in my hands and bringing them to my mouth to tug at her nipples with my teeth as she pushed my jeans and underwear down, running her nails sensuously along my thighs. I let my gaze travel the length of her, finally just the way I wanted her, completely naked but for her boots and stockings. I lifted my shirt as she lightly scratched and stroked my chest, tracing the muscles, circling my nipples, teasing the hairs on my skin, wrapping her fingers around my stiff and throbbing sex, and kissing and licking her way slowly down my neck, following her teasing fingers with her questing tongue, across my stomach, grinning when she tickled me and made me flinch, licking slowly around my groin, circling the base of my cock, teasing me so much that I had to bite down on my shirt so as not to cry out, licking my navel and pressing her soft, warm breasts around my hardness, letting me titfuck her for a couple of strokes before finally, finally sliding her hot wet mouth all the way down on my achingly, desperately hard prick, taking it all the way until my balls touched her full, sensual lips and I groaned deep in my chest.

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