A Christmas Tart ... with a Heart


Jenny smiled, and to her surprise the smile came naturally, not one of her professional masks. She felt sorry for the young man who seemed so obviously agitated as he stole glances at her, thinking she didn't notice his appraisal. Her voice came out soft and soothing. "There really is nothing to worry about," she said. Jenny shifted in her seat and uncrossed her legs, drawing John's eyes to the fact of her stockings. "I'll take good care of you." He wasn't a bad looking bloke. And there was a vulnerability about him that Jenny, while not quite able to put her finger on it, not just then, found endearing. Maybe she was getting soft as middle age approached?

Or perhaps it was just the wine.

However, before Jenny could ponder any further what it was about John that brought out the nurturing instinct within, Avril swanned back into the room.

"Here we are, darlings," Avril drawled. "A fresh bottle and an extra glass for our guest." She filled John's glass and then proffered the bottle towards Jenny. "Top up, lovely?"

"Thanks, Avril," Jenny replied as she held her glass up.

"Now," Avril said as she settled into the leather sofa, turning her warm smile first on Jenny before moving her attention to John. "How are we getting on then? All acquainted?" Without pausing for any forthcoming answer, Avril rattled on. "May I ask, John, if it's not an impertinent question ..." She paused and sipped her own wine. "Merry Christmas!" Avril called and raised her glass in salute.

Surprised at the sudden veering off topic by Avril, John blinked and mumbled in response. "Merry Christmas," he said.

Jenny smirked, used to Avril's quirkiness, before repeating the sentiment with her own raised glass.

"As I was saying, John," Avril continued. "If I might ask ... What brings you to our house on a Christmas Eve?"

Jenny saw the evasiveness in the man's expression. Saw his eyes shift as he wriggled under the spotlight of Avril's frank appraisal. Then it dawned on her, what the vulnerable quality was, that air about him; and Jenny came to same conclusion as Avril during her telephone conversation with John earlier that morning.

This bloke's a virgin.

"I ... uh. I just fancied a little fun. That's all." Both women noticed how he couldn't look them in the face as he spoke.

With a glance at Jenny, Avril probed gently. "Are you sure there isn't ... something else, John?"

"What do you mean?" the man said abruptly. "What are you getting at?"

"I think," Jenny interjected, "what Avril's asking is ..." She paused and then, after a quick look at Avril, who nodded almost imperceptibly, "well ... is this your first time? Not just with a working girl ... Is it your first time ever?"

"Ah, shit," John cursed. "Is it that obvious?" He slumped back in the chair, wishing he was somewhere else.

Avril eased forward in her seat. She placed the wine glass on the table and rose to her feet. After moving to stand in front of John, she raised the hem of her tight skirt to mid thigh and knelt. "It's all right, John," she soothed. "You're not the first young man to visit this house with that purpose in mind." She placed a hand on the troubled man's knee. With a wink and a grin at Jenny, Avril added, "And he won't be the last either, don't you think, Jenny?"

When the blonde in the evening dress and collar gave a low chuckle, responding to Avril's question with a smile of her own, John, to his surprise, felt greatly relieved now that it was out in the open. "It's just that I'm twenty-two," John groaned. "I mean, how embarrassing is that?" He swigged at the glass goblet, draining it of Merlot in two gulps. "How sad and pathetic can I be? I've got a great job, a nice flat, but I can't get a woman to sleep with me. I have to pay for it!"

Ignoring the potential for insult at John's last, venomous sentence, Avril stroked his leg again. An idea had come to her earlier, in the kitchen as she opened a fresh bottle of red. She'd half-formed a plan before even stepping back into the lounge, and, like all good plans, it was simple.

"Well," Avril began. "That's the vulgarity about visiting a house like mine. It's a business after all. It's Jenny's job, her livelihood." Avril looked across and caught Jenny's gaze. "But," Avril continued, "If Jenny's amenable ..." She arched her eyebrows in question to Jenny as she uttered the final words. "If Jenny's happy, why then, why don't you pay the hundred pounds for the hour of her time -- as we discussed on the phone -- and I'll join in for a nice little fuck. We could have a fun threesome to properly get you initiated. On the house so to speak."

John's jaw slackened as his mouth fell open and he stared wordless at Avril.

Jenny pulled a face as though the proposal meant little to her. She shrugged. "I don't mind either way."

"What about that then, John?" Avril asked, her hand moving higher on John's thigh. "I'll sleep with you for nothing. How do you like that idea? Your first time also turns out to be your first time with two women."

Flabbergasted, John could only shake his head and splutter, "Yuh ... you mean ...? He looked from Avril to Jenny and back to Avril. "Both ...?"

"Why not?" Avril laughed. "It's Christmas Eve, I've had a drink and I'm feeling horny; the wine always makes me frisky; I could use a nice hard cock, especially one attached to a nice young man. What do you think, John? Do you have the stamina for it? I warn you, you might be here for longer than an hour trying to satisfy me." Avril squeezed the bulge in John's jeans. "And do you want to know something else?" Avril continued, "I quite fancy Jenny myself. I wonder, Jenny..." the woman added, her expression suddenly vulpine, her voice taking on a low, dark, treacly timbre as lust burst between her legs. "... I wonder if you wouldn't mind a little threesome? And, if you didn't mind too much, perhaps I could lick your cunt?"

"Fuck!" John cried out in disbelief.

Jenny considered the idea. She knew of Avril's penchant for another woman every now and again. "All part of being a debauched bastard's sex toy," Avril had explained. "The things that man used to make me do," meaning her father's friend, the man who'd seduced her. "A lot of which was really fucking fabulous, darling. So kinky!" Jenny thought for a few moments and then grinned and nodded. It would be something different to the usual routine. It wasn't like she hadn't been involved in a threeway before, but the previous occasions had been purely business, this time, with Avril, her friend, it would be more ... intimate.

Jenny warmed to the idea. The thought of it actually turned her on. She felt a long dormant flutter of excitement in her chest. "Yeah," Jenny said. "Why not?" And when she saw the delight on Avril's face, as well as the desire in the woman's eyes, she experienced a rush of liquid lust warm her vulva. "Merry Christmas!" she gasped and drained her glass.


When Jenny rose to her feet, uncurled her lovely body and slid the bootlace straps of the gown over her shoulders, with the tanned upper slopes of her breasts revealed, Avril's voice broke through to John's consciousness. He'd been staring at the promise of more of Jenny's body being exposed to his hungry, lupine stare. "I'm sorry to interrupt, John," Avril said. "But let's get the vulgar business out of the way.

"Oh, yes, sorry," the man apologised, suddenly realising Avril's meaning. He reached for his wallet and lifted five twenties from within its folds. He handed the money to Avril and, when he next turned his attention to Jenny, he gasped.

"Lovely, isn't she?" Avril murmured. A rhetorical question, more a statement of simple fact.

Jenny posed, knowing the effect her dishabille would have, especially on a virgin.

While the blonde stood there, hand on a cocked hip, John stared at Jenny's legs, shaped and toned as a dancer's, their length accentuated by the lethal heels of her shoes. He saw the tanned skin of her thighs, smooth and inviting above her stocking tops, and gaped at the cleft of her depilated sex, the inner lips of which peeped shyly from between the plumper Labia Majoris. He groaned and pawed the front of his jeans as he took in the sight of Jenny's narrow waist and the rack of her brisket, and then sighed and squeezed harder at himself, staring hungrily at the sweeping uptilt of her breasts.

"Fuck," John muttered.

"That's the idea," Avril responded. She regarded Jenny with a critical, Madam's eye. "You're a lovely colour, Jenny. At this time of year, too. Making use of the sunbed are we?" Without waiting for a reply, Avril held the wad of notes aloft. "I'll just put this away and make myself presentable." Then, following a lengthy pause, during which Avril also appraised Jenny's curves further, she added, "Take your clothes off, John. You and Jenny get acquainted. I'll join you both presently."

"You want me to take him upstairs, Av?" Jenny asked.

The mature woman's eyes swept the lounge, settled on the Christmas tree with its bright baubles and winking fairy lights. She grinned. "No, darling," she breathed. "Let's fuck in here. It feels so decadent to do it down here. We'll be comfy enough."

Alone with Jenny, John found himself at a loss as to how to proceed. "Can I touch you?" he asked timidly.

"Sure you can. Touch me anywhere you want." Jenny settled on the settee vacated by Avril and nodded at John. "But why don't you get out of those clothes. Then we can get comfortable and you can feel my boobs."

"Can I ...?" John swallowed heavily, his eyes glued to Jenny's breasts. "Can I lick you, too?" He pointed towards Jenny's vulva. "You know, down there. Can I kiss your pussy?"

"If you like," Jenny agreed. "I like it ... Being licked." Then, in a calculated move, she murmured, "I'd really like it if you'd lick my cunt, John." The man gasped, lust swelling in his throat. "Kiss my pussy and get me all wet before we fuck." She stared intently into John's face and saw the hunger there. If she wasn't careful he'd squirt jizm into his jeans. "After all, John, that's why you came to see me, isn't it? To fuck me."

"I ... I'm desperate for you," John gurgled as desire surged through him and sent him almost crazy with his need. He wanted to throw himself at the beautiful woman as she stroked her own skin and taunted him with smouldering eyes. His cock pulsed when Jenny, pouting, lifted her breasts in her palms and offered the fruit to him.

"Get undressed and then you can touch me," Jenny breathed. "You can suck my titties and feel me all over." She smirked and, with eyes feline slits, added, "And if you like, I'll suck your cock."

With a whine of desperation, lust flaring hot in his veins, John's fingers scrabbled at his clothing. Eventually, after a comedic undressing, with Jenny somehow holding back her mirth as she watched John divest himself of his clothing, he stood there, panting and naked save for his socks, an oversight during his frantic struggle to rid himself of clothing and be at the delicious woman in front of him.

"Not a good look, John," Jenny said, smiling as she pointed to John's feet. "Don't worry about it," she added when, after looking down, John's cheeks flushed scarlet. "Honestly, don't worry about it, John. I understand you're nervous as hell." Jenny draped herself across the sofa and, in a carelessly wanton gesture, let her legs fall bonelessly apart. "And you're as horny as a dog with two cocks, aren't you?" she added coarsely. Jenny slid her middle finger through the folds of her pussy. "Come on. I'm all yours. Touch me."

John groaned after he pulled off his socks, hopping on one foot and then the other. Then he stroked his erection, aroused to a fever pitch at the casual way that Jenny had flaunted herself. "Oh, God, just look at that," he gasped as he stared at Jenny, languid in repose.

"Look at you, more like," the woman replied, pointing at his engorged member. "All big and stiff and ready for me."

Suddenly concerned by his comparative naiveté, aware now, that Jenny, in her profession, must have seen ... well, she was infinitely more experienced, John experienced the typical male angst of: would he measure up?

"Is it all right?" he asked. "You know ..."

Aware of the fragility of the male ego, Jenny suppressed the urge to roll her eyes -- why did they always have to compete with each other? Men, they were just kids really, always needing to be faster, stronger or have a big fucking cock. Jenny nodded and assured John he was fine. "It's gorgeous, John. You've got nothing to worry about. It's big and hard and it'll feel so good when you fuck me."

John, however, looked doubtful. "Are you sure?" He looked down at his erection. "I mean, don't you ... working girls give it all the talk? Don't you put on a bit of an act, like? You know ... When you're doing it?"

A sudden anger flared in Jenny's chest. Of all the fucking cheek!

But, she admitted to herself, he was right. Sometimes, if it was someone less than pleasant was heaving away on top of her, of course she'd lay it on a bit thick, all the moaning and panting and fake orgasms. And then she remembered how breakable her virgin might be, and on a rush of tenderness and understanding she beckoned to John.

Crooking a forefinger at him, inviting him to come to her, she said in a quiet voice, "I promise you, John, that since this is your first time ... I won't pretend. If I moan or groan ... or climax even, then you can rest assured it's all a hundred percent genuine."

'You're so lovely," John sighed as he knelt on the carpet. "I just want this to be special."

"I'll make sure it is," Jenny said, meaning it as she reached for John's hand. "And so will Avril. Touch me," she whispered.

When his fingers touched the woman's breast for the first time, John moaned. "They're so ..." he began, both hands massaging Jenny's flesh. "I can't explain it. They feel so soft and yet spongy at the same time."

Jenny laughed, not unkindly. "They're just boobs," she said, grinning. Then, her face suddenly serious as that unfamiliar sensation pulsed between her legs, Jenny murmured, "Kiss them. Suck my nipples." The lub-lub between her legs quickened and she felt herself flooding down below. Wonders would never cease. A punter had gotten to her! She was fucking turned on by the act of sharing such a momentous occasion with John.

John mumbled and groaned and slurped at Jenny's tits. He mauled at her, the urgency of his inflamed desire overriding his usual good manners. "Fuck," he grunted. "You're so sexy. I can't believe I'm here, with you, like this." John gasped and leaned back, his eyes wide with the wonder of it. "I want to fuck you," he snarled. Tugging at his cock John scrambled between Jenny's legs. "I want to put it in," he whined. 'I'm going fucking crazy."

Surprised and a little afraid by the sudden change in the young man, Jenny pressed the palm of a hand at his chest. "Woah, baby. Down boy. Easy tiger." She nudged John's hand from his penis, replacing his fist with her long fingers. She held him down low close to his root. "Take your time. Savour the moment. That way it'll be so much sweeter when we do ... eventually ... fuck."

"But I'm so fucking hot for you!" John cried out. "I'm fucking desperate."

A voice from the doorway interrupted John's lustful eagerness: "Well, well, John," Avril said. "Aren't we the ardent one?" She pointed at the young man's erection as he rose to his feet and turned to face her.

"Oh my God ..." John gasped, taking in the sight of Avril framed in the doorway. He gaped at her, his eyes bulging as his jaw slackened. Recovering slightly, still staring at Avril, John blabbered, "I can't believe this is happening. The two of you ..."

"You approve, darling?" Avril breathed in her best Hollywood starlet fashion. She laid a languid eyelid on her cheek in a theatrical wink at Jenny. Soto Voce, in an aside to the other woman, Avril said, "Corsets, darling. Hide a multitude of sins." She then thrust her bare breasts, a comber wave of bulging tit-flesh, in John's direction. "They hide a multitude of sins while giving the girls a little extra lift. What do you think, John? Will I do for you?"

"Those tits," John sighed.

Avril laughed as she walked into the room. "You like them big, do you, darling boy?"

"I love them," John spluttered. "But you two, both of you are just so ... so ... It's perfect ... I couldn't have wished for anything better than this."

"And I'm going to fuck you because I want to, John," Avril reminded him. "You just remember that when you go out next and chat up some girl. You," Avril said emphatically, pressing a fingertip at John's chest, "can get a girl without having to pay her. I fancy you, you and your lovely cock." Avril curled her fingers around John's tumescence. "And I'm going to suck it and let you put it inside me and fuck me. Would you like me to do that, John?"

"Oh, God, yes ..."

"And, since you're a virgin and there's no chance of anything nasty passing between us, I think I'll let you fuck me bare-back. No condom. I mean, a lad's first time should be all skin to skin. What about you, Jenny?" Avril said as she squeezed the length of stiff gristle in her fist. "Are you game for him to fuck without a johnny?" Avril chuckled. "John without a Johnny ... Get it?"

Jenny considered this for a moment. "I suppose it's OK. I mean, there's no chance of him giving me anything is there?"

"Well," said Avril, chuckling again. "Only his cock. I hope he gives us his cock ... and spunk of course. I like to watch a man's face as he comes; I love to see a cock flicking spunk out of its end."

While Avril stroked his stiffness, John curled an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. He hefted the breast closest to him on one palm, marvelling at the weight. "So fucking sexy," he gasped, rolling the round, heavy orb in his fingers.

"Kiss me, John," Avril murmured. "I know it's something a lot of girls don't do, kissing, but I think you're a nice clean boy and I don't mind. Kiss me," she repeated, "it makes me wet between the legs. And then I'm going to suck your cock." She nodded at Jenny who still sat on the sofa, observing. "We'll share it between us. Both of us, John; think about that for a moment, the two of us sucking your stiffy."

John pressed his mouth to Avril's and felt her lips part. Her tongue slid into his open mouth, searching for his as he squeezed her boobs and she caressed the length of him. This was unbelievable! What a stroke of luck finding that number. Two gorgeous women, both perfect for his taste. It was going to happen. He was going to get fucked; he was going to have the pair of them -- at the same time!

The common one, Jenny, was absolutely stunning, a hot babe with a gorgeous body, while the other, Avril, OK, maybe not as physically pleasing as Jenny, but what a pair of tits; he loved their roundness and button nipples. And talk about a dirty mouth! John had to admit that the posh totty accent got him going too. He loved her sassy style and bawdy character. In fact, in spite of Avril's more rounded figure, or perhaps because of it, John found he was actually more attracted to Avril. Jenny, sexy as hell as she was, just didn't have the whole package. Not that he'd turn down the chance to lick and touch and fuck her, he wasn't crazy, it was just he preferred Avril.

He forced himself to calm down, to hold himself in check. He'd nearly gotten carried away with Jenny earlier, had almost just climbed aboard and shoved his dick into her. But she was right. Savour it, let it all happen slowly and commit every moan and taste and texture to memory. He'd be wanking off this experience for the rest of his days.

Finally, with a liquid plop, the kiss broke. Avril nudged John's chest with a hand, and the man found himself slumped next to Jenny in the sofa's embrace.

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