tagErotic CouplingsA Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember


Kandy hated wintertime, along with it's ice, snow and frigid temperatures. Here it was the middle of December, the temperature had dropped to ten degrees and there was four inches of snow on the ground. It had taken her 2 hours to drive ten miles. She cursed as she parked the car, checked the mailbox and walked toward the house with the snow biting here ankles.

All she could think about was that it would soon be Christmas and what she wanted and it was not snow. Her one wish was to fly to some exotic island and lay on the beach soaking up the suns rays and being lulled by soft ocean breezes.

She walked into the house shock of the snow, hung up her coat and sat down to look at her mail. She opened an envelope from Joe, wondering if it was a Christmas card. However she was a bit confused when she saw a postcard showing a bikini-clad woman standing on a beach, holding open the bottoms of her bikini while standing knee deep in water and hosing it off with the caption, "Cooling things down!"

Now, why in the hell would he be sending her a summer postcard in the middle of winter. She decided to give Joe a call and ask him why.

She dialed his number and Joe picked up the phone and said, "Hello sexy! What's up?"

She replied, "Why in the hell would you send me a summer postcard in the middle of winter?"

Joe replied, "It's simple doll. Do you remember your Christmas wish? You told me, you wished you could be far away beach wearing a bikini like the one on the card working on a tan."

Kandy knew she could not afford any type of trip this year and said, "You know something Joe, I totally forgot I had told you that. Now tell me what does that have to do with this postcard?"

Joe laughed and said, "Well my dear, your wish just might come true!"

Kandy giggled and replied, "Okay, what did you do win the lottery or rob a bank?"

Joe replied, "Wish I could of won the lottery, but this is better. You see two months ago I entered this contest by mail that had a prize of an expense paid trip of your choice anywhere in the world. I figured it was a hoax."

Joe did not tell her that he had checked my mail last week, I had won a legitimate all expenses paid two week trip for two. He decided it was time to see if she was into a betting game, winner takes all. As he knew he would take this sexy beauty to Hawaii for the holidays.

Joe then said, "Kandy, do you have a deck of cards handy? If so, get them. I think we will play a card game. I will draw a card, if it is the high card, my Christmas Wish will come true. If you draw high card, you will get a week for two in Hawaii. Are you up to this little wager love?"

She replied, "Okay, let me go get the cards."

She got the deck of card and said, "Ok Joe, I have the card. I must warn you that you are going to loose this hand! I just drew a card and have the Queen of Diamonds. Oh this is going to be fun, now it's your turn, pick any card and don't you dare cheat!"

Kandy's told herself that it would be nice to be away from all this snow, ice covered roads. She crossed her fingers and hoped her card was higher then his. If she won, they would go to a cabin on the beach on the Island of Maui. She also knew if he won, they would probably go to his cabin deep in the snowy pines. She shivered and said to herself, "Brrrr, I do not want to see any more damn snow, I a not a fucking snow bunny!"

Joe hated the snow too, however he did not tell her of his sneaky plan. He drew a card, and replied into the phone, " Oh fuck, four of diamonds! Looks like you win sweetheart!"

Kandy almost busted Joe's eardrums when she shouted, "Oh my God, I have never won anything in my life. When can we leave?"

Joe replied, "How about the December twenty first, that way we can spend Christmas in Hawaii. Remember to pack your purple bikini honey!"

Kandy then told Joe, "If you were here baby, I would plant a kiss on you that would curl your toes. I love you! Now, I need to go shopping. Good bye lover boy!"

Joe thought of telling Kandy that he planned the whole think making sure she would win. On the other hand, he would wait until they were on the plane to Hawaii, that way she could not get mad a go home.

Soon they were sipping Margaritas and flying toward Hawaii. Joe leaned over and told Kandy to set her drink down, he had something to tell her. He then told her about his devious plan.

Kandy looked Joe in the eyes and said, "Joe, you dirty card playing weasel. I am glad you told me, thanks for being honest." She then poked him in the ribs and said, "Better watch out, I will get even with you!"

Joe leaned back in his chair and fantasized about the two of them in bed in a secluded bungalow on a private beach. In the background, all you could hear was the song of the sea gull and waves hitting the sand. The air would be scented with the aromatic floral sent of Gardenia's.

Kandy leaned back and dreamed of the warm Hawaiian beach. She felt her nipples hardening and her clit swell as she pictured the two of them fucking under the stars on the beach. She leaned into Joe and uttered, "Oh baby, I can just imagine what will we do in the secluded cabin on the beach."

Joe just kissed her check and whispered in her ear, "Me to doll, my cock is throbbing just thinking about it. If I knew we would not get caught, you'd be joining me in the bathroom and giving me a mile high blowjob."

Kandy turned red and whispered in Joe's ear, "As loud as I am, we would get caught. Oh god, my clit is throbbing. I think I will read for a bit and try to relax. Oh hell, you know I cannot wait to fuck you!"

She then leaned back and begin reading the book she had brought along. However her mind wandered to the sensual goodies she packed. This included massage oil, flavored gels, anal lube, a blind fold and silk scarves just in case she wanted to get kinky.

Kandy must of fell asleep reading again, because the next thing she knew, Joe was tugging on her arm and saying, "Wake up sleepy head, we are just about ready to land in Hawaii."

As Kandy looked out the window she said, "Ooooh god, Joe the view of the island is so beautiful! Ocean waves slapping warm sandy beached and not a drop of snow."

They soon got off the plane, picked up there luggage and got into their rental car and drove off toward on of the luxuries hotel on the beach. Joe had reserved a private cabin, where they could even walk naked on the beach if they wanted too.

Joe checked them into the hotel and the bellboy got their luggage and let them down the pathway to the cabin. The scent of flowers, the tropical birds and the sound of the ocean made his mind wander and his dick start to swell.

They entered the room and Joe tipped the bellboy and closed the door. He then pulled Kandy into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss as his fingers roamed her sexy body.

Joe then said, "Sweetheart, I love you! You mean so much to me, I hope you are my baby for eternity."

Kandy returned his kiss and uttered, "I love you too honey. I am yours forever. Honey, let's unpack latter." "I want to feel your dick deep inside my cunt, my clit has been throbbing since we landed. "

Joe walked over to the music system and set it on some soft romantic music. He then told Kandy to get the bag of sexy goodies out of her luggage as it was fucking time.

She got the bag and laid it on the bedside table and then stripped. She then turned down the bed and asked him, "What do you have in mind lover boy?"

Joe winked and said, "Hand me that satin blindfold doll. I going to put it on you then lead you over to the bed."

Joe placed the blindfold on Kandy then laid her down gently on the bed kissing her soft sweet lips. He then asked her if she could see him and when she said no, he instructed her to relax and get ready for something soft n sexy!

Oh my God, Kandy's beautiful sensuous body was right in front of him to kiss, lick and fuck all he wanted. For now, he wanted to tantalize her first.

He reached over and took the massage oil of the bedside table and poured some in his hands. He then told he what he was going as he began rubbing her toes and feet. When he looked up, her pussy hairs glistened in anticipation.

Joe said, "Relax honey and do not talk until I tell you that you can."

He knew it was hard for her to relax, especially when she could not see what was happening. He continued the massage working his way up her legs just barely touching her skin. When he came near her pussy, he avoided it completely. He did this for a while feeling her quiver under his magical touch.

Kandy rolled her head side to side and yelled, "Oh please Joe, do my fucking cunt!"

For now Joe ignored her pleas and told her he would be back in a minute, he had to get something. He got off the bed, walked over to the bar in the corner of the room picket up the ice bucket. Returning to the bed, he told Kandy what he had and what he was going to do with a cube of ice.

Taking one of the cube's he held it over her left nipple and let the cold water hit her. She begin to squirm and shiver with excitement. He then rubbed the ice around her nipple one at a time and watched them swell and become erect. He then leaned over, took the cold nipple into his mouth, and bit it.

Joe stopped long enough to say to her, "Now don't talk yet. I know you love what I am doing to you hot tits!"

Kandy arched her back and said, "Ooooh yessssssss, please, suck my nipple Joe!"

Joe replied, "Not yet doll, now do not talk and relax."

Joe got another ice cube and trickled the cold liquid from her breasts to her hot pussy. She spread her legs wide, trembled, and moaned louder. He let the droplets tingled against her clit until the cube was completely melted. He then moved closer her so he could eat her hot pussy. He tantalized her pussy and ass with his tongue, repeatedly. She responded by spreading her legs wider and pulling his head as close to her pussy as she could without smothering him.

Kandy screamed, "OH fuck eat me! Make your baby cum!"

He slid his tongue into her and begin licking, kissing and sucking her hot hole. Then he shoved two fingers inside her as he encircled her clit with his tongue. All the sudden, he stopped and just watched her for a minute without touching her. He did this repeatedly, knowing it would intensify her climax.

Kandy started shaking uncontrollably as the earth shattering climax overtook her. When his fingers touched her clit again and when Joe slid his tongue inside her he tasted her sweet nectar.

Joe loved the feeling of vulnerability he had when they were together making love. He helped her sit up and remove the blindfold and she looked at him intense lust in her eyes. They kissed and their tongues did the dance of lovers.

Kandy wiggled her index finger and said, "Lay down Joe, it's your turn!"

Kandy took her right nipple into her mouth and bit it watching his reaction, she knew these little acts of self-pleasure turn him on more. She then grabbed his hard throbbing dick, she knew velvety fingers would make him blow his load soon. She grabbed the base of his dick and squeezed it then said, "Do you remember me telling you I will get even, Well baby, it's time to get kinky!"

Kandy then took Joe by the hand and led him over to the big bay window. Since it was not dark outside he wondered what she had in store for him.

Kandy opened the curtain and said, "I know this is a private cabin, but I see people walking on the beach. Hum, I wonder if they can see us?"

Joe realized the two of them could actually be seen and he blushed at the idea. He has never done anything this risky before. However the more he thought about it the more turned on he got. When he looked at Kandy, her nipples appear bigger and harder and her thighs are visibly wet.

She knelt in front of Joe and begin kissing and sucking his dick. Then she moved up and placed her big 42 D's around it. With her seductive green eyes looking it to his she said, "Fuck my tits Joe! I want the people to watch us! Damn, I am so fucking hot and my clit is throbbing!"

Hot-damn, Joe always got lost when looking into those sexy green eyes. He no longer cared who was watching, grabbed her head and started fucking her tits. He watched Kandy and gasped, each time the head of his dick came near her mouth, she flicked the end of it with her hot tongue. Then she placed her warm lips around the head as his dick slid between her mounds.

He could feel cum churning in his balls begging for release. He wanted to cover her body with cum. Joe threw his head back licked his lips and shouted, "Baby, I love what you are doing to my dick. Yessss, aarrgghh, harder baby, daddy is going to cum soon!"

Kandy took his hands, placed them on her tits, and continued to tantalize the head with her mouth. Joe moved his fingers so he could pinch her nipples as he fucked her tits. When he glanced down he noticed she had spread her legs and was fingering her pussy.

Oh fuck, the risk of someone seeing the two of them fucking sucking and masturbating is more then Joe could take. He screamed, "Oooooooh fuck honey, that's it play with yourself! Oh god, you know I love to watch you masturbate! Do it baby, cum for daddy!"

Kandy loved it when Joe talked dirty to her. She also loved to call him daddy. She stopped sucking and said, "Oh god daddy I am so turned on! I hope someone is watching because your cum-slut is going to cum for her daddy! Will daddy cum in my fucking mouth and make me swallow every drop?"

Joe, looked out the window and saw a man standing off to the side in the bushes with his hand inside his pants. It was obvious he was playing with his dick.

Joe whispered something to Kandy and she turned so the man could see her fingering her hot cunt. She then glanced at the guy out of the corner of her eye and saw him drop his pants and openly jack his dick hard.

Kandy then screamed loud hoping the man watching could hear her, "Oh fuck, I love it!" Then she whispered at Joe, "Do you see the man watching us over there? I hope he can see everything! Oh my god I love watching him jacking off?"

Joes replied, "Yes, I see him! I want you to cum while he is watching you baby!

Kandy then moved and got the chair near then and sat in the window making sure the guy outside could see everything. She told Joe to fuck her mouth as she spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit. The action of Joe fucking her mouth, the guy watching was more then she could take. Kandy closed her eyes and yelled, "Oh daddy, fuck I'm cumming!"

Kandy begin to shake with her climax and Joe could not hold back, he exclaimed, "Oh fuck, I am cumming!" With so much cum it squirts out of her mouth onto her face and nipples. She eagerly tries to swallow every luscious drop as she sucks hard draining his balls.

As they watch, the guy outside cums too. The guy then gives them the thumbs up and left.

Joe pulled Kandy into his arms and said, "I love you baby! God you are awesome I cannot wait to fuck you outside in the open under the stars. I am sure we can find a secluded spot on the beach. Merry Christmas Kandy!"

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