tagGroup SexA Christmas Treat Ch. 3

A Christmas Treat Ch. 3


Amy mounted Jack and started to ride him fast and furious while Jack sucked on her beautiful titties. Mark could tell Amy was close to cumming and he, himself, was getting close to cumming in Megan's mouth, so helped her up and turned her around doggie style on the floor. He guided his hard cock into her wet, hot pussy and began to take long, slow strokes. Soon both ladies were on the verge of cumming. Amy and Megan began cumming at the same time, digging their nails into their partner's chests. Their moans began to send the men over the top.

Amy climbed off of Jack and leaned over the chair, Jack following close behind with his cock in his hand. He easily guided it back into her juicy pussy and began to take slow, deep strokes. Mark thought this was a good time to switch positions and told Megan to lie on the floor. She got down on the floor and spread her legs in the air, inviting Mark. Mark didn't hesitate in driving home his cock into her waiting pussy, and proceeded to fuck her as fast as he could. He was just about to cum when Jack brought up a great idea. "Wanna switch?" he asked. Megan looked back at Mark with a lust in her eyes he hadn't seen since the day they had met. Mark couldn't help but say yes. "Sure, but we gotta sit there and watch each other." Jack replied, "Deal."

Amy and Mark sat out first, sitting on the couch and fondling each other as Megan began to suck Jack's huge. He was bigger than she was used to so could only manage to suck the tip. After several minutes so lay down on the floor and guided his cock into her pussy. Never having had such a large cock inside her before, she came while his cock was only half way inside her. As she came, Jack stayed motionless, letting her adjust to his size. Once she began to rock her hips in order to fuck herself with his cock, he began to take long deep strokes. Megan went wild and began to flop around on the floor as she began to experience her strongest orgasm ever. Jack could feel her pussy starting to clinch onto his cock and began to fuck her faster, wanting to cum with her.

In only a few seconds, he could feel himself start to cum and grunted, "I'm gonna cum!" She replied, "Yesssss, cum baby, cum deep inside me. I wanna feel you fill me with your load!" Both Megan and Jack came at the same time, Megan nearly standing up as she arched her back. As they both began to calm down, Jack collapsed onto the floor next to her and began to suck on her lovely breasts as they watched Amy and Mark get started.

Amy and Mark didn't waste any time getting it on. They were so hot and bothered from having just watched their partners fuck, that Mark's cock was nearly a blur as he fucked her from behind doggie style on the couch. "God ya. Fuck me!" she screamed as she fingered her clit. "Fuck my pussy hard. Aaaaaaah!" Mark could feel Amy's pussy grasp his cock and nearly pull him in with each stroke. "Aaww ya."

He could feel his balls tightening up and new that in another few seconds he'd be cumming deep inside of her. Amy felt his cock growing inside her fiery hot pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me, cum for me, baby. I want to feel it explode. Ram it deep." That sent him over the edge, and with a series of grunts and short fast strokes, he came deep inside her. As the last of his seed filled her, he drove his cock deep and fast into her cunt until she came "Yeeeessssss! Oh ya, fuck me! Uuuuggghhhh!"

Mark collapsed onto the couch beside her and tried to catch his breath. Amy quickly went down on him, trying to get him hard again. She still wanted a cock deep inside of her. He lay down beside her in a 69 position and began to lick her pussy. "Mmm ya. Lick that pussy. Finger fuck me!" Amy's talking dirty to him and the lovely smell of her pussy began to get him hard again. In another few moments, he was hard as a rock. Amy didn't waste any time. She mounted him and began to ride him hard. "Ya, that's right, I'm gonna fuck you like this until I cum.

Then I'm going to suck you dry." She said. With that, she began to cum again, digging her nails into his chest. As she began to cum, Mark shoved a finger up her ass. She screamed as she came and drew blood on his chest. "God yes, fuck my ass with your finger. Huuuuuuugghhhh!" She sat motionless on his cock for a moment, waiting for her head to stop spinning. Then she climbed off of him and proceeded to stroke his cock and suck it as quickly as she could. "I want you to cum on my tits," she said. Mark lay there in Heaven as she gave him the best blowjob he'd ever gotten. He'd have to have her give Megan a few pointers.

Suddenly the thought of seeing Megan and Amy lick each other's pussy came into his mind and he began to cum. Amy swallowed every last drop of cum and then proceeded to suck his cock until he was completely spent. As Amy rolled over to look at her boyfriend, a thought came to Mark. "What are you guys doing for New Year's?"

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