tagRomanceA Christmas Wish Ch. 03

A Christmas Wish Ch. 03


As the plane landed Josh gently shook Megan's arm, "Honey, we're here. Time to wake up, sleepyhead."

Dazed and tired, Megan woke with a yawn as she watched passengers file out of the plane. They remained until everyone had exited. Then Josh stood to help Megan with her carryon bag and then led her into the airport.

"Just follow me and stay close. I don't want to lose you in here, this place is huge." Josh said as he grasped her hand and held her close as they walked to the exit to meet their ride to the resort.

"What about our luggage?" Megan asked as they walked outside.

"Don't worry, the resort is handling that for us, isn't that great? We don't have to wait in that long line and search for suitcases. The concierge said they would deliver the bags to us in our room." Josh told her after he spotted their ride. "C'mon, over here. Are you ready to start our vacation of a lifetime?" He pulled her close for a heated kiss as the driver walked around the vehicle to open their door.

Megan was speechless, not only from Josh's kiss but the scenery as well. The weather was balmy, yet a comfortable temperature. The sky was the deepest blue she'd ever seen and the contrast of the fluffy white clouds looked as if they were painted by hand and stuck up there for the effect.

As they waited for two other couples taking the same vacation to get seated, the driver introduced himself. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. I would like to welcome you to Tahiti. I will be your driver and my name is Nick," the driver said as he pulled away from the airport heading for the first stop.

Megan couldn't believe her eyes. She was still sleepy from the long flight yet she didn't want to close her eyes and miss anything. The scenery was spectacular. Plush green velvet blanketed the mountainside as far as the eye could see. The flowers were bright and vibrant and there was a smell of sweetness to the air.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, if you would please follow me," Nick said as he led them to the helicopter that would take them to their first Island. "Have a wonderful stay." Nick waved to them as the helicopter took off.


"Oh my God! Josh, how did you plan all this without my knowing?" Megan asked as he carried her to the building where they would spend the first three days of their trip.

"I just wanted us to have a fresh start. I knew we both needed something to get our mind off the past and plan for our future together."

"I can't believe how romantic you are. I love you Josh Hill," Megan said as she observed her new surroundings. "So, this will be home for the next three days? I absolutely love it!" She cried as she embraced Josh.

The large hut style building set off the beach was secluded from a string of other huts. The interior was like that of a five star hotel, hut style. There weren't any carpets but the wood floors were polished, almost appearing as if they were wet. There was a sitting room, a kitchen, a bathroom and secluded bedroom. A porch extended the sitting room to the sand when the doors were opened.

Megan was in heaven. Josh was just happy to see her finally enjoying herself.

"So, should we break in the room?" Josh asked biting his lower lip. If he remembered correctly, this always excited his wife to no end.

To say the least, he remembered correctly and she ran up to him and jumped into his arms, covering him in kisses as she pressed her body against his. "I'm ready when you are. I don't know about breaking in the room but I'm sure willing to break in the bed," she said seductively, then pressed her lips to his and sucked his lower lip into her mouth gently.

Unlike the animalistic passion they shared before she went on the pill, this night was delicate, romantic and full of seductive surprises for both Josh and Megan as they "made love" for the first time in a long time.


Josh and Megan seldom left their hut on the Island of Moorea during their three-night stay. However, they did get in some sight-seeing and beach activity during the early hours of the afternoon on their second day.

The time passed quickly and before either realized, it was time to go to the second island, Bora Bora. Once again, Nick picked them up and dropped them off at the helicopter pad for the remainder of their vacation.

This island was more beautiful than the last. Megan didn't think that was possible until she saw it with her own eyes. The sand seemed softer to her bare feet, and whiter, too. It was the off-season so congestion from visitors was sparse.

"I can't believe it! It looks like we have the whole Island to ourselves, Josh," Megan said as she ran down the beach to the pier that led to their home for the next four days. "We're staying there?" Megan asked quietly, stunned by the view.

"Yes, Dear. Right at the end of our very own pier," Josh told her as he pulled her into him and nibbled on her neck and ear as she gazed out over the sparkling blue water.

This time they didn't have to leave their hut at all. Room service was delivered for breakfast and dinner and the view was so spectacular neither wanted to leave anyway.

The interior of the hut was immaculate. The set up was similar to their first hut, except this one had a spa and a king sized bed. The couple opted to forgo the massages that were included with their package. "I can give her a massage, but thanks anyway." Josh told the bellhop.

"Oh Josh, I can't believe we are here. It's so peaceful. Thank you for bringing me here. I love you so much." Megan said lovingly as she clasped her hand in Josh's and led him to the spa.

The temperature of the water was invigorating until Josh adjusted the faucet, using more hot water than cold. Megan slid in first but waited for Josh to take his seat before she repositioned herself in his lap, her back against his chest.

Ever since their days of dating Megan had loved this position. Each time, Josh would begin at her neck and in small circles massage gently, down her neck across her shoulders to her arms and then around to her front, paying special attention to her breasts and sensitive nipples. This was her night. Everything he did, each movement was intended solely for her pleasure alone, although he did find pleasure in pampering his wife.

After a fair amount of gently pleasing her nipples, Josh would heighten the pleasure with just the right amount of pain. The moment Megan's hands would reach for the edge of the spa so she could arch her back and push her breasts outward, Josh would ease his cock into her waiting pussy.

Nothing was rushed during this time, yet each movement was executed with precision to deliver a powerful orgasm. As his cock brushed against her g-spot, the fingers of one hand would stimulate her clit as the other hand alternately teased her protruding nipples.

Josh would then use his forearm to lift his wife, only to gently release her so she would slide back down his length. Megan was in heaven. Stimulation in several areas at once had her panting and squirming until eventually she would tense, and then as if she had a time limit before they had to get out of the spa, she would ride her husband furiously until her orgasm rocked through her.

With a pounding heart and gasps, which answered that fateful question, "Did you cum?" Megan melted against Josh as both came down from the high of their release. Then it was time to get out of the spa and take things to the bedroom.

Their time on the second island passed much too quickly, just as before. And far too soon it was time to head home; yet, it allowed plenty of time for Josh and Megan to rekindle their relationship and their love life.


Once home again Josh and Megan soon settled into a comfortable routine of work and play as they continued rebuilding their relationship.

"Oh God!" Megan exclaimed after coming from the bathroom, bloodstained jeans in her hand. "I don't know what's wrong, but I have to call the doctor right away." As she reached for the phone Josh took her soiled jeans to the laundry room and placed it in cold water.

"What did the doctor say?"

"He wants me to come to the hospital right away."

"The hospital? Why there? Why not his office? What's wrong? Damn it! Tell me what he said!" Josh's tone a little harsher than it should have been.

"I will tell you when you calm down. You don't see me all in a panic, do you? Okay, are you calm? Are you gonna let me finish now?" Megan grabbed her shoes and purse. "He's not at his office today. He's scheduled at the hospital. Remember he's a surgeon as well as my doctor."

"Okay. I'm all right now. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I didn't mean to scare you, sweetheart. Are you ready to go now?" Josh asked as he searched for his keys.

"Yes, I'm ready to go now, but I will drive. You are still too upset to be behind the wheel anyway."

Megan drove to the hospital and asked for her doctor at the emergency room information desk. After the woman paged her doctor and learned what was troubling Megan, she was told to sit in a wheel chair and taken into the back.

"Someone will come out and talk to you as soon as we know what's going on with your wife, sir." The nurse said calmly.

As Josh waited for news concerning his wife, the receptionist gave him a stack of forms to complete for insurance purposes. Then he phoned Peggy, who came immediately.

When Peggy walked through the doors of the ER, her face as pale and she was trembling. "I feel sick to my stomach, Josh. Please tell me what's happening with my baby girl."

"All I know is what I saw. She's okay as far as I know. As a matter of fact she drove us here. Anyway, she was in the bathroom putting towels away or something and all of a sudden I heard her cry out '"Oh no!"' She returned to the living room with blood soaked pants in her hand and called her doctor who told her to come here immediately. Then they wheeled her back there and I haven't heard anything else since then. That was over two hours ago. I wasn't worried then, but I'm starting to worry now. What could be taking so long unless something is terribly wrong?" Josh panicked and began to ramble on.


"Okay Megan, are you ready to hear the results of your tests?" her doctor asked. His smile turned to a look of concern when another nurse brought in more results.

"I want Josh in here with me. Is my mother here yet? I know Josh called her." Megan asked worried about the results.

The doctor left to get Josh and Megan's mother and then started with the test results. "At first we thought that perhaps you hadn't taken your medicine as directed, which would explain the hemorrhaging, but then we did a couple more tests and guess what young lady?"


"Well it seems that you are pregnant!" the doctor said surprised himself of the news.

Initially the look on Megan's face was sheer horror but then as she said the words over in her head, she began to smile. Josh was just numb. He didn't want to go through yet another miscarriage, but he did want his wife to be happy. If trying to carry this baby to full term would make her happy, then he would deal with whatever lie ahead, because he loved her that much.

"Well, it's up to you, Megan. You know the consequences of this pregnancy, are you willing to take the chance, or we can terminate it right now?" the doctor asked and waited patiently for her response, although he already knew what that would be.

"Yes," she said without even looking at her husband or mother. "Yes, I'm ready. I want this baby so much doctor. I know I will have special rules and will do whatever you say, except terminate it."

Megan was sent home with specific orders to remain in bed except to get up for someone to change her sheets and to come to the hospital for her check-ups.

"I don't want anything to go wrong this time, so on the days of your appointments, I will send an ambulance to pick you up and bring you back home. Is that understood?" The doctor looked at Josh sternly and then back at Megan to make certain they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Megan's mother volunteered to help Josh out whenever she could and even agreed to pay half of the bill if he wanted to hire a full time nurse to look after her daughter.

"Let me check into what the insurance will pay on that first, but thanks for the offer, mom." Josh held his wife's hand.

"Do you have any questions before I release you, Megan?" the doctor asked

"Just one. How am I going to go to the bathroom if I can't get out of bed?" she asked slightly embarrassed.

"I will explain that to Josh, he'll help you and when the time comes where you're too big to turn over easily I will insert a catheter."


Josh and Peggy were sent home with Megan's instructions and were told to call the front desk when the house was ready for Megan. As soon as the call was received Megan was moved from the ER to the ambulance and brought back home.

The paramedics carried her into the living room where Josh and Peggy had set up a make shift bedroom. They moved the sofa and replaced it with her bed along with other things on the list that she might need.

"Okay, Mrs. Hill, we will be back in two weeks to pick you up for your first check-up, okay? If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the number on the back of that card we gave your husband and an ambulance will be here in no time." The paramedic wished them the best of luck and headed back to the ambulance.


Seven months passed and Megan was still with child. She felt fine and each visit to her doctor brought her that much closer to her dream of motherhood. Josh busied himself with setting up furniture in the nursery, and Peggy stopped by daily to check on her daughter as well as bring Josh dinner.

"Sweetheart? Are you feeling okay?" Josh asked Megan when she appeared to be in a daze during a conversation they were having about curtains for the nursery.

He watched her closely for further symptoms, but as quickly as the first signs appeared they disappeared and he didn't give it another thought. That is until two days later when she did it again, this time the symptoms lasted longer and Josh became concerned.

"Peggy, I'm calling the ambulance. I think something is wrong!" Josh said trying to remain calm and care for his wife.

"Hey, something's wrong with Megan!" Josh yelled into the phone when the hospital dispatcher picked up. "I need an ambulance at 134 Clifton Avenue, stat!" he said as he checked on Megan a second time to see if there had been any changes. Nothing. "I need to have Doctor Phillips paged and meet us in the ER. Something's wrong with my wife, Megan Hill." Josh ended the call when he saw the flashing lights of the ambulance.

"What's wrong sir?" the paramedic asked as he and his partner wheeled the gurney into the house.

"I'm not sure, she's not responding. At first I thought she was sleeping, but that's not the problem, I know it." Josh said in a panic.

"Meet us at the ER," the paramedic began to say only to be interrupted when Josh demanded he ride with his wife.

"Her mother is meeting me there, I'll have a ride home, but now I'm riding with you. I'm not going to leave Megan for a minute," Josh grasped Megan's hand.


The doctor met Josh and the ambulance at the ER as expected and a team of doctors rushed Megan into the back. Someone came out to speak with Josh to get as many details as he could remember then ran to the back with the information.

Several hours later the doctor called them to the back and told them Megan had been admitted into the intensive care unit on the sixth floor. "She's in a coma. We believe it was caused by diabetes."

"She doesn't have diabetes," Josh stammered, confused that the doctor had mixed up his wife's chart with another patient's. "She's never had diabetes, doctor. What's going on here?"

Josh was beginning to panic. He knew he never should have let his wife decide to keep the baby when they first learned she was expecting. "If this kills her I'll never forgive myself," he cried silently in the corner of the waiting room as Peggy spoke to the medical staff in the ICU.

She returned to Josh and attempted to console him.

"There was nothing you could have done that would have changed this. The doctors said some women develop a hormone that controls the amount of insulin a body will accept and Megan had that hormone. However, they did say they can control her diabetes and once under control she will most likely come out of the coma on her own."

Josh never left her side. He read to her and sang to the baby growing inside her. It took several weeks, but eventually the doctors and nurses had everything under control.

"Once she is stabilized, we will watch for signs of improvement. All her organs are functioning, so we have no immediate concerns with the baby, but we will do an ultrasound weekly to avoid potential problems."

"Hi, Mr. Fox. This is Josh Hill. I need to take a leave indefinitely," Josh told his boss and then explained the circumstances in more detail.

"We'll be praying for her, son. You just go and take care of your wife. I'll take care of the paperwork for the insurance and family leave," his boss said. Josh thanked him and returned to his wife.

It had been almost six weeks to the day that Megan was brought into the hospital. Josh seldom left her side. His vigil continued around the clock; he talked to her and told her all the things they had yet to do, and recalled the memories of their last vacation.

Sleep came often for Josh, but only in spurts for brief periods of time, never for an entire night. At the end of the sixth week, when his body couldn't take anymore, Josh fell asleep as he leaned against the side of Megan's hospital bed. His head rested on the mattress and his torso pressed against the rail--his hand still around hers.

He wasn't asleep for long when he felt someone touch his hand. He jerked up but no one was there. Still feeling sleep call him, he rested his head on the rail and drifted into sleep once again.

Within what seemed like only moments, Josh felt a pressure on his hand a second time. This time he sat up and looked directly at Megan's hand.

Did she move? Did she move her fingers, or am I just imagining all this? He thought to himself as he glanced around the room. When his eyes locked with hers, he jumped up and ran out of the room.

"Doctor! Nurse! Anyone, come now! She's aw - - ake!" he stammered in his cry for help. He hoped for the best, yet worried it was all just a horrible dream, and that his world would continue to crumble around him. He stood back and let the doctors examine Megan.

"That was her hand you felt, son," the older doctor said as he tried to explain the situation to Josh. "She's trying to come back to you, but her brain isn't quite ready yet."


Two more weeks passed, yet she was still in a coma. The doctors monitored the development of her baby closely. "It's almost time for her to deliver," Josh overheard a nurse tell the intern.

The two walked into the hall and continued the conversation. Josh wanted to know what was being said so he walked to the door to listen. He caught only a few words; "cesarean," "natural birth," and "hope for the best."

The nurse noticed Josh as he listened in and returned to the room, ready to answer his questions.

"Okay Mr. Hill, you know the baby is due any day now. Do you have any questions?" she asked him before she went into Megan's diagnosis and plans for her delivery.

Josh had many questions. So many things were unclear that he didn't know where to start. He paced the room with his hands at the sides of his head.

"Come, let's sit and I will tell you what the doctor's plans are."

The nurse spoke in medical terms that confused Josh and he stopped her in mid-sentence. "Wait," he stood from his chair and grabbed his head once more. "Tell me in English, please. I don't understand all this medical talk."

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