tagHow ToA Chronological Story Listing

A Chronological Story Listing


A Chronological Listing of my Literotica Stories.

This is not a story or even a typical “How To” essay, but rather a “When It Happened” guide. This Chronological Listing of my Literotica stories enables readers to follow our experiences in the order that they occurred. Because story links exist inside this file, one click takes you directly to each story or chapter. This provides an alternate to my submissions page where titles are in alphabetical order and submission dates are out of sequence.

In this list, extra text offers a synopsis for each story. Doing so provides broader detail than the story’s one line description to help readers decide if the content piques their interest or not. For some stories, spoilers tell what parts are fantasy.

I also give the actual calendar month or period for each story. Some stories cover a long time period with other stories providing episodic events that happened within that period. Two stories are two points of view of the same event and two stories separately describe what my husband and I did on the same night with different lovers. I use an indented format to give visual clues to show when a story happened at the same time as another.

Whereas most of my stories are personal experiences that created the need for this listing, I have a few that are totally about fictional characters in sexual fantasies. Rather than leave them out of this document, I have grouped them into a separate list in a section at the end.

I will submit revised versions of this listing as I submit new stories to Literotica, ensuring that this list is always current and complete.

Stories Based On Our Life Experiences.

Subject: Once Upon A Time...
Period: Jun 1966 - May 1972

My life has been very much like a fairy tale and I want to mention the time before what is covered by Literotica stories. In 2008, I began writing short comments and longer blogs about my sexual experiences. Those initial compositions led to writing a novel about my sexual awakening that is a prequel to all Literotica stories. In 2011, we came to Literotica to expand my writing repertoire and to reach a broader reader base with more discerning tastes. Literotica readers have witnessed the evolution of our sexual relationship.

I met my husband before I started high school. Thanks to his remarkable desire to keep me chaste until I graduated, we remained virgins throughout the first four years of our courtship while we explored our awakening sexual natures. After we consummated our love, we discovered the breadth of our sexual interests while we prepared to become husband and wife. We have been married since January 1972.

Title: Summer Fun at the Lake
Description: Sexual fun begins with my boyfriend.
Month: Aug 1969
Synopsis: I had just turned eighteen. On a vacation with my boyfriend (Jack) and his family, I was surprised by what happened with his morning wood.

SPOILER: No sex except a petting orgasm and witnessing a nocturnal emission.

Title: Consummating My Love
Description: We take our teenage love to the deepest level.
Month: Aug 1970
Synopsis: I had just graduated high school and turned nineteen. I visited my boyfriend where he was training in Texas. We planned and had our first intercourse.

Title: Sex in the White Sand
Description: Cavorting nude in the desert to entice my husband.
Month: Mar 1972
Synopsis: As newlyweds, we get carried away outdoors, having sex two times against our car, a short distance off the highway.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-01
Description: Why he gave me a hall pass.
Period: May 1972 - Sept 2013
Synopsis: Covers the monogamous period (41 years) of our marriage. There is some oral sex experimentation with close friends and a cousin in the first few years. Raising a family and our careers takes center stage. Health, financial, and family problems eventually deteriorate our marriage. We lose jobs, our home, and my business. We separate and almost get divorced but reconcile. Retirement is wonderful but sex is limited by his health. Jack gives me permission to have sex with other men.

Title: Getaway Weekend
Description: A wife begins her exhibitionism.
Month: Sept 1998
Synopsis: Written by my husband from his point of view. For his 50th birthday, we stay at a hotel. I masturbate semi-naked on a balcony while a stranger watches. We fuck in front of the cleaning maid. Various other exhibitionistic events are described.

SPOILER: The food service waiter did not masturbate-ejaculate on my chest during this weekend. That did happen to me, but a year later at different hotel.

Title: Hawaiian Loving
Description: Sex galore on Waikiki.
Month: Dec 2001
Synopsis: I have sex with several men and my husband while on vacation in Oahu. In a clothing store fitting room, sex with a man turns into a threesome with my husband. Three strangers grope me to orgasm on a bus. I fuck an old sailor in an outdoor hot tub. I do a lot of flashing.

SPOILER: Mostly fantasy. Although inspired by people and situations that did happen on our 30th wedding anniversary vacation, I didn’t have intercourse with anybody but my husband in real life. I did touch a young man’s penis in a dressing room and gave a handjob to an elderly man in an outdoor whirlpool. I did do much of the flashing that is mentioned.

Title: Meeting Leilani
Description: A willing maid enhances our Hawaiian vacation.
Month: Jan 2002
Synopsis: We meet a fun young maid at the end of our 30th wedding anniversary vacation. She sees Jack naked and likes to arouse him. She agrees to role-play; Jack masturbates over her naked body. Following that, I have oral sex with her and Jack fucks her.

SPOILER: Mostly true. Everything up to masturbating over her actually happened. But, Jack fucked me afterward instead while Leilani watched and jilled. She brought condoms to the tryst and wanted to fuck Jack but he chose me over her.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-02
Description: She got me drunk and then seduced me.
Month: Oct 2013
Synopsis: A co-worker comes out to me, comes on to me, and seduces me. I have 69 with her and possibly strap-on penetration. I didn’t tell my husband about this until months later.

Title: The Biker Ch-01
Description: Watching an exhibitionist masturbate.
Month: Nov 2013
Synopsis: On a bicycle trail, I observe an exhibitionist exposing his cock, I encourage him to masturbate while I watch. I mention the encounter to my husband.

Title: The Biker Ch-02
Description: Meet me at the same place.
Month: Dec 2013
Synopsis: While with my husband on a bicycle trail, I meet the biker again. With my husband watching, I fellate the young stranger.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-03
Description: Grandma gets a massage happy ending.
Month: Apr 2014
Synopsis: I get a massage from a masseur named Roberto. I demand and get a happy ending. I didn’t tell my husband about this until months later.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-04
Description: Massage leads to sex with the masseur.
Month: May 2014
Synopsis: I go for another massage, undraped this time. Roberto performs cunnilingus on me. I beg to be fucked and I am. Roberto is my first extra-marital lover after 42 years of marriage. Even though I had my husband’s permission to have this sex, I didn’t tell my husband about it until months later.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-05
Description: Roberto works me over.
Month: Jul 2014
Synopsis: On the July 4th holiday, while my husband helps a friend, I go for another massage. After a regular massage and happy ending, the masseur takes me to his shower where I fellate him. In his bedroom for several hours, we have sex three times. I didn’t tell my husband about this until the next day.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-06
Description: Admissions to my husband.
Month: Jul 2014
Synopsis: I finally come clean, telling my husband about the lesbian co-worker and sex with my masseur. These were very emotional moments for both of us.

SPOILER: No sex.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-07
Description: A surprise visitor shows up at my massage.
Month: Jul 2014
Synopsis: I go for another massage. Roberto fucks me doggy-position on the massage table early in the massage instead of after. The story is 100% true but written to surprise the reader (as I was). The spoiler reveals the surprise so I suggest you don’t read further until completing the story.

SPOILER: In the middle of my second orgasm, my husband walks into the room. He’s aroused seeing me and I take him in my mouth. I’m spitroasted by them; they take turns at each end. After they give me a four-hand massage, Roberto fucks me again while Jack watches.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-01
Description: Jack gets acquainted with Cindy.
Month: Aug 2014
Synopsis: Written by me from my husband’s point of view. A woman flashes Jack at the community pool. Flirting in the presence of her husband, they become acquainted (and physical). Jack learns she is a masseuse, jointly owning a spa with her husband. He keeps me abreast of the developments.

SPOILER: No sexual content except exhibitionism and touching.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-02
Description: Jack gets introductory massage.
Month: Aug 2014
Synopsis: Written by me from my husband’s point of view. Before her spa is officially open, Cindy gives Jack a legitimate, draped massage that turns sexual only at the end. They perform 69 but Jack has difficulty achieving his orgasm. He keeps me abreast of the developments.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-03
Description: Jack gets fucked in the end.
Month: Aug 2014
Synopsis: Written by me from my husband’s point of view. Jack goes to Cindy’s newly opened spa, hoping to fuck her after receiving my blessings to go for it. He meets the beautiful receptionist, Barbie, who gives him a mutually naked table shower while Cindy finishes another customer. Cindy and Barbie blindfold Jack and give him a four-hand massage. After the massage, they talk Jack into letting Barbie take him in the ass with a strap-on while he fucks Cindy. The story is 100% true but written to surprise the reader (as Jack was). The spoiler reveals the surprise so I suggest you don’t read further until completing the story.

SPOILER: It wasn’t Barbie wearing the strap-on; it was I. I had arranged to be there as he had at my massage with Roberto. Jack’s first extra-marital intercourse is a bizarre foursome with three women and includes strap-on anal penetration.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-08
Description: Behind my husband's back.
Month: Aug 2014
Synopsis: This story is my point of view, relating how I came to be the one taking my husband’s anal cherry in the previous story. I meet Cindy and her husband to arrange Jack fucking her while I watch. I discover Cindy and Dave are swingers and I fuck Dave in front of Cindy to demonstrate my open marriage. They introduce me to Barbie and suggest the strap-on with the surprise twist. I learn how to use it by practicing on Dave. This story includes my involvement in the massage/fuck at the spa.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-04
Description: Swings and misses.
Month: Aug 2014
Synopsis: Written by me from my husband’s point of view. Jack and I have a private swapping session with Dave and Cindy. Jack thrills Cindy with his cunnilingus skills. After fucking her to one orgasm, he loses his erection without ejaculating. My fellatio on Dave ends in disaster as I gag and vomit trying to deep throat him. Barbie comes home and has a successful session with Jack. He shows her his oral skills and has his best copulation in years, witnessed by Cindy and Dave while I sleep on the couch.

SPOILER: This story shows the realism of older people having unsuccessful sex.

Title: The Biker Ch-03
Description: A cock too beautiful to resist.
Month: Sept 2014
Synopsis: Alone on the bike trail, I encounter Lance the biker. We have an unspoken, common intention and ride together to our spot. Experienced and willing, I fuck him reverse-cowgirl but he ejaculates too soon to satisfy me. I clean him up and we have another fuck doggy-style that lasts much longer. We are observed by passing cyclists. He asks for help with his premature ejaculation problem.

Title: The Horny Horticulturist
Description: Man from the garden center examines my flowers.
Month: Sept 2014
Synopsis: I stop at a garden center for an insecticide. A helpful associate offers to inspect my plant after work. The way he pervs my biking clothing, I decide to give him a real show. Jack is home, records the indoor scene on our webcam, and watches while hiding. I give the man head but he wanted more, not taking no for an answer. Jack has to send him on his way.

SPOILER: Only half true. He didn’t even get the blowjob. He might have gotten that and more but he smelled and was rude. I did jerk him off for his troubles but he insisted on getting more. Jack chasing him away is true. We have deleted the webcam recording (also true) because of the danger of it going public or found by our kids.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-05
Description: Jack and his wife attend their first swingers party.
Month: Sept 2014
Synopsis: Written by me from my husband’s point of view. Despite the ugly parts of our swapping practice, we go to a five couple party at a hotel. Jack performs cunnilingus and has successful intercourse while watching me fuck his partner’s husband in the same room. After watching two bisexual women, he has successful 69 to mutual orgasms with a second woman. He sees me spitroasted by two men in the same room.

SPOILER: This story shows the realism of older people having swinger sex, and depicts how such parties really go down. This is not studs and beauties, not nightlong orgies, but successful sex all around this time.

Title: The Biker Ch-04
Description: Schooling the young stud begins.
Month: Oct 2014
Synopsis: I agree to help him try to control his early ejaculation. We meet and have supper at the restaurant he manages. In a hotel room, we have romantic preparations and unrushed intercourse.

Title: The Biker Ch-05
Description: He likes to fuck old ladies.
Month: Oct 2014
Synopsis: This chapter is a continuation of the overnight tryst begun in chapter 4. We shower together, then talk about our backgrounds and experiences. We have another round of sex. He tries cunnilingus for the first time under my direction. He does well and then fucks me hard. After a nap, I discover him on the balcony smoking pot. I toke too and then we have sex on the balcony, observed by another couple.

SPOILER: I discover Lance has incestuous feelings for his mother and grandmother. He even once fucked his mother while she was passed out. I decline morning sex because I was too sore from his long cock and my old pussy was unaccustomed to so much fucking.

Title: New Game in Town Ch-06
Description: Cindy and Barbie entertain Jack while Sandy meets her lover.
Month: Oct 2014
Synopsis: This chapter describes Jack having sex with Cindy and Barbie on the same night I am with Lance the biker in a hotel. Jack busts out his A-game, has intercourse with Cindy on her bathroom vanity, and eventually sixty-nine to orgasm on her bed. Jack returns to our home with Cindy, Dave, and Barbie to smoke pot. Cindy and Dave return home while Barbie stays for jetted-tub fun but Jack cannot get hard. Fellatio also leaves him limp so he takes control. He binds Barbie to the bed and blindfolds her. Told entirely from Barbie’s limited point of view, she is subjected to weird orgasms from something inside her vagina. Later she is fucked by a large cock. In the early morning hours, Barbie takes advantage of Jack’s morning wood to fuck him in our bed.

Title: The Biker Ch-06
Description: Invited to meet his mother.
Month: Nov 2014
Synopsis: Needing to have his own female partner in order to be invited to a swinger party, Lance comes up with an idea. Lance informs me that his mother would like to meet my husband and me. She greets us in the nude, surprising even her son. She tests us, talking frankly about Lance and I having sex. She further tests me by fellating Jack in front of me. She agrees to be Lance’s ‘partner’ at the next swinger’s party.

Title: Spreading My Wings Ch-09
Description: Greeting the New Year by having sex with eight people.
Month: Dec 2014
Synopsis: This story could fit in any of my three story series because it involves my biker lover, our swinger club, and an incredible amount of sex for me. A little pre-party fun brands the biker’s leggings with my lip-print on his cock bulge. In a fellatio contest, I didn’t win but I finish my partner by swallowing his cum. Jack and I initiate a new couple to swinging, sharing one bed. When my encounter is over quickly, another man who was observing the action, steps forward to be my second fuck of the night. I negotiate a three couple swap for my third fuck. A stranger comes into pee while I am freshening up in the bathroom. Touching leads to cunnilingus and then my forth fuck, the best of the night.

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