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A Cigarette


A Cigarette

Smoke curled from a cigarette gently balanced in the ashtray. Her lipstick formed a faint red curve over the filter tip, a curve he longed to touch, to draw to his mouth as he breathed the heat from her mouth. She sipped her coffee, while he reveled in the image, her face, filtered through the light fog of smoke, her sky blue eyes peeking through the mist.

Harry watched as Debbie picked up the cigarette, noticing the tip glow as she drew in a long breath. He leaned forward as she blew the smoke into his face, his eyes watering at the burn. She immediately took another drag and blew the smoke into his face a second time before daintily returning it to the ashtray.

Reaching down to his lap, Harry adjusted his erection a trembling hand. This was sheer torture, the building emotions inside him as he watched her smoke the cigarette. Looking back at her, he let his eyes cascade over her blonde hair as it fell just above her shoulders. He longed to reach out and touch it, but that would disturb the rising wisps of smoke from her cigarette.

Their relationship had developed slowly, smoldering like an untended cigarette. Distance prevented anything faster, a distance that first provided them with some personal security, but then became an impediment to them. Harry shook his head thinking of the hours he spent online with Debbie, playing this very scenario as they furiously typed their messages back and forth. Now, finally, his fantasies unfolded before him.

She raised the cigarette to her lips and stared intently into his eyes as she took a deep drag and then, teasingly, held the smoke in her lungs, letting but a wisp curl out of her mouth and tickle up along her nose. Sensing his anticipation she smiled and then blew the warm air into his face, watching him tremble in response.

Debbie took the cigarette and snubbed it out in the ashtray. Looking in her purse she pulled out an empty Virginia Slims box. “Perhaps we should go upstairs, I have more in my room.”

Harry groaned, “Yes, but give me a moment,” his hands quickly going to his lap. Adjusting his erection, he brushed his hands over his pants, hoping that his excitement was at least hidden from the people around him. He knew Debbie would notice the bulge in his pants. “Okay, I am ready now… I think.”

She remained seated for a moment as he stood up, her eyes held level as his crotch rose up before her. Only after she got a close look at his bulge did she stand up, turn and lead him to the elevator.

They rode in silence, both flushed in anticipation. When the elevator reached the floor, she led him to her room, slid the key into the slot and opened the door only slightly. She turned and handed him the key saying, “Give me a moment to get ready for you; I’ll ring your cell phone when I am ready.” She then slipped in the door, closing it behind her.

Holding the key, Harry leaned against the wall with a sigh. He felt an intense pressure all over his body and his hands trembled as he took several deep breaths to remain composed. He waited in the corridor for what seemed like hours until finally, his cell phone rang.

Not taking the time to answer it, he turned it off, then inserted the key into the door and stepped inside to complete darkness. Stopping immediately, he slowly closed the door, trying to memorize the room layout in the bit of light that had shown through the open door.

“Leave the lights out,” he heard from across the room.

The door closed and Harry waited a moment as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He looked to where the voice had come from and noticed a faint red glow. Staring at the light, he noticed it brighten and then return to its dull glow.

“Take off your clothes,” he heard. He quickly undressed, tossing his clothes in a heap on the floor. He started moving toward the red glow, sliding his feet on the floor, hoping not to trip over any furniture.

“My clothes are off,” he said, still moving slowly.

“Yes, I see,” she said, breathing out a long breath.

Picturing the smoke billowing from her mouth he reached out and placed his hand on the bed. He moved over closer to her, sitting down and facing her. He could see her in the faint light and the glow of her cigarette. She lifted it to her mouth, took a drag and then blew the smoke out, but not into his face as she had done during the evening, but over his hard cock.

Feeling the warm air roll over his rod, he gasped suddenly feeling dizzy. He looked at her, illuminated by the glow of her cigarette. Her breasts cast curved shadows down her body as she took another drag from the cigarette. The shadows moved around and up her stomach as she put the cigarette back into the ashtray. She blew another blast of smoke over his throbbing cock and whispered, “Lie down and spread your legs.”

Harry lay back resting on his elbows and opened his legs. From this position he watched her as she grabbed her cigarette, flicked off some ash and then moved it toward him. He could see his erection lit by the glow of her cigarette. Just as they had played dozens of times online, he watched as she moved the glowing tip of her cigarette closer to his thigh.

He could smell the odor of burning hair and watched as she held the cigarette just centimeters from his skin. She slowly moved the tip closer and closer to him, burning away a few of the hairs. He gritted his teeth as he felt the heat from the smoldering tobacco hovering millimeters from his tender skin.

His cock throbbed as he felt her slowly move the cigarette from just above his mid thigh up toward his aching erection. The heat left a trail of red in his pale skin as the glowing tip moved closer and closer to his scrotum. He felt her hair trickle across his cock as she moved the cigarette up over his balls. The combination of pleasure and pain that pulsed through him left him gasping for air as she pulled the cigarette up to her lips and took a long drag.

She stubbed it out in the ashtray and opened her mouth, lowering it over his cock. Smoke poured out around his erect member and rolled out over his balls, still aching from the heat of the cigarette. Exhaling the rest of the smoke, she closed her mouth over his cock and took a long drag on him, moving her head up and down.

Feeling an intense pleasure well up in his balls and rise through his shaft he immediately came, filling her mouth with his steaming cum. She clamped her lips around his shaft, letting only a bit of his sticky liquid dribble down onto his balls. Harry watched her swallow his jism and then run her tongue down his shaft and over his balls, gently lapping up the spilled cum careful not to irritate his burned skin.

Looking back to his cock, she milked out the last tiny dribbles of cum and quickly lapped it up. Before he could say anything, she grabbed his shoulders and forced him hard onto his back. She then crawled up over him, straddling his face and lowering her dripping pussy onto his mouth.

Immediately driving his tongue into her hot cunt, he tasted her tart juices before moving his attention up to her clit. Taking the tiny knob into his mouth, he sucked it, like he imagined he might suck on a cigarette, playfully toying with it between his lips and tongue. He then moved back down to her opening for another taste of her cunt and then slid back up her cleft to her clit again.

Debbie moved her hips, grinding herself back and forth over his face as he alternated between clit and cunt, driving her into a frenzy. She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling his face hard onto her, so hard he had to fight her some just to catch his breath. They continued, him fucking her with his tongue as she ground her pussy on his mouth until she arched her back and with a loud groan, came spectacularly, her head and back flinching as her pussy pulsed.

She collapsed, falling onto the bed above his head, her face buried in the pillow, her pussy leaning against the top of his head. Harry reached over and gently ran his hand over her calf, feeling a dull ache along the red line running up his thigh.

After several minutes, Debbie rose up onto her knees, turned over, sitting on the bed with her back resting against the headboard. She looked at him with a mischievous smile and said, “I think I need a cigarette. You don’t mind do you?”

Harry felt his cock harden a bit as she lit the cigarette.

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