tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 02

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 02


We hadn't any more than gotten started when Betty reached over and ran her hand up under the, 'skirt' I was wearing. I flinched when her fingers closed around my deflated cock.

"What's the matter? I thought you would like this."

"I do, but you caught me by surprise. Now, suppose you tell me what tonight's actions were all about? Was this some kind of initiation?"

"That's it exactly. You were being initiated into the executive group of the company."

"But, isn't this just a little extreme? Couldn't I just shake hands with the CEO or something like that?"

"Sorry, John, but this organization doesn't work like that."

"But, how did something like this get started in the first place?"

"From what I have been told, it all started with Paula Wilson."

"The CEO's wife?"

"Yes. As the story goes, her mother died when she was quite young and her father shipped her off to a so-called finishing school. Only it was more of a sex training school than a social academy. Evidently, they exposed the young Paula to many ideas regarding sexual unions and means of sexually controlling others. Their curriculum included the teaching and practice of many different kinds and methods of sexual experimentation and gratification."

"Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, they taught her that, if a male fucks a female in the ass and she doesn't get angry and fight him, then she will be his sex partner for life. In other words, fucking a female in her dark valley is a way of controlling her. I guess the really big thing they taught her was that love and sex need not necessarily go together. That fucking can be fun without a lifetime commitment. From this point, she got the idea that this would be a great way to shape company policy and to cement company loyalty. So, when Tim was made CEO, she put her plans into effect."

"Is that why all of you women are dressed alike?"

"Yes. Every female who works for one of the executives must agree to two conditions. She must attend the same finishing school as Paula attended and she must be prepared to have sex with any of the executives when and where they wish it. It goes without saying, that she should be at least a partial nympho. By the way, they must have high expectations for you."

"Why is that?"

"Usually, one of the male executives does the initiating of new male bosses, but, tonight, Anita -- herself -- initiated you! That only happens with very important newcomers. You've got to admit that getting her cock rammed up into your ass made you feel like a real member of the group."

As strange as it may seem, I had felt a sense of belonging. But, I didn't want to admit it to Betty. So, I could only nod at this statement.

"Whoa! Turn in here! This is my building. Will you come up so we can talk for a while?"

"Yes, I think I need to talk with you so I can get my feet on the ground. I thought I knew a lot about this company, but obviously I don't."

As we entered Betty's apartment, I got my first real look at her. She quickly shed her costume and flopped down into a kind of lounge chair. Her body was full with not much of a waistline. Her face had an impish grin and there was a definite challenge in her eyes. From somewhere, she had picked up a soda straw and she was using that to pull my attention to the nipple on her right tit. Her tits were large with light areolas and pinkish nipples. Her thighs were large, but not fat and her crotch was covered by a dark black patch of pubic hair. I couldn't help myself so I stared hard at her cunt area. It was then that I realized that patch of pubic hair extended downwards into the crack of her, 'dark valley'. Her left hand had fallen -- as if it were an accident - so that her fingers were pointing to the faint pinkish slit that I could just make out through her pubic hair. My eyes devoured her exposed sex opening. I noticed a small tattoo just above and to the right of her vaginal opening.

"I see that you have a tattoo. Isn't that a little daring?"

"No, John. What you are seeing is not a tattoo. It is a birth mark!" Her grin widened and her eyes bored into mine. "And, I'll just bet that you have the identical mark on your belly, too.

"Well, I do have a birthmark, but its' no big thing."

"Is it a circle of small figures?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Let me look."

She rose and came over to me. I pulled up that costume skirt and she peered at the marking on my belly. Then, she let out a, 'WHOOP!" and began dancing around the room.

"You've got it! You've got it! You've got the sign and the balls to go with it!"

"Settle down, Betty. What in hell are you talking about?"

"Johnny, my dear, you are a cambion just like me!"

Now, I was flabbergasted. I had no idea what she was talking about and I couldn't get her to settle down. Finally, I grabbed her about the shoulders and threw her onto the floor!

"Now! Tell me what has gotten you so excited."

"Oh, Johnny. Put your cock in me and then we can talk."

She had maneuvered herself so that she was directly under me and, when she wrapped her legs around me and pulled her hips up to me, there was literally no resistance as my cock slid through her pubic hair and straight into her cunt! She let out a huge sigh of what could only be described as pleasure. Then, she continued with her story,

"That circle on your belly means we are a team. I am a succubus and you are an incubus! We are going to fuck all kinds of humans and we are going to make babies in the bellies of their women!"

I stared at her in amazement.

"You must be kidding. What are these figures that have gotten you so riled up?"

"Johnny, that circle on your belly contains the three numbers, '6-6-6'. Do you recognize that number from your church lessons?"

I had to admit that the number meant nothing to me and I said so.

"Johnny, those numbers are the sign of the devil! You and I are part human, but also part demon! How much of a demon we are remains to be seen, but we definitely are creatures from hell!"

You can well imagine the shock that statement gave to my intelligence and to my nervous system. Betty was telling me that I was some kind of hellish demon and I couldn't come to terms with that. I was certain in my own mind that Betty was as crazy as a loon so I tried talking to her in a sane manner as though I accepted all that she was saying."And, just how are we going to do this? I am well aware that I can impregnate women, but you?"

"Oh, don't stop fucking me! I need it badly. I didn't get my full share of fucking tonight and I long for more. Much more! I can talk and fuck at the same time so stab me, baby! Stab me as deeply as you can!" I jammed my cock completely into her belly. So much so that she winced. She took a deep breath and then continued speaking, "Honey, you can't impregnate women. With the huge balls that you've got, you can fuck them until the cows come home, but you are unable to impregnate them. The stuff you shoot into their cunts won't do that even when you douse their insides with gallons of your jism. You need to spread sperm from a male human inside of them to give them babies!"

"You must be wrong. There's no way we can do that."

"There surely is. Now, listen to me. I will fuck the human males and they will shoot their sperm into me. I am shaped so that their sperm will not run out of me and I assure you that I will never take a douche before we can be together, I can see that you are not circumcised so, when your cock goes into my cunt, your foreskin will slide back and the head of your cock will be covered with the male's sperm. Then, when you fuck the woman, your foreskin will again slide back exposing your sperm-covered cock head. Very soon thereafter, she may well be with child and, in a matter of months, a new cambion will be born!"

"Won't my ejaculate wash the human's sperm off of my cock head?"

"Only around the very tip of your cock. Look, Johnny. This procedure has worked for hundreds of years and it will continue to work for as long as you and I live. I do have to admit that it is not fool-proof or else there would be many, many cambions running around this earth. Instead of just the few of us. Sometimes, it just won't work, but, then, there are times when it does. Johnny, you have got to realize that your purpose here on earth is to fuck as many human females as you can! My purpose is the same only I am to fuck as many males as I can. As you become more accustomed to your place in this scheme of things, you will find that you will hunger for each and every cunt you meet. Tell me, Johnny. Have you ever fucked your mother?"


"Believe me, you will. That is if you ever see her again. Once you look upon her, you will be driven to fuck her and, you will probably be surprised at how eager she is to have you fuck her. Once one of these human females tastes the cock of an incubus, they hunger for it for all of the rest of their lives. And, believe me. Your mother has tasted incubus cock!"

"Well, if you know so much, have you ever fucked your father?"

"John, the answer to that is, 'Yes' and, 'No'. Think about what you have just asked. My real father was an incubus just like yours. Now, how could I ever fuck him? He left my mother before she even knew that she was pregnant with me. But, I have fucked the man who is currently married to my mother. So, yes, under certain conditions, I have fucked my father."

Suddenly, I realized that -- as outlandish as they seemed, I had to accept Betty's explanation of what I was feeling in my gut. Her cunt walls were vigorously clenching my cock and I was rapidly approaching my climax. When it blew through me, I felt Betty convulse at the exact same time as she, too, came. I rolled off her and the two of us lay there breathing hard.

I was still very excited so I resumed stroking my cock. I happened to look over at Betty and I saw that she, too, was fingering her dripping cunt. We lay there mildly masturbating as we both were becoming attuned to this new development in our lives. Then a thought occurred to me.

"Betty, you say that tonight was a kind of initiation. However, thinking about your comment about the effect of fucking a female in her dark valley, another possibility occurred to me. With my male pride, I have assumed that I was the one being initiated, but were you also being initiated?"

"Yes, but not in the way that you suggest. Look Johnny, I was a member of the executive secretarial staff once before. I was partnered with a very nice man and we got along really well. Then, unexpectedly, he died. So, I was put back into the main secretarial pool. You see, Johnny, a secretary can only move up to the executive secretarial level when there is an opening. If you hadn't been promoted, I would still be typing for every two-bit boss down on the manufacturing floor. I just told you that Paula was taught that the union of the male member with the female's dark valley mouth creates a bond between the two of them. Since her initiation of the executive group, it has always been the company policy that the first sex a new executive and his secretary experiences must be between the two of them. And, he must fuck her IN THE ASS!

I have been told that, if a man wants to really bond with a woman, he must get her on her knees and push his cock into her ass! In that way, he will look upon her as his slave and she will know that she is his to do with as he wishes.

I don't know if that bonding is fact or not. I do know that every executive and his secretary exhibit a very high degree of togetherness and I felt a solidarity with my previous boss that I have not felt again until this night. The bond between them, if it exists, is seldom broken. Now you know why I was your first tonight and you must also realize the significance -- at least as far as the company's policy is concerned - of our method of fucking. It was preordained!"

Betty's description of the relationship between boss and secretary explained for me why I had seen so many middle-aged secretaries on the upper floors of the building.

"There is something else you should be told. Have you ever heard of the minor God called Priapus?" I shook my head and she continued. "Well, this bunch worships Priapus. Wait. I'll get a dictionary and read you the definition of Priapus. That will make it clearer."

In a few minutes, she returned holding a book in her hands. She rolled me onto my back and sat down with my erect cock deeply inside of her cunt.

"Ready? " I nodded and she began to read, 'This god is mainly known for his huge virile member, and the size of it is so enormous that it has been called, "column", "twelve-inch pole", "spear" and many other names of the same kind referring to the dimensions of his penis.' And, he is reported to threaten: 'If a woman, man, or boy thieve from me, she shall pay me with coynte, that with his mouth, and this with his arse.' His threat continues: 'If I do seize you, you shall be so stretched that you will think your anus never had any wrinkles!' Get the idea?"

"Not really. Just how do they worship this ..er... creature?"

With a wicked smile on her face, she said, "I'm not going to tell you that. You must wait until the next big gathering."

"Wasn't that party tonight it?"

"Heaven's, 'NO!' Four times a year, all of the company executives get together and party. There are very nearly a hundred of them, so, counting their wives and secretaries, there is a whole bunch of people who attend the full-scale executive gathering."

I remained silent as I tried to digest this. A huge crowd of people and all of them engaged in fucking one another in one way or another. It beggared the imagination. Then, I made a tactical mistake, I glanced up at Betty and my eyes were drawn to the movements of her fingers as she stroked her clit. That brought forth another thought.

"Betty, what is the meaning of this term: coynte?"

"John, that is an old English term for, 'cunt'!

Neither one of us said anything and a suspenseful silence reigned between us. I felt myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm and, a quick glance at Betty was all it took to let me know that she, too, was nearing the peak of her excitement. My cock kept on swelling and getting harder and harder until I was convinced that I should soon blow the head of my cock completely off my rod..

"Betty, I need to come!"

"Yes, John."

That was all she said and I took it to be an agreement. I slid my cock backwards until my cock head was just lodged between her puffy outer coynte lips. I let the first inch slide into her open coynte. I held myself in this preparatory position until I saw her pushing her hips down upon my cock. That caused me to slide another inch into her coynte. We remained in this position for several minutes. She broke the silence as she said,

"For God's sake, John! I need you in me. Stop teasing me and fuck me like a man should!"

I pushed all of my cock that remained outside her coynte into her until I felt my cock head hit her cervix. She winced and gave a little yelp, but I didn't draw back. Somehow, I had felt my cock head hit the small opening to her uterus. I rolled Betty over onto her back so I could exert even more pressure against that stubborn opening. I wiggled my cock around until I felt it again. I held myself so that my cock would not lose that contact and slowly I began exerting ever increasing pressure on that hole. I knew that, if I pushed hard enough, my cock had to penetrate into her uterus. After all, that hole could, during childbirth, be enlarged sufficiently to allow the passage of a baby's head. I think that Betty soon realized my intent for her eyes widened in a terrified stare and her mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Slowly, that entry into her uterus became enlarged and my cock began to pass further into her guts than any male before had ever been. I felt my cock pass through into her uterus and I watched as her eyes glazed over and then stared distractedly down at me. The only words that passed her lips were,

"Oh.. oh!"

We remained locked together in this fashion for a very long time. Then, I felt the slightest of movements around my cock. Somehow, Betty's coynte and uterus were, 'milking' my cock. As time passed, Betty's movements became stronger and more agitated until she was actually fucking me without moving her body! It only took a very few minutes and I began to ejaculate.

"Oh, John! I'm coming!"

Betty's eyes closed and she stopped breathing altogether. As for me, I was frantically thrusting with all of the strength I could muster. What an explosion! I was surprised that I didn't blow the head of my cock completely off my column. Slowly, I collapsed upon her and we lay in this fashion for many, many minutes. As we regained our senses, I leaned down and whispered to her,

"Betty, I need to come!"

"Yes, John!"

And her coynte walls began that, 'milking' movement of my cock. Great Caesar's ghost! That movement was driving me wild! There was practically no warning this time. Suddenly, my cock began jerking and I was shooting my jism into Betty's coynte again. This time, she was a little slower, but, eventually, I heard her cry out,


This dance that we were embroiled in had yet another chorus of music to play out. My cock didn't deflate at all and, once more, I said,

"Betty, I need to come!"

"Yes, John!" was all that she said.

I was amazed. Counting the two orgasms at the party, this would be my fifth orgasm of the night. Heretofore, I had never been able to withstand more than one orgasm! I had not even thought this possible. But, there was no denying the excruciating feelings I was feeling in my testicles. It didn't take very long and I was once more shooting Betty's belly full of my jism. It took her longer yet, but finally, I heard a weak voice announce,


* * * * * * * *

The sunlight that streamed in through the windows of Betty's apartment woke me. For several minutes, I wasn't at all certain just where I was and what I was doing. Then, I was struck by a very unusual fact. A female body was laying upon my chest and my cock was buried in some female's cunt. I looked more closely at the female and recognized my secretary, Betty. The whole night came flooding back into my memory. We had fucked until the wee hours of the morning when we both had finally exhausted ourselves. Obviously, we both were content to sleep while joined at the crotch. As I was coming back to my senses, Betty looked into my eyes and whispered,

"John, I need to come!"

"Yes, Betty!" was all that I said.

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