tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 03

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 03


It was Monday morning and I was just a little late getting into the office. Naturally, Betty was already there before me. She was an old hand at this incubus/succubus situation so she tended to recover faster than I. I had stayed with her until Sunday morning when I knew that I had to go home if for no other reason than to get a shower. Naturally, once I was clean, I fell into bed and I slept throughout the day. I was feeling great on this first day of the work week.

"Good morning, Mr. Martin. Get a good night's rest?"

"Yes, thank you, Betty. And, you? Are you recovered from our bedroom gymnastics?"


And, as I went into my office, Betty followed me inside.

"There are several things that came to mind over this weekend. I feel that I must warn you that impregnating one of the executive secretaries is next to impossible. Each one of them has had her tubes tied so she is, to all purposes, infertile. So, you can fuck them whenever and wherever you wish, but our task will demand that you concentrate on unmarried or otherwise fertile females. For example: the wives of the other executives! Secondly, you are going to be deluged by the attentions of the executive secretaries. This place is worse than a small town. Everyone knows everyone else's business. So, there is no doubt but what our joint departure from the party was not only noted, but the conclusion was quickly reached that we were going home to cement our boss-secretary union. There is nothing to fear, just be prepared. For planning purposes, Weatherly won't be throwing another party for quite a while. The overall staff party will be in two months and that should be a humdinger. Oh! That's your phone!"

Betty turned and scurried out to where her desk was located. I heard her answer the phone and shortly she reappeared. "That was Della in Weatherly's office. Anita would like to see you at your convenience. In case you don't know -- that means RIGHT NOW!"

So, I dropped the few things I had brought with me on my desk and headed for another discussion with the Director of Personnel. The smile that Della, Weatherly's secretary gave me as I entered the outer office said volumes to me, but I couldn't quite decipher it all. That I was in for something was obvious, but what it was to be was not so plain. Della rose from behind her desk and said,

"Miss Weatherly is waiting for you."

Then, she turned and ushered me into the inner office. Anita Weatherly rose from behind her desk and came forward to greet me.

"Thank you, John for being so prompt. There is one item that I wish to discuss with you."

I had expected that she would dismiss Della, but she didn't.

"Della, you may prepare Mr. Martin."

There was no time for me to even wonder what she had on her mind. Della stepped around my right side and quickly unzipped my fly. I looked at her with a question in my eyes, but there was no response. No verbal response that is. Instead, her hand slid inside my fly. When her fingers surrounded my cock she looked up at me with an astonished expression on her face. Then, a slow wicked smile began spreading across her face. I stared at her and then I looked at Anita.

"Mr. Martin. Or, should I say, 'John'? I have always felt that turn about was fair play."

Della had extracted my cock and she was vigorously greasing its' entire length. By this time, I was extremely erect. I dropped my eyes to watch Della's caresses of my cock. She noticed me looking at her and she pointedly wrapped her fingers around my cock. I had never thought of myself as overly large, but she couldn't close her fingers and there was nearly an inch of space between her largest finger and her thumb. She looked up at me and formed her lips in the universal sign of, 'WOW'! I looked back at Anita and gasped in surprise. She had lifted her dress until her hips and everything below them was exposed. Then, as I watched, she turned, bent over her desk and, using both her hands, opened her dark valley not only to my gaze, but to my access as well. If I had any doubt as to what my part in this charade was to be, Della quickly made it abundantly clear. She led me up to Anita's puckered opening and aimed my cock straight into her ass! I pushed Anita's hands away from her buttocks and replaced them with mine. I began spreading her dark hole with my thumbs. I kept on increasing the pressure until Anita shouted, 'Enough!" Della's free hand began shoving me from behind. A wild thought flashed through my mind.

"This female has been fucked in the ass many, many times! Her puckered hole is wide open and I can see into her dark passage!"

Della had positioned the head of my cock squarely in the center of her gaping hole. I added my pressure to that being exerted by Della and my cock slid into Anita's ass with little or no difficulty.

"Ahhh! Betty was right on Friday night. You are a big boy! Give me your best!"

I maintained a steady pressure on her puckered hole and watched as inch after inch of my cock disappeared down into that dark passage. The girth of my cock was large enough that, as my cock entered her, it pulled the edges of her puckered hole in with it. Anita's, 'Ahhh' had turned into a squeal of pain.

"Great heavens, John! You are ripping me wide open. That's enough!"

But, I didn't stop! Her yelps of pain kept getting louder as my cock drove deeper into her bowels. She was whimpering as I reached my maximum depth in her ass. For several heartbeats, I just held my cock steady and let her taste it.

I started fucking her and, I must admit, that it felt really good. Della was not yet finished with me, however. She took my hand and pulled it around in front of Anita's body and placed it directly upon Anita's cock! This was the first time that I had ever felt another person's cock and, at first, I was startled. Then, as I became more accustomed to the warm, smooth feel of her cock, I began jacking her off! For her part, as soon as Anita felt my fingers surround her cock, she began humping. It was an extremely bizarre situation. I timed my thrusts with her humping movements and the two of us made an unholy couple. My movements became more forceful because Della had pushed two or three fingers into my ass, too! I glanced around at her to see that her other fingers were frantically strumming her own coynte! Our dance of love didn't last for very long. I felt Anita's cock began the tell-tale jerking that signaled her orgasm and, at the same time, Della not only pushed her fingers deeper into my ass, but her speed of motion became very rapid. I don't know about Della, but Anita and I climaxed at approximately the same time. I felt her cock jerk and then she spewed jism all over the top of her desk. At roughly the same time, I was thoroughly coating the walls of her dark passage with my own jism emission. Slowly, our sex train ground to a halt. In fact, Anita signaled that she thought that we were through by saying to Della,

"Della! Get a tissue and wipe my desk!"

That occasioned Della pulling her fingers out of my ass and leaving me standing there. "Thank you, John for your attentive service. Perhaps at the next party we can get together again."

With my cock still buried in Anita's ass, I leaned forward and whispered to her,

"Anita, I need to come!"

I heard her gasp in surprise. But, before she could object, I restarted my fucking of her ass. She tried to straighten up only the pressure of my hands upon her back kept her in the bent-over position. I glanced over to one side where Della was crouched against a chair. She was staring at me with both her eyes and mouth wide open. Obviously, this had never been done to her mistress before.

I felt my second orgasm beginning to build. My arousal was aided by the grunts and groans and cries that Anita was emitting. The more she called for me to stop, the harder I fucked into her ass. At the moment of my explosion, I threw back my head and uttered an animalistic growl!

Anita's head dropped onto the desk and she was breathing very heavily. Once more, I leaned over her and said,

"Anita, I need to come!"

Anita literally screamed at Della.

"Della, get this rapist off of me!"

This drove Della into action and she pulled me backwards off Anita's body. Anita's ass was a sight to behold. Her puckered hole was open so that it was possible to see directly into her guts! Both Della and I stared at this spectacle!

That I had been dismissed was unmistakable so I turned, smiled at Della who was busily wiping up Anita's jism and, with my cock still swinging free, I left. I headed for the nearest washroom and there, I cleaned my cock of most of Anita's ass juices. I had no idea what the reaction to this would be, but I felt great at having done it!

Betty surmised what had happened as soon as I entered the office for I was walking in a very strange straddle-legged manner.

"OH! I see. Stand still for just a minute and I will get some tissues and we can clean you up."

I told her that cleaning my cock would not be necessary. Then, as she stood there staring at me, she suddenly began to laugh.

"Oh, boy! So the Grand Dame has lured you into driving your cock into her very dark passage. John, that really means you are one of the promised ones!" Then she looked at me really close and asked, "How many times?"

"Twice, but she stopped me before I could get started on the third."

Betty's laughter rang out loud and clear.

"John, you realize, don't you, that, as fast as news travels in this company, I am probably the last person to hear about this? By now, this news has been broadcast through every executive office in this building!"

"What do you think will happen next?"

"Oh, don't worry. You aren't going to be fired over a minor indiscretion like this. Frankly, there is another female ass in this building that will begin itching for a taste of your meat stick as soon as the owner of that ass hears about your performance."

"And who might that be? You?"

"Of course not! I've already staked my claim on that piece of real estate! I was referring to Paula Wilson!"

"The CEO's wife! You must be kidding."

"Not at all. That old gal is one of the horniest females in this entire company. It may take a day or so, but Mark my words, you will be summoned to her office before very long."

"Oh, my God! Look, Betty. I think I'll duck out for the rest of the day. Can you cover for me?"

"Sure. I'll handle all of the in-coming requests for your services and set up a schedule."

At first, I thought she was serious, but I knew different when she began smiling and especially when her laughter once more boomed out.

I was just fitting my key into the door of my apartment when I heard my phone ringing. I raced inside and grabbed it at once.


"John? This is your mother. I've been trying to reach you and I finally got that nice secretary of yours and she told me you had gone home for the day. That must be some kind of job you've got if you can take off without any notice."

By this time, I was laughing.

"Mom, it is really great to hear your voice. And, my job is great, too. Now, what can I do for you?"

"How did you know I wanted to ask a favor of you?"

"Mom, you don't make a habit of calling so I just jumped to the conclusion that something must be up. What sort of favor?"

"John, it concerns your Aunt June."

That caused a pause in the conversation. Aunt June and I had never been the best of friends. There was only about eight or ten years difference in our ages and it seemed to me that we were always fighting over one thing or another. While I was thinking back over my relationship with Aunt June, mom continued.

"She didn't want to call you herself for fear that ...well, you know."

"Yeah, I know. What does she want?"

"June has been dismissed and she is hunting for another job."

"Oh, my God!"

"Now, Johnny, don't get all heated up. She's not asking you to find her a job. She's already got one. She is a little short of money so she is looking for someplace where she can stay on a temporary basis."

"And, I bet you volunteered my place?"

"Well... yes, I did. Look Johnny, you and June are adults now so you both should be able to get over whatever differences you have had in the past. At least for a few weeks."

There was nothing I could say or do except, "When is she arriving?"

"She should arrive about five tomorrow afternoon."

Holy cow! I wasn't even to be given a little time to sort of get used to the idea of my arch enemy living under the same roof with me.

"Okay mom. I'll pick her up at the airport." What else can a dutiful son say?

* * * * * * * *

I was standing in the arrival area for the gate which June's flight was scheduled to use. I was half an hour early. This was one of those times when I wished I was a smoker. As it was, I could only wander about the area and try for all I was worth not to let my anger build. Finally, June's plane pulled up to the off-loading ramp and people began disembarking. All at once, I wondered if we would recognize each other. I need not have worried. We spotted each other at just about the same time. And, as she strode towards me, I'll have to admit that I was astonished. I hadn't seen my aunt in over fifteen years. Somehow, she had gone from being a bratty girl to being a very attractive and desirable female!

June was an inch or two shorted than I am. Her physical appearance was great. She had high, pointed tits, a narrow waist, smooth round hips and the best pair of legs I had seen in ages. Her blond hair was done up in the best of fashions and the smile she gave me would have warmed the inside of an igloo. I know it wasn't very friendly on my part, but my male appendage began to lift its' head as I watched her move across the intervening distance.

"Aunt June?"

"Yes, Johnny. "

It didn't seem quite proper for us to hug, so we shook hands. I blurted out,

"Man, how you have changed!"

"Remember John. It has been a number of years and, before we get into all those, 'remember whens', I want to thank you for taking me in."

I could honestly assure her that it was no real trouble.

We spent the trip to the apartment in idle chatter. I showed her the second bedroom and she unpacked. By that time it was time for dinner so we went to a restaurant that wasn't too far away and served what I considered as excellent food. Thanks to Betty and Anita, I had become something of an expert on female asses. June's was not at all bad. In fact, it looked really good!

June surprised me by ordering a double scotch on the rocks as soon as we were seated at our table. She continued to surprise me by not only finishing that drink, but by ordering a second and this was while we were still working on the salad course. The second drink disappeared just as quickly as the first and a third was soon beside her plate! I thought that I had better get her mind off of the alcohol and on to something else.

"Aunt June, what have you been doing with yourself for all these years? When I came home from school, you had already left. All mom said was that you had decided to go out on your own."

June started laughing.

"Did I say something funny?"

In between laughs, June said,

"No, dear boy, the humor is in the thought that your mother would try and salvage my reputation instead of telling you the truth. Well, it is all over now so there isn't any reason you can't know what happened. Johnny, I didn't leave home, your grandfather threw me out and told me never to come back!"

I was aghast at this news.

"But, Aunt June, Granddad always struck me as being rather kind and gentle. What on earth prompted him to take that kind of action?"

"Johnny, unbeknownst to your grandfather, I was working in a strip joint. I knew that I needed some extra money and I knew that my father would not easily agree to give me any more."

"You were a stripper?"

"I prefer the term, 'exotic dancer', but, yes, I was a stripper. The only joint in which a girl like me with practically no experience could find work had to be a rather raunchy place. We dancers were encouraged to become, 'friendly' with the patrons."

"What sort of dancing did you do?"

"Oh, I did all kinds. I learned to pole dance and, as I said, I learned to strip."

"What happened?"

"Somehow, my father got wind of what I was doing and where so, one night, he shows up. He couldn't have picked a worse night. He came stalking in just as I was giving a customer our specialty lap dance." I looked at her with a question in my eyes. "Oh, hell, Johnny. The customer's pants were down around his ankles and I was sitting on his lap. The other thing was, I was stark naked!"

I nearly choked on the coffee I was drinking.

"Actually, I think the thing that tipped my dad over the edge was the fact that my customer was a man of about dad's age! I've always harbored the thoughts that dad had secretly wanted to get into my pants, but he was afraid that I might make a scene. To tell you the truth, Johnny, I would have loved it!"

June was obviously beginning to feel the effects of her drinks so I suggested we leave. She wasn't too much in favor of that, but I insisted. Once we hit the outside, the liquor and the cool night air both hit June and I had to almost carry her back to where I had parked the car. She was laughing and giggling and I was praying that we not run into a cop. I could just imagine his reaction when I tried to explain that June was really my aunt. I thought it best if I could keep her talking and, the only thing I could think of to ask her concerned her time as a whore in that club.

"Aunt June,...."

"For Cris' sake's Johnny, stop this, 'auntie' bull crap. Bof of us are too old for that."

"Okay, June it is. I was just going to ask you how you got into..specialty dancing."

"Oh, that was easy. The guy who ran the club was so suave and diplomatic that it was hard to refuse him. I had been working there about three weeks when, as he was handing me my paycheck, he said, 'You know you could make a helluva lot more money if you would just talk your customers into fucking you!' As I said, 'suave and diplomatic'. He took hold of my hand and showed me where my crib would be and I was launched into a life of sin and degradation that very night. Ain't that a lovely story?"

"And, then, granddad threw you out?"

"Yeah, but not before we had one helluva fight. When I came home that night he started in on me by calling me every dirty and disgusting name he could think of. That surprised me because, up until then, I didn't know he even knew those names. Anyway, he made it clear that he wasn't happy with me." June started laughing again as if she had made a joke. "The whole mess ended rather abruptly. At one point, he hollered at me and called me a slut for letting that old man fuck me. Then he said, if its' an old man's cock you want, I can give you that. I was so mad that I shouted back at him, 'I don't doubt that. Old man, I've seen you with your fingers up my sister's ass many a time!' That was when he hit me. He knocked me down and before I could roll over or get up, he was shoving his cock into my pussy. He had a really long cock and he just kept on pushing it into me deeper and deeper. I recall screaming when he hit my cervix, but he never even slowed down. Then there was a sort of collapse somewhere inside of me and he was way up into my belly. From the look on his face, he was as surprised as I was. Then he started in fucking me for real. He punched that cock of his into me just as hard as he could. He was getting angrier and angrier as he kept on fucking me because -- all of a sudden -- I was enjoying the hell out of his fucking. I looked at him and said, 'Fuck me you old bastard!' And, he nearly exploded. The next morning, when I got out of bed, all of my things were packed and sitting on the front porch. I've been on my own ever since. "

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