tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 04

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 04


"Well, I can't say that I really expected you today. Did your Aunt get here okay?"

"Yeah, she arrived exactly on time and that's something you can't often say about the airlines."

Betty stood there for several minutes before finally saying, "Aren't you going to tell me about her? How old is she? Is she modern or old-fashioned. How does she dress?"

"Whoa! Betty, she is a very glamorous female. And, what's more, she is as sexy as anybody I know. And, in many ways, she is just like you! She is here to take up a new job and, before you ask, we haven't talked about what that new job entails."

"Well, for heaven's sake, how did you spend your time?"

'The truth is she told me some of the family secrets that I had never heard before. It seems that my family is not as pristine pure as I grew up believing."

"Does what she told you make fucking her any easier?"

"Yes and that's another thing that bothers me. Betty, I really don't want to make her pregnant."

"John, there's no need to do that unless you want to."

"But you told me..."

"Oh, hell. I must have given you the wrong idea. What I should have said is that we can impregnate human females IF WE WANT TO! We are not here to provide a certain quantity of cambions – we don't have a quota to fulfill. Its' just something that we can do. You can fuck any human female you wish without any worry about pregnancies. Does this make it easier?"

"Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! You bet! I'm sorry for being so naïve and juvenile, but I thought we were supposed to go hunting for females to impregnate. Okay, baby! That makes me breathe a helluva lot easier."

"So, are you going to fuck her?"

"I had planned on getting into her tonight. Betty, she's quite a gal."

"What makes you say that?"

"For one thing, she has been an exotic dancer and she – at one time – gave her male customers very extreme lap dances."

"So, she spent some time whoring?"


"Johnny, I sure would like to meet her. Why don't you bring her into the office some day? You could tell her a little about me so she wouldn't be too embarrassed. Just don't tell her everything. You might, tactfully, tell her about the setup here with the executives and their secretaries. Bet she would enjoy hearing that. Oh, for heaven's sakes. I nearly forgot. Your invitation to the inner sanctum came this morning." I looked at her with a question in my eyes. "I told you that, after that episode with Anita, you were certain to get an invite up to the very peak of the company mountain. Johnny, you have been invited to meet with Paula Wilson! So save enough strength so you can make her plans for you come to fruition." And, Betty burst out laughing. Once she quieted down, I asked her,

"Just when does this command performance take place?"

"One month from today. Don't worry. I am not about to let you forget it. Your advancement and mine may well depend upon just how well you perform." And, again, she burst out laughing only this time, she was laughing at my discomfort.

I studied over what she had told me and then, I asked her a question that had been bothering me for some time.

"Betty, I know that that there are opportunities for us to have sex here in the office, but where do .....?"

"Where do I get most of my sexual satisfaction? Some I get right here in the company headquarters. There is a company mail room – that damn thing should be named the, 'male room' because there are twenty or thirty young men – little more than boys – that work there. For years, they have provided a stud service for the females of the company – not just the executive secretaries, but the whole headquarters staff. They have even made up a certain room off the mail room so that their bed services can be performed in reasonable comfort. If, for some reason, that doesn't fulfill my needs, I go out street-walking. This town is chock full of horny men just looking to get laid and I am ever so glad to supply the answer to their needs! Johnny, there is one thing about fucking a stranger in an alley – it is really nasty sex! I'll bet your mother used this expression from time-to-time. There is a strong, dirty, nasty content to sex like that and that nastiness just pushes my libido over the edge. Sometimes, I'll have a bunch of cocks standing around watching me get fucked. You should try that. It is extremely exciting! Bring your Aunt around some evening and I'll give her the time of her life!"

Betty was grinning, but I knew that deep inside, she was very serious.

"Enough discussion about my aunt. What's on the agenda for today?"

"Mr. Blake has scheduled a divisional meeting for 1:30 this afternoon."

"Okay. I'll get up to his office right after I have my lunch."

I didn't know it at the time, but I was about to get a real lesson in the camaraderie exhibited by the secretaries and their bosses. As I entered Dick's office, his secretary glanced up and smiled at me.

"Hello, Mr. Martin. How are you? Had any more visits with personnel?"

With a smile, I answered her, "No and it is just possible that I may not be called back. Is Dick busy?"

"As a matter of fact, he is. Mrs. Blake is with him, but she never stays very long. Oh, I think this is her now."

The door to Dick's office opened and Carol, his wife, emerged. Carol was somewhere in her forties and I knew that they had three daughters the oldest of which was just twenty. As she exited from Dick's office, I noted that she did not look happy, but, when she saw me, her face lit up with a charming smile.

"Hello, John. How are you?"

"Fine, Carol. And, how are you and the girls?"

"As good as could be expected since Dick got this new job. We just don't see him as much as we would like. We are all truly glad that you are here to help carry some of the load. Don't let me hold you up. I know that Dick is anxious to get started with his meeting."

There was a trace of bitterness in her voice that made me wonder if trouble was brewing between the two of them. She offered me her hand and then turned and left the room. Dick's secretary got up from her desk and came over to me, but I was busily considering the shapely ass that Carol presented as she stepped away from me.

"She's really got a nice ass. Hasn't she?"

Dick's secretary was talking to me and all I could do was to nod my head in agreement. Then, I thought to myself, "This is probably the only company in the country where a secretary would feel free to make such a remark about her boss' wife to another executive! That bond that Betty constantly talks about must be real."

There was a great deal of business that Dick and I and the other junior executives had to discuss and ponder over so what should have been a rather short meeting lasted until after our normal quitting time. By the time that Dick finally signaled that we were quitting, I was really eager to get on my way home. For the last half hour or so, I had been thinking of what June would look like with her clothes off and her legs spread. However, I was to be disappointed for, when I opened the apartment door, the first thing I saw was a note from June. It told me that she had gone to a business meeting and would not be back until late.

I didn't feel like going out for dinner so I phoned a local Chinese restaurant and ordered my dinner from them. By the time I had finished and looked at the day's mail, I was really pooped. I had intended to stay up until June got home, but, I became so drowsy that I knew it was a loosing cause so I undressed and went to bed. It was some time very late during the night when I became aware of sounds from the living room. I rolled over so that I could hear more clearly and I soon picked up the sounds of grunting and female tittering. Obviously, June was home and, equally obvious was the fact that she was not alone. I listened to the sounds emanating from the living room for sometime and then, finally, I got up and tip-toed out to see what was going on. There was very little light and it took me some time to locate the sources of the sounds I had been hearing. Then I saw them!

June had pulled some of the couch cushions onto the floor and she and a rather big man were busy fucking! June was on top in the, 'cow-girl' position so all I could see of the man was his big, hairy thighs and his equally big cock and balls. I watched as that pole of flesh was rammed up into June's coynte and then as it was withdrawn for another stroke. Both of them seemed to be enjoying their activities.

I watched them for some time and – all the while – I was getting hotter and hotter. My own flesh pole was now fully erect and, as I watched June's delectable ass flexing up and down on the man's cock, I felt my own desire growing by leaps and bounds. I couldn't hold myself in check any longer so I noiselessly stepped over to where they were laying, placed my hand on June's rump so she would remain still while I speared her ass! June turned her shoulders enough that she could look up at me. Her eyes flew open when she recognized the one who was about to drive his cock into her ass!


As my cock head broke through the resistance of her starfish hole, I leaned over her back and told her,

"June, from this time onward, you are mine!"

There was a noticeable hesitation on her part as she stared back at me. Then, she surrendered and said,

"Yes, John. I am yours!"

She hung her head signifying abject acceptance of her new role. I didn't give her any chance to utter anything more. I thrust my cock even deeper into her ass. Her ass had apparently been used numerous times for my cock head slid into her hole clear up to where it met her sphincter. A slight increase in pressure, and I was sliding deeper into her bowels! To make the procedure a little easier for her, I reached around under her belly and began caressing her girly cock. It was fully extended and almost as rigid as my cock.

"Does this feel good?"

"Oh, God! Yes! John, that feels so good!"

With her acceptance of my cock in her ass and my fingers jacking her off, I knew that there was no objection to my movements so I pushed even deeper into her bowels and increased the speed of my thrusts. June was matching my thrusts with thrusts of her own! The presence of my cock in her ass channel must have increased the friction that her lover and his man tool were receiving, because, it seemed to be only a few seconds before he screamed out,


His ejaculation movements were readily apparent and he shot his jism up into June's coynte. Then, for the first time, he looked up past June's shoulder and he saw me!

"What the hell!"

He hadn't any more than uttered his curse when he rolled June off onto the floor. Somehow, I rolled with her so that we never lost our bodily contact. I don't know just who he thought I was, but he scrambled to his feet, threw on his clothing and dashed to the door. As he opened the door, he turned and looked back at June, who, by now, was sprawled very unladylike on top of me.

"June, the next time we get together, make sure your bodyguard is out!"

With that, he was gone.

The two of us lay there for several minutes as we tried to digest all that had occurred. Then, a slow chuckle from June caused me to begin laughing. Soon, both of us were bursting with laughter even though my cock was still embedded deeply in her ass.

I whispered, "June. I need to come!"

There must be some kind of understanding between women like June and Betty, for June, like Betty only said,

"Yes, John!"

I thought that I would have to roll her back onto her knees, but June was too accomplished to need that. She began a slow, pulsating movement that teased my cock into an even harder state. That wasn't all that she did. As she moved her hips so as to fuck me, she began talking. It felt strange for me to be laying there with my cock as far into her body as it would go and the two of us talking as if we were merely visiting.

"Who was that man?"

"That was Earl. He is one of my business partners."

"What business are you in?"

"We are going to make porno movies!"

"Will you be starring in them?"

"Perhaps. Especially at first, but I am going to direct more than act. We are trying something new. The porno industry has always fed off the bodies of sweet young girls. We are going to offer two new strains of porn. The first will involve mature women and we are going to call them, 'MILF movies'."

"What's an, 'MILF" movie?"

"MILF stands for, 'Mothers I'd Like to Fuck'. If these films go as we think they will, then we will supplement them with movies of, 'grannies I'd like to fuck' or, 'GILF' movies. There is going to be another difference between our movies and those of today. We are going to have a scenario and a plot instead of just two bare-assed people jumping in bed. John! Are you coming?"

I didn't have to answer that for my cock was even then spraying her bowels with my jism! I heard June draw in her breath and gasp.

"JOHN! What kind of man are you? That was the most invigorating shot of jism that I have ever felt in my gut! It went so far up inside of me that I am certain I can taste it!"

I didn't answer and, for quite some time, we remained in that position – my cock deeply embedded in her bowels. Then, I whispered to her again,

"June, I need to come!"

"Yes, John."

But, she didn't resume her movements as she had done before.

"What's wrong?"

"John, you will have to roll me over onto my knees. I just can't move my hips and belly any more tonight."

Once I had positioned her on her hands and knees, I resumed thrusting into her ass. I couldn't help but think of Betty's remark about controlling a female once you have fucked her ass with her in a slave position beneath you. June's hips and ass looked delicious in the half-light that came in through the windows. And it was a thrill to watch my cock emerge from and then disappear into June's ass. I leaned over her backside and whispered into her ear,

"You will be mine forever!"

All June said was, "Yes, John!" Then, she added, "Please, John. Fuck my clit!"

I resumed my caresses of her girly-cock and very soon thereafter, the two of us exploded. When the intense sensations of our orgasms had eased somewhat, June asked me a weird question.

"John, have you ever done this with my sister?"

"Good heavens, NO!"

"Why not? I know for a certainty that she would want this done to her. Our father used to fuck her in the ass almost every day and sometimes twice a day. Both of us girls are driven by our desire for sex. If I call her and tell her to come for a visit, will you satisfy her needs?"

"Are you asking if I will fuck her?"


"June, I just don't know. I have been told for so long that having sex with one's mother was a deadly sin that I'm not certain I can do it."

Then, June said something that reminded me of Betty's characterization of really good fucking. Something about it having to be dirty and nasty and, Betty had added, forbidden!

"Oh, John! Fucking someone who you have been told you shouldn't fuck, makes the experience all that much better. John, you need not worry about Jane's reactions. I know her well enough to tell you that, at first, she will protest, but she won't push you away. Your grandmother was driven by sexual urges in just the same way. All of us Baker females are almost nymphos!"

At this point, I couldn't answer her for I had to make another announcement.

"June, I need to come!"

"JOHN! I'll have to ask you again. Just what kind of man are you? I've known men who could come twice, but never three times! I shall be sore in the morning, but, I can't ever deny a good fuck!"

My next orgasm was even more explosive than the others so, after that blast, I, too, was ready to rest. Just as it had been with Betty, June and I went to sleep still joined by my fleshy column.

When I woke, I was laying in bed stark naked. June had evidently cleaned me the night before for my column was almost sparkling clean. It was nearly rampant even at this early hour. I heard the door open and looked up to see June standing in the doorway. Her attitude was somewhat unusual. There was no light bantering speech nor jibes about my sexual capacity. She just stood there looking steadily at my column. It was as if she were waiting for my permission to enter . A wild idea raced into my mind. I wondered just how far this servant-master thing would go so I decided to test it.

"June, have you ever tasted the juice from your coynte?"

She gulped before answering me. "No, John. I have never done that."

"Well, this is the time for you to know what you taste like. June, take my column into your mouth!"

There was a distinct hesitation on her part, but, finally, she moved towards the bed. She knelt upon the bed and, with both hands, took hold of my column. There was no hesitancy now. She quickly guided it up to and into her mouth. I was amazed. Evidently, what Betty had said was true. June was somehow subservient to my wishes.

"Make sure you get it well coated with your spittle."

She made some kind of guttural sound because of my column in her mouth and throat, but she never stopped sucking on my stiff column I reached around her hips and felt of her coynte. It was very wet.

"Now, June, take my column out of your mouth and push it into your coynte."

She reacted at once and, in a matter seconds, my column was totally enveloped by the warm wet walls of her coynte. Without any hesitancy, June began moving her hips up and down the full length of my column. Her head was down and she was watching my column push into and then suck back out through her coynte lips. It was fascinating to watch her coynte lips being pulled out as my cock came out. It was as if they were trying to keep my cock inside of June's coynte. . I let her ride my column until I could see that it was slick with her coynte juices. Then, I bade her to take my column from her coynte and suck it into her mouth.

"Suck all of it! Take it so deep that my column head is in your throat!"

There was no question nor objection on her part and soon, my entire column was sliding through her reddened lips. I let this go one for a few more minutes and then I asked her,

"How does your coynte taste? Is it good?"

I was surprised by the length of time it took her to allow my column to slide out of her mouth. I knew at once that she didn't want to let it go.

"It is delicious, John. Thank you for the opportunity to taste myself."

"Never fear, June. We shall do this often. Now, I must bathe and go to work."

June rose and BACKED OUT OF THE ROOM under the guise of the perfectly obedient servant!

I walked to the bathroom and I had to fight the temptation to jump up and click my heels. Good ole' Betty had definitely known what she was talking about for June was obviously within my sexual power. I couldn't help myself. I roared with laughter for a thought had just raced through my mind. If June – definitely a woman of the world – reacted in this fashion, then what about Anita Weatherly? That little thought had to be verified or ignored. When I left the bathroom, I said to June,

"Call your sister to come and be with us. I want her!"

June's only response was to give a slight nod of her head.

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