tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 05

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 05


I was just finishing my breakfast when the phone rang, it was Betty.

"John, I won't be in your office today. There will be another girl and she can explain what's happening to you. I just wanted to check in with you regarding your relationship with your Aunt. Did you get into her?"

"Yes, I did."

"And, how do you feel this morning?"

"Great! Isn't that how you would expect me to feel?"

"Yes, but that is not the reason for my call. John, do you remember what I told you that first day we met? "

"About being --- well, something unusual?"

"Yes, and by now, your inner being should be changing more towards the demon aspect of your nature and away from your human side. Is your Aunt in sight?"


"Look at her hard, John and then tell me what you are seeing."

I stared at June. She was wearing a transparent kind of morning gown. A gown that hid absolutely nothing of her charms. At first, I wasn't at all certain what Betty was getting at, but then, I began to get the meaning of her comment.

"Betty, she is a mortal female with warm, moist places within which I can lodge my cock!"

"John, now you are seeing her with the eyes of your demon self. From now on, every female you meet will appear to you as nothing more than a sex partner to obey you and to be used as you desire. All other relationships will become secondary. Test it on June!" And she hung up.

I slowly put the phone down and turned to look at June. Something within me had changed and I wanted to order June about. So, I said to her,

"June, from now on, while you are in this apartment, I don't want you to wear any clothing. I want to be able to look at your secret parts and touch them at will. When I want sex, you are to gladly oblige me. Take off that stupid gown!"

There was a hint of fright around June's eyes for this was a totally different male than what she had been accustomed to seeing. Then, with a shrug of resignation, she slid the gown off, flung it onto a chair and stood there naked. I looked at her for a very long time before breaking the silence. Then, I repeated my earlier demand,

"June, call your sister and say to her that I want her."

"You mean....?"

"Yes, June. I want to possess her in the same way and to the same extent as I have possessed you. Tell her to come to me as soon as it is possible. Tell her, too, that I shall be waiting."

There was another pause in her speech and then she said, "Yes, John."

I got up and left for the office. That trip was almost a nightmare. I nearly had several accidents for my mind was always wandering. Every female I saw – young, childish, mature, even aged – appeared to me as nothing but a mouth, a coynte and an ass. It felt to me as if I could look through the coverings they were wearing and see directly into their warm, moist channels. Once more, Betty had been correct. My demon-side had become the predominant part of my character. I was still digesting this immense change as I entered my office. I almost stopped for Betty was not there! Then, I recalled what she had said about not being in the office today. As I stood there trying to get my bearings, Della, Weatherly's secretary rose form behind Betty's desk.

"Good morning, Mr. Martin. Oh, I can tell by your expression that Betty probably forgot to tell you about the weekly secretarial shift. Mr. Martin, once every week, each secretary is assigned to an executive who is not her boss. Mrs. Wilson feels that this engenders a greater sense of company togetherness and loyalty."

"I see. Did Betty brief you on the way I want things done?"

"Yes, she did and I feel that I am perfectly qualified to carry out even the slightest of your wishes."

"Then, shall we get started? Can you guess what I want to do?"

Della's eyes became wide and staring. Evidently, her previous experiences with the various bosses had not prepared her for such a blunt statement of desire. She gulped, began twisting her hands and finally said,

"Yes, Mr. Martin. I believe I do."

"Please be more explicit. What is it I want you to do?"

Again, there was a hesitation and then she said, "You wish to fuck me!"

"Yes, that is exactly what we shall do. I wish to make use of your darkest tunnel, but I want it to be a smooth and unrestrained entry. So, I shall expect you to coat my phallus with enough of your saliva that my column will slide smoothly into your opening. Do you under stand me?"

All I got was a short nod of the head.

"Very well. Direct the telephone to my extension and then come into the inner office."

Della may have been somewhat nonplussed by my naked statement of what I expected, but she certainly hustled in getting the phone adjusted so that I could answer it while at my desk. Then, she followed me into the office. A good deal of her hesitation had disappeared, but not all of it. She stopped just inside the door and stood waiting for my next orders. I didn't keep her waiting.

"Take off your dress!" Once she had done this, I gave her the second order. "Get on your hands and knees."

Della must have been experienced in this form of sexual union for she positioned herself at exactly the right height to receive my cock. I opened my trousers and exposed my nearly hard cock. Her eyes grew wider as she saw what awaited her. I moved over until I was directly in front of her and I began using my cock as a wand to stroke her face and lips. This did confuse her, but I offered her no explanation. I ended my cock rubs with my cock head resting against her lips. Before she could open her mouth, I began exerting pressure on her lips. She was a quick learner and she caught on to my desire almost at once. As I pushed against her lips, she slowly began edging backwards.

"Della, fasten your eyes upon this design and don't move them!"

I indicated the circle of sixes on my belly. Once I saw that she was looking where I wanted her to look, I resumed my cock-pressure on her lips and we resumed our backwards movement until, quite suddenly for her, her butt met the wall of my office. I had been watching her eyes very intently and I had seen the distant stare come over her face. I knew that she was caught! My assumption was confirmed when her mouth abruptly opened and the head of my cock slid into it. I purposefully held myself in check because I wanted to get the maximum enjoyment from this and the actions I contemplated undertaking next. We remained in this posture for several minutes. A slight pressure and my cock head slid in beyond her lips. So far, her eyes had never wavered from my mark and she appeared to be in another world. Ever so gradually, I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I wondered how far I could go before she began to choke. Suddenly, this question was answered for me. Her mouth opened even wider than it had been and, with a very slight lunge, Della took the whole length of my cock into her throat!

She was moaning and wriggling her butt against the wall. Without any warning, she began thrusting her body forward and backwards so that, with each movement, she was fucking her face! I had never seen a female do this before and it excited me. In a very short while, I pumped a full load of jism into her throat. She swallowed the entire mass of jism without spilling a drop!

As I began to come down from my orgiastic heights, I slowly withdrew my cock from her slobbering mouth. As soon as my cock head cleared her lips, she began screaming.


For an instant, this type of response disconcerted me, but I soon got back to normal and I grabbed her hips and swung her ass around so that it was facing me. With one vicious stab, I slammed my cock through her puckered hole and at least four inches deep into her ass! I expected screams of pain, but they were not forthcoming. Instead, Della eased her head down upon the floor and gave out a huge sigh. I asked her,

"Della, is anything wrong?"

"No, Mr. Martin. It was those little furry, phallus dolls that got up inside of me. They were driving me crazy! That is, until your cock entered my rear. Now, they are quiet. Oh, oh, oh! I spoke too soon. They have started up again! They are rubbing their furry hides against the tender walls of my ass and my cunt! Oh, God! Fuck me, Mr. Martin! Fuck me! I'm COMING! I'm ....ugh... I'm .... uh, uh, uh, I... OH, GOD! I die!"

The multiple orgasms that Della experienced were strung out one after another until she collapsed on the floor. I've never felt spasms such as I felt from the walls of her ass. They were terribly strong and, in no time at all, I, too, was spurting streams of jism into her bowels. That seemed to quiet whatever it was that was driving her to successive orgasms and her body wilted and sank full length onto the floor! I let her lay there and sat down at my desk! From time to time, a series of tremors would course through Della's body, but, otherwise, she was unconscious.

I finished what work I had for the day early in the afternoon – Della was still lying naked upon the floor. So, I left her there and started to leave the office. Just as I reached the door, I nearly collided with Betty.

"Boy, am I ever glad to see you!"

"What's wrong, John?"

"Come in the office and look at what's on my floor."

Betty put her head around the door and looked into my office. She gasped! Then, she began to laugh!

"My word, John! What have you done to that poor female? You've fucked her to where she has exceeded her sexual limit! What happened?"

"I haven't the slightest idea. I'm on my way home. What about you?"

"I'm leaving for the day, too. Shall I come home with you and we can discuss whatever it is that has happened here. Frankly, John, I've never seen anything like this before."

What with all the excitement of the day, I had completely forgotten about June and my instructions to her. So, both Betty and I were surprised when a naked female opened the door to let us in. June was just as surprised at seeing Betty.

"Er... uh, Betty, this is June. June, this is Betty, my secretary."

I knew I wasn't making any sense, but, at least, I got the introductions accomplished. Betty quickly showed the extent of her poise by stepping into the apartment and promptly sliding her work gown off. She looked at me with an expectant look on her face and I quickly got her message. I summarily shed my clothing so there we stood – three naked individuals. June disappeared and soon reappeared with a tray and three glasses of wine. I'm not much of a drinker, but, after what I had been through, I certainly needed a stimulus.

"June, before we begin our discussion, there is a question I've been meaning to ask you. Have you called your sister?"

June cast a quick look at Betty and then back at me. I nodded to tell her that she could talk in front of Betty.

"Yes, I've called her."

"What did she say?"

"It wasn't what I had expected. It was actually a little odd. The first thing she said was, 'I've been expecting that message for over thirty years! Does that make any sense to you?"

"Yes, it does. What else did she say?"

"Oh, the other part was strictly routine. She said she would be here as soon as she could close up the house. I told her that one or the other of us would meet her upon her arrival."

"That's fine." I stole a quick glance at Betty and I could tell by her sly know-it-all smile that she had jumped to the conclusion that we were talking about my mother. She quickly transferred the conversation back to the events of today.

"Now, John. Tell June and me what happened in your office today."

So, as we each sipped our wine and with a second glass in hand, I detailed what I had witnessed with Della. I had two questions for Betty when I finished with the factual details,

"Have you ever seen anything like that before? And, what the hell did she mean by, 'those little furry, phallus dolls' that she said were inside her?"

Betty could only shrug her shoulders – indicating that she had no idea. Then, her face brightened and she began to chuckle. She looked across at June and said.

"Of course, we could always try to reconstruct what happened to Della."

June immediately responded.

"Not with me, you don't!"

It took some more talking and encouragement from the two of us, before June finally agreed to give it a try. I rose and, with June's compliance, began setting the scene.

"We were about this far from the wall of my office. Della was on her hands and knees. I had pulled my cock out and was waving it in front of her face. I put the head of my cock up against her lips and began exerting a slight pressure. She caught on sat once and began backing up. I had told her before we began to fix her eyes on my birthmark and not to remove them. I was preparing to push my cock into her mouth as we reached the wall, but, suddenly, she ........ My God! That is exactly what she did!"

June had followed all of my directions up until that point when she suddenly opened her mouth very wide and engulfed my cock with her lips. Betty was intently watching all of this. June began the humping motion that Della had shown me and, as it became apparent that she was doggedly fucking her face, I looked at Betty. Her eyes were even bigger than those of June. Neither one of us could believe that this was really happening. I came and after my ejaculation, I pulled my cock out of June's mouth. Once more, history repeated itself. As my cock came out of June's mouth, she began screaming!

"JOHN! FUCK ME! OH, JOHN, FUCK ME! Those dastardly fur-coated, dildos have crawled inside of me. John! Betty! Help me. I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, God, I'M COMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGG!"

June was throwing her body through all kinds of gyrations. It was all Betty and I could do to hold her still. Then, there was a huge, 'guuuuggg' and June collapsed!

Betty and I made her as comfortable as possible, but it was difficult since she was completely inert. I got a blanket and we covered her. Betty said,

"I think it is best if we just let her lay here and sleep it off. If you don't mind, I'd like to stay here with you and June until she comes out of whatever this is."

"That's fine by me!"

Betty and I fixed a pick-up meal and sat there eating as we watched June. From time-to-time, she would convulse and throw her legs straight up into the air. Then, after almost three hours, her eyes opened and she spoke.

"Whaaat happened? Where am I?"

"You are in the apartment with Betty and me. How do you feel?"

"I'm still a little woozy, but, otherwise, I'm all right." She noticed the remnants of our meal and, while smiling at me, asked, "Mind if I have something?"

I rushed out to the kitchen to fix her something to eat. We were all quiet while she ate.Then, when she had finished, she looked at me and asked,

"What do you want to know?"

"For heaven's sake, June! We want to know what happened to you. Can you remember what happened?"

"Sure. I was on my knees and, at first, I was looking at the head of your cock as it came towards me. You know, John, I always like looking at your cock. Anyways, when you directed me to look at that funny mark on your belly, I did that and, before I knew what was happening, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It felt like that circle was slowly beginning to encompass me. The figures were each revolving and they began going faster and faster. Then, I fell into the circle! At least, that's what it felt like. I landed on my butt on a great big flat nothing. I couldn't see anything no matter in which direction I looked even after I got up on my knees so as to have a better vantage point. Then I heard this squeaky noise. I knew it was close to me and I also knew that it was getting closer, but I couldn't locate it. Then, I happened to look down and there they were."

"Who was? What did you see?"

"There were two very small figures standing by my side. They didn't look to be any more than about four – maybe five – inches tall. They were jabbering away, but I couldn't make heads or tails out of what they were saying."

Betty asked, "Did you get a good look at them?"

"Oh, sure. They stood there for the longest time."

"Well, for Christ's sake, June, what did they look like?"

"John, I don't think you will believe me, but they looked like two dildos! They had round bodies and decidedly cock heads for their heads. Except for their mushroom-like heads, they were totally covered in a fur-like substance. Except for the two slits they used for eyes, that is. They looked at me and I looked at them. Then, like lightening, they were behind me and they began climbing up my thighs towards my butt and my cunt. I tried to reach back and throw them off, but they were too fast for me. One flung himself right into my puckered hole and the other dove into my cunt. I felt them crawling higher-or deeper, if you prefer – into my guts and their movements nearly drove me wild. The fur that covered their bodies was coarse and it tickled the walls of each of my channels until I thought I was going to blow up. Instead, I started coming and I must have had at least a dozen or more orgasms in a matter of just a few seconds. John, the feel of your cock in me helped allay the effects of their damn fur coats, but they are still there inside of me and they are still alive. I can feel them moving around inside my guts even as we speak. Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm going to come again!"

It took three days for June to finally stop having these spontaneous orgasms, but her responses to my use of her coynte were greatly enhanced. I jokingly told her that she would be the newest star in the porno movie industry. Her laugh was a little weak.

Jane arrived one week after June's phone call.

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