tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 06

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 06


I opened my eyes to see Jane standing in my bedroom door staring down at my naked body. There was no doubt but what this was the first naked male she had seen in some time.

"Good morning, Jane. I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you when you arrived yesterday, but business requirements kept me in the office until very late. I assume that June got you settled in okay?"

"Yes, she did."

"Did you drive across country?"

"Yes and since I wasn't sure of the regulations around here, I put my car in a visitor's slot. I hope that's okay."

"That's fine. I thought you might drive so I arranged a reserved parking space for you in the underground garage. Later today, I'll show you where it is located. I want to have a talk with you and this time is as good as any. Jane, there are things that you must understand before you make any kind of decision about your future. I would like you to seriously consider staying here for as long as you like. However, there are things about me and my life that you must be made aware of if we are to be comfortable with each other's company.

Jane, there are a number of changes that have occurred to me. Most of them have become effective in just the last few months. I am now only about one-quarter human. The characteristics that I inherited from .... Well.. you know, don't you?" She nodded. "These traits have taken over the other three-quarters of my being. Does this frighten you?"

"No, John, it doesn't. To tell the truth, I have been expecting it ever since you were born. How did you find out?"

"My secretary is very knowledgeable in these things. Her lineage is similar to mine. As I said, I hope that you decide to stay here with me, but there are things that you must agree to if we are to live in harmony. Let there be no doubt in your mind. You are here to service my needs and wants. One of the changes that have taken place involves my sexual hunger and my capacity for sexual activities. I usually have sex several times each and every day. I work in an environment where all of the executive secretaries are, in reality, company whores so they are constantly available for my use. And, of course, for the use of the other executives as well. I will expect that you will maintain yourself in such a state of readiness that I may use you as the mood strikes me. If you are not accustomed to having multiple orgasms, you must train yourself so that you are. With regard to this requirement, I may use any of the three portals of your body. Do you understand this?"

"Yes, John. I understand."

"This requirement will necessitate that you keep yourself clean and well lubricated at all times."

I looked at her in a questioning manner and once more, she nodded.

"Insofar as the apartment is concerned and your comings and goings, there are no restrictions upon your movements. I would like to have you meet me when I get home from the office, but I won't get angry if you are not here. However, when you are in the apartment, I insist that you be naked. So, start now!"

It took Jane several minutes to realize that I wanted her to take off her clothing. Then, slowly, she began to comply. When, at last she had removed all of her clothing, I got my first really good look at her body and its' attributes. Unlike June's body, Jane's body was lean and lank. Her shoulders were bony and her tits were barely more than just small mounds on her chest. They weren't large enough to sag so her nipples stood straight out from her areolas. Her ribs showed plainly along the sides of her body and her thighs were thin and muscular. Her hair hung down to her shoulders and it was a russet-kind of color. The hair that bordered the lips of her coynte was likewise russet in color. Her feet were long and thin. I was surprised to see that she wore some kind of ring on the second toe of her left foot. That seemed, to me, to be out of character, but, perhaps it signaled a wild streak in Jane's nature.

"Periodically, the company or one of its' top executives hold parties for the executive staff. Ordinarily, executives are expected to bring their wives or girl friends, but, since I have neither, you and June will act for me in that manner. Many of the wives have stopped attending these affairs because they are really nothing more than an organized orgy and, wives who do attend are expected to fuck any one of the males who are in attendance. I shall expect that you and June will attend these parties and actively participate in the happenings!

I have a secretary, as I said, and her name is Betty. Her talents for lewd and lascivious behavior parallel mine. I hope that you and she will become friends, but I realize that this may not be. In that case, I expect you to be courteous to her and not, in any way, shun her.

As for your desires, I will not prohibit you from having friends call upon you here in the apartment – be they male or female. I will warn you that, if upon my return from the office, I find you engaged in some type of sexual activity, I shall feel free to join in. So, you should accept that you may find yourself with two or even three of your portals in use.

I know that you and your father have, in the past, engaged in a sexual relationship. I have been told that he was a raw kind of a lover. I am not that way. I do not administer pain for the enjoyment of hurting a subservient female. I find the gross enjoyment from sexual gratification enough for my tastes

To make the sex life that I expect of you more palatable to you, I shall make you continually sexually excited. Before I undertake your first lesson in sexual arousal, do you have any questions?"

"I gather from your remarks that I am to become your live-in whore. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Jane, that is correct. One of the major changes that has occurred in my attitudes toward life is that I look upon human females as an ass, a coynte and a mouth. In other words, a collection of warm, moist openings in which I may insert my phallus. Do you fit that bill?"

"I think I do."

"Fine. Shall we begin?"

Throughout my tirade, I had been stroking my nearly rampant phallus and I had watched as Jane's eyes grew larger and larger as they considered the fucking column of flesh that was appearing before her very eyes. I also noticed the emergence of the red tip of her tongue from between her lips and the licking of those lips. Finally, I saw that it was taking all of her will power to keep her hands from stroking her coynte.

"Jane, I intend to fuck your ass, but I am not sufficiently lubricated. So, I expect that you will use your saliva to prepare me for insertion."

As I said this, I held my phallus in one hand and aimed it directly at her mouth. There was a momentary hesitation on her part. Now that she was faced with actually fucking her own son, she was somewhat uncertain. Finally, raw sexual desire took over and she moved in between my spread legs.

"At first, Jane, just take the very head of my phallus into your mouth. I shall control things from that point onward."

Jane opened her mouth and, with some difficulty, got the head of my phallus inside her lips. I chuckled inwardly for I had seen two other females struggle at first with the girth of my phallus only to later gulp it down as the effect of the furry dildos took over their bodies. I placed my hands on either side of Jane's head and directed her gaze upon the circle of sixes.

"Recognize this?"

She pulled her mouth away from my phallus in order to answer me.

"Yes, that is the birthmark your sire left upon you."

"That is correct, Jane. Keep your eyes upon it and you shall be rewarded."

She replaced my phallus –head inside of her lips and I could tell that she was intently staring at the circle of sixes. I waited for the sign that she had succumbed to the attraction of the circle. When it came, there was no doubt that she was hooked. Her mouth opened wider than it had ever been and she gulped down my phallus as though it were a huge piece of sausage. She couldn't have dislodged herself even if she wanted to do so. As had happened before, I knew that she was inside the circle of sixes. I was unprepared for the surprise that awaited me. Suddenly, I heard the twittering that both Della and June had mentioned. I watched in total disbelief as two fur-clad, dildos marched across the bed covers. Unlike the females, I could understand their twittering.

"You take that big brown hole. I'll get her in that red slit. My, my. Look at the hair around that slit!"

"That will make your entry difficult. My entry will be easy. Her brown hole must have been used by a whole lot of poles. It is standing wide open right now!"

I watched as they marched up to a position alongside Jane's flank. Then, with nothing more than a slight leap, they were on her. I saw Jane's buttocks wiggle and flinch as the two dildos moved across her flesh.

On an impulse, I spoke to the one nearest to me.

"What are you?"

Surprisingly, it answered me." I am one of Satan's phalluses!"

"What is your purpose with these females?"

The phallus laughed at my question and its' manner indicated that it had expected me to already know the answer to that question.

"Are you stupid? In response to her inherent animal tendencies, every earth female yearns for the continuous presence of a phallus in her secret parts. We are sent by the Master himself to provide that service. We destroy the female's inhibitions so that she is free to think of nothing but the pleasure a phallus gives her and her senses. We live for as long as our host lives and we keep her at a constant level of sexual excitement. We are the phallus that she dreams of. Haven't you ever noticed a female swinging her hips and doing little dance steps while they perform their routine tasks. Their movements stir us to action and they feel orgasmic tremors through every part of their bodies."

"Does every female have you inside of them?"

"No. Only those females who acknowledge their need for us by leaping into the circle of sixes. In order for us to appear, the female must admit of the existence, consciously or unconsciously, of her wish for a perpetual phallus. Some plunge into the circle while others must be forced into it. Still, others absolutely refuse to acknowledge their needs and desires. Your task is to bring as many females into the circle as is possible."

With that, it was through with any discourse with me. They each moved down in between her ass cheeks so I was unable to follow their progress, but I knew when they entered Jane's body. Her gyrations became more and more agitated. The movements of her lower body were, somehow, connected to the muscles in her throat for she began, 'milking' my phallus with her throat movements. As my orgasm got nearer and nearer, I pushed my phallus deeper and deeper into her throat. Strangely enough, Jane didn't even retch! I exploded and my jism cascaded into her throat. Jane was going wild as both Della and June had done. As the last drops of my jism worked their way down into Jane's throat, I pulled back so that my phallus came free. Jane erupted in speech instantaneously.

"John! John! Fuck me! UH! Fuck me! Oh, God! I'm being eaten alive! Fuck me, John, Fuck MEEEEE!"

I swung her around so that her ass was facing me. With one swift movement, I drove my phallus deep into her ass channel. I expected a cry of pain and a plea to take it out, but none was forthcoming. Instead, Jane emitted the biggest sigh of pleasure and relief I had ever heard. The fur dildo had been right on the money. Jane had been ass-fucked so many times that she really enjoyed being taken in that manner!

I didn't hesitate. I began buggering her ass with a vengeance.

"Oh, fuck me, John! Fuck me! I have waited years for this. Deeper, John! Go deeper into me. Go so deep that you hurt me! I don't mind if you hurt me. Push that phallus of yours so deep that it comes out of my throat."

I took her at her word and drove my phallus deeper into her ass than I had ever been before. She cried out and began shoving her ass back at me thereby driving it even deeper. Once more, I exploded and drenched her ass channel walls with my jism. For some reason, Jane wasn't so terribly bothered by the presence of the fur-clad dildos in her gut as either Della or June had been. So, after I came, we remained held together in this carnal union by my flesh pole. Then, I leaned down over Jane's back and whispered,

"Jane, I need to come!"

All she said was, "Yes, John. I know!"

Once more, I coated her ass channel walls with my jism. Somehow, I knew that we would keep this up until one of the other of us fainted from fatigue. Only, it was not to be.

"Hey, you guys! Aren't you ever going to break for breakfast?"

June stood in the door looking down upon our union with a nasty smile upon her face.

Since it was Saturday and I wasn't expected in the office, we spent the rest of that day and all of the next fucking on the floor. Somehow, that seemed to be the appropriate place for our activities since we were all animals where sex was concerned. With June's porno knowledge, we got into some of the weirdest twosomes and threesomes you could ever imagine. Sometime during our orgy, one of the females described the situation to a tee. She said,

"We two sisters are now John's two concubines!"

I corrected her. "No. You are both my Devadazis – my temple whores"

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