tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 08

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 08


I was anxious to see Betty as I arrived at my office. There was something that I hoped she could clear up. Fortunately she was, as usual, in early.

"Good morning, John. What's wrong? You look all out of sorts."

"I am. I don't understand what is going on. It has been two months since that last company party and not one of the females that I had sex with has shown up. Am I losing my touch or...what?"

"John, I can't answer that because I just don't know, but there has been another development. There is a letter for you that I put on your desk. I think I got one just like it. I do know that they weren't delivered through the usual office mail system. Take a look at yours and then we can compare notes."

I went into my office and, sure enough, there was a plain envelope on my desk blotter. There was no address that I could see and I wondered just how Betty had known it was for me. Then, when I opened it, there was another surprise. It was written in a very old type of script. It read,

"Mr. John Martin – Incubus,

Please make yourself available Saturday the next at 8:00 a.m.at the home of Miss Anita Weatherly. No prior preparations are required.



I stomped out to where Betty was sitting and demanded, "Just who in hell is this guy, Reymondo?"

"John, I have no idea. I assume that your note tasked you to be at Anita's house next Saturday. At least, that's what mine said."

"Yeah, mine, too. It seems that we have no choice in this matter. Shall we go together?"

"Probably not, I am supposed to be there by 5:00 A. M. and that would be really early for you. So, I guess I'll see you there."

I was not the least bit happy about this so-called invitation, but, like many of the things that had happened to me since I became aware of my incubus status, it was very apparent that there was no choice open to me. Arrive on time or..........?

I made certain that it was exactly 8:00 when I opened the door to Anita's mansion. I encountered the first of many surprises for this day as I stepped inside. Instead of the young girl who normally helped us disrobe for the company parties, a middle-aged woman –naked, of course – approached me and began removing the casual clothing I was wearing. I wasn't certain, but she seemed to be stroking me at the same time. Nothing was said even after I, too, was naked. She turned into a small ante-room and emerged holding a cup of some kind of liquid. She proffered it to me and I drank it down. Unlike the stuff that we usually drank at the parties, this was sweet and smooth on the tongue. As I was swallowing this liquid, she took hold of my phallus and, using it like a yoke, directed me into the mansion. We went along the corridor to where a small door was recessed into the wall. Once this door was opened, it revealed a stairway that disappeared down into the bowels of the building. I carefully followed the stairway down until I could go no further. There, I encountered still another small door and, when I knocked on it, it was opened by Betty. Honestly, I was glad to see her for I wasn't at all certain just what was intended to happen. Furthermore, my senses had begun swaying and I was having trouble watching where I put my feet. Betty also took hold of my phallus and drew me inside a rather small room. Just how large the room was, I couldn't really make out for the lighting was extremely dim. Two impressions came to me almost at once. First, there was some kind of contraption sitting in what was probably the middle of the room and, secondly, the walls were lined with statues of naked women! I couldn't help staring at these statues for they varied in age, size and desirability. Their bodies were all completely bare of marks or hair. They looked as though they were made of alabaster. Some tits hung. Others pointed straight out from their owner's chest. Then one of the statues moved and I suddenly knew that these were actual, living females! Each of them held a small lamp before her breasts of the kind one would see in an Arabian Nights type of movie. And, it was these lamps that provided the only light in the room! Betty's insistent pulling on my phallus did not permit me to stand and observe these living statues. She led me to the contraption and made me straddle a pointed ramp-like structure. By this time, I was nearly out. Her hand slid beneath my phallus and she took hold of my scrotum. Her other hand pushed me further onto the ramp until my phallus was actually above the level of the table-like part of the contraption. This constant handling of my phallus had resulted in a very large erection. Betty leaned over to me and whispered,

"This is the bridal altar!"

This meant absolutely nothing to me. Anita entered the room and came up to me carrying another small cup of the same kind of liquid as before. She was insistent so I drank it all. If my phallus was hard before I drank this potion, it was as hard as steel afterwards and, although I found this hard to accept, it was larger than normal! The driving sensation in my gut screamed at me, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" While I was trying desperately to come to terms with this state of affairs, the door opened again and Betty and another naked female I didn't recognize entered the room. At Betty's urging, the other female climbed up onto the table, knelt and leaned forward so that her mouth was very close to the head of my phallus. She was a very pretty looking girl and I smiled down at her as she peered up at me. Then her face began to change. It slowly altered its' shape and appearance until it became a grotesque mask of evil intent. I expected some kind of hesitation, but that was not to be. In a second, her eyes were riveted upon the circle I wore. Her face assumed an even more gruesome expression and her mouth became a desperate rictus of desire. Her eyes were screwed up in a terrible grimace and all I could see of her mouth were her teeth. She looked to me as some kind of meat-eating animal and I thought for sure that she was going to chomp down upon my phallus! She lunged at me and I instinctively sucked in my belly. However, she didn't close her teeth about my phallus. Instead her mouth opened to an even wider degree and my phallus slid, unhindered, into her mouth. This fiend was mouth-fucking me!

A movement caught my eye and I looked up over the female's body. There, in the space between her legs, a grey, mist-shrouded figure was taking form. I could not make out any of the features of this thing nor could I really see just what sort of creature it was. The female's body shuddered as it felt the presence of this being. There was a sound of something sucking and the grey mist began to disappear inside the female's body. She kept her mouth fast upon my phallus as she was frantically thrashing about. The grey figure disappeared into her body only to be followed by a second figure. This one, too, was sucked into the other of her openings. I don't know if that female was climaxing or not, but I was. My body was racked with one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced. I found myself yelling at the top of my lungs! Abruptly, I choked down my exultation because, the damn walls were moving. Or so it seemed to me. The room was fast becoming a kaleidoscope. Naked bodies seemed to be everywhere. I didn't realize that it was my vision field that was spinning until Betty grabbed me and held me up. I looked at her, smiled and promptly surrendered to some kind of dazed state!

From that moment onward, the whole experience was nothing but a wild drunken jamboree. Naked bodies came and naked bodies went. I climaxed often and I watched intently as one cloud-figure after another disappeared into some female's body. I must have poured my jism into these females by the gallons. There was no limit to the explosive reactions that I felt. I soared above the earth and even into the spaces beneath the earth. I became aware of someone laughing in an hysterical voice and was surprised when Betty told me to, "Shut up!" In between these events, I was given more cups of that sweet liquid and, when I drank the liquid they contained, I looked down and watched my phallus become grossly enlarged until it was the size of a telephone pole! My scrotum was engorged with jism ready to engulf some female's tonsils. Then, with absolutely no concern for anyone's well-being but my own, I would ram it into the face of some female!

"JOHN! Wake up!"

Betty's voice had penetrated my trance state and I struggled to rise above the level of unconsciousness that had engulfed me. When, at last, my eyes opened I was startled to find that I didn't recognize the room in which I had been sleeping.

"Where am I?"

"You are in one of Anita's bedrooms. You have been here since mid-afternoon yesterday. How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been toting load after load of bricks up a mountain for the longest time. What happened? Why am I here?"

"John, you fucked yourself silly and we had to carry you upstairs and put you to bed. Get up and you and I will have some breakfast. There is someone here I think you must meet if you have any hopes of understanding what happened yesterday."

I rose, but I didn't bother dressing – especially when I saw that Betty was also naked! She must have been rather active for a complete breakfast awaited us. I tried a few vocal sorties, but Betty showed no inclination towards speech of any kind so, our breakfast was a very silent affair. As we were finishing, the door opened and a strange individual came into the room. He was tall. Well over six feet and he was very thin. His hair was shiny black like a Raven's feathers and slicked back. His eyes had an oriental slant, but his coloration was more of the Arab variety. He was smiling, but, somehow, his smile seemed out of place upon that face. Try as I might, I was not able to engage his eyes. Somehow, they always seemed to elude my attention.

"John, this is Reymondo! He represents our common master."

"Good Morning, John. I must say that you put on a first class display of male virility yesterday. Welcome back to the land of the living. No doubt both of you are bursting with questions that you want to ask so, suppose I try, first, to answer a few of them for you. The ritual you participated in yesterday is the mating ritual between my leader and his selected consorts. Or, to put it another way, the human females you saw go through that ceremony have been married to ..... well, I think you know. These unions are everlasting. Yes, Betty?"

"But there were many more females in that room than the ones that we brought in response to the call."

"You are quite right. You must realize that the authority we serve has many, many such females and he deigned to utilize a number of them in order to provide the necessary lighting for the ceremony. Look. Perhaps it would be better if you could actually observe the results of your efforts. Come. Let us proceed to the wedding salon."

The laugh he gave in response to his attempt at humor was anything but humorous. With that, he turned and led us out of that room, down the stairs into the basement and through the small door leading to the chamber we both had occupied the day before. As we walked along behind Reymondo, Betty whispered to me, "He is from the underworld!"

I was astonished at that and at the sight that was presented to us and I know that Betty was equally surprised. We were gazing at a room whose every wall was covered by naked females! I immediately renewed my thought of the day before. These females must be statues! But they weren't. Each woman held before her chest a small lamp and the gas – or whatever – that came from the lamp was burning. Along the front of their individual bodies and connected to the lamps was a clear hose of some kind. This hose arose from the area between each woman's legs and was, obviously, feeding the gas into the lamps. Suddenly, Betty grabbed my arm.

"John! Look!"

She was pointing at two of the female statues and I choked when I realized that they were June and Jane – my kin! I started to reach out to them only Reymondo stopped me.

"John, that is useless. The state that they are in won't allow you to rouse them."

"What is this? Some kind of horrible trance?"

"No. They are in a state of suspended animation. They shall remain in this state until the gas in their bodies is exhausted. Perhaps it is best that I start at the beginning:

The roles that you two were expected to play were simply to induct these candidate females into the Circle of Sixes. This, you accomplished admirably. Once the females were incorporated into the Circle of Sixes, the marriage with Satan could take place.

Betty, in your role as maiden-of-honor, you observed much of what I am about to describe, but, for John's sake, I shall repeat what happened. John, these females were brought to this place so that they could be permanently united with Satan: my master. Your role in this process was to provide the conduit into the Circle of Sixes. During the process, your body reacted by orgasming time and time again until there was real concern about your health and well-being. That was the reason for keeping you supplied with the elixir of your master. Unfortunately, that elixir can not act as a substitute for the actual rest your mortal half requires. During the actual exercise, did you notice the vague figure that accosted the females?" I nodded. "That figure was a representation of Satan. Betty, what did you see when that ghostly figure approached the openings of the female's body?"

"I thought I was seeing things. The two openings, coynte and ass, opened to an almost impossible degree! They just didn't open a little more than normal. They expanded to a point where I could have inserted the bottom of a wine bottle into them without any hindrance whatsoever. The female's openings had become gaping holes in her body! Then, some kind of suction began and that entire cloud that hid that other figure was sucked into their bodies. Every one of them gave me the impression that they were climaxing as their bodies filled with that gas."

"Exactly. Now, that gaseous cloud that you both saw consists primarily of two essential compounds. The principal compound is a strong tar-like compound. The gas provides the means of introducing this heavier compound into the deep recesses of the female body. And, I should emphasize that this compound is placed in the deepest of recesses in the female's body. The heavier compound lines the sexual passages of the female's body .This tar compound shall remain within that female's body for ever and it will cause her to experience a constant sexual arousal."

"But, what about these crazy lamps that I see?"

"John, it is necessary that we dispel the gaseous element in some way. Betty, suppose you tell him how that is done?"

"John, part of my job yesterday- after the gas was sucked up into her body – was to push two wands up into her cavities. These wands were hollow. Like reeds and, as soon as I pushed them into her, the gas began escaping. Each wand has a hose attached to it and, in turn, these hoses are connected to a little round, flat gizmo which, in turn, is connected to the lamps each female is carrying. Once that lamp is lit, the gas is slowly burned off. Until then, the female will remain in the state you are witnessing now. If you were to examine this female – she pointed to Jane – you would be able to see the hoses leading from her coynte and her ass, between her legs and up to that flat thing I spoke of."

"Can't those wand things be removed?"

"Yes, they can be withdrawn, but it is quite a touchy operation. Ordinarily, they are only removed when the master has a sexual undertaking for one of these females."

"So, those damnable wands will remain stuck into my aunt and my ....this other female forever?"

John just couldn't bring himself to address Jane as his mother. Somehow, that seemed to be an acknowledgement that he had committed his own mother to a dirty, nasty life as a slave to the devil!

"Not in this case. No!" Reymondo had answered him. "We have plans for June. Our side is about to begin a subtle program of convincing mere mortals that sex anytime and anywhere and with any one is a desirable pastime. We have formed a production company and engaged writers, cameramen and directors. We want June to help us formulate and direct this undertaking. It is not our intent to engage in the common place porno movies. Instead, we shall produce films with not only a believable plot, but with a story line that will slowly bring the audience into an aroused state and condition them to the desire for the actual, slow introduction of blatant sexual activities. So, June's wands shall come out in a day or so."

"But, what about my .....the other female?"

"You and Betty are slated to take up a position at the university. You will direct the Maintenance of Facilities office. That will give you unlimited access to the dorms and many of the sorority houses as well. This female standing over here is Professor Indira Singh. She is a faculty member and, as a child, she was raised in the worship of our lord and master. She shall head the coven to be formed. Your task will be to induct the candidates-male or female- for her coven into the Circle of Sixes. To provide you with a kind of cover, you will reside on the campus in housing supplied by the University as brother and sister. The master has seen fit to allow you one of his consorts as a kind of house mother. She will clean, cook and respond to your other bodily needs. What's more, the master has agreed to allow you to select the consort you wish to accompany you. Are you ready to make your selection?"

I looked at Betty and for the longest time, our two glances interlocked.

"John, before you chose, perhaps you should see one more. Look over there in that corner."

I shifted my gaze to where Betty was pointing. At first, I didn't see any difference between the statue that stood there – partially hidden by shadows – and the ones that lined the walls. Then, my carnal gaze drifted downward and I gasped! This female had a phallus! I looked more closely at the face of the female and I realized that it was Anita, the hostess of this entire affair. She, like the others was clutching that ever present gizmo to her chest and it, too, had two hoses connected to it, but the astonishing thing was that one of the hoses originated from the end of her phallus! I gawked at this abomination and then I turned and looked at Betty.

"She insisted that she wanted to participate in the ceremony, so she did. Instead of being sucked up into her non-existent coynte, that first cloud figure was sucked into her phallus. The effect of this seemed to set her fires alight. I had a lot of trouble pushing that hose up inside of her phallus even though the eye in its' head was enlarged greatly. John, you should take a careful look at Anita for, when we have a comparable ceremony for the men that I attract, you may well have to attach their phalluses to the lamp!"

I gulped as that thought raced through my mind. Would I be able to do that? I wasn't at all sure that I could accomplish that act. For, as I stared at Anita's penetrated phallus, my own belly and gut began to wrench as spasm after spasm of revulsion tore through me? How would that feel inside of me?

Reymondo interjected a comment at this point: "That transvestite is not to be considered. She is destined to become Paula Wilson's Master-at-arms!"

Once more, Betty and I scanned the lot of available females. Then, a slow grin began on Betty's face and I began to respond in kind. In just a minute or two, we were both laughing. I turned to Reymondo and pointed to one of the female statues and said, loud and clear,

"We'll take this one!"


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