A Clean Shirt


Oh man... It makes me shudder. Yes, yes I can. God, I fucking love it. I love it. Until my moans start to be whimpers, soft, girly, unintelligible, worried cries, and I don't think I can take it anymore.

"Yes you can," he keeps telling me, as his fingers take a new grip in my hair. "You can handle it. Come on, little boi, show your Daddy how deep you can take his cock."

Fuck. Saliva and precum drip down my chin, on his hand. Tears start to drip down my cheeks. It's intense. I hope he stops before my gag reflex ruins it all.

And then he pulls me up. He kisses my sticky, used mouth.

"God, you're amazing," he sighs. He starts to take off his pants.

"Take off your jeans and shorts," he tells me. "But not your shirt."

Shedding clothes, he pulls me towards the bed, and before I know it, I'm straddling his naked legs.

He slouches back against the headboard, watching me. He hasn't taken off his shirt and tie. It's a strange contrast to feel my naked, wet pussy against his cock, while we're both still wearing clothes. His hands slide over my legs, up to my waist and higher up my torso. His thumbs rub my chest through my shirt. I feel like I should be ashamed, instinctively, but he appreciates my chest like this. I keep forgetting he likes it as much as I do.

My legs are sticky. My face is sticky. I feel dirty.

Licking his lips, he sits up and pulls me against him. He loosens his tie.

"I want you to unbutton my shirt," he says, and his mouth touches my chin.

My fingers fumble with one of the buttons. He's not wearing a shirt under it. With a rush, I remember my daydream about his silver chest hair.

Slowly, sensually his tongue slides over my smooth chin, licking his precum off my face. Holy shit. I can't concentrate. I feel my pussy drip on him.

Another button goes... the curly hair on his chest tickles my fingers. I writhe in his lap. God, I want him to fuck me. Please...

"Please..." I try.

He laughs, looks at me expectantly. I know what I'm supposed to do.

"Please... please fuck me, Daddy," I try.

I see he's trying a stern look, but the amusement shines through.

"No. Unbutton my shirt."

It seems to take forever, those soft hairs teasing me as I work down his button down shirt, while he watches me suffer. Finally, I'm done. I slide the shirt off his shoulders, revealing his strong body, the trail of dark and silver hair in the middle leading down to that cock I want so much.

"Thank you," he says, "now take off your T-shirt."

I pull it off over my head. Timidly, I sit there. The only piece of clothing left on us is my binder, and I'm hoping he won't make me take it off. With a caring gesture, he takes his white shirt and wraps it around me. It smells like him. It arouses me. As he buttons it down, I feel small, like a kid who can't get dressed yet. The shirt is a bit too big.

"There's a good boi," he whispers in my ear. In his hand, he has his tie.

"Show me what you can do with it, and you'll get your reward."

I wonder what he means, but when I take it, wrap it around my neck, I feel him pushing his cock against my wet pussy. Oh god... god yes... My hands stop doing what they were doing.

"Come on. Don't you want your reward? Or don't you know how to tie a tie?"

"Yes I do," I say, a bit defensively. "To both."

I start again, measuring the thin end so I can tie a double windsor. Usually I do this without thinking, I've done it so many times. Now, aware I'm watched, I am afraid I will mess it up. He looks at me closely, with curiosity, his hands on my hips. As soon as I make the first wrap, he pushes in. Hard. Deep.

"Fuck, goddamn." I slump against his bare chest. "Jesus, fuck, yes. Thank you... thank you Daddy." The words seem to come so easily now, like I'm used to saying them, like I've always called the men I fuck 'Daddy'. I never have, but I want to now. I grind myself down on his cock, so happy to have him inside, finally. A strong hand caresses my back, holds my head. His face is in my neck.

"Go on."

Man, it's almost impossible. Every thrust of his cock makes me pause, lose concentration. I sit there, on top of him, our foreheads almost touch. He seems so in control, though by the way he breathes, I can sense how much this does for him. While he's inside of me, fucking me slowly, I tie the tie the way it's supposed to go.

When I'm done, he adjusts it tightly around my neck. A bit too tight.

"Look at you," he says. "Don't you look sharp now..."

He touches my tie, slides his hands over my chest.

"... and handsome..."

He caresses my chin, gives me sweet, soft kisses.

"and fuckable."

He rolls us over. Throws me on the bed. I want him in me, I want that good, hard fuck he's teasing me with all this time.

"Yes, please Daddy. Fuck me... God, fuck me!"

I beg him, I need it so much. My legs wrap around him to pull him in. But he doesn't let me. He pushes them apart, moves back a little.

"You want me to fuck you? Let me take a look at what's between your legs, then, hm?"

He draws a finger over my wet pussy lips. I feel exposed, my wetness feels cold in the air. I look at his hard cock, glistening from being inside of me. I want it back inside of me.

"What's this, then," he says. His finger teases my hard clit. "Is that a dick, boi?"

No, of course it's not... I'm not sure what he's on about.

"Answer me."

"No," I bite my lip. "It's a clit."

He chuckles.

"That's what I would say if I had a tiny, useless dick like that..."

Wow... I don't know whether to feel insulted or aroused. I seems... feeling both is even better. My clit swells a bit more under his fingers. He pinches it and plays with it, just a bit too hard. It makes me squirm. It feels good.

"I think it's time for you to learn what a real dick can do," he says, stroking his cock. "Somebody's got to teach you, after all."

He slides on top of me, grabs my tie in one of his hands. It pins me to the mattress. I feel it strain around my neck. He looks down on me, stares me in my eyes.

"Do you want me to teach you?" he whispers. His cock rubs against my pussy. "Do you want your Daddy to teach you what a real man is like?"

"Yes!" I hiss. "Yes, goddammit, fuck me already!"

"Now, now... where are your manners..." He smirks. I grunt, try to pull him in. I'm frustrated, but he seems to love it.

"I'm not gonna teach you if you don't ask for it nicely."

Christ... I hate him.

"Please," I grunt, with clenched teeth. "Daddy. Teach me."

"Teach you what?"

"Teach me what a real cock can do."

"Good boi! You're learning fast..."

And finally, I'm getting what I want. He pushes into me, hard and deep. Rougher than before. I want it so much I scream. And he doesn't stop, I had no idea he could fuck me so hard.

My hands pull on his hips, grab his back, the grey hair on his head, as he ravages me with a determined look on his face. His hand pinning my tie to the mattress next to me restricts me, restricts my breath almost, in a very arousing way. I'm turning into a moaning mess of trembling legs and shaking arms. It's hard, rough, fast. It's clear it's about what he needs, not about what I want. He doesn't want to take breaks, and he's not giving me any.

He's... using me. And I love it.

He grabs my face, makes me look at him, but he doesn't slow down. It's getting me close. Fast. My face is red, my moans get desperate. If he pushes me into an orgasm like this, I wonder if I'll faint.

"Are you enjoying the lesson?" His voice is ragged. His hand goes down to my slippery clit and plays it. "With your cute little dick."

"Yes," I pant. "Yes."

"Tell me how much."

"I love it," I whisper. I sound so girly...

"You love it, hm?" He pinches my clit.

"Yes! I love it!" I have a hard time not screaming it out. My voice trembles.

He pushes into me, slower, but deep, deliberate strokes. I'm getting real close.

"Aren't you going to thank me?"

His hand strokes my chest, he rubs one of my nipples, restrained under the binder.

I'm losing it.

"Oh christ, I'm close, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make me cum like that."

He stops fucking me.

"Aren't you going to thank me," he says.

I stare at him, a bit too long. And then he slaps my face. Wow, oh my... I scream, my face burns, my mind goes blank. He slaps me again. It almost pushes me over the edge, but not yet. I'm not there yet.

"Thank you, Daddy, thank you..." Tears start streaming down my face.

"Good boi," he says and pushes into me. He hits the right spot again. I feel how sore I am, but somehow that makes it even better. He roughly rubs my chest, kisses my moaning mouth, my burning cheek.

"Do you want to cum for your Daddy?" he whispers, fucking me softly, too softly to cum, looking me in the eyes, caressing my face, my hair. I nod. "I can make you cum for me... do you want that?" He teases me, over and over, a constant stream of hot, demanding whispers that get me closer and closer. I cling to him, muttering things, as he holds me, takes me, it's caring and brutal at the same time.

"Daddy please," I whine. "I'm close, I have to cum. Can I please cum?"

"Yes, baby boi. Now, your Daddy wants to see you cum around his cock," he says, as he takes me hard. Finally. Hard enough to cum. Harder even.

"Cum for your Daddy. Now."

God, oh god, oh god, yes. There it is. It takes me over, makes me scream, it's intense, so intense it scares me. I cum harder than ever before. I'm shaking, clinging to him, it feels good, it feels so incredible, it feels like it could kill me. And I wouldn't mind. I go limp, trembling under him, but he's not done. I want to taste him, I want this evening to end with his taste in my mouth.

"Use my mouth," I say. "Please use my mouth."

"Oh holy mother, you're the hottest boi I've fucked yet..."

I feel him speed up, I'm too wasted to respond, but I love what it means.

"Up. Open your mouth," he grunts.

Groggily, I sit up. He pulls out, grabs my hair, hurriedly pushes his cock in my mouth, my tongue swirls around him. Just in time. He fills me up, moaning, his sperm spurts in my throat. But I'm not anywhere near focused enough to keep it in. He ends up making a mess on my face, it drips down my chin, on the shirt i'm wearing, on his tie.

I don't remember where the time after that went. It took a while, I know that, but now we can stand on our legs again.

On the balcony, I stare at the night sky above the city. It looks exactly like how I feel inside, velvety, warm, though the air against my legs is cool, but not cold, a bit like the fresh sheets we just messed up. I'm still wearing his shirt, but I'm wearing boxerbriefs under it. He joins me. We both hang on the railing, stare at the city a bit.

"Did you have fun?" He finally asks. His smile is naughty, but I sense a little bit of insecurity in his voice. It's cute.

"Yeah, I did." I grin back. "I'm guessing you did as well..."

He grins.

"You come here often?" I ask, with a wink.

"Actually," he says. "I do. Twice a month, sometimes more. This month I'm here every week. Business trip from London. I feel like I live here."

His shoulder touches mine, casually. I know he doesn't have to be this close. It feels nice.

"So it wasn't your first time traveling here at all?"

He lowers his head, shoots me a guilty look.

"No, sorry." He looks at me apologetically. "I got you here though."

I shrug, smile, lean my shoulder against him again. Somehow, I can't get worked up over it.

"You?" He asks.

"Me? I really live here."

I laugh, glance at him. He smiles back. A smirk is hidden under there, but he avoids my eyes now, looks at the skyline.

The silence is comfortable, the night air as well. I'm not sure why I don't feel bad about this random hook up, why there is no guilt, why I don't think what I just did was perverted. I just... feel good.

"So," he starts. "Same time, next week, dinner?"

What? I look at him, surprised. I see how there's something vulnerable in his face, something you rarely see in men his age. Unless they mean it.

"Sure," I say.

He looks at me intently, and winks.

"You better wear a suit!"

I chuckle.

"Yes dad," I say. I stick out my tongue.

"Brat!" He says. He slaps me against the back of my head.

We both laugh. God, he is really cute. And it does feel good.

"I'm sorry about your shirt," I say. I look down. There's sperm everywhere. "And your tie."

"Oh nevermind," he says. "I've got a clean one. Keep it." He smiles a huge smile. "You're going to need it."

* * *


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by MutableMalachi12/10/17

Awesome read

Amazingly well done. I'm ftm trans (not crossdresser) but I can really relate to your character in this story. And the description of your older male character...hot! While the "daddy" thing doesn't domore...

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