tagLesbian SexA Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 03

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 03


Authors Note: I took a little time off from writing. Sorry. Couldn't really bring myself to write happy things. But you don't want to hear about that! I'm not going to say I'm back, but I couldn't let this story hang like this. Most likely new stories will come out when I feel I have time to complete them. I hope you enjoy the next part of this story! I don't think I'll end it here, but if I'm being completely honest, I don't know when the next part will be up. I'm sorry :/ If you would like to leave a suggestion of a story premise that you'd like to see from me, I will consider it for my next story, though I don't know when I'll get to a next one. Thanks!


Sun streams through my apartment window. The natural light softly filling my room with warmth, teasing my eyes open. I wake up with a smile on my face, remembering the feeling last nights dream provided. I'm not sure there was any more denying it, or hiding from it, or... whatever I've been trying to do. I think I have feelings for Rose.

Good feelings. Great feelings, even. Those kinds of feelings you get right before a trip you've been waiting for. Mixed in with the feelings you get at the precipice of a cliff looking over the edge to see nothing below. Uncertainty, excitement, possibility. This wasn't a new concept, I wasn't breaking any records here feeling like I do. Though in this context they feel special. They feel new.

It was about an hour later when Rose finally woke up, stumbling out of her room. She walks past me on the couch, eyes still half closed, into the kitchen. The sound of liquid pouring into a glass proceeds the clink of said glass onto metal. She shuffles her feet back towards the living room, passing in front of me for a brief second before flopping down onto the couch. Her feet rise up to the armrest and her head lazily rests in my lap, arms curling in towards her body. She does so wordlessly. It felt so natural that I didn't quite realize it was happening until my hand rest back onto her hair. Rose gives a content sigh as I lightly scratch her head and play with her short ruby hair. I turn the tv down a few notches.

Rose and I laid like this until the end of the nature show I was watching. She turns her body to look up at me, her big eyes meeting mine.

"Whadda you wanna do today?" The words fall out of her mouth.

"Kiss you." Says the voice in my head.

"I don't know... Maybe just relax?" I say.

"Relaxing is for people who have stress."

"What, you don't have any stress? Not about school on Monday, or paying off loans or getting a job?"

"Who can be stressful when a cute girl is playing with your hair while you watch a nature documentary?" She grins. I stare down at her processing if I heard that correctly.

She breaks the silence by rolling another quarter turn towards me, blowing a raspberry against my tummy, and rolling off the couch, hopping to her feet.

I'm still giggling when she says,

"Let's go do something! You said you were putting together a portfolio right? Do you wanna go to the park and take some pictures? I can model for you and use those pictures in my own portfolio. It's a win win!"

"Yeah that sounds like fun. You wanna take some lunch with? We can make it a whole day."

"It's a date." She says before turning to get dressed.

Okay, relax brain. That's just a thing people say. It's a common expression!

I put on something comfy that I picked up last time I went shopping; a loose gray v-neck and a light brown leather bomber. I wear a pair of black high waisted jeans. I completed the look with dark aviators supporting a gold trim and a pair of brown leather ankle boots. I felt pretty good about the outfit, having gone from a graphic tee and ill fitting jeans.

When I came back out from my room, Rose was waiting for me. Her amber yellow sleeveless sundress fit her form spectacularly. The chest of the dress ruffles and cascades down into a little yellow ribbon around her waist before flaring out on the bottom. She wears pink tinted butterfly style sunglasses and a pair of open toed wedge sandals. When she sees me, she gasps and says,

"Yes! I'm loving that, you got so good at this so quick. Hey is this dress too... I don't know, 1940's housewife?"

"Yea, but you look like the 1940's housewife who divorced her husband to drive around the states with her 'best friend'."

"That's exactly the feeling I was going for." She says through a smile.

I grab my camera bag and put it into my book bag along with our lunches.

"Are you gonna let me take pictures of you today?" Rose asks.

"I'm the one behind the camera, you're the pretty model."

I think I see her blush quickly before turning to head out the door.

The walk to the park is scenic. I'm still not over the big city aesthetic; the contrast between hulking gray behemoths of buildings and the vibrant color of the digital billboards, arrant graffiti, and the pockets of nature that have survived the creep of steel and asphalt. Every other corner is a shot taken right out of a pretentious student film, yet it has such a charm to it that you can't help but be that pretentious student. The girl walking beside me, providing a constant glow, helps reinforce the feeling only new experiments can give you.

"What's your favorite thing about this city so far?" I ask Rose. She thinks for a second, tilting her head slightly.

"I really like that I don't know anyone here." She finally responds.

"Kind of a sad thing to enjoy about a place, don't you think?"

"No, see... I don't know anyone, so no one expects anything from me. No one has any preexisting notions about the person I am, so I'm free to be who I truly want to be. No one here knows that I accidentally called my teacher 'mom' once in third grade, you know? It's nice to not feel like I have six different people living inside of me that I have to bring out depending on who I'm talking to. I can just be Rose."

"I think I know exactly how you feel. This past week has been the least mentally taxing week of my life. Not having to pretend." She smiles at me, happy to know her feelings are understood. "However, there is at least one person here who now knows that you called your teacher mom, and for the record, I like 'just Rose'."

"As long as it's you who knows my secrets, I think I'll be fine."

The park is gorgeous right now. The sun isn't exactly at the top of the sky, allowing peaks of light through the newly blossoming trees. I frame Rose to get the blue sky contrasting her vibrant dress, and highlighting the fresh green grass. The smell of new plants just emerging from the cold winter cements this feeling of new beginnings in my mind. For a good twenty seconds, I forget to keep taking pictures. I sit in silence, only realizing I'm doing so when I hear Rose call out.

"Did you get it? How's it look?" She says, walking back towards me.

"Yeah I think I got a few good ones." She takes the camera and scrolls through the previous pictures. I opted for digital today, seeing as how I'd need to be taking a lot of photos.

"I think these will work, but I want to get a shot or two of you. Since I helped you pick those clothes out, I think it's only fair you model them for me." Rose says, peering through the viewfinder at me.

"Fine, but just one. I'm starving."

"We just got here and you're already done?"

"I skipped breakfast! We can take more afterwards if you want. We'll walk around and find some good spots."

Rose agrees, and I take her position, doing my best to show off the new clothes. I take up different poses and positions, before Rose lets out a sharp gasp.

"What? What is it? Is there a bee?" I say, putting my arms up in defense.

"No you goof, you're just cute as hell. Took my breath away for a second there."

"Oh my lord, don't do that to me." I walk back over to Rose, done modeling for as long as I can help it. I may have been too worried about the non-existent bee, but I think I just heard Rose call me cute again.

I set out a blanket, and Rose and I sit next to each other, getting a great view of the blossoming park. I get the sandwiches I made us, and we dig in. I really was starving, and this sandwich was fantastic if I may brag a bit.

"Thanks Lil. That was a great lunch for a great day." Rose says, smiling over at me. She leans back on her hands, letting the sun warm her up.

We enjoy the day in silence for a few minutes before Rose looks down, a quizzical look on her face.

"What's up, Rosie?" I ask.

"It's just... I'm worried when classes start we won't be able to do stuff like this and I won't get to see you as much. I really like spending time with you Lily." Her voice takes on a more serious tone than I'm used to.

"I really like spending time with you too." I say before taking a beat. "I don't really know how busy we'll be, but I'm sure we will see plenty of each other still. I mean, we do live together."

"I guess that's true." She pauses. Her voice shaky she says, "I'm really happy I met you Lily. I like you."

My heart does a flip in tandem with my stomach.

"I like you too Rose. You're a swell gal."

Really? A 'swell gal'? What am I, a 1930's school boy?

"I mean like...like I really like you, Lily." She says, thankfully disregarding my weird compliment.

"Thanks! I really like you too, Rose."

She sighs and shakes her head.

"I mean... Ugh!" She exclaims sharply. Rose quickly grabs my head with both her hands and leans in. She kisses me.

The kiss was more of a statement than an actual kiss. It said 'how are you not getting this? I want to date you!' Luckily there was little to misunderstand in this.

She pulls her lips away from mine, before I really registered the situation. I stare at her, blinking rapidly a few times. My head tilts back in understanding. A shutter runs through my body, realizing that the girl I liked just kissed me.

Rose looks at me nervously for the few seconds it takes me to respond.

"You... might have to say that again." I say, finally coming back to my senses. I'm not sure how I remained calm through that sentence, but I managed. She smiles, and takes a breath of relief.

"Gladly." She responds, repeating the action. This time a lot slower, and a lot more deliberate.

Her lips are warm on mine. I've kissed people before, but this didn't really feel the same. It sent a tingle down my spine, goosebumps along my neck. She kisses me deeper this time. I feel her breath on mine, her anticipation melting, her doubts escaping. I feel every emotion and every intent. We were in the middle of a city with hundreds of thousands of people, but you could've convinced me we were the only two on earth.

Rose pulls away once again, and my lips try to follow hers.

"Let's get the rest of those photos then, shall we?" She says.

"You're thinking about photography at a time like this?"

"There is plenty of the day left for more smooches, and then many more days to come. However, this park isn't going to be this empty for that much longer."

"You make a good point, but I'm still mad about it."

She leans back over and gives me a quick peck on the lips. I can't help but drop the fake grumpy face and crack a smile.

We took more pictures around the park, finding good angles and lighting. When I went back to look at them later, there is a definite shift in tone about halfway into the photo session. Our faces look distracted, but wistful, as apposed to the earlier shots where there's a hesitance. They look stiff and tense compared to the later photos. I never imagined you'd be able to so clearly see emotion changing from one picture to the next.

The sun starts to go back down, having spent the better part of a day at the park. Rose and I look through the album, picking our favorites, when she looks over to me and says,

"As far as first dates go, I've gotta say, this is one of the better ones I've had. Who knew lunch in a park would be so exciting?"

"This... was our first date? Aw man, why didn't you tell me? I would've been really awkward, then we would never seen each other again! Instead I had a great time." She smiles at that, and replies,

"Well too bad you were lovely. I want to see a lot more of you." She lowers her voice for the last half of that and walks closer towards me, wrapping her arms around my waist and kissing me. It lasts a bit longer than I was expecting, but right before I got too into it, she leans back and says,

"Walk me home?" In her cutesy damsel voice. I'm not sure if the inflection was intended, but it sure worked its charm on me.

"Oh...yeah. Sure thing." I say, trying my best to maintain my composure. We pack everything away and walk the few blocks back. As we're walking, Rose slyly reaches her hand down and takes mine in hers.

The intensity has died down a bit from walking, giving me time to think about what exactly I'm doing. I'm about to go back to my shared apartment, with the person I share it with. So good so far. Then... what? What comes next in this sequence?

"Hey..." Rose says, looking over at me.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"Are you... okay? Like with this? I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything with me for any reason. I won't be mad if you say you just want to leave what happened behind and just be roommates, or friends. And don't feel like you have to... 'explore' just because you want to reinvent yourself, you know?"

I stop walking and take her other hand in mine, making her face me.

"I've known you for all of about three days. But those three days have been some of the happiest days of my life. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but it's something I wanted to tell you.. You make me extremely happy, and I would want nothing more than to take you to our apartment and do whatever it is you have in mind."

She raises herself up a bit and plants another kiss. It still takes me by surprise, but it is an incredibly welcome one. Rose sighs deep with relief and keeps walking in silence for a few more seconds before simply saying,


The city was quiet. My heart was not. I could feel every beat, every pulse like someone was trying to take my heart out using a bike pump. As if trying to make it worse, Rose leans her head in and rests it against my arm. I'm drowning and she throws me a noose.

The streets seemed to move beneath me, taking every step and cutting it in half. The five minute walk may as well have been a 30 minute work out. By the time we reach the lobby of our shared building I'm breathing heavily. It undermines my cool chick look significantly.

The small elevator chimes as the silver doors stutter open. Rose and I step inside, thankful that no one else shared the space. As soon as the door seals closed, Rose steps in front of me, grabbing my head. She kisses me hard this time, the force pushing my back against the hard metal. The railing hits my back a bit sharply, causing me to yip in pain.

"Oh sorry! Sorry sorry sorry, are you okay?" Rose says, dropping her sexy time demeanor.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine, keep doin the.. it. The thing. With me."

"Kissing you? Do you not know what kissing is called?"

"Whatever! I couldn't think of the freaking name, just shut up and kiss me."

She smiles before continuing. This time a bit softer. She's still smiling as she kisses me. I can feel the smile widen before hearing a chuckle forming in the back of her throat. She tries to keep her composure, but eventually Rose is just laughing with me still on her lips. I pull back a bit, confused.

"What? Why'd you stop?" I ask, maybe a little too eagerly. She laughs for a few seconds before saying,

"It's you. You just make me laugh is all. You're the girl who doesn't remember what kissing is called. You say things like 'swell gal'. You find beauty everywhere, and capture it whenever you can. You just make me really happy, Lil."

We look at each other for a while before I repeat her response back to her.


The elevator breaks the silence, letting us know we've reached our floor. Rose wraps her arm around my waist as we walk.

The door closes behind us, and I expect Rose to take me right then. Instead, she calmly walks to the hallway. She turns back to me and says,

"Take care of the picnic stuff, I'm going to go slip on something more comfortable."

"Tick that one off the list." I nervously start unpacking my book bag, putting the sandwich containers into the dishwasher. It doesn't take long, so I'm left by myself, wondering what is about to happen. I slowly walk to the couch and plop myself down. I consider turning the tv on, or possibly some music before I hear Rose's door open, then close.

Rose walks down the hallway and into the living room. She's wearing her normal PJ's. An oversized shirt and panties. I notice the shirt as one of mine, a tee I brought from home. It was a little big for me, so it made the perfect night shirt for her. As she reaches the end of the hallway, she does a full spin, stops, and juts her hip out to the side putting her hand on it.

"Boy, you weren't kidding. You really put something more comfortable on." I say, a bit confused.

In lieu of saying anything she walks over slowly, one foot in line with the other. As she reaches the couch, she slowly sits down, lying her legs on the empty side, bringing her chest close to mine. One hand reaches under my chin, holding my face in place. She inches her face in to mine, eyes locked. She brings her face right up to me, the edges of her lips barely touching the soft red skin. Then she moves her face past my cheek and whispers into my ear quietly, and growly.

"I don't fuck on the first date."

The words drip with seduction. Hearing 'fuck' come from her in that tone, in this context sends a shiver down my spine. For as cute as Rose was, she could turn that dial to sexy just as far. She pulls her face away rather quickly and says,

"I will cuddle with you though. And we can kiss as much as you're cute little mouth desires." She's returned to her normal voice. Rose plants a kiss on my still slightly shocked lips. "How does that sound?"

"Sounds like I need to go change." With that, I go into my room and put on my most comfortable clothes. That is, sleep shorts and a t-shirt with no bra. If I were really going for maximum comfort, I'd walk out there with just my winning personality. I figured we might not be at that stage yet. I didn't even want to wear my shorts, but I was still apprehensive.

I return to Rose laying on the couch, her shirt having risen up on her a bit more. A small peak of light blue was all I could see. When I bring my eyes up to hers, I see she has already been looking at me. Rose wordlessly pinches a small amount of her shirt and slowly brings it up until her belly button is exposed. She stops just shy of her breasts, which I notice have no support around them.

I realize my face has been frozen in shock, or maybe awe, and make my way over to her. I was about to cuddle the shit out of this girl.

I lay myself behind her on the couch, positioning myself around her. I don't have a lot of experience being the big spoon, but I might get used to it. Having her butt push into me gently, wrapping my arms around her chest, her legs smooth against mine.

As I settle into my position, I decide to be the instigator. For the first time, I kiss her. Well I kiss her cheek at least. And her neck. And her jaw. She turns her head closer to me, but the way we're positioned doesn't allow for any more rotation. She settles for being pelted with smooches.

"What are we watching?" I ask her once I'm done layering her in kisses.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith." She says, in a 'duh' tone.

"Never seen it. What's it about?"

"What?" She says, turning her body more into me to face me. "How have you never seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith?"

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