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A Clockwork Wimp


A Clockwork Wimp (Book 1 of 2)

Chapter 1

I slowly slide the large window open and climbed inside without making any noise. But there were noises. Noises that were tearing my ear drums apart. Noises that were directly coming from my chest. I knew I have to control my breathing in order to slow down my heart. It was becoming a distraction. A distraction I cannot afford. Luckily, I need less than a minute to do what I am here to do.

I have been to this house at least a million times. And the last time I was here was barely four hours ago. I have an agenda the last time I was here. I used a bit of WD40 on the railing of the window and left the window unhooked.

Once inside, I quickly walked up to the stove. My heart was still a major disturbance and it was irritating. The sound of the gas stove firing up was like a bomb going off in the neighborhood and the sound took an eternity to die down. I quickly picked up the small hand towel I have seen earlier and throw it down on the flames. The flames died down but the distinguished smell of the gas being leaked hit my nostrils. I turned around and close the kitchen door in order not to disturb the occupant with the smell who was sound asleep upstairs.

I climbed back out from the same window and closed it back up. I started walking towards my house when I looked at my watch. 51 seconds. Well, that wasn't bad. But my heart was still thumping.

It took me about two and a half minutes on the concrete jogging path to climb back into my study. The concrete jogging path was important to my whole plan. I don't want any foot print anywhere. Back home, I pulled the thin Gortex gloves off my hands and put them back where they were supposed to be. I pulled off my jogging shoes, checked their soles, walked out to the main entrance and placed them back into the shoe-rack.

Back in my study, I took a deep breath and pour myself a glass of Jack Daniels. The digital clock on the wall was telling me that it was 1:16 am. I left the house at exactly 1:10 am. and came back within 6 minutes. The opened Excel file I was working on was last saved at 1:09 am. Now I saved another copy of the same file using 'Save As ...' , now I have got a time stamp of 1:17 on the new file. Now I have never left the house.

I suddenly became very tired. I asked myself what I have become but didn't let that question to be asked again. What I have become is not even important now. I sat down on the heavily padded leather office chair and closed my eyes. Hopefully, the alarm clock that I have sat next door will wake me up in the morning.

Chapter 2

The blast shook the core of my house. Glass flew in from all directions. Luckily I have my back towards the window and the head rest was very high. My eyes popped open. Oh shit.

Mike and Tony. I started running towards the door bare feet. The glass cutting my feet was nothing compared to the sting that was growing in my heart. My god. Don't. Don't let this happen. Don't let this happen to my Mike and Tony. What have I done? I will kill myself if anything happened to them.

I opened the door of my study and ran pass a screaming Catherine. I flew up the stairs to their room. My god. Don't let this happen to me. I banged open their door and saw them coiled up together on Tony's bed. Mike was covering his younger brother with a little blanket. I fell on them and hugged them to my chest. Thank god. Thank you, god. I suddenly wanted to breathe. My world almost fell apart right in front of my eyes. And it was my doing. But thank god.

'Dad, what was that sound?' Mike asked.

'Yes, yes ... Dad ... what was that sound?' Tony strummed.

I was numb. There was a vacuum around me. What have I done. I almost have them killed. I looked around their room and it was perfectly fine. Except for the blood on the creamy carpet everything looked as it should. Not a single piece of glass. But I didn't dare move. I looked around the room once again. Then it hit me. We were on the other side of the house and the blood on the carpet was from my own feet. I started breathing once again but I was still hugging them tightly into my chest.

Catherine came into the room crying and holding our phone.

'Oh my god, are they okay? Is anyone hurt? My god what happened?'

I didn't answer her and kept hugging my two diamonds. And she didn't seem to notice the blood on the carpet. I can't bring myself to believe what I have almost done. But everything is okay now. Everything will have to go according to the plan. There was no more distraction of this kind any more. The initial stage was passed.

'It's Christine's house. My god what happened?' Catherine was still crying.

'What happen?' I asked in a monotone.

'I wanted to call her up for the morning jog but before the lines get connected ... my god ... the whole house trembled like there was an earthquake. There was glass all over the place. And ... and ... when I looked out the window ... I can't see their house anymore.' She started crying louder this time.

I didn't give a fuck. But if my calculation has been correct they shall still be alive. Deaf ... yes but not dead. But then again, I have already miscalculated once. No matter what, I am not going to grief for what I have done. And neither am I going to wish anyone good luck.

'You take care of the kids. I will go check what had happened.' Catherine said still clutching the phone.

The phone was the trigger. Talking about being 'clockwork' and morning jogs.

Chapter 3

'Dad, I can't see their house anymore because of the trees.' Mike said while looking out the window.

I don't know why but I was exceptionally calm. I liked it like this. Last few days have been harsh to me. But that is gone now and hopefully never come back. Except for my feet, the whole world was holly-dory. Even though my neighbor's house is recently smitten. I just made my eggs and bacon for my Mike and Tony.

'Dad, I hope they both die.' This time Mike whispered while his nose was touching the window.

'Yeah ... Yeah. Both die.' Tony followed.

'Both of you just cut it. And I don't like you talking like that.' I growled.

'But Dad, they are never nice to us. Aunt Christine always calls Mom a fool for having us. And that dick-head Brian called us spoiled brat.' Mike said with a vengeance in his voice.

'Yeah ... Yeah. Dick-head Brian.' Tony followed again.

'No more from either one of you. I will not tolerate such language.' I said knowing that neither one cared.

'Come on, Dad, you talk like Mom.' Mike winked at his brother.

'Yeah ... Yeah. Talk like Mom.' Tony was laughing now.

I walked around the kitchen table to whip his little bump for being overly sharp tongued. The pain shot through from the base for my foot to my knee. And I bend myself sideway.

'Yeah ... Yeah. Now he walk like Mom too.' This time it was Tony the Initiator.

He jumped down from the chair and ran off laughing, carefully avoiding the cordoned-off area still with the glass on. Mike just gave me one glance, shook his head and looked back out the window.

I looked out the window too. There were fire trucks, ambulances and a couple of police cars surrounding their house. My feet were unexpected casualty. And I need them fixed. I need to talk to the paramedics from the ambulances.

'You fancy a picnic breakfast in the neighbor's backyard.' I asked without looking at Mike.

'Sure, let's see what is left of the backyard anyway.'

From a sideway glance, I saw a smirk on his face. The dislike of our neighbor was mutual.

Chapter 4

I made the kids wear sport shoes and me in my slippers, we walked for a trip to our neighbor. The kids still have their egg and bacon sandwiches in hand. I have quickly gulped down two large portion breakfast back in the kitchen. I have got a long day ahead. And I have looked forward for this day. I wanted to be in a full energy funk. I want to show a couple of people how much of a 'Clockwork Wimp' I am.

The ambulance paramedic quickly told me that my foot wouldn't be the cause of my death. There were minor cuts though. They pulled out two small piece of glass still stuck under my feet. My feet were bandage and I was sure that I could still handle the rest of the day.

With Tony in my arms and Mike standing next to me, we saw Brian and Christine sitting in one of the ambulance. They will live. Though, I don't give a fuck. My lovely wife, Catharine was standing at the door talking to them.

We went looking for the damage I have done. It was more or less how I predicted it. Yeah, a bit more than that. Their kitchen was an extension from the main brick-house connected by a small slide-door. The kitchen was made out of wood and was facing the side of the lake. Now I can see the interior of their house up to three stories.

I saw Catherine getting into the ambulance with them while using her cell. My cell start ringing.


'Why didn't you come over to us? I saw you walking around the house with the kids.' she yell into the phone.

'I don't want my kids to see minced meat.' I laughed in the phone.

'My god. It's no time to joke. Luckily they are both okay. They have to x-ray Chris' arm but Brian is okay. They were on the other side ...'

'Yeah, when are you coming back home?' I interrupted.

'Am ... don't know ... why am I in here ... wait. Wait. They are both okay. I am coming back. Let me ask the ambulance guy to stop the car.'

I pressed the red button on my phone. Let's play. I know what is going to happen for the rest of the day. I want to tell them how a good loving husband and a father of two can be a 'Clockwork Wimp'.

Chapter 5

Catherine came back walking within 5 minutes. She started telling me what had happened. I paid extra attention. But it quickly became boring. Both Brian and Christine were lectured by the Fire Department about being careless. The police gave the house a quick walk-around and handed the case over to the Fire Department. I have always believed in keeping things simple. Quick in, quick out. The best way to make it look like an accident. You leave nothing behind.

And of course, the story quickly turned super boring when she started discussing about the welfare of her sister and brother-in-law. I kept my discussion active with the kids about a new Disneyland mega-movie released today while she kept mumbling about her loving relatives. Like I gave a fuck.

Then, something she said that attracted my attention. Bingo. This is where we start. Let's play now.

'What did you said?' I carefully asked.

'Christine and Brian will come here after they are done with the hospital and will stay with us for a couple of days.' I was casually informed. Good.


'What why? They will have to deal with the insurance company and it will take a few days. So ...'

'There is nothing from the insurance company. They haven't paid a single penny for over a year. You know it. And since there is nothing to deal with the insurance company why still stay in the area and why stay at my place.'

'Don't be crazy. Where would they stay?' Once again, casually waiving me off and started drying the glasses at the sink.

'Why not with your father and mother? They can sure accommodate two of their own kind.'

Mike started laughing. Tony didn't understand the joke. And I was sure no motherfucker is going to stay with me in this house.

'Your jokes are getting crueler and crueler. I don't like it one bit. I didn't think I was asking for your permission. They are coming.' She was really pissed this time.

How so 'Clockwork' again. She is going to regret this decision. And remember it for the rest of her life.

'The kids don't like them and I don't like them and you know no one here like them. So why would you think that I will allow them to be here in my house. They are not coming.'

The kids started laughing again. Cathrine's anger was clearly showing and she was about to blast. Boom. Good. Please. Insist on inviting them here and let the ball start rolling I thought.

'They are coming and that's it.' She insisted thinking I will bend. Yeah, sure.

'No, they are not. And if they are here you will have to bear the consequences.'

I rushed both the kids out of the kitchen. I heard her banging the dishes against the kitchen sink but making sure they don't break. So very 'clockwork' again. But what was going to happen next will break that tradition.

I wanted to make sure when the confrontation began the kids are not in the immediate environment.

'Mike, you want to go over to Mr. And Mrs. Heale's place.'

'Can I take Tony with me, too?'

'Sure. But you are taking care of him right.'

'Of course.' And he ran off to fetch his brother.

Mr. and Mrs. Heale are a retired couples living around the block who have help babysit both of them since they were born. Their granddaughter was in town visiting them for summer holidays. Shela seems to click with Mike as an older sister. And they both don't mind the 5 years old Tony tagging along.

Chapter 6

I looked up the clock when I heard a cab stopping in front of my main gate. 10:30 am. Slightly earlier than expected. I have been awake since 6 o'clock so I was in a good mood. Let's do it.

I let Catherine get the door when they rang the bell. I slowly pulled my ass up and walked over to them on the other side of the house bare feet. They were already talking in the kitchen.

'Hey Brian, still alive aye?' I asked with utmost condolences.

The fucker looked at me once and ignored me and kept talking about the moment he heard the blast. Fucking exaggerating everything on the way. He was just inches away from telling us that the ambulances were made by Lamborghini especially for him. All I can say is he was shitting his pants in the ambulance when I saw him a couple of hours ago.

'So where are you guys staying? It doesn't look like your house is good enough for you guys to move back in tonight.' I commented while looking out the window. Yeah, that got their attention.

'He is just joking.' Cathrine quickly interjected. The room went dead silent.

'Now, why would I want to joke about it? Half your house is blown down the lake. Don't you need a shelter for tonight? So what is the plan?' I looked querying at Christine.

Yeah, fuck you all.

'Ron', Catherine whispered, controlling her anger, 'we have talked about it didn't we.'

'Yeah, and I told you no.'

I saw Catherine turning into a darker shade of purple and Brian turned towards me and said.

'Why don't you go take care of your brats while we talk about something important here?'

I looked over at Catherine and gave her a thin smile, indicating my reason for not letting them stay here in my house. How could I have let them stay in my house and let them call my kids 'brats'? She still didn't seem to understand the reason why I hate them so much. This morning is what Brian will remember for the rest of his life and so does everyone else in this room today.

'Brian listen, you expect me to let you stay in my house and then let you call my kids "Brats". Let me lay it out for you since your thick brain has stopped functioning a long time ago. You and your wife here is not welcome in my house. I want both of you to leave right now.'

Thick-head Brian was shocked. He has never expected me to talk like this to him. He has always thought that he was the king almighty and I was simply a Yes Man. How wrong could he be? I looked over at Catherine again. She wasn't too far away from surprise.

'They are not welcome in my house. And I have also told you that there will be consequences if they end up here. Now, Cat, if you will be kind enough, please walk your sister and your brother-in-law out of my house.'

Catherine just kept looking at me and didn't know what to do. Brian thought he could handle the situation better.

'What consequences? Are you fucking threatening her? Talk to me, Ron?' Brian snarled.

That was exactly what I wanted. I have never touched my wife inappropriately. Not only that. I have never talked to her loudly in our fourteen years of marriage. But Brian didn't need to know that.

'This is between my wife and me, but you will need to leave now.'

That last line really got Brian pissed off. We were just partying at their place last night and now I wouldn't let him stay at my place. He pushed on my chest. He was never too good with controlling his temper. I stumbled backward towards the kitchen cabinet. I looked over at Catherine and give her a smile. She looked confuse.

'Hey ... hey. This is really uncalled for. This is my house and all I am asking is for you to get the hell out of here.' I smiled at him. It was made to piss him off even more.

Catherine and Cristine started getting between us. But the fucker was still pumped. He came to me from between them again. This time he pushed me back into the glass cabinet and I heard a couple of glasses falling down. I was all game.

'Okay ... okay, listen Brian. Listen.' I said over his screaming. 'You can walked out of here YOURSELF or I am gonna beat the shit out of you and throw you out of here MYSELF.' I smirked.

He pushed pass the girls again and tried to punch me, I pushed him back. He didn't like it. But before he could do anything about it, I quickly slide between the two girls and fell on him with all my weight. He was half hanging on the kitchen counter when I land three solid punches at the side of his face. I grab the hair just above his temple and pull him back so hard that for a second I thought I broke his neck. I slapped his face six or seven times. I bend myself slightly down and brought my knee up to his chest with all my strength. He collapses on the floor. But I didn't let that linger for a second.

His light was slightly out when I start grabbing him out my door. There was no struggle. It was only when I was opening the main door that I heard Catherine said 'oh shit'.

I pulled the motherfucker's hair and dragged him across my lawn. Catherine and Christine were right behind me. When we were at the main gate I pulled him up once again to face me. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, I was almost 6 inches taller than him. But that didn't stop him from verbally humiliating me over the last sixteen years, including the two years before Catherine and I got married.

'Not only that I don't want to see you in my home. I don't want to see you anywhere near me or my family.'

I saw his eyes shitting. In our knowing each other for more than 16 years, never have I ever behaved liked this. And he fucking thought his private school up-bringing is tougher then me being an orphan. You must be fucking joking. The only reason that I have always avoided a confrontation with him was because of Catherine. Now fuck Catherine, too. Standing in my driveway and still bare feet, I bend myself back and punched him right in the middle of his stomach.

I heard a scream but didn't realized who it belonged to. Brian was on his knees and puking his breakfast out. Or was it his dinner from last night. I bend down next to him and whispered in his ear.

'Would you have by any chance called me a wimp lately?'

He didn't answer. Or he didn't hear me. I think he was in outer space. Spaced out.

Chapter 7

I started walking back towards my house. I walked pass a stunned Catherine and Christine was yelling at me. I heard the word "police". I walked back to Christine. Standing very close to her I said.

'Yeah. You fuck off from here too.' I pointed a finger at Christine, 'both you and your husband is not welcome here now or ever. If you or your shit-load ever came near my family, I will call the police and show them all the photos of you fuckers smacking cocaine. And before you go, go back to your shit-hole and clear your stash up before I change my mind and call the police now. Talking about police.'

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