tagLoving WivesA Close Friend and My Wife

A Close Friend and My Wife


A close friend of ours called around to see us one Friday evening, while his wife was away with their children. It was summer and the day had been almost too hot for pleasure.

My wife Mandy had been dressed in a bikini during the afternoon; and when evening came, she had put on a favourite outfit of hers - a 'cheongsam' type of hipster skirt with a long slit down the front, topped by three opening buttons which allow the slit to be extended upwards to a very critical level.

Even when sitting down, and only two of the buttons are un-done, she has to keep her knees tightly together if those opposite are not to see either her panties or her pussy (depending on whether she's wearing anything underneath).

Above this cheongsam was a halter top, which lifted her breasts into a wide décolletage that was only just contained by a further three buttons.

Particularly with that top above, her flat tummy offers a sexy preview of the deliciously excitable pussy that I know lies just a fraction lower down beneath the hipster skirt.

On this particular evening she was wearing nothing underneath either garment.

By way of background, Mandy is about 27 years of age and comes from a very well-to-do family. Perhaps as a result, she has an air of complete self-confidence, which gives her a natural hauteur.

She also has a striking facial beauty, with large innocent looking grey/green eyes that seem to swallow you up as soon as they notice you.

When I see her naked, I sometimes cannot believe my fortune that any wife of mine should have been given such a sensuous body. Her large breasts have delicious dark brown nipples that are circled by huge areola that pucker into hard discs of lust when she is sexually aroused. More than once I have been able to make her come by use of just my fingertips, lips and tongue on these unbelievably sensitive areas.

Mandy is only 5' 5" and when she likes someone she is talking to, she has a wholly unconscious habit of looking up at them sexily through her eye-brows, completely unaware of the devastating effect it has on their libido if they happen to be a man. It has the same devastating effect on certain women also - but that's another story and not relevant to this revelation.

To finish my description then, many of my friends seem to find Mandy's very feminine properties particularly challenging - in a highly sexual way - none more so than Bob.

I have known him since about age 16 and after I married Mandy some years later, he continued as a close friend to both of us.

I knew that there had been many instances after we'd all been drinking when Bob had tried it on with Mandy late at night, after I'd gone to bed. She had never hidden detail of these occasions from me but always said she wouldn't ever allow him to either touch her sexually, or fulfil any urges he may have had.

Because he was such a close friend, and because of Mandy's reassurances, I had never been particularly worried about his behaviour. Instead, I had always put it down to the effects of drink and realised that I was hardly one to talk - having frequently behaved little better when drunk and confronted by attractive women.

But .... if I was totally honest with myself, the thought of what could have happened in my absence did also provoke occasional bursts of excitement in me. These seemed inexplicable at best and perverse at worst - because I had previously been very jealous about my lovely wife and did not think I would have taken kindly to anyone who tried it on seriously.

Things were about to change however.

It all started one night when Bob had been with us during the evening and had drunk too much to drive home. I was woken up at about one o'clock as Mandy opened the door to our bedroom with a blushing grin on her face. She explained that she had been in bed and heard noises downstairs. She'd gone down to find Bob in his underpants, trying to find the lavatory in a half-awake-still-drunk state and demanding to know where it was.

She pointed out that he must know after all these years; but nonetheless, she had taken his hand, led his swaying person into the downstairs cloakroom and turned on the light for him. She had then stood in the doorway to make sure he wasn't going to fall over.

What she had not considered, was the mirror beside the loo; and it was only when she happened to glance at it that she realised she had a completely unobstructed view of what he was holding in his hand. Apparently, he had then glanced up into the mirror himself and seeing her wide eyes staring at his manhood, had stopped peeing and despite his state, begun to develop an erection.

Trying to cover her embarrassment at seeming like a voyeur, she muttered something unintelligible and immediately left the room to make him some coffee.

While she was pouring hot water into a cup, Bob had come up behind her and pressing his now covered cock into the crack of her ass, had hugged her tightly, his hands reaching under her arms to caress her breasts. He lowered his lips to her ear and asked in a whisper if she'd liked what she had seen. She was unable to move at first, because of the kettle in her hand; but on putting it down, she gently told him not to be silly and laughingly removed his hands from her now erect nipples.

At this, Bob had reached down and taken his fully erect cock out from his underpants, drunkenly coming out with the direct question of whether she would let him screw her.

'.... And if you won't let me screw you, please, oh please, would you just feel it for me'.

She laughingly refused and after giving him his coffee, had come back upstairs to tell me about it - still giggling at what she perceived as the harmlessness of it all.

Despite the humour of the situation she did nonetheless confess to a certain excitement at seeing another man so lustful for her and as a result, we engaged in some serious sex.

Any way, to return to the particular occasion. Bob had come around unexpectedly mid evening - when Mandy was about to dish up our supper. He was asked to join us and we had then settled in the sitting room with a plate of food on each of our laps and beers to accompany the food.

I noticed Mandy casting occasional sideways looks at Bob and in turn, saw him snatching the occasional glance at the slit in her skirt. Every now and then he would gaze upwards at her breasts, which were now being forced together into a deep cleavage by her position on the sofa.

I started to get very randy and decided to ensure that they both had sufficient drink in their glasses at all times. I had no particular plan in mind but had by now realised that I'd love to see him try it on with my sexy little wife.

But it was not to be, because Mandy eventually became quite pissed and I suggested she go on up to bed, leaving Bob and I to finish the bottle before I joined her.

He and I then sat talking for a while and I directed the conversation to Mandy and how sexy people seemed to think she was. He agreed whole-heartedly and said he wished he were me sometimes.

Innocently, I asked him whether that meant that he fancied her and he most emphatically said that it did. He also said that he'd occasionally got a bit out of order when he'd been drunk; but that Mandy had never let him take it further. I said that I really didn't know why - it wasn't as if she didn't know him and I had always known that she quite fancied him. He appeared a little confused by my reaction and the conversation died a little as a consequence.

With the dawning of a plan in mind, I went upstairs to use our bathroom and on coming back through the bedroom, I slipped back the bedclothes a little and found that my earlier suspicions had been correct.

Not having been wearing bra or panties under her outfit, Mandy had just taken it off and got straight into bed. She was therefore completely naked under the bedclothes; but was lying on her tummy, so that the only forbidden parts showing were her bum and the sides of her breasts.

Trying not to wake her, I very carefully turned her almost onto her back. Pushing one knee sideways and upwards, I managed to position her so that her pussy was slightly open in an incredibly sexy manner.

I carefully covered her again and having checked that only the anti-insect curtains were drawn across our window (but still affording a one-way clear view into the lit room), I went back downstairs. Bob looked up at me and said hesitantly,

'What you were saying just now .... er .... are you trying to tell me you wouldn't mind Mandy reacting to my advances?'.

I ignored the question and said:

'If you fancy Mandy that much, why not just go upstairs into our bedroom?'

He seemed a little nervous.

'Why .... Er, what's she doing?'

I told him just to go and see. The moment he left the room I rushed outside and climbed the steps to the balcony and the large picture window to our bedroom, arriving just in time to see him open the bedroom door and walk in. There was a bedside light on and I watched him stand for a few moments, looking at Mandy's outline lying under the duvet.

Suddenly, he seemed to make up his mind and stooping slightly, he carefully pulled back the duvet a few inches and saw her bare shoulder. This spurred him on and he very gently pulled at the cover again until it was level with the top of her breasts. Mandy moved in her sleep and her initial quiet snoring was replaced by almost silent breathing.

He stopped what he was doing and for a disappointed moment I thought it was over; that this was as far as he was going. I had become extremely randy with the excitement of anticipation and had freed my cock from my jeans.

Bob stood motionless for a full couple of minutes and then, regaining confidence, he leant his head down with his ear to her mouth - presumably checking her breathing to make sure she was still asleep. Obviously satisfied but still cautious, he kept his ear next to her mouth and began to pull back the duvet again with his left hand.

Eventually, he pushed back as far as his arm would reach and although his own position made it impossible for him to realise it yet, I could see her breasts were on open view. Bob got up and looked down at her. One hand went immediately to his crotch and from behind, I could see his elbow moving slightly as he fondled himself.

He then took the bit by the teeth and gently pulled the duvet right away from my sleeping wife, until she was completely naked before his eyes.

The sudden change in temperature made Mandy's nipples stand out like two hard nubs of sensuality and the surrounding areola puckered into dark sexy rings which I longed to take into my mouth. Her left leg was lying at a slight angle to her body but her right leg was bent at the knee and splayed out - completely opening her exposed sex.

I thought Bob would just look and enjoy the sight of my vulnerably exposed wife; but to my amazement, he knelt down beside the bed and lowered his mouth over one of her nipples. His tongue began to swirl around its end and Mandy moaned in her sleep. I watched Bob's left hand reach down to her thighs and then slide upwards until a couple of his fingers slipped between the lips of her open pussy and she began to moan again as he very gently stimulated her clitoris.

Suddenly, she woke and looked up at Bob with shock.

'What the fuck are you ...... BOB!'

I thought she was going to lose it with him then; but instead, she just covered herself up and lay back on the pillow. She asked him how long he'd been there. Surprisingly, Bob was amazingly direct in his reply:

'Just long enough to feel your gorgeous tits and slip my fingers into your pussy. I was just beginning to play with your clit' and you woke up. You don't mind too much do you?'

He spoke with stunning audacity but his question at the end sounded like a little boy who knows when he's done something wrong. Mandy blushed furiously and in her confusion, asked where I was. He told her I was downstairs and she suggested she should join us down there - but first, would he please get out of her bedroom while she put something on.

A little while later, and after a lot more wine, Bob tried his luck again; but this time with me present. Predictably, Mandy turned him down and there the conversation stopped dead. Nothing was said for a few awkward minutes, until a shaky voice interrupted the silence,

'Do you think she doesn't fancy you Bob? You're fucking mad to take no for an answer. Don't you know she's been dying to screw you for ages?'

With shock, I discovered the voice was mine and that I was saying what had been on my mind for some time. Mandy looked around at me, her eyes showing slight signs of alarm. They were still slightly glazed - indicating how much she was still affected by our earlier drinking.

'Peter, don't say that. It'll only get Bob going'. Then understanding dawned and as an afterthought, she drawled slowly,

'Or is that what you really want, you dirty sod. Do you really want me to screw Bob .... is that it?'

I said nothing but just took her hand and nodding at Bob to follow us, I led a by now slightly less reluctant wife upstairs. In the bedroom, she shakily asked me exactly what I thought I was doing. I said nothing but gripped both her elbows and pulled them gently outwards and slightly behind her, so that her arms were effectively immobilised. I then found myself telling Bob to take off her house-coat.

'Oh hell, no! No you bloody don't! Don't you dare!' she said at Bob and then, a little alarmed now as well as angry; she tried to turn to me,

'Peter, you bloody know I haven't got anything on underneath. Don't you dare let him take off my coat!'

'Exactly!' I replied, with my cock beginning to harden into her back.

'We both know you've got nothing on underneath darling, because Bob's already had a quick look earlier. Now he'll be able to see absolutely everything you've got properly for the first time; and oh darling, is he ever going to love what he sees.'

I turned to Bob,

' Go on then Bob, take it off her; but do it very, very slowly - so she'll have plenty of time to contemplate just how much of her body is eventually going to be exposed to you. I want her to have time to realise that you're the first guy to see her naked since we got married .... She'll be really embarrassed, which should make it even more exciting for us two; and I can tell you she'll be desperately shy knowing you're looking closely at her breasts and pussy completely naked .... particularly as there's nothing she can do to stop it'.

I could hardly believe it was me saying these things but something took me over as I got more and more excited. I felt a shudder go through Mandy as she listened to me both taunting her and encouraging Bob. I sensed that her initial anger was now being replaced by something else.

She struggled slightly as Bob moved forward and she tried to pull back when his fingers shakily reached out to undo the cord at her waist. He did it ever so slowly, looking straight into her eyes, until he let go of the ends and the cord dropped to her sides in its loops. The housecoat parted slightly; but not wide enough to show anything yet.

'Just think darling,' I went on, 'in a few seconds, Bob's going to take that housecoat right off you and he'll be able to have a really good look at your bare body - this time at his leisure. Don't you find that exciting? Perhaps you could open your legs a bit wider, so's he can look right into your pussy'

She shuddered again; and I went on,

'Go on then Bob, open it up slowly and take your time. Have a really good look at her body. She's incredibly shy about anyone seeing her in a bikini, let alone naked; so just imagine how amazingly embarrassed she must feel now, knowing she can't stop you ... look, she's beginning to blush!'

Mandy trembled slightly and began to sag downwards in my arms. I noticed her knees cross over slightly and felt her bum push backwards towards me in an effort to hide her pussy before the coat came off.

But I noticed the movement was also having the effect of squeezing her pussy lips together; and feeling her continue to writhe, I realised that what I'd been saying had got her really hot. Looking over her shoulder as Bob slowly opened the front of her housecoat, I saw how stiffly her nipples were standing out and had no further doubt that she was now as randy as Bob and me.

Bob soon had her house-coat completely open and was gazing intently at her exposed breasts as I carefully released each of her elbows in turn - quickly grabbing her naked upper arms to avoid her correcting the housecoat's fall from her shoulders. As it dropped to the floor, Bob moved back to allow himself a better view of her now naked body. He just stood there looking intently at every secret, greedily feeding on the lovely sight of my bared wife. Shaking like a leaf myself, I held her for him, completely vulnerable to his gaze.

She began to tremble as she watched Bob's eyes roam over her nakedness and I felt her writhing increase, so that the movement could stimulate her sex. Then she stood fully upright again and, as if suddenly capitulating completely to the eroticism of the moment, she parted her feet and in so doing allowed Bob an uninterrupted view of her rapidly dampening pussy.

Bob took off the rest of his clothes and I saw his hard cock spring upwards as he stood up again. Mandy looked downwards at it in fascination and I felt her twitch excitedly. He reached out to fondle and caress every part of her body; eventually slipping a finger into her sex for the second time that night and making little circling motions with his thumb on her clitoris, so she started to gasp with pleasure.

Still holding her with one arm, I lowered her onto the bed and with my free hand, managed to get my own clothes off. I looked down and saw that Mandy's eyes were closed. She had stopped struggling and was now surrendering completely to Bob's attentions.

Turning off the main bedroom light, I climbed on top of the bed beside them and leant with my elbow on the pillow. In the moonlight coming in through the window, I was able to watch Bob's seduction of my wife.

He started exploring every part of his body, suckling at her nipples until she was moaning and then slipping his fingers in and out of her pussy in simulated fucking. She began to writhe around under his ministrations and to my increasing excitement, soon began to moan almost continuously.

Suddenly, Mandy pulled away from his embrace and sat up on the bed. She lifted one knee over his thighs and knelt above him in the moonlight, straddling his cock.

Her breasts were standing out proudly and Bob reached up with both hands to circle the fingers around her nipples, occasionally pinching them slightly and listening to her gasps of pleasure. He was now writhing underneath her, obviously trying to force his cock upwards into her vagina.

Mandy reached down her front and taking hold of his rock hard penis, began to tease her clitoris with its damp end. Having given in to lust, my wife was now taking over control and she began to live up to that old saying, 'The best wife is one who's a lady in public and a whore in bed!'

'Does this feel nice Bob ... you've got a lovely cock, haven't you. Not too big thank heavens, but it's all lovely and hard .... just the thing for me to play with. Does that feel good?'

She began to play with his manhood, stroking it up and down in masturbation one minute and then sliding its end enticingly between her vagina lips the next - pushing down a couple of tantalising inches and then lifting up again, so that the end slipped out each time, just as he thrust upwards.

'Do you like me doing this Bob .... Does it make you want me to do it more? .... Do you want me to make you come Bob? Do you, eh? How about if I go like this, does that feel good?

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