A Close Friend and My Wife


'Can you see what I'm doing to him Peter – see how he's writhing around the way you do. Are you happy now darling, knowing your sexy little wife is going to feed this gorgeous cock into her pussy and fuck our friend?'

In complete control now, she lowered herself downwards until half his cock had disappeared into her - and then she pulled back again, so that the lips of her sex sucked at his shaft. Bob grunted in both pleasure and frustration.

'Or this?'

Mandy pulled off him and slid backwards down his stomach until her mouth opened wide and she covered his cock-end with her open lips in one seamless movement. She pushed it out again with her tongue, almost in the same movement and then began to lick at it like a lollipop, on the underside just below the crown, her hips working away as she rubbed her clitoris up and down one of his legs.

Her other hand reached out to take hold of my cock and in the moonlight, I could just make our her face. She was looking up at me across his stomach - her mouth full of Bob. She took him out for a moment and grinned at me before blowing me a kiss and then taking his cock back into her mouth. She continued to stare at me as she sucked at him and it felt as if I was going to come without touching myself.

For some while I listened to the sounds of their mounting passion - Mandy making occasional variations to her ministrations; until she suddenly knelt up fully. She let go of my cock as she sensed I was on the point of coming and looked down at Bob in the moonlight, her long hair framing her face and then,

'I hope you like feeling what I'm about to do Bobby', she said and then in one long movement, sank right down on Bob's shaft, almost screaming with the pleasure of his absolute penetration of her. She locked onto him with her knees, as if urging a horse forward and began to rock backwards and forwards on his spear, moaning to herself and reaching down behind to gently squeeze and play with his balls.

'Oh hell Mandy, after all you've been doing, you're going to make me come.... slow down a little can you ... I want this to last for ever'.

'I can feel you right inside me Bob .... It's lovely .... Go on, keep doing me with that gorgeous cock... Go on Bobby, just let yourself go and come inside me. Wouldn't that feel lovely, me gripping you hard and you coming right up inside me. Please come .... I want you to come hard .... I want to milk your cock .... Go on .... split me with that bloody lovely thing .... just come .... Now'.

Bob's face screwed up in impending orgasm and he tried one last time to stop her moving.

'Oh slow down .... please, for fuck's sake please slow down .... I want to enjoy the feel of you for ever .... just lie still for a moment and let me get in as far as I can ... yes, that's it, can you feel him twitching inside you? Oh yes .... Oh Mandy, that's fucking incredible, I can feel you milking him right up inside .... Oh please stop for a moment, you'll make me come if you keep doing that - it's fucking incredible .... Oh yes, oh God, it's too late. Don't stop now .... I'm going to come .... Ooooh shit, here I come .... can you feel me shooting .... here it comes into you ....Oh hell Mandy, you feel absolutely incredible'

I knew that Mandy was 'milking' him with her vaginal muscles and he would be unlikely to resist the amazing pleasure of her doing it.

At last, I saw her begin to orgasm herself. She made sure I was aware of her staring right into my eyes and as she kept my gaze, she writhed around on Bob, completely impaled on his cock – her face contorting in pleasure, until with a long loud moan, her eyes began to flutter and she shuddered un-controllably as she came.

Twenty minutes or so later, we were all lying on the bed – Mandy between us. Bob had drifted off into exhausted sleep.

She turned her head towards me and leaned over to kiss me. Just as she was about to turn back, she whispered in my ear,

'Thank you so much darling. I've been dying to give Bob one and the look on your face when I came, makes me think I might like to try it again!'

© Peter Simpson 2006.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/30/18

It's always best with friends, isn't it?

It comes about most naturally, that way, as there is a familiarity and comfort level that wouldn't exist with a stranger. He could tell they fancied each other. But it's often difficult to get a previouslymore...

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by Anonymous07/23/17

True love

Bob and Peter

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