tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Closer Inspection

A Closer Inspection


She was late, unbelievable! The traffic on the way to the airport had been total chaos. She should have known better, it was after all what she did for a living. Being a flight attendant had its perks and she was finally going to take advantage of one of them. Her trip to Europe had been planned for months now, and she was late. She couldn't miss this flight or the chance to be higher on the stand-by list. Nervously jumping from foot to foot she waited in the line to get through the carry on baggage check. She understood the reasons for safety now, but that didn't make standing in the line any less stressful. She had to get to the ticket counter, had to get her name on the list, and had to be on that flight! Her mind wandering as she progressed slowly through the line. Two weeks! Two wonderful weeks in Paris. All the plans she had while visiting making her wait a bit more pleasant. She noticed the random check of bags, people being moved to the side. Some were even taken into small rooms when the baggage was a bit larger. She had only one piece of luggage and a hanging bag. Hopefully there would be room for it in the overhead. She hated the baggage claim as much as the next person!

Finally reaching the scanner, she put her bag onto the belt and then proceeded through the metal detector. As she reached for her bag, her hand was suddenly gripped. Her eyes flew up to meet those of one of the security guards. She smiled sweetly to him, she wasn't a fool. It was always easier to persuade someone with kindness! "I'm sorry ma'am, but we are going to have to check your bags. Random checks. It won't take long." She heard him but she didn't believe what she was hearing. Rather than cause a disturbance, she followed him quietly to one of the smaller rooms. She thought it would be easier to explain she was a flight attendant with the airlines in private. Cursing herself for several reasons as she followed she wished she hadn't packed any of her "personal items" better known as a dildo and vibrator. Or, that she had just traveled from Atlanta and not felt obligated to stop in New York and see her brother and nieces. Had she just flown from there, they would have known her at the gate. Her bags now on a table he was asking for the key and she opened her purse pulling out her identification.

"Look. I can appreciate the need for a security check. Believe me. But, I have to get to the gate to sign in for stand-by. If I miss this flight, it will wreck my reservations. The traffic was horrible today and I am running late. You can see I work for the airlines. Could we skip this please?" Her voice again taking on that pleasing quality, trying to show him she would love to cooperate but she was also very late. The thought of someone actually seeing what was in her bag not all that attractive either. She heard the stories of passengers who carried on "different" items and although what she carried wasn't all that unusual, it was "hers." A soft blush crept up her neck as she tried to persuade the guard. His eyes turned to her and the identification. A shake of his head as he held out his hand for the keys and asked again, "Ma'am, it's a random check. I'm sorry but I have to look through your bag." She handed him the keys with a resigned sigh and hoped that he would finish quickly.

Focusing on a spot on the wall she tried to act as if there was nothing unusual in her bag. Her "toys" buried deep in the bag, he might never even find them. Turning to see how far the guard had gotten she found him holding up one of her favorite teddy's. Not the kind that you hug at night, the kind that you would wear but not intending to sleep in it! Burgundy velvet with stitching in gold. The texture so soft,she loved to run her hands over it. Apparently, so did the guard as he looked it over. "Put it on." His voice was low but firm as he held it out to her. Shocked, she knew that this was very irregular! "Who in the hell does this guy think he is?" going through her mind. Her head shook, speechless her shoulders drawing up as she looked at him. "I would like to see your supervisor!" The look on his face almost knocked her down as he spoke. "No problem ma'am but I do have to warn you that could be quite a while. They are very busy and I am sure that you would miss that flight before I could call them in here." He was lying, she knew it but as she turned to walk out of the door calling a supervisor herself she heard him speaking again.

"Now what do we have here? It would appear to be a dildo but... you can never tell. Could be some type of gun or bomb in disguise. Has batteries... hrmmm." Her hand frozen on the knob as she turned to see him swinging her dildo almost lewdly in his hand. The blush that now crept up her neck and over her face undeniable. She turned to look to him and shook her head. "But, you know it's not a gun or a bomb... you know what it is!" His laughter almost maniacal in its low timber. "Ma'am I won't know that for sure until I see what you do with it." Speechless, she stared at him. She was either going to be late, miss her first day of vacation, or bend to this man's will. "Shit!" The expression out of her mouth before she could stop it. He smiled as if he knew what her decision would already be.

Taking the dildo from him and the lingerie she slowly stripped from her dress and then turned to him with the teddy in her hand. "Does this have to be on? Its going to take longer and I really do have to hurry!" Again, came that smile and a nod. Cursing under her breath, she wished again and again she had just flown out of Atlanta. Her back to him, she slowly slipped off her bra and then her panties. The room small, she was sure that he had caught a view of her shaven sex as she bent over to slide the panties off. Turning toward him she could feel her nipples tightening, was it the cold or could she possibly, just maybe, be enjoying this? Nipples the color of raspberries and creme caught his gaze and she could feel the flush growing on her body. Standing there in thigh highs and her heels she slipped the teddy on. Reaching down to pull the crotch a bit as the g-string back slid uncomfortably in her outer lips, she gasped softly as her fingers met with moistness. As much as she hated being late, being manipulated by this man, her body was responding! The dildo had been set down and she turned to him picking it up and looking at him with one last pleading look.

"If you had just put the nice little outfit on like a good girl, I would have let it go. It was your choice, now continue." The look he gave her told her, all the pleading looks in the world wouldn't budge him. Her tongue reaching out to moisten her lips, she pulled the crotch of the teddy to the side and began to rub the tip over her moist lips. She was nervous and his gruff bark of "Stop!" didn't help. She looked up to him with questioning eyes. "Put it on the chair there and slide onto it." Could she suffer any more humiliation? She really didn't think so but she put the dildo on the chair obediently and then slid onto it.

The intrusion of the dildo inside her, stretching her already pouty lips brought a moan from her lips. She had always loved that first entry, the stretching around something thick inside her. This time was no different and with or without an audience, it was a great feeling! She could feel her belly trembling, the insides of her pussy were now screaming for her to continue. As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to continue, she wanted to cum!

Her breathing now a bit harder as she looked up to him expectantly. Her eyes now shining with anticipation as she saw him nod. He looked at his watch and then to her. "You have kept me in here for almost five minutes trying to get out of this. You will ride that for five minutes to make it worth my time. If you cum then you cum, if not, well then I would imagine its going to be a long flight for you." His smirk told her that he was serious and yet had found some humor in her "situation". She began riding the dildo on the chair. She could feel it inside her, pressing into her deeply. Each stroke downward pressing the dildo further and further into her warm wet walls. Her moans growing more frequent and louder as the minutes passed. If she could only reach her clit, just touch it once, she knew she would explode. Her hand reaching down and he moved around the table quickly to slap it. She gasped and looked up to him again those pleading eyes begging him now to let her touch herself. Not a word spoken, he simply shook his head and held her hands in his. She used him for balance on her arms and drove herself deeply onto the dildo over and over. Her thighs straining as she tried to find that release that seemed to be so close yet just out of her grasp.

She heard him chuckle and looked up to him with wide eyes. Lips parted, dry from her deep breaths trying to find that one spot inside and keep the dildo pressing against it. "What a little slut you are! Pumping your little pussy against that cock like a whore. You would do anything to be able to cum right now. Wouldn't you....?" Her head shook in denial and then as she could feel the release coming closer she nodded, tears now in her eyes as she began to shake. She needed to cum, had to find that release or it would drive her insane surely! The pleasure in his face was unmistakable, he was enjoying watching her struggle. Someone who had been so sure of herself when she walked in the room, now just a giant glob of *need*. Her fingers gripping into small fists held tightly in his hands as she pumped in frustration against the dildo. His eyes leaving her face for a moment to look down at his watch and her hands were suddenly dropped.

"Put your clothes back on slut!" The words like a cold slap on her flushed face. He really wasn't going to let her finish. He was going to let her leave wanting and needing that release. Her trip would be unbearable! Standing, she reached down to take the dildo out stopping as she heard him speak. "Leave it in you, it should make your flight so much more interesting. Don't you think?" Again that smirk and her suitcase was zipped up. She moved to take off the teddy and looked up to him. Why she looked to him she had no idea, but she felt as if she should ask if she could remove it. A shake of his head again as he smiled, he seemed pleased that she would look to him for permission. She left the teddy on and slipped her dress over it. She knew to everyone else in the airport she would appear to just be flushed, rushed to get on her flight. It was what she knew that once again drew a deep blush to her cheeks. Under her very "travel appropriate" dress, she was a slut.

Her bags now readied and zipped again. Her panties and bra tucked into her purse, she looked to him one last time and he nodded before motioning to her bags. "You are free to go ma'am, enjoy your trip. Thank you for your ... "patience". There was that smirk again. She nodded and lowered her eyes as she reached for her bags and then opened the door. She exited first and then he behind her. She tried not to look back, not to turn around and see the man who had just ensured her flight would be the most memorable she had ever had! She had never been one not to look back though and did turn slowly. Her lower lip caught in her teeth and she almost called out to him. What would she say though? "Thank You?"

She saw someone approaching the man quickly, a worried look on their face. Had they been caught? Did someone wonder why they were in there so long? The man speaking quickly as he spoke to the guard. "Hey boss, we need your help. Some lady in Room 3 is throwing a fit. She doesn't want her bags checked." She stood, frozen to that spot. He was the supervisor! She looked one last time and found he had turned and was looking at her. He knew she had heard and he winked to her with that smirk again and then turned to "take care" of the female passenger.

As she slowly made her way down the terminal, a smile tilted on her lips. She could feel the muscles around the dildo tightening to hold it in, the g-string crawling up her bottom slowly. She got to the gate and found there were only three people before her on the list and the flight was not full. Ten minutes to spare before boarding she sat down and felt the dildo press deeply inside. The moan that came from her lips caused the man next to her to turn and look at her. She smiled to the man and thought "Maybe it won't be all that unbearable!"

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