Brendan was on his way downtown, headed to a brand new bar called CMNM, where he was meeting his close friend Nick. The two had gone to college together, and had recently moved to the same city. Brendan walked around the corner and saw Nick standing outside the entrance waiting for him. The two caught up quickly, and started to make their way inside. At the door, each was ID'd and asked if they were a C or an N. Neither seemed to understand the question, but they decided to let the bouncer decide. The bouncer quickly looked them up and down before directing Nick into the N line, and Brendan into the C line. Each was given a coloured wristband, asked to sign a waiver, and allowed to check their jackets, before being sent inside where they grabbed some seats at the bar.

Nick couldn't help but notice that he was getting a lot of attention, with a lot of people offering to buy him drinks. Nick wasn't the hottest guy in the world, but his smile could make most anyone melt. At 10pm, the music stopped, and the MC jumped up on stage, mic in hand, and got the crowd pumped up. The MC was named Ryan, and once the crowd was warmed up, he told everyone that this was their last chance to leave before the after party started. Anyone who stayed would be stuck until the doors reopened at 2am. Neither of the boys knew what they were getting into, but they were enjoying themselves, and decided to stay.

Once the doors were closed, Ryan started to explain the night's activities, but first, he asked that all of the N wristbands make their way up onto the stage. Nick was hesitant, but he saw one young guy move towards the stage, as the bartender pushed him towards the stage, where Ryan greeted him, and thanked him for coming. Ryan introduced Nick and Marc to the crowd, which cheered, while the guys sitting around Brendan asked if he was there with Nick. Brendan told them that they were friends, which got a series of "with benefits" remarks from the guys as they made air quotes. Brendan looked back unsure of what the guys were referring to. The guys quickly realized that Brendan, and perhaps Nick, really didn't know what was going to take place. The guys quickly explained to Brendan what was coming, before Ryan had had a chance to start his explanation.

Ryan started by saying that for the rest of the night, Nick and Marc would be drinking for free. If Nick and Marc made it until 2am, they'd be given $500 cash and a new set of clothes to wear home. Nick was surprised by the free drinks and cash bonus, and was unsure why he'd need new clothes to wear home instead of take home. It didn't take long before Ryan finally explained what was happening.

The bar was called CMNM, which stood for Clothed Male, Naked Male. The guys who went through the C line or clothed line would stay clothed all night. The guys who went through the N line, or naked line, would have an article of clothing cut off every hour. Any part of the N line guys body's that were exposed became fair game for any of the C guys to play with. Nick was shocked, and this didn't get past Ryan, who reminded Nick that at this point, he really didn't have a choice. The doors were closed, and they wouldn't be unlocked until 2am. Nick looked at Marc, who seemed very excited, and somewhat nervous about what was to take place.

Ryan hit a button on stage, and a timer started counting down from 60 minutes. When the timer went off, Nick and Marc would return to the stage, and two lucky C line guys would get to cut off their shirts, an hour after that, their pants would be cut off, and the last buzzer would see them lose their underwear. That meant that each of the guys would be naked for the last 45 minutes of the night. The one detail Ryan hadn't gotten to yet, was that once the guys were naked, they would be under the control of a C line guy. Nick was more nervous than he could ever remember, but with Ryan's insistence, he moved off the stage with Marc beside him, and the two made their way to the bar where Nick quickly ordered and drank 2 double shots of tequila.

Marc, who slowly sipped on a spiced rum and ginger, asked him what caused Nick to chose the N line. Nick quickly responded that he didn't know what he had volunteered for, and that he never would have chosen the N line, or even the bar if knew what was going to happen. Marc seemed offended by Nick's response, which caused Nick to back pedal and ask Marc what made him choose the N line. Marc, who didn't look a day over 18, was extremely slim with shorter blonde hair. He was wearing a form fitting white t-shirt, and a pair of worn out blue jeans. As Marc explained how turned on he got being exposed, stripped, and bound, Nick found himself checking out Marc. Brendan meanwhile moved closer to his friend, after having finally convinced his erection to subside.

Brendan was seeing Marc for the first time up close, and like his friend, he was instantly taken with him. Brendan introduced himself to Marc, and asked Nick what he was going to do. Nick explained that he didn't really have much of a choice, so he would have to go through with it. This excited Brendan, who hadn't seen his friend naked before. Just as Brendan was starting into his next question, the timer rang, and the room erupted into cheers. Nick and Marc were ushered to the stage where they each stood on one side of Ryan.

Each of the boys was blindfolded, and instructed to remain still. Ryan told the rest of the room to look at their wristbands, and if their number matched the numbers on the screen behind them, they would have the opportunity to remove one of the boys shirts. Brendan watched as two older gentlemen made their way to the stage, and were each handed a pair of scissors before standing beside their assigned boy.

Marc's stripper wasted no time, and cut his T-shirt from the neck down to his bellybutton. The shirt hung partly open, as the gentleman rubbed his hands along Marc's well defined six pack, and along the now exposed waistband of his white boxer-briefs. Once a reasonable tent had formed in Marc's pants, the older gentleman pulled his t-shirt open and licked each of Marc's nipples. Marc's shirt now hung down from his arms, as the gentleman moved behind Marc, cutting the sleeves on his shirt, allowing his shirt to drop onto the floor. With Marc now shirtless, the attention turned to Nick.

Nick's cock was already semi-erect before his older gentleman started to cut his t-shirt off, starting with his left sleeve up to his neck. This exposed Nick's left nipple which had started to harden in the slightly cold room. Nick's nipple didn't stay cold for long, as the older gentleman began sucking on it. Brendan didn't know it at the time, but Nick's nipples would stay hard throughout the night, as they were among his most erotic body parts. The older gentleman turned Nick around before cutting off his other sleeve allowing his shirt to fall around his waist. Nick's t-shirt hung around the waistband of his jeans, which was where the older gentleman's hands now explored. Satisfied with Nick's now obvious bulge, the older gentleman cut through Nick's t-shirt, and as it fell to the floor, the room was treated to the sight of the top inch of Nick's ass. His tanline sat almost 2" above the waistband of his jeans, confirming for the crowd that this was an exceptionally large amount of skin for Nick to have exposed. The stripping complete, Nick and Marc's blindfolds were removed, and they were pushed into the crowd, where each of the boys were manhandled by the crowd.

Brendan wanted to get in on the action, but he couldn't get anywhere near either boy for the first 45 minutes. Even then, Brendan was only able to get to Marc, who appeared very happy to see him. The majority of the crowd had moved to the bar in preparation for the next show, or were too busy playing with Nick. Marc took Brendan's hands and ran them across his exposed body. Marc released Brendan's hands, which continued to explore his exposed skin, before running his own hands up Brendan's shirt and across his growing bulge and ass. Just as Brendan was really getting into all of this attention, a small wet spot forming in his boxer-briefs, he heard Nick calling from behind him.

Brendan turned to face Nick and both of their gazes shifted down to the other's bulge before locking eyes awkwardly. Nick pulled Brendan aside and whispered into his ear. Brendan's eyes widened as he realized what the inch of Nick's ass that he saw previously, and the section of pubes now showing above Nick's jeans truly meant. Nick was going commando, and that meant that in 3 minutes and 12 seconds when the timer went, Nick was going to have his jeans cut off of him, and would be naked in front of the crowd for the remaining hour and 45 minutes. It also meant that he would remain blindfolded, and bound under the control of someone from the crowd.

The wet spot in Brendan's boxer-briefs grew, and sensing that his friend was about to get a lot more popular, Brendan took this opportunity to feel up his friend. Brendan started as he might have in another setting by putting his arm around Nick, but this time, Brendan grabbed a hold of Nick's bicep before moving his hand to the centre of Nick's back and down to the exposed crack of his ass.

Nick was initially confused, but the reaction in his cock made him confident that he wanted his friend's attention to continue. Nick wasn't disappointed as Brendan's hands made their way slightly below his waistband, rubbing between his ass cheeks. With 10 seconds remaining, Brendan moved his hands to Nick's six pack and as the buzzer went, he slipped his fingers through Nick's pubes.

Neither of the boys wanted this moment to end, but the rest of crowd quickly pushed Nick back onto the stage where Ryan and Marc were waiting for him. Ryan explained that since the two N boys seemed to be enjoying themselves so much, they would have the opportunity to watch the other being stripped.

Marc was quickly blindfolded as his stripper, a 20 something year old college boy made his way to the stage. Scissors in hand, his stripper teased him with the cold metal of the scissors across his nipples. Marc shivered with pleasure as he waited for the exposure that he craved. He didn't have to wait long before his stripper cut the legs of his shorts along his inseam. Marc was now more or less wearing a skirt, a fact that wasn't lost on the crowd as his stripper pulled the front and back of his shorts up, showing off the bulge in Marc's white boxer-briefs, and his tight boxer-brief covered ass.

Marc's stripper ran his hands up and down Marc's legs as Marc's cock throbbed, the front of his boxer-briefs getting wetter with pre-cum. Marc's white boxer-briefs hid very little, particularly the dark brown pubes surrounding his hard cock and balls. Marc's stripper finished the job of removing Marc's shorts by cutting down the front, ensuring that he rubbed against Marc's hard cock as he pushed the scissors through the fabric. Marc's stripper took one last opportunity to feel up Marc's legs before removing the blindfold.

With Marc down to his boxer-briefs, the attention turned to Nick, who knew that he was moments away from being naked in front of his close friend, and the hundred other guys in the room. Ryan blindfolded Nick before flashing up the wristband number for Nick's stripper. Brendan looked down at his wristband, and was pleased to see that his number had been called.

Brendan made his way up to the stage, taking in the extra skin that was now showing on Marc who smiled knowingly at Brendan. As Brendan stepped onto the stage, Ryan handed him the pair of scissors that would strip Nick of his last article of clothing. Brendan considered how he would strip his friend as he ran the scissors across Nick's exposed pubes. Brendan decided that he would start by trimming the pubes above Nick's jeans. As Nick's dark brown hair fell down to the floor, Brendan ran his fingers across the neatly trimmed section of his lower abs. Brendan next trimmed Nick's jeans into short shorts, exposing the fact that the only fabric showing below his jean shorts were his white pockets.

Brendan turned Nick around, facing his ass towards the crowd. Brendan took the scissors and cut a large hole out of Nick's jeans exposing his white ass to the crowd. Since his jeans still lingered around the outside of his ass cheeks, Brendan was forced to put his fingers between Nick's cheeks, pulling them apart to expose Nick's ass hole. Brendan blew warm, moist air on Nick's hole before he ran his tongue in circles around Nick's hole.

Brendan wanted to feel all of Nick's ass so he quickly cut the entire ass out of Nick's jeans, leaving only the waistband of his jeans remaining. From behind, Brendan was given a full view of Nick's hanging balls. Brendan pushed Nick over at the waist, exposing his open ass and balls to the crowd before he groped Nick's balls between his fingers. Having created a tarzan-esque costume for Nick, Brendan turned Nick around to once again face the crowd.

With his cock rock hard, and nothing keeping it restrained, Nick's jeans extended out, his balls exposed to the first few rows of the crowd, his hard shaft kept barely under wraps. As Brendan continued to play with Nick's balls, Nick's cock grew to a full erection, and pushed his only remaining covering up between his exposed cock and stomach.

Brendan was thoroughly satisfied that everyone in the room could see pretty much all of Nick, and so he quickly cut the side of his jeans letting them fall to the floor. This ended Nick's stripping, but also signalled the start of his bondage and control by Brendan. An assortment of bondage toys and tools were brought out on stage for Brendan to choose from.

Sensing that he should start simple, Brendan grabbed a pair of metal handcuffs and restrained Nick's hands behind his back. Next Brendan pulled out a feather, and called over Marc, whispering in his ear that Marc was to tickle the head of Nick's cock until Brendan told him to stop. Marc willingly accepted his role, and went slightly further, taking each of Nick's balls in his mouth, one after the other. Brendan pulled out a long black leather leash next, and attached it to Nick's cock.

Sensing that his friend needed more attention, Brendan tugged on the leash and led Nick deep into the crowd. As instructed, Marc continued to follow along teasing Nick's cock, which was now streaming pre-cum. Marc was getting some attention from the crowd, but not nearly as much Nick, who had lost count of the number of hands that were currently exploring his cock and ass. As Nick neared climax, Brendan told Marc to stop, and removed Nick from the crowd, returning to the stage and the box of toys.

Brendan routed around in the box, settling on a ping pong paddle. Brendan grabbed a chair from near the stage and bent Nick over it. Brendan had the crowd form into a line, and allowed each guy to give Nick 5 spanks on the ass. Most chose to use their hands, spending extra time feeling Nick's ass, but some chose the paddle, turning Nick's ass bright red.

When the line was gone, and the crowd reformed around the stage, Brendan saw that there was only a minute left. Brendan reached for a vibrating cock ring and quickly put it onto Nick's cock. As the last seconds counted down, Marc tickled the head of Nick's cock, continuing well after the timer stopped, only leaving Nick under Ryan's direction. Brendan whispered into Ryan's ear as Marc was being blindfolded, before he exited the stage and took his place in the crowd.

Once Marc was blindfolded, Ryan removed Nick's blindfold and for the first time, Nick saw the crowd staring directly at his hard cock. Nick didn't have long to dwell on this fact as he suddenly felt his cock stir as the vibrating cock ring came to life, being remotely activated from within the crowd. Nick's cock dripped pre-cum for as long as the remote button was held. Brendan took full advantage of the power he held, and gave Nick very little reprieve while he stood naked on stage.

Marc's stripper made his way to the stage, stopping briefly to wipe a small amount of pre-cum from the head of Nick's cock, bringing it to his lips. Marc's stripper was one of the cutest young guys in the room, and one of the few guys that Nick had allowed to buy him a drink earlier in the night. Seeing him tasting his pre-cum made Nick even hornier, which he didn't think was possible.

Nick was disappointed to see the stripper continue across the stage, but was happy to see him quickly cut Marc's white boxer-briefs clear off, exposing Marc's 6" hard uncut cock and dark brown pubes. At the same time, Brendan hit the switch on the remote, and watched Nick arch his back. Another millisecond, and Nick would have shot his load on the stage. That however, wasn't part of Brendan's plan for Nick at this point.

Marc's stripper walked back over to Nick, and grabbed a hold of the leash around Nick's cock, pulling him towards Marc. Nick was backed up against Marc, and instructed to grab Marc's cock. At the same time, Brendan pushed the remote button once again forcing pre-cum out of Nick's cock. Marc was already arching his back, and thrusting his cock between Nick's welcoming hands, and against Nick's ass.

Marc's stripper pulled Nick away, and Ryan replaced Nick's blindfold. Brendan pushed and held the remote button as he walked back to the stage, releasing it as he groped Nick's ass. Nick liked the physical attention and he hoped to get the opportunity to climax before the night was done.

Brendan decided that Nick deserved some more time on stage, and so he took a look through the box of toys in front of him. Brendan picked up a sizeable glass dildo to the crowd's cheers. However, Brendan decided on a much simpler, but longer lasting implement. Brendan squeezed the top of the can in his hand and rubbed shaving cream on Nick before shaving every last one of his pubes. Brendan then shaved Nick's ass, leaving him virtually hairless. Brendan quickly cleaned off Nick's body before Marc and Nick were each lead to different parts of the room and the crowd was allowed to have their way with their naked bodies.

For the next 40 minutes, the boys were edged, but never allowed to cum. As the timer hit 5 minutes, Ryan asked each of the boys and their stripper's to return to the stage. As they made their way up to the stage, Ryan explained that each boy would be given the opportunity to double their money. If the 2 boys agreed to fuck, or be fucked, they would each get $1000.

Nick's handcuffs were removed and each boy was asked to raise their hands to answer the following questions. If their answers matched up, they would carry on, if not, their blindfolds would be removed. The first question was simple, will you let the other boy fuck you? One hand was raised. The second question was, will you fuck the other boy? This also resulted in one hand being raised. Nick was lead to the centre of the stage and his hands were put onto the side of Marc's ass.

Nick ran his hands into the centre of Marc's ass, playing with Marc's ass hole before pushing his finger inside. Nick pushed in and out of Marc's hole before pulling his finger out, and pushing the head of his cock against Marc's hole, Nick's pre-cum acting as lube. As Nick pushed his head into Marc's hole, Nick felt his cock ring stir to life. Nick only had a few seconds of thrusting before he felt the need to cum. With the buzzing of his cock ring he pulled out and shot his load onto Marc's ass and back giving the crowd the cumshot they had all been hoping for. Nick lent forward, exhausted, and rested on Marc's back, first noticing his own warm cum on Marc's back.

What happened next confused Nick as he felt a shirt up around Marc's back. Nick reached up for his blindfold and pulled it off, seeing for the first time, a partially clothed Brendan bent over in front of him.

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