A Cold Christmas

byL.A. Wicker©

"Who cares? I wouldn't tell anyone and I don't think you would either."

Beth let him go and turned to watch a group of kids running to see Santa. "What if someone found out about us...what then?" she asked as they started walking hand in hand, towards the biggest Christmas display and Santa.

"We will deny it and if all else failed...we could always run away and hide." Rodger said with a laughed and he hoped Mom would see things his way, but she wasn't.

Beth held his hand and knew he wanted her, but Rodger was young and crazy. "Well, the playing is all we're doing Rodger and nothing more...ok?"

"If it keeps me close to you, I'm fine with that."

She heard him and didn't know what to think. "You're giving up, this easy?" Beth asked and wondered about him.

"Yeah, I don't want to piss you off and mess everything up!" he laughed, slapped Mom's ass and ran away from her.

"That's my boy!" she laughed, ran after Rodger and quickly caught him by the Santa display. "Want to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. I have connections and can slip you in line!" she laughed and stepped in front of her son. Beth needed to feel his hard cock against her body and it was getter harder to refuse his advances.

He laughed and when Mom stepped in front of him, Rodger's cock was hard and ready to fuck. "Be careful, he's ready to blow," he whispered in Mom's ear as he slipped his arms around her and hugged Mom tight.

"Mmmm, he sure is!" Beth moaned and couldn't help but push back. "I hate seeing you in pain, because of me and I feel so bad," she said, turning to face him and his cock pressed into her thigh.

He smiled and ran his hands all over Mom's ass, hoping that the kit worked and he'd get Mom as his lover. "I love how you've been acting and the way you let me play with you." Rodger said as he looked into Mom's eyes and he hugged her.

"Every bad boy's dream, huh? Playing sooo dirty with his Mom and rubbing his big, long thing all over her! Mmmm, it's so nasty, but so hot and sooo fun!" Beth moaned as his hands rubbed all over her ass and the sides of her meaty thighs.

"It is very fun, if a guy has the right Mom and she's as sexy as you," he paused to hold her face and Rodger kissed Mom's wet lips. "He could show her a new and very exciting life," he added and kissed her again, not caring if anyone saw them or not and his hands roamed over Mom's skirt.

Beth smiled at him and was sure he was right, but it was still wrong and against the law. She nuzzled her face against his neck, enjoying his manly scent and Rodger made her nipples swell with excitement. "I bet he'd show her all kinds of wonderful things, but a woman needs a man for lots of things like...hugging her when she's scared or has a bad dream and not just sex," she said as kids kept running past them and to Santa. "Will he do those things for her too?" Beth asked, as she kissed his ear and couldn't wait for tonight.

"I'll hold her and comfort her." Rodger whispered back to Mom and flexed his cock against her thigh.

"Oh God, you evil boy!" she laughed and hugged him tighter, hoping that Rodger would flex again and he did. "Ohhh baby, this is a fun game...isn't it?" Beth moaned and knew they needed to stop. "I need to walk around and if anyone sees me kissing...I could get fired," she added and saw a strange look cover his face, but didn't think about it.

"We don't need that," he said and walked with Mom, enjoying all the beautiful lights flashing and the decorations. "If you had one wish and you knew for sure that it would come true, what would it be?" Rodger asked her, wondering what Mom would say.

She thought and knew. "I'd want to be happy and not worry about living from one day to the next...and I'd want a good man that would love me."

"You'd wish for a man? What if you already had one that loved you, what then?"

"Is this man young, horny and walking next to me?" she laughed, but Rodger looked very serious about it and Beth hugged him. "And um...could he be my son?" she asked with a low and very sexy voice.

"What if he is?" Rodger asked.

"I really wonder about you." Beth smiled, as they walked hand in hand.


"Oh God, I'm so tired!" Beth said as she and Rodger, walked into the cold house and she hated this so much. She watched as he gathered some paper, the matches and Rodger had a fire going in a few minutes.

He turned and looked at Mom, she was lying back on the sofa, eyes closed and her skirt was to the tops of her thighs. He moved towards her and slipped between her legs. Rodger slid his hands on her legs and slowly caressed.

"Mmmm, are you trying to make advances on me, young man?"

"What if I am?" he replied, as his hands slid to Mom's hips and slowly back down her legs.

"Mmmm, I was going to say...I'm enjoying it, very much." Beth purred as his loving hands moved all over her tired legs and down to her feet. "Ohhh, that's it, yes!" she moaned as he rubbed and caressed her aching feet.

He just smiled and kept rubbing Mom's tired feet. "I bought some steaks and potatoes for dinner. Plus, I got a very nice bottle of wine too." Rodger said as Mom's eyes opened and she just looked down to him. "What?" he asked with a laugh and Mom looked weird.

'I want you to baby and this is killing me!' Beth thought as she looked to Rodger and if he got the nerve to take her, Beth knew that she would not fight him. "Nothing, I'm just tired and hungry," she whispered and closed her eyes.

Rodger leaned to kiss Mom and he stood up. "I'll get things started and you rest," he said and wasn't even sure if Mom heard him. "Oh well, rest for later and we can play with the new stuff I got you." Rodger said as he stirred the fire and went to get the things for dinner.

He wrapped the potatoes in foil and laid them on the small fire, hoping they wouldn't take very long. He looked over, Mom had turned on her side, sleeping like a baby, and her skirt went higher than ever. "Nice view, Mom!" he whispered, moving to the sofa and his sleeping Mom.

Rodger looked over her legs and Mom's sexy stockings, enjoying every inch of her legs and thighs. "Oh Mom, I wish you would understand how I feel about you," he whispered and Rodger's left hand slid over Mom's bare, right thigh and he caressed. "I love touching you," he whispered again, felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Mom smiling.

"Are you taking advantage of a sleeping woman?" she asked with a grin, as he moved up to her and Rodger kissed her. "Mmmm, I'll take that as a...yes then," she smiled and hugged him.

"I'd never do that to you and besides, I'd want you to be awake and enjoy it!"

Beth giggled at him and she knew she wasn't going to last very long, until her son was, back inside her and breaking so many laws. "I would never sleep through something so wonderful!" Beth smiled, as she kissed him and her pussy was on fire.

He returned Mom's kiss and Rodger slid his hand over her legs, towards her thighs and between her legs. "You're really hot," he whispered as he slowly caressed higher, until he bumped Mom's panties and she just, smiled.

"Yeah and I wonder why?" Beth teased as she enjoyed her sons loving hand moving towards a place he was forbidden to go, but she was lost in seduction and a dark, dark sin, unable to stop him.

He heard Mom and watched the poor thing chewing her lower lip. "Maybe I should stop and get the wine," he whispered into Mom's panting mouth and she kissed him.

"I think that would be nice," she moaned and had to get up. "You get the wine and I'm going to pee!" Beth said with need and ran towards the bathroom.

He laughed and did as Mom asked. "After dinner, I have a nice surprise for you and I think you'll like it." Rodger said as she walked back into the room minus her bra, skirt and stockings. "Nice look!" he winked and stood to hug Mom.

"I'm hoping to tease my son and make him happy. For some odd reason, he loves seeing me half naked and rubbing all over me." Beth whispered as their lips touched, opened and they kissed as lovers.

"I don't blame him, I would too!" he moaned as they kissed and Rodger slid his right hand under Mom's blouse, cupped her left breast and gently squeezed. He held Mom's breast, his thumb slid over her nipple and he teased it.

Beth looked into his eyes as they kissed and she chewed her lower lip. "Oh shit, I have a feeling that you've done this before!" she whimpered as he continued to kiss her lips, while his thumb teased the nipple and Beth felt his cock against her upper thigh.

"I told you that I could take care of you, Mom." Rodger said as he held the back of her head and kissed her deeper.

She pulled back and Beth fanned her face. "Damn, I'm in sooo much trouble." Beth said with a smile and sat down on the sofa. "How much longer until dinner?" she asked and watched him turning the potatoes.

"These are close, so I should get the steaks going now."

"Need me to do anything?" Beth asked, but Rodger had things under control and she stayed out of his way.

"Nope, I'm spoiling you until Christmas Eve Mom and you can't refuse me."

Beth looked at her son and the poor kid was going to die of a boner, but he wanted her to play and Rodger was getting his wish. "That thing might fall off or break by then!" she laughed as his long cock pointed outward and it stretched his shorts.

"No way, I'm on a quest and nothing can stop me." Rodger said as he placed the steaks in a pan and put them over the fire.

She looked at him and Beth had to smile. "I know one person that could, so...you better keep her very happy," she said and Rodger winked at her.

"I'm learning more and more about her every day. I have the magic to unlock her heart and capture her soul."

Beth sat and watched him. "Just remember this, some locks need opened slowly and with great care."

"I will, Mom."


After a nice dinner and lots of talking, Beth was seeing that her son was a wonderful man and he did love her. "Hey Mom, I started you a hot bath and I put some bath oil in it." Rodger said as he walked back into the living room and to his Mom.

"Bath oil?"

"I did some Christmas shopping for you and I hope you like everything," he replied and pulled Mom to her feet.

She hugged him and had a good idea that her son would have her very soon. "I will love everything." Beth said and went to enjoy her bath. She eased into the tub, a sweet scent of roses filled her nose and Beth's entire body started to tingle. "Mmmm, this is nice," she moaned and closed her eyes, not noticing that Rodger put something on the sink and he slipped from the room.

Beth sat in the hot water thinking of Rodger, being lonely and all of the love they shared. 'I'm not sure if I should let him or not,' she thought and slowly rubbed her swollen nipples, wishing that this wasn't so complicated and hoped she would do the right thing. She inhaled the sweet smell of the roses and his reasoning did seem right. They did love each other and they both were lonely. 'Maybe just...one time and we'll stop." Beth moaned as she twisted her nipples, thinking of her son in her body and she would be loved again, heart and soul.


She stepped from the tub, dried her body and Beth looked on the sink. 'Oh, how cute!' she thought, lifting the tiny pair of red, bikini panties up and Beth loved the color. Plus, there were little white prints of Santa's, Christmas trees and tiny presents all over them. 'Maybe, you'll get to open a wonderful present on Christmas Eve.' Beth thought as she slipped the small pair of panties up her legs, over her meaty thighs and on her hips. She gently ran her hands over them and Beth had to smile. It was as if, they were tingling against her skin and it felt good.

'Wow, this is insane and they don't cover much, but...oh well,' she thought with a grin, looking down and knew her baby was going to love them. She quietly walked from the bathroom, down the hall and into his room. 'I'm going to drive you nuts, mister!'Beth giggled to herself, looked in his closet and found Rodger's white, dress shirt and she put it on. 'I'll do the two middle buttons and leave the rest open.' Beth thought as she stood in front of his big mirror and Beth was impressed. 'Damn, not to fucking bad, girl!' she smiled to herself and she did look good for her age. "Here goes!" Beth whispered and took a deep breath.

Rodger was just finishing the hot chocolate, when Mom cleared her throat and he turned to see her leaning against the door, smiling from ear to ear and her face was red with embarrassment. Her hair was fluffed, her makeup was perfect and Rodger loved Mom wearing his shirt. Her large breasts were half covered and he could see the panties he bought for Mom. They formed to Mom's pussy, as if they had been painted on her and he could see the slit up her middle, but something caught his eye and he smiled. The tiny Christmas present above her pussy looked like it had already moved lower and he could not wait to open it.

He quickly stood up, walked to Mom and looked down to the little white present just above her pussy. "Do I still get to open a present on Christmas Eve?" Rodger whispered with a little wink and Mom's face turned red again. He reached up to her face with his left hand and pressed it against her cheek.

She turned her head to his hand and Beth felt her face blush. "I don't know yet. Have you been a good boy this year?" Beth asked with a giggle and she peeked down to the front of Rodger's shorts. "I think he likes the way I'm dressed or um...something," she whispered and wanted to grab him and squeeze it as hard as she could, but she stood firm and resisted him. Beth hadn't had a cock in years and Rodger had her insides burning for one.

"We both do Mom! You look so sexy!" Rodger moaned and he pulled Mom against his body. "Oh Mom, I could hug and squeeze you all the time!" he moaned again, as his hands roamed her lower back, until they found Mom's ass and the new panties on it. "Aren't they so soft and sexy? Plus, they are magic panties." Rodger said as he gently caressed her panties and pressed his very hard cock, on Mom's upper thigh and he heard a soft moan.

Beth melted into her son's arms and she felt his stiff cock against her thigh, enjoying its hardness and his lust for her. "Mmmm, are you having 'nasty' thoughts about your Mommy again?" she teased, kissing the side of Rodger's neck and Beth shifted her hips. "Magic panties?" she giggled at him.

Mom moved to her right and Rodger wanted to scream. His hard cock was only an inch above her sweet pussy and he was dying to rub it on her new panties. "Why don't we lie down and do this?" he asked and Mom laughed.

"If I were to lay down right now...I um...in a few minutes," she moaned, reluctantly pulled from Rodger and walked to the bed. Beth sat down on her knees and hoped she could keep this under control, but the playing was turning down a new road and it was taking its toll on her.

Rodger let her go and figured that Mom was close to giving in or something. "I made your hot chocolate while you were in the bath and it should be ready to drink," he said, looking into Mom's eyes and he saw them sparkle.

She took the mug from him and Beth wanted him, but it was incest and wrong. "Thank you, baby." Beth whispered as Rodger moved in front of her and put one of his knees, between hers and she could feel his warm breath on her face. "What would I do without you?" she asked and he leaned forward, kissing her on the lips and Beth felt his left hand creeping under the shirt and it moved up her quivering body.

"You'd very lonely and you wouldn't have me to...kiss you." Rodger replied, as he leaned to Mom and he kissed her again, while his hand continued up her front and found her breast. "Or...touch you, Mom," he moaned into her open mouth and Rodger gently sucked her lower lip. His hand cupped Mom's breast and his thumb slowly brushed over her hardening nipple.

Beth felt odd, but it was a pleasant feeling and each time Rodger touched her, the panties seemed to tingle and warm her flesh. His big hand held her breast and Beth wanted to scream, but as Rodger's thumb crept over her nipple, she moaned his name and her back arched. "Oh Rodger, yes!" Beth moaned without thinking and this was getting so hard.

He held Mom and Rodger just smiled. 'Maybe that stuff is working!' he thought as his thumb teased Mom's rubbery nipple and Rodger slid his right up Mom's thigh. "Oh Mom, I love touching you!" he moaned to her and his hand found its goal. Rodger was holding Mom's very hot, very wet and beautiful pussy. "Oh fuck...you are so hot!" he moaned again and very slowly, started to pull away from her and let things cool down.

Beth was disappointed, but they did need to cool down and relax. "Wow, you sure are the ladies man," she said with a half smile and sipped from her mug. "Where did you lean to touch and kiss, so well?" she asked and wanted to know.

He just smiled and sipped his mug. "Nope, a true gentleman never tells of his ladies or what they do together and I'm a gentleman." Rodger replied and watched a frown cover Mom's face.

"Shoot, I wanted to thank them for teaching you so well!" Beth smiled and sipped her mug. "Is it one woman or more?" she quickly sipped and hoped to catch Rodger off guard.

"Two very, very wonderful ladies." Rodger said and he could see Mom trying to think of who they could be.

She thought and tried to think of any woman Rodger had been around, but she couldn't. "Anyone I know?" Beth asked and he laughed at her.

"I told you Mom, I won't talk about it and I mean it too," he said and hoped Mom would drop it. If she knew who taught him how to love a woman, Mom would shit her panties and faint.

She sipped her drink and couldn't think of anyone he could have been with. "If we had money, what would you want for Christmas?" Beth asked and sat down her mug. "Pretend we had money and what you'd like," she added and lay on her side, her arm by her head and leaning on her hand.

He thought and Rodger always wanted a big TV. "I think I'd want a giant TV with all the sports and movie channels...and," he replied and moved next to Mom, caressed her face and kissed her lips. "A pretty woman to snuggle with." Rodger added and kissed Mom again, but this one lingered and his fingers moved back to her breast.

Beth was lost in his soft touch and his sweet words. "Oh really now and who would you snuggle with?" she asked and waited for his reply.

Rodger's other hand moved between her legs and she spread them. "You're the one I'm crazy about...who do you think?" he asked as his fingers caressed Mom's wet mound of mother pussy and it were soaked. Mom was dripping like a broken faucet and he loved it.

"A woman loves hearing that she's needed and wanted." Beth said, spreading her knees for Rodger's probing fingers and her heart was pounding. "Oh baby...you make me feel so good...it hurts!" she moaned and turned on her back. The panties were tingling more and her flesh was on fire.

He moved over her upper body and smiled. "You are so beautiful!" Rodger said and lightly kissed her, as his hand slid over her pussy again and gently rubbed her.

She watched his hand sliding down her belly and between her legs, but she didn't say anything or stop him. "Thank you, baby." Beth whispered and looked into his loving eyes for an answer, but he never spoke. He caressed her wet mound and Beth felt his fingers tracing up her middle. He found her clit and Rodger teased it. "Oh baby, please!" she moaned, her back arched and Beth was losing the battle.

Rodger knew Mom was close and he was excited. "Want me to stop and let you rest?" he asked and Mom didn't say anything or move. "Earth to Mom, hello!" he teased and sat up.

She turned her head and smiled. "Whoever taught you to make out so good...tell them that your mother says, thank you." Beth said as she tried to gather her thoughts and pull herself together.

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