tagBDSMA Cold Morning

A Cold Morning


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With our luck we woke to a broken furnace and a freezing house on the coldest morning of the year so far. I had an electric space heater luckily and turned the oven on high which made the single digit temperature outside from freezing us inside. Today thank goodness my master let me wear my big fleece pajama bottoms and my wool socks he laid out for me. I know he loathes them but lets me keep them for cold nights. The thin long sleeve black shirt with a deep boat neck hardly kept the cold air off of my rock hard nipples. The last piece was my collar. I dreaded putting the icy cold thin ring of steel around my neck. I sigh and hurry and throw it on and run to stand in front of the oven hoping the heat would hurry and warm it and give my aching nipples the relief they crave.

Master came behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I knew his next step before his hands met my big swollen nipples. They were practically screaming to be pinched. He squeezes them and I can't help but to squill and squirm as he starts to nibble at my neck. "What's the matter?", he whispers into my ear. My ears are extremely sensitive and he loves to torture me with them. I push his head away with mine and giggle because I know what's about to come.

He spins me around and pulls my nipples out hard. "Pull back!" I pout and make my cute little puppy face. My big blue eyes and huge lips have made many men melt and bow at my commands but Sir knows me too well and calmly says, "pull back now." Knowing this is my last warning I do as I am told and take a step back. "Farther" he says and I comply and take a very small step again.

He know how much I'm at my breaking point and pulls me in for a kiss by my throbbing tits and I shove my tongue into his mouth and rub against his.

His hand traveled down to between my thighs while the other makes its way under my shirt and cups my breast. The iciness of his hand to my surprise felt incredible. Like electricity going through my body and causing my pussy to fill with my moist heat. I take his face in my hands and kiss him even harder shoving my tongue deeper into his mouth. I started grinding my pussy on his hand that was just teasing me through my thick pajamas.

"Take these ridiculous things off" tugging at my bottoms. I quickly hurry them down not even thinking about the cold. He raises my shirt and takes a nipple into his mouth as he takes it off. "On your knees" I sink to the kitchen floor and I am rudely reminded of the cold with the freezing hardwood under me. "Holy shit!" I scream out. Sir chuckles and asks me "what's the matter my darlin?" Knowing good and well why I screamed.

He pulls his thick hard cock from his pants and shoves it in my warm mouth. I began shaking. I am trying to control my body so hard that I'm not really paying attention to Sir's cock like I should. He pulls me off of him by my hair and slaps my face hard. It stings so bad it bring tears to my eyes. You best get over being cold or I can take you outside and leave you there just like this. I take him back into my mouth and start sucking him earnestly. Tears keep running down my red cheek that now has started to swell. My pussy is so wet that I can feel my juices escaping my slit and working its way down my thigh. He takes my hair and begins fucking my mouth. Shoving my head further and further down his shaft as I feel his cum building.

"Fucking slut loves to suck cock don't you darlin?" I nod as much as I can as he takes my mouth harder. Yanking my head off of him he shoves my face to the cold hard floor and kneels behind me. His huge cock slams into my wet pussy as I moan. With ever thrust my nipples dance across the icy floor making me beg to touch my clit.

"Please Sir may I please rub myself and cum?"

"Yes darlin you may." He says and then slaps my ass hard. God just one slap feels like twenty in this temperature. I can't help but scream.

I reach in between my slit and feel the oily mess this man has made pushing my juices out of me. With the first cold touch of my fingers to my clit I almost cum. I hear Sir's panting and know he's close. I rub my swollen nub and it doesn't take long before I clench my pussy down around his cock and cum extremely hard. I then feel his cum rush and fill me so full that I cum again clenching down on him so he wouldn't escape until the last wave of pleasure left me.

He pulls me up by my hair and kisses me gently and laughs. "Go put some damn clothes on its freezing in here!"

I laugh and kiss him again.

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