tagInterracial LoveA College Girl's Conversion Ch. 01

A College Girl's Conversion Ch. 01


Like most nineteen year-old college girls I loved to have fun, but I couldn't always find what I was looking for. I was a sophomore who lived for school, but my romantic life was lackluster. There were boys in my life, but none lit my fire.

My best friend was my roommate, Emilie, aka Emmi, from Seattle. During our freshman year the two of us quickly became inseparable, so it was natural for us to stick together in our sophomore year. We both attracted attention, and if you were to see Emmi you would understand why. She's beautiful! A tall, classy brunette with girl-next-door freshness. Her social situation was similar to mine. The main difference was that Emmi was less demanding of others, and so had better luck with romance. Regardless, at the time she was unattached and expressed frustrations similar to my own: growing boredom with the campus social scene.

In the meantime we made the best of our situation. To be honest, living in a residence hall with all kinds of students was still fun. Yes, sharing facilities with others got old, but we had some characters around who always kept it interesting! Plus, it was a coed building so there was the drama of hook-ups, romances flaring up and fading, the curiosity about whether so-and-so noticed you as you walked by in your bathrobe, etcetera. I was a bit beyond that in my sophomore year, but I loved watching the freshmen go through the transition.

And then there was Kalu. Kalu Mandinka. Kalu was different from the other freshmen, the son of African immigrants from Nigeria and Kenya. It might seem strange for an educated twenty-first century woman to describe a black man as different, but that was and is reality at the university: it has always been nearly exclusively white and Asian.

Furthermore, the small black community tended to stick to itself as a result of the very cliquey, fragmented campus. Kalu, on the other hand, has always gotten along with everyone, running with any crowd and usually ending up the leader. He is very intelligent and charismatic, with a generally easy-going manner. I say 'generally' because he has an edge and can be intimidating. He was more mature than the other freshmen, quickly rising above the fray to be seen as one of the building's elites.

I remember when we first met as Emilie and I were moving our belongings back into the building in late August. My dad and brother helped, but after they left we were busy with rearranging. Then a tall, dark-skinned black man with a sculpted body came by our open door in jeans and a tight t-shirt. He glanced into our room, noticing us struggling with some boxes.

Immediately he strode in introducing himself as 'Kal', effortlessly picking up and moving everything into place for us. He was ruggedly handsome and confident. And so charming! He had us both giggling with his cute flirtation but he never said anything corny or offensive. Poise! We both admired his statuesque physique as he left, both of us mouthing a silent 'Wow!' simultaneously before laughing out loud together. He was a feast for the eyes, for sure!

Kal and I became fast friends, developing an unusual mentor-protégé relationship. As if I were his big sister. Strange, perhaps, since I am less than one year older and white, but we got laughs out of others. I would instruct him in the proper way to do things, admonish him when he said or did something wrong, give him tips on how to deal with professors and school administrators, warn him to be careful when he went out, etcetera.

He jokingly called me 'Sis'. It was light-hearted, though I realized it was more than that. I found myself caring about him in a protective way. And yet, 'Why?' I asked myself. With Kal's brains and confidence he didn't need a guardian angel, so what was I protecting him from? The answer was obvious, as Emilie later pointed out: I was protecting myself. I was deeply though reluctantly attracted to Kalu, and this was my ineffective way of blunting my feelings. I found myself becoming jealous of the girls who gravitated toward him.

And gravitate they did! Kalu quickly developed a reputation. I thought it inevitable considering his masculinity: he was and remains a true Alpha. I never saw him with his arm around a girl romantically, but rumors started to fly about Kal, his 'gift', and his 'harem'. His suite was right down the corridor from mine and it was not unusual to hear suspicious sounds emanating, or to notice a pretty girl entering or exiting. I felt more and more jealous as the weeks passed until I wanted to throw myself at him! But I felt I had defined myself as a strictly platonic friend, leading to frustration and regret. Furthermore, I started to feel intimidated by Kal himself with his formidable poise and personality.

I confided to Emilie one Sunday evening. She expressed empathy, but also amusement. "Sara? Have you looked in the mirror lately?" she asked, mockingly. "You're beautiful! You have awe-inspiring breasts, gorgeous legs and the prettiest face. I doubt any man could look into your smoky-blues and not love what he sees. You're the most beautiful girl in the building! Plus, you're caring and smart...smart in everything except men, anyway. Wake UP!"

"Oh, Emmi, you exaggerate!" I replied.

"No, I don't exaggerate! And you're placing undue concern on this 'mentor' aspect," she asserted. "That's understandable considering your caring personality. It's cute and sweet watching you look after your big buddy, but it doesn't have to define your relationship! And it doesn't, except to you. I would not be surprised if Kal lusts after you, his 'guardian angel', which itself adds a touch of spice. How does the thought of your 'protégé' having a crush on you make you feel?"

"Hot..." I replied. "I have thought of some innocent, friendly encounter between us getting steamy."

"Exactly! You have to be honest with yourself. He excites you intensely and your relationship actually adds to it. He's really gotten inside you."

"Not yet!" I quipped.

"See? You're funny, too!" she giggled. "I wouldn't be surprised if Kal has naughty thoughts about the sweet girl who's always looking after him."

"Well, anyway, even if he is interested I'm not sure I want to be part of his 'harem'," I responded.

Emilie shook her head incredulously. "Why are we having this conversation? First you want me to tell you Kal might be interested, then you want a way out?"

"I know I sound crazy," I admitted. "There are just so many negative possibilities. He might only see me as a friend like I feared. Or as just another horny floozy - I don't want him to think of me like that!"

"Well, what positive outcomes are there? Maybe he realizes that you are attracted to him, and in turn wants you more than anything? I think you're afraid of that most of all! So maybe being in his 'harem' wouldn't be all that bad," Emilie theorized, with a playful twinkle in her eye. "You would get some wild African sex with no strings attached! It's the simplest outcome other than doing nothing. But now we're going in circles - ultimately his blackness is the issue, so we'll stick with that."

"What do you mean 'his blackness is the issue'? I'm not racist!" I stated indignantly.

She smiled at me. "I know you're not. Maybe I didn't express what I mean very well. You're afraid Kal might like you as much as you like him, and you're nervous about how your family and others will react. Because of this you're more afraid of having him to yourself than you are of rejection or taking a number. I would be, too! I completely empathize with your dilemma, Sara. It's not like he's some cute white boy who's just like your brother. You're understandably apprehensive of every outcome, but you care for him. That's a hard place to be! You have to go by your gut, but again I think your 'mentor' routine might be a turn-on."

"It's too complicated and it could never work," I reasoned.

"I'm not trying to direct you one way or the other, I'm just trying to be honest and provide support," Emilie concluded.

I gave her a big hug and thanked her for the advice, getting a little choked up. It really helped! I was so relieved to hear that she thought my confusion was rational, and that the 'mentor' thing was not an issue. But I began to lean to the conclusion that I would maintain my relationship with Kal 'as-is'. We enjoyed each other's friendship so why risk it? Yes, based on Emilie's logic he may have entertained thoughts about me. Maybe not, but it made sense. In the end there were so many possibilities for rejection, hurt, and awkwardness that it didn't seem worth the risk.

I felt more relaxed about it all, which helped with my schedule. The coming week was going to be a busy one, with an accounting midterm and an important marketing presentation, both on Thursday. I prepared thoroughly. Before I knew it was a gorgeous Thursday morning: sunny and cool, but you could tell it was going to warm up. My fading tan rejoiced in the Indian Summer!

Everything went as planned, me acing my 8:00 a.m. midterm before reviewing a few points for my presentation scheduled at 10:00 a.m. That went just as well! I had some time, so I met a classmate for lunch at 12:30 p.m. before heading to the quiet of the library to get some reading done. I volunteer at a local charity, so afterward I spent some time there before heading back to the building at about five o'clock.

Once back home at Fletcher Hall I hooked up with Emilie and a few other floormates for dinner. Afterward I studied for a couple hours before taking a quick shower and heading to the floor lounge to relax. Emilie and a few other girls were there, but it was very quiet that night: a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day. The TV was on, but we mostly chatted.

Then out of the blue at about 9:00 p.m. Kal burst through the door from the stairwell into the lounge. He was in shorts and a tank top dripping with sweat, apparently returning from a workout. No elevators for Kal! He gave us a quick wave as he hurried by, heading straight for his suite. We waved back.

From where I sat I could look directly down the south corridor. Fletcher had ten floors and we were at the top. Each floor had two wings in an "L" configuration, and at the corner of the "L" were the bathrooms, showers and lounge for each floor. I watched Kal walk through the automatic fire door separating the south corridor from the lounge, then on a bit down the corridor to his suite on the left. Our suite was further down at the end. He reappeared a few minutes later, a small duffel bag in hand, but again he didn't say anything as he turned off to the showers.

"Well, what's gotten into him?" questioned Kari, a boisterous, pretty blonde a little on the thick side, and the floor's lead gossip. "Normally he likes to flirt. Maybe the shower will do him good."

Sure enough, about twenty minutes later Kal emerged from the showers. What we saw was awe-inspiring: he strutted his 6'4" frame toward us in just a pair of gray gym shorts and flip-flops, his white towel over his shoulder, his shower bag in hand. We all got to see his dark torso, arms, and legs rippling with muscles, his skin evidencing lingering dampness from the shower. He was built like an athlete with superb aerobic capacity and flexibility as well as strength. Every muscle and sinew was gracefully defined and developed, each in perfect proportion to the rest. He was a work of art!

"What's up Kal in Cali?" Kari inquired. "It's not often we're treated to visuals like this!" Kari was a shameless flirt herself!

"Just taking care of business," he laughed. "It was a long day and I needed to work off some stress. I had a good workout and put in a few miles."

"That-a-boy! Take no prisoners," Kari replied, encouraging.

"I think I'm going to be feeling it in a little while, though!" Kal noted. "So, what are you gorgeous ladies up to?"

"Just girl chat," Jenna chimed in. "Gossip and sex, of course!" It was rare for Jenna to be so outspoken.

"That's a dangerous combination - it might get me in trouble! Well, I gotta get going and get some homework done, so if you girls will excuse me..." Kal sauntered off toward his suite, all of our eyes following his every step.

"Oh my God, he is so beautiful!" I moaned a few seconds later.

Kari and the rest agreed "Uh huhhh!" in unison, then we all burst into giggles.

Again I watched him walk down the corridor to his suite.

"What a player!" Kari laughed. "He struts in here like that, knows we're all hot and bothered just by the sight of him, and then casually leaves without saying much of anything! He knows how to tease."

"He must get a lot!" Grace acknowledged.

"Actually," Kari continued, "not as much as his reputation would indicate. I know he has had many come a-knocking, including some girls in the building, but he seems to be very discerning with who he follows through with. I have heard he has a few ongoing FWBs, but the only one I know of for certain is a girl named Larissa. I have noticed Maddi and Anna from downstairs around, but I don't know the details. It seems he goes after very pretty 'good girls', though I don't know Larissa - she lives off-campus from what I have heard.

"Yes, she does live off-campus," I added. "She's in my French class. She's very pretty and seems nice, but she's sort of exotic and intimidating. She's Russian, and a senior!"

"Wow! A freshman with a senior? That's impressive! Well, I for one would kill to see what's under his shorts," Jenna said with a wistful smile on her face.

"Let's not get perverted!" I added in mock indignation. "I could just look at his handsome face all day."

"Oh, you're such a romantic," Emilie teased.

"Yes I am! And if he wanted to carry me off and violate me in every way imaginable, repeatedly, that would be okay, too," I deadpanned. Everybody laughed.

Emilie giggled, "That's my sweet, innocent Sara!"

"And here's the $64,000 question," Kari continued. "Have you girls ever, uh, done it?"

"Done what?" we all asked in one voice. We laughed again.

"Gone black..." Kari clarified.

"Oh my God, no!" I answered quickly. Jenna and Emilie shook their heads 'No', and Grace nodded 'Yes' with a very affirmative look on her face.

"How about you, Kari?" Jenna asked.

I knew the answer, which was confirmed by Kari. "Oh yes!"

"Kal in Kari?" Jenna teased with a giggle.

"I wish!" Kari exclaimed.

Kari took control like a game show hostess: "Emilie and Jenna, you shook your heads 'No'. Would you go black if given the chance?"

Jenna nodded her head enthusiastically while Emilie said she would be scared.

"What's there to be scared of?" Kari probed.

"Big black cock and falling in love with a black man!" Emilie shot back, glancing at me sideways. She was a sweetheart, but genuine, not one to mince words.

"Now THAT'S an answer!" Grace laughed.

Kari continued on a roll: "And Sara, young lady. That was a very emphatic 'Oh my God, no!' you gave us. I'm a little surprised by your lack of adventure, not to mention confused considering what you just said about Kal. You know? He's beautiful and you would like him to carry you off and violate you!"

"Well, I didn't really mean it like that..." I explained meekly, feeling flustered.

"Clarify!" she demanded.

"I meant that I absolutely hadn't, not that I absolutely wouldn't."

Kari sat there with her chin in her hand, looking me in the eye. "Oh, okay! So now we know it's not the part about wanting to be violated by a black stud that you didn't mean."

The others laughed and even I giggled inside a bit.

"So, would you?" Kari continued.

"I don't know! It's generally frowned upon in the socio-economic background that we all share. It can cause issues. But I do find some black men, like Kal, to be very handsome and sexy. It's almost always a zero-sum game with them for me: either 'absolutely' or 'absolutely not'," I elaborated, noticing a coy smile on Emilie's face.

"So 'absolutely' is a possibility?" Kari probed.

"Well, sure. The right man in the right situation could lead to temptation, and...who knows?" I concluded.

"Fair enough," Kari observed.

We all chatted for a little while before the others left, with Emilie staying with me a bit longer before retiring herself. "I will be a few more minutes - I just want to see the end of the news," I called after her as she headed to our suite. Sitting alone, I heard a door open followed by Kal's deep voice conversing with Hunter from across the corridor.

Then silence. I was amazed at how quiet the floor was that night, assuming everybody was studying hard to make room for weekend fun. I thought about Kal and his 'harem': Maddi and Anna were very pretty, if it was true, and Larissa could only be described as stunning. I watched the end of the news and moved on near 10:00 p.m.

I hoped to get a little reading in before falling asleep. I started down the south corridor when I noticed Kal's suite door was open. All of the living quarters in the building were called suites, consisting of a room in the center with desks, chairs and sofa, and a small bedroom on each side. I figured I would say 'Good Night', so I quietly poked my head through the door. Sure enough, there he was at his desk in his gray shorts, shirtless. "Sleep tight, Kal," I said.

He looked over kind of surprised and smiled: "Hey, Sis! Come on in!"

I shuffled in tentatively, closing the door behind me before realizing I probably should have left it open the way I found it. "Oops! Sorry I closed the door!" I exclaimed as I reached to reopen it.

"Just leave it," Kal instructed. "I was trying to get some cross ventilation in here - it's good now. I'm not quite ready for bed - need to come down from my workout and run," he explained. "And I need to get this assignment done."

I felt like I was intruding, but something made me stay. I moved behind him, checking out artwork on his wall. It was then that I noticed his roommate, Jimmy, wasn't there. He was almost always hanging around causing trouble that time of night. "Where's Jimmy? I haven't seen him at all. What's more, I haven't heard him!"

Kal laughed: "Yeah, The Mouth's gone home for the weekend. His sister's getting married Saturday, so he left this afternoon." At that I remembered Jimmy mentioning the wedding a few times during the preceding weeks.

I giggled back: "Well, that's probably 90% of why it's so quiet tonight!"

"Or 100%!" he replied with a cute smile.

"What are you working on?" I asked, smiling back and looking over his shoulder.

"An econ assignment. This one was fairly easy, but tedious. Almost done...literally about 30 seconds from done!" he said.

"Yep, that sounds like econ. Tedious!" I agreed. I felt like I should leave him to complete his work, but something inside me resisted, hoping he truly was almost done so we could talk some more.

Kal reached over for his calculator and I heard him groan.

"What's the matter, are you in pain?" I asked, concerned.

"No, not pain. Just a little sore in the shoulders and neck, down into my back a bit," he explained. "My legs feel great considering how hard I ran, but I did lots of extra military presses. Just sore, but it's a good sore." I watched him make a calculation and enter it into his spreadsheet, then close his book and put his laptop in sleep mode.

"Here, let me massage it a little," I offered. "You don't want to fall asleep like that - it will hurt more in the morning. Emilie says I am the 'Back-rub Queen!" I thought back to our freshman year, when the preferred method of flirtation with boys in the building was the ubiquitous back-rub. I did get many compliments on my ability from boys, and Emilie was no phony! I had given her a few rubdowns herself during stressful times and she would not have said it if it were not true.

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