A College Professor's Discovery


Miss Victoria eyed her appreciatively. "You have a fine body, Dr. Mathison. Any man should be eager to prize your figure in every way." The woman lingered for a moment at the foot of the bed, considering the implements lying on the comforter. "For me, I especially like it when they worship my pussy with their mouths." She grinned evilly. "Cunnilingus doesn't come naturally to most men, but you can't really blame them, never having had the equipment to find out what feels good. However, I have to believe that, with your sexy body, perhaps you have had paramours who were eager pupils?"

Sherrie blushed. She blushed! Miss Victoria's assessment of her body and what it could do to a man was pure flattery with the most sexual of connotations. She shifted her weight nervously, now embarrassed to be nude in front of this woman.

"Relax, Dr. Mathison. I have no designs on you," said Miss Victoria as she coated the bulbous end of the purple dildo with a very light sheen of lubricant. "I am, however, being entirely truthful in my comments. You should enjoy yourself more with men. You would have no problem showing your figure to fine effect as a way to catch the interest of males, but I can sense that you are something of the shy, retiring type, yes?"

The look on Sherrie's face told Miss Victoria everything she needed to know.

Never married—--kind of difficult when one lives among native tribes for months at a time--—Sherrie's experiences with sexual intimacies were not very extensive. Screwing a couple of guys in college: Sure. Post-college dalliances: Sure. Truly adventurous sex? Well, once she and an erstwhile boyfriend used a vibrator against her clit while he fucked her. Strapon man-fucking? Huh?

Sherrie wished it were different. It would be wonderful to have had more sexual experience than she possessed. It was not only being "shy" that stood in the way, however. It was also her profession and its demands, especially given her research area.

Still, a man (even better, a husband!) with whom she could share her life AND have the kind of sex she was about to experience for the first time (and knew beyond all doubt would cause the most intense orgasm of her life)--—THAT was her personal nirvana.

Would it ever happen?

"Then I'm sure, Dr. Mathison, that whatever experience you have had in sexplay probably hasn't included learning the proper seating of a feeldoe inside your pussy, so let me show you."

The woman handed Sherrie the dildo, glistening with the trace of lube smeared on the end that Sherrie would insert inside her pussy. Then Miss Victoria unsnapped the waist of her snug black jeans. She wiggled them down over hips then skinned down the black thong she was wearing and sat on the edge of bed, her knees splayed apart with jeans and panties at her ankles to expose her shaved pussy for the lesson she was about to give. "It's not difficult, but it's important to get it positioned correctly before you step into the harness."

Reaching behind her to pick up the second feeldoe, this one black, slightly longer and with a bigger girth to the shaft, Miss Victoria skipped the lubrication as she spread her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand to expose the pinkness of her vagina. "In spite of my demeanor, Dr. Mathison, I am aroused at the thought of coaching you in how to screw Andrew in the ass, so I know that I am lubricated sufficiently for this," and she slid the bulb end of the black feeldoe expertly into place inside her pussy.

Sherrie watched the process in fascination. Miss Victoria's eyelids dropped down and she took in a deep, satisfied breath as the fullness of the dildo made its way between her pussy lips. "That part you probably don't need any coaching with, Dr. Mathison, but positioning at this point is very important." Miss Victoria leaned back on one arm to offer Sherrie a better view. "The part which you push into Andrew's asshole must be relatively centered as it protrudes from your crotch." She indicated this by gripping the shaft of the feeldoe and moving it through a few degrees of arc, first to one side and then the other before returning it to an approximate 12 o'clock position as it thrust up from her crotch. "But the part that's inside you also needs to be nudged up against your G-spot, and THAT is the artistry of the use of this wonderful dildo." She stood, jeans and thong still at her ankles, the black phallus secured within her pussy and the shaft pointing upward from her crotch.

It looked so sexy that Sherrie unconsciously licked her lips.

"Now you," said Miss Victoria, tilting her head toward Sherrie.

Stepping to a chair in the corner of the room and sitting down, she repeated what Miss Victoria had done. Sherrie gasped in pleasure when she slid the lubricated bulb past her pussy lips.

"It doubles as a quite satisfactory masturbation instrument," said Miss Victoria, reaching down to slide off her jeans and panties after removing her shoes, the dildo jutting outward from her crotch as she did so. Standing and swinging her hips for a moment caused the phallus to wag back and forth obscenely in front of the woman. "Ummm—--that feels good," was her comment, but the look on her face was perhaps more telling about the pleasure she was giving herself. She next grabbed the shaft at the base and slowly withdrew the black dildo from her pussy as she stood in front of the bed. Then, to Sherrie's fascination and horror, she slipped the bulb between her lips to suck it clean of her juices. "I will let Andrew taste me during the kiss I give him as a reward before we begin your tutoring session," the woman said simply before sitting back down on the bed to re-insert the bulb into her pussy.

Sherrie's head was swimming in a mixture of shock, arousal, disbelief at what she had seen and was about to do. Looking down to see the purple shaft of the dildo protruding from her crotch only added to the surreal nature of what was happening.

Miss Victoria reached behind her on the bed to grab one of the harnesses. Walking to where Sherrie sat in the chair, she said, "Stand."

Noticing immediately the sensation of the dildo moving inside her pussy with the motion of standing up, a small gasp escaped from between Sherrie's lips.

"It is a nice feeling, don't you think?" Miss Victoria asked.

Sherrie looked down, still not comfortable displaying any signs of sexual enjoyment in front of this woman whom she had only met in person for the first time just minutes ago.

Miss Victoria was well practiced in interpreting body language. "It is completely all right to enjoy every sensation to which you will be introduced this evening." She smiled. "After all, I can tell you with some authority that first-timers who slide a strapon dildo up a man's asshole pretty quickly get the hang of how to enjoy themselves using a feeldoe as they learn the ropes of man-fucking. Your embarrassment will fade quickly."

God! thought Sherrie.

"Now, slip this on," said Miss Victoria, holding the harness in front of her for Sherrie to step into. "Lean forward a bit to dip the shaft downward so you can slide it through the hole," she said. "When you do this yourself, you can actually slide the shaft through the hole before you put on the harness, but that requires that you know how to buckle into the straps, and the buckles have to be moved quite a ways back to allow the free play required using that technique."

The woman looked up from the harness as she stood to Sherrie's side waiting for her to put one foot through the opening. "And I'm betting that you haven't strapped into one of these before, have you?" She smiled encouragingly.

In short order, Miss Victoria had Sherrie prepared, but Sherrie just stood there numbly, still overwhelmed by what was about to happen, by what she had just put on.

"Here," said Miss Victoria gently, pulling Sherrie by the hand to stand in front of the full-length mirror attached to the closet door, "look at how sexy you are in your strapon dildo. Pity that Andrew won't be able to appreciate your beauty."

Staring into the mirror, Sherrie was amazed at the reflection before her. The erotic effect was palpable and undeniable: She was a naked woman sporting a nice erection. A jumble of emotions and sensations coursed through her body and mind as she stood mutely, almost hypnotized by the sight.

She was very aroused. The proud shaft jutting from her crotch clearly said, "I am the one who does the penetrating, the taking, when you and I have sex." That thought was so powerfully erotic for Sherrie that the first motion she made after being positioned in front of the mirror by Miss Victoria was a shiver.

The shiver made nice things happen with the end of the dildo inside her pussy, and Sherrie shivered again.

"Here's how things will proceed this evening," said Miss Victoria as she donned her own harness after unzipping and pulling off the corset. "When we walk back into your living room, Andrew will be naked. I've already mentioned that I will allow him a small pleasure before we proceed with him."

Until that point, Sherrie had continued to stare in fascination at the reflection in the mirror. Hearing, ". . .before we proceed with him," though, broke through the haze. Being reminded again about what she was going to do tonight to the man standing just on the other side of her bedroom door re-focused her attention on Miss Victoria's words.

She was going to fuck that man in a way she had never fucked a man in her life. Academic research or not, Sherrie was trembling with excitement and lust.

Miss Victoria was at the bedroom door, having gathered up the lube and towels from the bed. "Shall we?"

The woman opened the door and strode through. Sherrie marveled at the confident sway of Miss Victoria's hips, the firm globes of her ass framed by the leather straps of the harness.

It was the stride of a woman eager and knowledgeable in the ways of strapon man-fucking.

Sherrie knew her own tentative steps, adjusting as she was to the delights created by the motions of the bulb end of the dildo as she walked, labeled her a rank amateur man-fucker.

But those thoughts evaporated instantly at the sight waiting for her in her living room.

Andrew, blindfold securely in place, now wore nothing else. And--—god!--—what a stunning specimen of male virility and physical presence! He was six feet of naked, chiseled masculinity. That he worked out regularly was immediately apparent, and Sherrie's knees went weak when she saw this fantastic man-toy standing in place, arms at his side, his sexy abs and powerful chest on display along with . . . with . . . well, even though his cock was not yet erect, Sherrie still could not believe how gorgeously full and heavy it was as it lolled in front of him. His naked and shaven balls peeked from behind that glorious, completely exposed shaft which was capped with a large, velvety pink head.

This yummy, hunky, naked man actually PAID Miss Victoria to fuck him in his ass?

Am I in the wrong profession? thought Sherrie.

"I like Andrew," said Miss Victoria, noting with satisfaction the clearly broadcast lust and disbelief on Sherrie's face. "He works out, as you can tell, and," the woman touched Andrew on the arm, gently indicating he was to turn around, "he has a divine ass."

Oh, my god! thought Sherrie, her hand lifting to her mouth to stifle a sound of surprise and delight. What an ass! The man's strong back tapered to a slender waist which molded itself downward into the twin globes of a tantalizingly firm, rounded butt.

"Lean forward, dear," said Miss Victoria, smiling at Sherrie. Andrew obeyed, leaning forward with his hands on his knees. Placing her hand on the small of his back, the woman lifted her chin and said, "Very nice, don't you think?" She spoke with a touch of pride, as though she were inviting a visitor to inspect a fine object of art for sale in an upscale boutique.

Sherrie almost fainted. Only a few feet in front of her was a fantastic naked male butt of the kind women drool over, fantasize about grabbing and kneading and . . . owning. Beneath that mouth-watering ass hung his naked ball sac and his lovely cock.

She was going to play with that ass, touch it, grab it, spread it open, and fuck it. Her throat so dry she could not swallow, Sherrie's nipples were hardened to the degree that she could feel the pulse of her racing heart in their tightness.

"I love to display his gorgeous butt," Miss Victoria said, lightly patting Andrew's back as a signal for him to stand straight and turn back around. "He is being a fine toy tonight and deserves a reward." She placed her hands on the sides of Andrew's head and drew his face down to hers, sealing her lips against hers and then—--Sherrie could only find one word to describe how this woman kissed the naked man in front of her—--FEASTED on Andrew's mouth, pushing her tongue past his lips only to withdraw and hungrily repeat the process.

It was a very long kiss, and Sherrie stood mutely, a thin rivulet of pussy juice escaping from around the bulbous end of the dildo buried in her vagina. The scene before her was more erotic than anything she had possibly contemplated in the days before Miss Victoria's visit.

And it became clear in only a few seconds why the woman had sucked her own juices from the feeldoe. The scent, the taste of her arousal on the lips that were sealed against his triggered some automatic switch in Andrew's brain, and that switch opened the floodgates that coursed blood to stiffen and engorge his already semi-erect dick.

Sherrie was treated to a sight every woman should see at least once in her life: A naked man, so turned on by the mere act of kissing that he becomes sexually aroused, his cock rising toward stiffness. The sight conveyed the naked desperation for sex that a woman could trigger in a man. It was a primal expression of female power preceding her surrender to the proud, stiff cock that would then provide pleasure to both lovers.

It took several seconds—--an eternity passed between each beat of Sherrie's heart as she watched—--for Andrew's cock to engorge and course through its ascent. She would replay this scene in her head hundreds of times in the future, she knew. Finally, he was erect and throbbing, his naked cock on proud display for Sherrie.

Miss Victoria broke the kiss and looked down at Andrew's steel-hard erection with satisfaction. "Why don't you approach and see how it feels," she said, smiling broadly at Sherrie.

That almost made Sherrie come. It took several seconds for her to settle down enough to retrieve into consciousness the fact that the tribal women fondled the genitals of the tribe's males as part of the ceremony. With that realization providing the permission Sherrie's subconscious needed, she stepped forward and cupped the man's balls.

"Ummmm," was the sexy sound that reverberated softly in his chest.

"I require a smooth ball sac," said Miss Victoria, the tip of her tongue circling her lips as she savored the post-kiss moisture there. "Sometimes I like to take a testicle inside my mouth when I play with him."

That visual image sent a shiver up Sherrie's spine. She felt the weight of his balls in her palm, running her thumb sensuously across one orb, wondering how it would feel inside her own mouth.

"Maybe you would like the feel of his cock in your other hand?"

Finally beginning to loosen her locked-tight sensibilities of sex and play and enjoyment for its own sake with a naked man, Sherrie brought her other hand to Andrew's cock and closed her fist around the base of the shaft. She felt the thrumming of his pulse powerful under the smooth skin of his naked, erect dick.

Sherrie moved closer to the nude male she had rented from Miss Victoria for the next hour. He was wearing a very nice cologne. Not too heavy—--like a mixture of some kind of fresh cut wood (redwood?) with a hint of citrus overlaid by a very faint trace of fresh peat. It was beguiling.

And she was fondling his naked cock.

"It is truly a shame, Andrew, that you cannot see my pupil's lovely breasts right now. Her nipples are very, very hard," said Miss Victoria, the fingertips of one hand tracing an intricate lacework of feathery touches up and down his spine. It brought goose bumps to his forearms. Sherrie heard the intake of breath as he stilled an urge to moan.

"It's all right," Miss Victoria whispered into his ear as she pressed against him, the shaft of the shiny black feeldoe nudging against his thigh in the process. "I want our friend to see how much you like it. She needs to know how much you like all of this." Turning a knowing smile to Sherrie, the woman moved behind him, continuing to look at Sherrie over his shoulder. "Feel my nipples against your back, Andrew?" she asked him throatily, nuzzling into the nape of his neck. "It makes me very hot and very wet to think about showing her how to fuck you in the ass."

Sherrie wished she could see what was going on behind his blindfold!

Miss Victoria snaked her hands around his chest, hugging herself against him. Sherrie felt the end of the feeldoe the woman was wearing nudge against the hand Sherrie still held in place cupping Andrew's balls. The black phallus insinuated itself between Andrew's legs. Sherrie reluctantly drew her hand away from his smooth ball sac and watched more of the black shaft slide forward. "Position it so that his balls are on either side of the shaft," said Miss Victoria, looking at Sherrie from over Andrew's shoulder.

Puzzled, Sherrie looked down. Seeing a couple of inches of the black feeldoe now jutting forward underneath him, it was at once easy to understand: Miss Victoria wanted the shaft positioned so that Andrew's balls would separate in their sac, each bobbing within its tight confines on one side of the phallus sticking between his legs.

Gingerly, the new experience of manipulating a man's genitals like this creating a mixture of intense arousal along with worry about causing him pain, Sherrie levered the shaft down slightly to slide two fingers between it and Andrew's sac. Miss Victoria's lustful groan reminded her that the other end of the dildo was buried in the woman's pussy. The naked man sandwiched between them shifted his weight slightly, spreading his feet a bit wider apart to allow Sherrie better access for her intimate task.

Miss Victoria was 100% accurate with her statement that Andrew was perfectly suited for Sherrie's first practice session.

The dildo was now positioned so that it would not press upward into either of the man's balls, Sherrie withdrew her hand and knew instantly why Miss Victoria had issued the instructions. Pushing her breasts and belly tightly against his back, the woman roamed her hands over his strong chest and abs as she pressed herself upwards slightly behind him. Sealed against him as she was, the pressure on the shaft between his legs would tilt the bulb end of the dildo forward against her G-spot.

Her eyes closed in pleasure at the sensation, and Sherrie watched in mounting excitement as the woman squirmed against Andrew, his cock now beginning to ooze pre-cum which glistened in the subdued lighting of Sherrie's living room. "This is one of my favorite ways to bring myself to orgasm," said Miss Victoria, hugging Andrew even tighter against her. "You'll understand if . . . if I . . . mmmmm."

Sherrie understood. The sight before her was entrancing. Two inches of Miss Victoria's dildo protruded from between Andrew's legs, underneath his rock-hard cock. The woman's hands, fingers spread, were roaming over his muscular chest. The slight motions of his cock told the story of Miss Victoria's manipulations against his back, her crotch against his ass as she squirmed, the bulb inside her pussy nudging and bumping against her G-spot.

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