A College Professor's Discovery


"You were an excellent pupil tonight."

Sherrie blushed at the compliment. "If only my anthropology students had as much passion for the subject matter, I would never worry that they weren't doing their homework."

Miss Victoria grinned, now much more relaxed, in a more sisterly mood. "Yes, I have to admit that I do enjoy teaching this particular subject. It makes it very easy to be a motivated instructor."

Answering from her bathroom where she had gone to thoroughly wash the purple feeldoe, Sherrie said, "I cannot believe that men pay you to do this to them. Why do they do it?"

Miss Victoria was zipping back into her snug black jeans. "You pay for pleasurable activities, right? Going to a movie. A nice meal in a restaurant. A vacation to Cannes. What's so strange about a man paying for this pleasure?"

Walking back into the bedroom, Sherrie said, "There is a difference, you have to admit."

"I know. I was making a point about free-thinking men who suffer no hang-ups about paying for sexual satisfaction. But you're right—--there's a difference."

Sherrie sat in her bedroom chair and crossed her legs.

"I will tell you this," said Miss Victoria, putting the black dildo into the bag. "For some of these men, in some instance in their past, there's been a discovery about how sexy it is and how good it feels for a woman to don a strapon and do them until both of them come. They are the lucky ones—--they know the pleasure, and that makes it easier to find facilitators like me. Sometimes, though, the discovery is made because they've found the activity among their porn surfing or blogging or something similar. If the men in that category haven't experienced it before me, that almost always means they're afraid to broach the subject with women they've dated. A true pity, but it means they must discover other ways to find a lady to take them. They are desperate to know what it feels like."

Sherrie was fascinated. "The first time I saw it in New Zealand, I knew instantly I would have to do it. True, I REALLY have to do it as part of my academic research, but even in the absence of that, the thought, the images, of plunging a strapon dildo into a man and making love to him like that as a way to create a powerful orgasm, well, uh, it's just-–"

"Just incredible?"

Sherrie nodded.

A wistful look passed over Miss Victoria's face. "What you experienced tonight WAS incredible. I've have experienced that kind of orgasm many times, and I simply adore the sensation and everything about the act. But," and she stepped to the door, pausing with her hand on the doorknob to look at Sherrie, "when you experience it with the man you love, nothing, NOTHING, is better."

Sherrie's lips parted in surprise. "You're . . . married? With someone?"

"A sad break-up two years ago. I miss him terribly. Once a month or so he became the receiver, I the penetrator. We had marvelous, inventive, mind-blowing sex."

Sherrie's silence begged a bit more self-revelation from the woman about to gather up her final toy--—standing now on the other side of Sherrie's bedroom door—--before leaving. "I amuse myself now with my double life while I search for someone else. A husband, yes. When I find him, I will take down my 'sensuous domme' shingle. Until then, I'm putting all this play money into my Roth IRA. I won't need this when I'm with my man."

Sherrie's eyes de-focused momentarily. A husband who would play with her like this, who would take her strapon dildo deep inside his asshole as a way to provide her an incredible orgasm (and him, too). The thought was overpowering. She ached for that reality.

"So," said Miss Victoria, shaking herself from the reverie of a love lost and the anticipation of a new love yet to be, "per the terms of our arrangement, the purple feeldoe, the lube, and the towels are yours, and next week I will bring around Trent. He has a swimmer's body. You will enjoy practicing on him, I guarantee. And the week after that, right before you leave for New Zealand, I'll bring Jason. He is a tall drink of chocolate whose sexy moans alone will make you come."

Stunned, Sherrie watched the woman walk through her bedroom door and heard her say, "Come, Andrew. You've done so well tonight. I know you're eager to remove your blindfold when we've driven a sufficient distance away." A few seconds later the front door opened, then closed.

A swimmer. And then a "tall drink of chocolate."

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