tagLoving WivesA College Tryst Remembered

A College Tryst Remembered


My husband and I married very young. I had attended college one year and he two years when we decided to tie the knot. As soon as we were married we went away to college, about 3 hours away from our two hometowns, which were side by side. Things went pretty well for a while because we didn't really know anyone at the campus except for each other. Once we got into the swing of college, he made his friends in the business section and I made my friends in the education section, so that created situations that ended up with him going one way and me going the other a lot of times when it came to everything from class schedules to social events. We lived in married student housing so we also made many friends with other young couples, and so we spent some limited time socializing with several other couples on the rare occasions when we had free time together.

One day, a new friend whom I had met in one of my classes by the name of Jen invited me to go to Houston to attend a conference in our field. We were to stay at her Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth's place. They had a large "guest house" on their property that we would have all to ourselves. We would leave on Friday and be back on Sunday afternoon. The whole thing sounded like fun to me. The conference wasn't mandatory for our classes but the professor had encouraged us to go if we had the time.

The problem I ran into immediately was my husband. He didn't want me to go. I don't know if he was afraid I might get wild with Jen, or if he had other plans for us that weekend, or if there were other reasons. I honestly can't remember why, but he basically forbade me to go, and we had our first big fight. I won...because I went, but he certainly didn't like it at all. Perhaps in hindsight, he knew me better than I knew myself.

Jen and I left as scheduled and we were in Houston at her relatives' place by early evening. The house was huge and gorgeous with massive trees and sat on a corner lot in a secluded neighborhood. Our quarters were basically separate from the main house, attached only by a screened patio and breezeway, with our own private entrance to the side street and a second entrance to the breezeway, which we kept locked so the old folks didn't walk in and surprise us. Jen introduced me to Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth and they were very nice and hospitable, clearly glad to have visitors. We settled into our quarters, which were massive. The place seemed to have been a 3 or 4 car garage which had been remodeled. It was beautifully decorated and equipped with two comfy queen size beds, which were not side by side but in separate areas of the large area. In the center of the room was a large dining table with big comfy chairs and there was a large sofa and love seat in a sitting area with a television.

After we unpacked we were summoned to the dining room for dinner. That's when I met the surprise that Jen hadn't mentioned before, being her cousin John. John was a freshman in a local community college and was still living at home with his parents. He was tall and athletic with short dark hair and a million dollar grin. After dinner, John made a fast exit, fired up his Trans Am and left the premises. Jen and I had a nice visit with Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth in the living room, after which Jen and I retired to our quarters, making the excuse that we had to be up early for the Saturday morning conference.

Jen and I played cards for a while then hit the sack. "Tomorrow night we will paint the town" she giggled.

I laughed and said "yeah right, how much trouble can two married women get into?"

"Well, don't forget these are my old stomping grounds. I'm pretty sure we will have a good time, one way or another."

I had led a sheltered life. Daddy was a Baptist deacon. Mama wrote the book on being a conservative southern deacon's wife. My husband was my first, after we had gotten engaged. I had never been drunk, and while I was old enough to drink, if I had ever been in a bar it was to eat a meal (the drinking age was 18 back then). I have to say I was pretty excited and a little bit apprehensive about "painting the town". I had never had the freedom to do anything remotely close to that.

The seminar came and went. It contained some great information for my line of study. Jen and I stopped and did some shopping before heading back to our quarters. We both bought new tight fitting blue jeans. I bought a nice loose-fitting summer blouse that was on sale due to the cooler fall weather which could be coming soon. It was a little more daring at the neckline than anything I currently owned at the time.

At this point I just figured painting the town meant that Jen and I would go have dinner and a drink or two and then go back to our quarters. When we got in from shopping we talked with Aunt Beth for a while then went to our room and showered and did our makeup and got all gussied up in our new clothes. Then there was a knock at the door.

To my surprise, in came John and another young man. John gave a wolf whistle and said "Dayum girls ya'll are lookin' beeeeeautiful! Ya'll must have hot dates!" I felt my face turn beet red.

Jen gave him a dirty look. "Shut up John. And introduce your friend, dummy."

"Oh shit right uh this is Bill. Bill, this is my cousin Jen and her friend from college, Dee."

"Nice to meet you ladies." Bill was tall and athletic like John, but didn't look nearly as clean cut and conservative. He had mid length blonde hair just down past his ears and there was an attempt to grow a beard and mustache. He looked like he had been to a party or two.

She didn't know I saw it, but Jen winked at John when she said "Hey me and Dee are going to do some bar hopping. You guys should come too!" I'm sure I looked a little mortified but managed a polite smile as John and Bill accepted. I was already feeling a little guilty about just being in Houston and the whole argument with my husband. Now I was going out on the town with what was starting to look like a well-planned blind date. I was apprehensive but excited as well.

Off we went in John's Trans Am. Those were some hot looking cars back in the day. I had never ridden in one, and was feeling like Frog riding alongside The Bandit as we sped around Houston. John took us to a famous steakhouse and we had some delicious steaks. Jen and I had daiquiris before the meal and then an Irish coffee of some sort after the meal. Bill had three beers and John only one as he was the designated driver this night. The drinks definitely had both of us girls out of our shells and giggling at everything. The boys didn't seem annoyed though and were joining in the laughter as we drove to our next destination.

John took us to a night club near his university. It was dark and crowded but we managed to get a table and order a round of drinks. I don't remember the name of the drink I had but it was very blue and strong. I had never in my life had three drinks in one night. I was feeling bullet proof and enjoying the feel of the alcohol. There were no blue-haired church ladies wielding umbrellas to whop me with like there might have been if this setting were in my hometown. The dance floor was full and the music was energetic, and John grabbed me and pulled me into the crowd as did Bill with Jen.

We were bumping and grinding for a good hour or so with only limited breaks to catch our breath and up our blood alcohol level. Bill and Jen were dirty dancing. Several times I was a little taken aback to watch her straddle Bill's leg as he held her and slide up and down on it, or put her bottom to his groin and grind away to the beat of the music as he held her from behind. Of course there were couples everywhere doing the same or worse. The next dance with John I tried a few of the moves I had seen Jen do. At one point I leaned forward grinning as I danced and gave him a good view down my blouse. He was grinning from ear to ear and I was having the time of my life.

I was a little disappointed when John tapped his watch and said we needed to go. The Trans Am had bucket seats or in my inebriated state I might have scooted over next to John for the ride home. A scandalous thought. I thought about my husband and wondered what he might be doing tonight. I was thinking it would be too late to call him when we got back. Remember that this was in the dark ages without cell phones. As these things were going through my mind I realized that the car was quiet. I giggled and said "hey Jen you were busting some moves out there" or something to that effect. When she didn't answer I turned to look in the back seat. There was my married friend laying in Bill's lap and they were Frenching like crazy. She broke the kiss and glanced my way and just grinned and went back to Bill's lips. I also noticed his right hand was inside the top of her blouse. I felt myself blushing like crazy.

John intervened to break the awkwardness, bless his heart, and said "you guys sure are quiet back there, what's up with that?"

Bill gave a drunken snort and laugh and said "boy just drive the car we're doing fine back here."

I sat quietly for a bit then John reached and took my hand. He used his thumb to play with the diamond of my wedding ring. I leaned into him as best I could across the console. I was close enough that his elbow met the softness of my left breast. He changed the radio station. When he did I let my hand slip down to his leg and teased the inside of his thigh with my long fingernails. His elbow went back in place against my breast. He leaned and gave me a quick kiss. He was an attentive driver. That was a good thing, I told myself.

I heard moaning and glanced over my shoulder without being too obvious. Bill's hand was down the front of Jen's unbuckled jeans and she was wiggling her hips and still locked in a French kiss with him. I told myself to stop looking but couldn't resist a glance here and there.

We were within a block of Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth's house. Jen squealed, obviously in the throes of ecstasy, and John and I looked at each other and laughed. "This has been a blast" I said as we pulled into the drive. I figured the night was over and honestly would have been content to let it end right then and there. "We should be quiet and not wake up Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth." I was worried Jen would be loud.

"Don't worry" said John. "I come in late all the time. They're always asleep by 10:30 or so and they never come out of their room until morning." We all piled out of the car.

Jen was a mess and trying to get her clothing back together. Bill looked like he might have such a large erection that he couldn't walk straight. Or maybe it was the alcohol. He didn't look very happy that we were back. He gave Jen a peck on the cheek, said "See ya'll later" and started to get in his car, which was parked next to us.

"Noooooooo" Jen slurred. She grabbed Bill's hand and staggered towards the door to the guest house. John opened the door for her and she and Bill made their way inside. "Wait wait wait don't you dare leave" she shook her finger at Bill. "I have to pee". With that she disappeared into the bathroom and left Bill grinning and shrugging to John and I.

Bill flipped the TV on and plopped down on the sofa, and made no effort to hide it when he grabbed his erection through his jeans and shifted it for comfort. I sat on the loveseat, and John walked out the door. I thought he might be leaving out of guilt about me being married, but he brought in a foam ice chest from Bill's car, opened it, and offered Bill a beer and me a wine cooler.

Jen emerged wearing a floppy white nightshirt with buttons in front that went down to her knees, and several top buttons were undone. She was obviously braless as her nips were evident through the soft and almost transparent white material. Jen and I were almost the same size upstairs, her being a D cup and me a DD. Her brunette locks were still somewhat of a mess from her backseat adventure with Bill. She saw the ice chest and said "yesssss" gleefully, grabbing a wine cooler and giving everyone a view down her nightshirt at her bare boobs in the process.

"Be right back" I said, making a staggering exit to the bathroom. I was still drunk but the buzz was wearing off a bit. Since Jen had changed into her nightclothes I figured I should as well, and donned a long green T-shirt style cotton night shirt. I remember it having a pocket on the front, for what purpose I don't know. I decided I had better follow Jen's lead and remove my bra, or be thought of as a prude. I argued with myself about it for several minutes before the alcohol won. Finally I took the opportunity to remove all my jewelry, including, yes, my wedding ring. However, I should say I really was not planning on cheating on my husband. Removing my jewelry was just a nightly ritual. I crossed my arms as though I were cold and sat back on the loveseat with John. Jen was on the sofa snuggled next to Bill and they were already in a lip lock again.

I glanced over at John and he just grinned and raised his arm in a gesture for me to come snuggle with him. I instinctively and quickly scooted into his arms then nervously reached for my wine cooler. John turned off the lamp next to the loveseat so that the entire room was dark except for the light of the TV and the light coming from the bathroom. "Are you sure Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth won't come check on us?" I was still nervous about that.

John held me a little tighter and slid his left palm along my left thigh as he talked. "Even if they did, the doors have inside deadbolts." He laughed softly. "Just relax, Dee. By the way I'm not going to try to get you to do anything you don't want to, if you're worried about that." He must have sensed my anxiety. Even with the alcohol it was evident. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

However, he had definitely spoken the right words. In a flash my anxiety was gone. Somehow in my drunken state I took his words as a challenge, a dare. "Is that right?" I giggled, threw my leg over him and sat on his lap facing him. We were eye to eye and I sent my tongue into his mouth while he returned the favor. My long auburn hair hung down engulfing us both as we drunk-kissed hungrily. My nightshirt was bunched up around my waistline. I centered my panties on top of his hard-on as it pushed against his blue jeans, sliding forward and back on it as we kissed.

I heard Jen giggling and looked up to see Bill in his whitey tighties carrying her like a bride across the room to her bed. John's hands, which had been resting on my hips, were now wrapped around to my bottom, pulling my cheeks apart a bit as he began to thrust back and forth. His jeans were kind of rough and I was starting to burn a little from the friction. I lifted my hips back for a bit of a breather and when I did he slid his hands between us and undid his belt and pants and pushed them down. His boxers were open and the musky unmistakable scent of his cock was suddenly present. I reached between us and felt the second naked cock I had ever seen or touched. It was clearly longer than my husband's. The head felt wide, like the top of a mushroom, while my husband's was more perfectly round. Like Helen Keller I let my fingertips memorize his contour, every vein, the gentle curve, the wide swollen head.

I began to stroke John slowly, quickening little by little. He was gasping and moaning and suddenly lifted my nightshirt and exposed my breasts. Bill and Jen were going at it in the bed across the room but I could see Bill glance towards us now and then. My modesty kicked in and I leaned forward so that he couldn't see my bare chest. When I did a nipple went right into John's mouth and he took full advantage, pursing his warm lips and sucking away at it. I stroked him a little faster and simultaneously slid my seriously damp panties back and forth on his leg. The sensations were driving us both over the edge and almost with no warning I felt an orgasm sweep over me. When it did, John lost control and erupted between us, splashing hot white semen to both our tummies and all over my hand. We kissed and grinned at each other and I excused myself to the bathroom to clean up. I couldn't help but glance towards Jen's bed, and Bill was clearly plowing into Jen under the sheets as they were rising and falling in a steady rhythm, and Jen was muttering "oooo...oooo...oooo" with each down stroke. A torn red Trojan wrapper lay on the floor by the bed.

As soon as I was out of the bathroom, John followed suit. He asked if i wanted to watch some TV but I said "I think I'll turn in for the night." Honestly the room was spinning like crazy and I needed desperately to lay down. He reluctantly said goodnight, gave me a nice wet kiss, and made his exit. Bill and Jen had apparently finished their romp and were at last still. I crawled in bed and closed my eyes. It had been the wildest night of my life so far. I drifted off to sleep, thinking the fun was over. I was wrong again.

I don't know how long I had slept. It had been at least 2 or 3 hours. I was awakened by John's kisses on the back and side of my neck as he lay behind me in the bed. "I couldn't sleep", he whispered. He had lifted my nightshirt up and my breasts lay bare. His arm was draped over me and his left hand was cupping my right breast. His stiff member was poking against my panties from behind. I was still half asleep. His left hand slid from my breast, traced down my stomach and slipped inside my panties. I felt his fingertips play through my red curls. The tip of his middle finger searched for a moment then sunk slowly and deeply inside me as I opened my legs and shifted to my back. I was still groggy but very much enjoying John's caresses. I let him finger me for a while, trying to decide how to react, what to say. Had he been more patient I would have certainly come. My clitoris was wonderfully distended due to his fingering. I felt him grip the back and front of my panties and try to work them downward. Then they were off. I heard the rip of the package, felt him fumbling with himself, putting on the condom. Then for several reasons, among them guilt, youth, anxiety, the fact that I was more sober than earlier that night, the realization that it was a stranger's cock that was about to go inside me, I said the words I had been thinking silently all night.

I whispered simply, "I'm married." I guess I thought he would stop and walk away.

However, John just whispered back "I know.." and rolled on top of me. My legs were spread wide and I was probably as wet as I had ever been in my life or ever have been since. I didn't know what to do. So I just lay there in silence as John's cock slipped inside me. I don't think he had been with many girls. In fact I might have even been his first. He went up and down a few times then groaned, erupted into the rubber, and rolled off of me. He kissed me, whispered "goodnight Dee" and snuck out the door and back to his room.

Jen and I made it to Aunt Beth's amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs and hot biscuits and gravy and bacon. John did not, and was still asleep in his room when we pulled out of the driveway and headed back to college and our husbands. I never saw him again.

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