A Common Kind of Love Ch. 07


Naomi and Zoe were doing their duty of waving and smiling to the crowd as they navigated through the streets of Big Bocara. She was always proud to be from here, the people of this small island nation loved it and they loved the royal family. She did feel some shame that she had embarrassed them but they'd seemed to have forgiven her and were throwing flowers at the carriage as it meandered down the lanes.

She leaned into to Freddie and said, "My goodness, it's hot. I think I might be starting to sweat."

Freddie immediately whipped out a handkerchief for her to dab her dampness. A Princess must never be seen sweating. She wiped her forehead under her hat she wanted some water but she'd have to wait a little before she could take another drink from the bottled water under the seats of the carriage. Naomi could see her father and mother in the carriage in front of them. Her father was stately in full black suit with top hat and tails, while her mother wore a beautiful gown in pink which was very light and breezy with pink gloves. She was also wearing a beautifully decorated pink hat with flowers adorning it.

Zoe was sitting beside her, trying her best to keep that short skirt from riding up too high. Naomi saw her struggle as she continuously kept pulling it down to her knees. She had told her not to wear a skirt that short because she knew from experience it was hell during parades and ceremonies to have something that short on and attempt to look ladylike, that's why this year she'd opted for a pantsuit. But she was burning up and wanted so badly to toss this hat, her hair would be a matted mess after the parade, she thought. She was turning in her seat to look back and wave at the crowd when she noticed someone in the front standing on the corner, was that who she thought it was, was that...Dhani?

She whipped around quickly to turn questioning eyes on Freddie, "Freddie is that Dhani on that corner?"

Freddie looked guiltily over to her, "Mmm, I don't know?"

Zoe turned and her skirt almost went up so high all the citizens of Big Bocara would have seen her business, "Where, where's he at?" she shouted.

Naomi looked at Freddie again and her eyes narrowed into slits, "Don't play with me, Freddie, that's him."

Zoe burst out and pointed, "That is him, that's him. I'd know that brick wall anywhere."

"Zoe, turn around," Naomi grabbed her and pulled her down in the seat. At that moment Naomi saw King Milo turn and put his steely glare on her as a warning, before he turned again to continue waving at his subjects.

Naomi and Zoe got back into their wave pattern but she was still waiting for an answer from Freddie. She looked at Freddie but couldn't see her eyes under those sunglasses but she noticed she was fidgeting with her hands and Freddie only did that when she was nervous about something which was never.

"Was that him, Freddie?"

"Yes, that was him Naomi. He's come down to visit me," she said trying not to reveal the other part of this surprise visit.

"Is Douglas with him?" she wanted to get straight to the point. Zoe was leaning in trying to listen as she waved to the crowds on the streets.

"Yes, Doug is with him."

Zoe's eyes got wide as saucers, "Oh. My. God." she said.

Naomi sighed and her shoulders slumped, her hand dropped into her lap. She didn't know whether to be excited or scared or angry, she felt like she was all of them at once.

Freddie put her hand on Naomi's, "I'm sorry I knew, but he told me not to tell you. I didn't think we'd see him on the street but then again how do you not notice Dhani. Doug didn't want you to know. They're staying at the Hilton King Albert Resort on Coral Point."

Naomi looked up and turned to stare blankly at the crowd. She removed her hands from under Freddie's and turned to start waving again. She wasn't sure she was ready to face Douglas again, although she had been calling him. But for him to just show up out of the blue was another story entirely. She couldn't avoid him, she had to talk to him, she had to see him and she decided that she wouldn't wait any longer. It would be tonight.

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