tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Company Affair Ch. 09

A Company Affair Ch. 09


I stood there for long moments, looking at the image in the mirror, my mind racing. Monty could drive in at any moment. As this was his first trip on his new job, there was no way I could be sure of the exact time he might arrive. I slid my hands down and with two forefingers, spreading the puffy lips apart. My clit looked like Rudolf, The red nosed Reindeer's nose on Christmas Eve! It was swollen to almost twice its normal size and the result of Jake's biting and sucking on it had turned it a deep red. While looking at it, I trailed a fingertip over it and received a jolt of pleasure/pain shooting from my clit into my stomach. It was so sensitive I could hardly touch it.

Knowing that Monty would be anxious to fuck me tonight, made me worry about how to keep him from noticing my swollen clit. I considered my options. To keep the lights out, would keep him from seeing it, but I was not sure that I could stand the sensation of his cock rubbing against it. The only thing I could think of to prevent that was to have him fuck me doggy fashion or give him a blow-job. The remnants of Jakes cum would just make my pussy slick and less pressure on my clit.

Somewhat satisfied with my strategy, I went into the kitchen and got a couple of ice cubes. Returning to the bathroom I placed the ice cubes in a washcloth and held the coldness against my swollen clit. I was hoping that the cold ice would help to reduce the swelling. I glanced at the clock and realized that the girls would be bouncing through the door at any time now, and for them to find me undressed for the second time in a row was pressing my luck.

Quickly, I wiped my ass and cunt with the cloth, promising myself a nice hot bath after attending to Monty's sexual needs later. I slipped on Panties and bra, then a flowery blouse and a long flowing skirt. I wanted to look dressed but, casual for Monty's homecoming. I applied new makeup and brushed my hair. Again, I spun around, inspecting myself for anything that might convey suspicions as to what I had been doing today. I hadn't even put my hairbrush down before I heard Melissa yell, "Hey Mom! We're home!"

I smiled and went to greet them. "Hello, Girls!" I said, happily. "How was school today?" I bent down and kissed each one on the cheek.

"Great, Mom!" Melissa replied.

"It was just Ok." Sara added a little less excited.

Somehow, it sounded wrong. Sara is such a sweet and shy child. She is quieter than Melissa, but more serious about things. It struck me that something maybe bothering her. I do try to pay attention to their moods and give them the attention that they want. I must try in the next few days to sit aside some time to have a confidential talk with her as it has been awhile since that I did that. Sara is the type of girl that will let things go until it become really important to her, then it is like a dam bursting and I catch it all at once.

Melissa, on the other hand, is more forward and to the point, always saying what she is thinking. Sister's for sure, but a lot of differences also. Melissa is bound for her after school treats and permission to visit a friend in the neighborhood. I give her the OK and remind her that Daddy will be home tonight. Sara, meanwhile, has gone to her room to study for a test coming up at school. My mind is whirling over today's events, trying to remember if there were any signs that they would be suspicious of. I remembered that Jake had fucked me on Sara's bed, but I had quickly smoothed it out before leaving it. If there were any cum stains on it they were not noticeable to me. I waited a few minutes and followed Sara to her bedroom. I found her standing in the middle of the room deep in thought.

"What's the matter, Sara?" I asked, "Are you upset or worried about anything? You know that we have no reason to hide anything from each other."

"I know, Mom." She replied, "I was just trying to remember. I was sure that I had made my bed this morning and placed my Teddy bear and my pillow on top of the covers, but the Teddy bear is gone!"

Glancing at her bed confirmed that the bear was gone, but logic said it couldn't have gone far. I bent down and took a quick look under the bed and there was the furry little thing looking back at me. Obviously the hard fucking that Jake had given me had knocked Teddy off the bed and somehow had been kicked under the bed. I retrieved it and handed it to her, seeing her smile.

"See, Sara! Maybe, Teddy got scared being all alone in here today and crawled under the bed" I teased her, but at the same time cursing Jake for fucking me in her room.

"Thanks, Mom! I guess I should have looked before saying anything." She replied.

"That's ok, Sara. Just as long as you know that I'm here for you. Any problems you have, no matter how small or large, you can always confide in me.

"I know Mom, and I will, Maybe we can discuss a few things that have been bothering me, But not now. I need to study for the test for tomorrow." She said

I felt very proud of her at that moment. Seventeen years old and maturing into a beautiful young lady. We had discussed the boy/girl situation from time to time and I passed along motherly advice to her. I was much more liberal with her and Melissa than my mom had been with me. My mother was the old-fashion kind and believed that sex was nasty. There were two things wrong with her advice, it was out-dated, and it came too late. I had already found out for myself that sex was pleasurable. I didn't want my girls to grow up thinking that all sex was nasty, but have respect for themselves and their bodies.

It was time to think about what to serve Monty and the girls for dinner tonight. I was sure that he would be home soon. I'm sure my face flushed red when I remembered what I had eaten in the family room this afternoon. Unconsciously, I touched my clit, through my panties and it was still very sensitive. And I realized how dangerous the position was that I had put myself in. Well, it couldn't be helped, now. I'd just have to play it by ear and hope for the best. I went into the kitchen, started a pot of water boiling for spaghetti, and opened a jar of spaghetti sauce.

By the time the spaghetti was done, I had made a salad. Now, all that was left was to butter the French bread, toast it in the oven. But all of those last minute things could wait until Monty was actually home. I set the table for four and mentally started making a shopping list. I usually did my shopping on Wednesdays as the store specials usually kicked in on the middle of the week, but I could still shop on Friday's just as well.

Perhaps I should start thinking of making a casserole or a meat loaf during those days that Jake would be here. Heaven's knows that he is not going to give me time to cook, during the days he is here. I begin to hope that he would soon tire of me and just let me slip back into my normal routine. Of course, there would probably be other men in my life, but I was determined not to let them gain control of me as Jake had done. But would I really want him to stop coming? I wish I had the answer to that question.

The memories of the last two days were shoved into the back of my mind as I prepared for Monty's return. As the time drew near, Melissa came bounding in, asking, "Is Daddy Home yet?"

"No, Not yet, Dear!" I replied, "But, soon, I'm sure."

A few minutes later, we heard the garage door open and the sound of a door slamming, followed by Monty's voice saying "Hello, Girls, Daddy's home!'

Melissa went to him, hugging him, and kissing him on the cheek Sara had heard the commotion and had come into the kitchen with us just in time to see her daddy giving me a very hot, passionate kiss. She smiled at me as I stepped aside and she took her turn in greeting him with a kiss. The girls gathered around him at the table, listening to his tales of his days at his new job. He seemed very happy about his promotion. I listened also, as I busied my self with finishing the preparations for dinner.

Afterwards, Sara and Melissa cleared the table and put dishes into the dishwasher while Monty and I went into the family room and watched the evening news. It seemed kind of strange to be sitting with my husband on the same sofa that Jake had fucked me so soundly on, just a few hours before. I know that Monty was going to be horny after a couple of days away from me, so I wasn't surprised when he put his hands on my tits, rubbing and squeezing them gently. I cuddled closer to him in an attempt to show that I was as anxious as he was, but cautioned him to not get carried away, because the girls may walk in unexpectedly.

"Don't you think that they know what Daddy does to Mommy at night?" He grinned, his finger tip gently circling my left nipple.

"Oh, I would imagine they know more than we think." I replied, "There is no telling what they learn from their friends at school."

Monty grinned at that and replied, "Hell, I remember that a cousin of mine visited us from California. He was older than I by a couple of years and he showed me how to masturbate. I think I was ten at the time but I was sure curious.

"Really? What did he show you?" I asked.

"Well, Everything! Of course, not everything at once, but after he started, he showed me a lot in the two weeks we were together." Monty laughed.

Now, this was interesting me. Of course, I didn't tell him that I knew just exactly what he was talking about as I was also taught a lot by a neighbor girl whom I liked real well.

During this time, Monty had continued to fondle my tits, and I knew the nipples were hard as he pinched at them. I could see his cock outlined in his pants and I knew his telling me the story has made him eager to fuck. I was just about ready to suggest that we go to bed, when I remembered my own swollen clit. Would he notice it and ask questions?

Fortunately, Sara and Melissa had finished their homework and had come in to watch a bit of TV before they went to bed. Sara sat beside her Daddy and I noticed her hand lying on his thigh, just below his cock. I felt him give a short gasp and quickly put his hand atop of hers, preventing her from moving it higher. Melissa, in the mean time, sat beside me and we watched the rest of the program in silence. It was a good thing the lights were dim for watching TV, not for seeing too much.

Again, that uneasy feeling spread through me, here was all my family, sitting in the same room that Jake had did all kinds of sexual things to me. I was surely hoping that he would make other arraignments if he was going to continue fucking me. There was just too many ways that I could be found out about my affair with him. And I still had to accept Monty's sexual attentions with my bare pussy and swollen clit. I could explain away the bare pussy, but I just hoped that he would not notice how wet my cunt was with Jakes cum still there. I had passed that test on the eve of the company event and felt confident that I could do it again. But I must prevent him noticing my enlarged clit.

The time passed and one by one, the girls kissed their Daddy and went to bed. I was feeling kind of curious of Monty's reaction to Sara's hand being so close to his hard prick. As he stood up, pulling me to my feet, I did notice a small wet spot at the very end of his cock. Had he cum or was it just precum? I would find out later that it was just precum, but it was very close to a climax for him.

Monty and I walked arm in arm to our bedroom. Monty quickly undressed and slid between the sheets. I told him that I was going to freshen up a bit, but would there soon.

"Hell, Honey! You don't have to do that for me." He grinned. "I can take you as you are. Just look at this!" and he pushed down the covers, exposing a very hard prick.

"Is that for me?" I asked innocently.

"Hey, I'm just a man! You know we have two heads and we do not always use the right one in sexual matters. Women don't have that problem, do they?" He asked.

I guess it was kind of ironic that he said that and it brought a smile to my lips, because, unknown to him, I was getting fucked by Jake because of a bad decision I had made on that night of the company event. Of course, that thought brought me back to the present and my dilemma. What would I do if Monty noticed anything different? I had my bare cunt to explain, but I was sure he would believe my story that I did it for him.

"Women have their own set of problems to worry about." I answered with a grin. "We know how you men think and we have to react accordingly."

I turned and stepped into the bathroom. I started undressing and again my eyes swept over my naked body, looking for any telltale signs of my activities. My bald cunt was the most prominent and it seemed to draw my eyes right to the swollen clit. Spreading my legs farther apart, I saw that the outer lips were not as puffy as they were earlier and took some comfort from that. Running a finger between the inner lips told me that I was still quite wet, but I felt that Monty would take it as a sign of my desire for him. I touched lightly at my ass-hole, feeling a slight soreness but thinking it not being a major concern.

I removed my nightgown from the hook on the bathroom door and raised it over my head. No! I thought, I would forget the gown for tonight. I seriously doubted that Monty would object to my nudity. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and stepped into the room. Monty sat upright in bed, his eyes taking in the sights of my tits bouncing as I walked closer. Then, I saw them flash downward and a look of surprise covered his face as he realized that my pussy was bare and smooth. He smiled and held out his hands as an invitation to our marriage bed.

I quickly slid under the covers, but Monty had other ideas. I lay on my back as he kissed and caressed my tits, sucking the erect nipples into his mouth as one hand stole downward to my bare cunt. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning as he found my sensitive clit. I grabbed his hand, sliding it up and away from my pussy as I said.

"Oh, Monty! I have missed you so much. I hope you like my little surprise."

"You know I do, Sweetheart! I don't know how many times I have wanted to ask you to do that. Now, I want to get a good look at my wife's shaved pussy."

My mind was in a whirl, thoughts racing back and forth, wondering what I could tell him as he threw the covers off my naked body. He got to his knees beside me and his hands covered my tits and pussy. True to his word, he dropped his face to my bare crotch and I felt his tongue searching for my clit. Tightening my thighs together.

"Please, Monty. Not tonight." I begged.

"But Damn-it sweetheart! You know how I love to eat your pussy!" He replied.

"I know, Honey. But I want to feel your cock inside me, tonight. I have missed you a lot! You know how you are when you get worked up too much and you cum too soon." I explained.

"Well, at least let me get a good look at it, then." He pleaded, pulling at my thighs.

Unable to come up with an excuse, I relaxed my thighs and spread them to his gaze. He was so close I could feel his hot breath on my pussy lips. For long moments he was silent, then he raised his head and looked at me.

"Gee, Honey! Your clit looks all swollen and raw. What happened?" He asked.

Panic gripped me, my mind racing for some explanation. Had I really been found out?

"Oh, Monty! I was hoping that you would not notice that." I said, pulling his face up to mine, kissing him deeply as I searched for an answer. "But, I guess I might as well tell you even if it is a little bit embarrassing."

"What is embarrassing?" He grinned. "You know that we have no secrets from each other."

"Well, I'm sure you remember the dildo you bought for me a couple of years ago? Well, I missed you so much last night and this afternoon, I kind of got carried away and used it a bit too rough. I know it sounds kind of selfish to masturbate while you are gone, but remember that I am used to having you at home at night to take care of my needs. I'm sorry if I disappointed you."

"Hell, No! Woman! You have not disappointed me. I like the idea of you being kind of sexy natured. Besides that is the reason I bought them for you. Did you use the vibe too?"

"Yes," I said shyly. "But I did kind of make myself sore down there."

"Don't worry about it honey. I can wait. I was feeling the same way last night and I masturbated as well." He grinned sheepishly.

"No, you don't have to wait." I said. "I know that you are tired after your drive home. Perhaps I could give you a blow-job instead of sore pussy?"

"Hey, A good idea! I accept your suggestion." He smiled broadly as he flopped onto his back

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