tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Complete Education Ch. 03

A Complete Education Ch. 03


Anna narrates what happens next in the cabin.)

Waking up around 9 am on Friday morning, I assumed Mary and Jimmy had screwed themselves into a coma since it was so quiet in their room.

I pulled on my wool socks and after tending to my morning bathroom, started making coffee dressed in my nightie.

After snowing all night the driveway was full of drifts. If it didn't let up soon we could have problems digging out on Sunday.

I was still staring out the window when I heard sounds behind me. I turned to see two gloriously naked people walking my way.

"Good morning," they said in near unison.

"And, good morning to you. If it isn't Babe and Fuck-Me-Babe."

Mary and Jimmy turned crimson.

"A little loud?" Mary asked.

"Well, let's just say I understand why Jimmy was concerned about coyotes."

I opened my arms and welcomed the beaming lovers.

"Coffee smells awesome," said Jimmy, as he pecked my cheek.

"Help yourself." I told him that I'd make breakfast.

He and Sally filled mugs. Jimmy walked to the large window overlooking the woods, while Mary rested her mug on the counter, slipped her arms around my waist and laid her head against my chest.

"Thank you, love. I am so lucky to have you in my life and so blown away by your support."

I kissed the top of her head. "Really, that good?"

"Oh my god, it was the best sex with a guy I've ever had. He touched parts of me with his dick I didn't even know I had. I'm sore right now, but it was totally worth it."

"I'm almost jealous," I said while stroking her bare back.

Mary turned her face to mine and we kissed.

"There's a cure for that jealousy," she said with a sly smile.

"Mary, I haven't been with a man for about two years."

"So, what difference does that make?"

"Hell, I bet he wouldn't even want to do it, anyway."

Mary laughed. "Sure. Why would he want to go to bed with a gorgeous, smart, funny, sensitive babe with a killer bod? You're right. I'm sure he'd have zero interest."

Not getting drawn into her sarcasm, I said, "Mary, he really cares for you. I could tell that the moment I saw you two together. Maybe, he wouldn't want to jeopardize what you guys just started. Besides, I never said I wanted to sleep with him."

After a long kiss Mary said, "Do you?"

I kissed her back. My mind raced with conflicting answers. I mostly enjoyed being with women. Mary and I were moving closer and I wanted that to continue. Would sleeping with Jimmy harm our relationship? What about my other lover? Then again, I've come to really like Jimmy. He is a genuinely good person. Plus, he's handsome, got a super tight bod and a very good looking dick, both hard and soft. Conclusion: I was totally fucking confused.

I gazed at him standing in front of the window. He was so relaxed and unguarded, even though nude. I noticed how the light was catching the contours of his body. I felt a reaction deep inside. Yes, I thought, I would enjoy having that body.

Right now, though, I wanted to preserve this vision so I could paint it.

I kissed Mary and said, "Can we pick this up later? I want to capture Jimmy as he's standing there."

She followed my eyes and nodded as she saw the beauty and the simple eroticism of the naked man in the window.

I grabbed my phone.

"Jimmy, can I take a couple pictures? I want to do a nude study of you and this light is fantastic."

He didn't move; just turned his head. Looking at me, he smiled and nodded.

"Shit," I thought, "I really do want to fuck him."

I switched to the camera function and took a bunch of pictures from various angles. He just sipped his coffee and looked at the swirling snow, oblivious to my jumping around.

Mary was standing next to me, also taking pictures with her phone.

"Jimmy, if I pulled a chair up would you mind sitting in it and letting me shoot some more?"

"No prob."

I pulled the overstuffed leather chair so it caught the morning light, filtered by the snow.

He sat, but something wasn't right.

"Could you hang one leg over the arm of the chair?"

As he did so, his dick came into full view. That was what I wanted—almost.

"Jimmy, could you put your dick sorta' on top of your leg?"

"Anna, come put it anywhere you want."

"Was there a double meaning there?" I wondered.

I took the warm and soft member and stretched it along his thigh. This was the first time I touched it when it was soft and enjoyed the feel. The light illuminated his shaft, while making his balls slightly disappear in shadow. I loved the effect.

After several shots, I knew I had what I needed to begin some oils of a nude.

Mary said, "Take a picture of us together?"

She sat on the chair where Jimmy's leg was, straddling the arm. Her pussy was spread. She took Jimmy's hand and laid it along her thigh. They turned to me and smiled. I checked the image. The light was perfect to clearly show his dick and her open pussy, along with her breasts and extended nipples. I took some snaps and Mary asked me to also use her camera. I did so.

Jimmy stood and stretched.

"Guys, I suggest this is the perfect morning for naked snow angels."

He walked to the front door. Turning he said, "Anyone else?"

I figured what the hell, pulled my nightie and socks off and trotted after him.

"No fuckin' way," called Mary. "But, I'll be happy to take pictures."

We laughed at her standing half naked in a parka and boots. He pulled the door open. The drifts on the porch were over a foot deep. As the cold grabbed our feet, he took my hand and we scampered down the steps. Mary stood at the top and clicked away.

Jimmy turned and flopped back into the deep snow and began moving his arms and legs to create the angel. I picked a spot next to him and copied his movements. Mary was howling as she took pictures.

Jimmy got up and held his hand to me. Rising, he pulled me toward a large drift. I screamed "No", but he dragged me and we plunged in belly first.

My nipples, already hard, became bullets and the snow slipped up my pussy. Not a completely enjoyable feeling.

Screaming I started back toward the porch, but he caught me by the waist and plopped me fanny first into the drift. This time it was like a snow wedgie.

"You're freakin' freezing my pussy," I yelled, gasping for air because of the cold and my uncontrollable laughter. Jimmy reached to help me up and I jerked him forward. Losing balance he landed on top of me. I felt his dick between my legs and my breasts against his chest.

We looked at each other, still laughing. Jimmy became silent and moved in to kiss me. I responded fully and slipped my arms around him. The heat between our legs overcame the snow lodged there.

After a lovingly long time, he broke and kissed my nose. He pushed himself up and again offered his hand.

Taking a handful of snow, I smooshed it into his dick.

"This should cool that down," I said as it began to shrink.

He laughed and once more offered his hand. I shook my head and grabbed his dick. Using it, I hauled myself up.

Only then, I thought about Mary and how this must look to her.

I turned to her and she was smiling ear to ear.

We raced back to the house.

"Freezing!" was all I could say.

"You two should get in the shower right now," Mary said.

"Actually, I think there's room for three," offered Jimmy.

In a minute, three naked bodies enjoyed the hot water and a crazy mélange of hands cleaning every place on our bodies—some places more thoroughly than others. And the shrinkage from the snow was dramatically gone. A beautiful boner now bounced among us.

We dried and I said let's bundle on the couch.

Jimmy stocked the fire and we snuggled nude under the fleece blankets. He was still erect.

"God, that was crazy," I said.

"Yeah, but fun," Jimmy replied.

"Great photo ops," Mary added.

"I'm going to send some to Kelsey. I promised her," Mary said. She selected a couple with her and Jimmy and a couple of me and Jimmy in the snow. There was nothing left to the imagination in any of the shots.

With Jimmy in the middle, holding each of our hands, we continued to warm ourselves, soon drifting off for a nap.

The chirp of Mary's cell phone roused me. I awoke to find Mary snuggled next to me and Jimmy bounding about the kitchen. The smell of bacon made my stomach growl.

Mary answered her phone to find a return message from Kelsey.

"im so f'ing jealous. need to hr all dets. tit 4 tat"

Mary opened the attached picture to find Kelsey and her sister showing their tits. We called Jimmy over.

"Nice racks," he said. "How old's her sister?"

"Devon is 18," Mary answered. "Can definitely see a family resemblance,"

Jimmy announced the food was ready. Wrapped in blankets, Mary and I made our way to the counter and enjoyed the breakfast Jimmy laid out.

"I was supposed to do this," I said between bites.

"You two looked so beautiful sleeping together, I couldn't possibly disturb you."

Looking at Mary, our affection for each other reflected in our eyes. We both shifted to look at Jimmy and again my stomach flipped seeing him nude.

Jimmy cleaned up and rejoined us under the blanket, after loading another couple logs on the fire.

"So, it sounded like last night was a success?" I asked.

"Major success," said Jimmy. "Mary, it was everything I ever hoped and beyond my greatest fantasy. You are an incredible lover."

I felt a chill at his honesty and the way he allowed his emotions to come out.

"And, Anna, having you part of it was so special. Thank you."

He kissed me and I returned the affection.

"My only regret..." he started.

Mary and I looked at him.

"Well?" asked Mary.

"My only regret is that I could not make Mary cum like she does when you and she are together."

"Jimmy, babe, I came like crazy. Really, it was the best sex ever."

"Not with my mouth. Not like Anna made you cum. There was no coyote howling."

"Honey, it's different with Anna and me. That doesn't mean I did not freaking love last night. The best. Just, the best."

"But, I want to be able to give you more," he said.

I thought I better intervene before this goes way off track.

"So, you really want to know how to please a woman using something besides your dick?"

Jimmy smiled and nodded.

"But, I still want to use my dick," he said.

"Understood," I agreed and decided to give Jimmy a course in pleasing a woman orally.

"Well, I am about to divulge the secrets of hall of fame pussy-eaters. Do you swear to hold these secrets dear and never use them to the detriment of fair maidens?"

Mary laughed. "If the maidens were so fair, I doubt they'd be letting some guy munch between their legs."

"Point taken," I said. "Ok, do you swear to love the pussy and respect it for something other than a warm place holder for your dick?"

Jimmy took a moment and smiled. "If the pussies are as beautiful as the two next to me, I swear not only to respect them, but to love, honor and obey them."

"Good enough," I said.

"Now, the first thing is for you to unlearn a bunch of bullshit about oral sex that most guys take as gospel. Listen and learn, Jimmy."

"Sure," he said. "I'm all ears. But, what's the second thing?"

"Practice, practice, practice," I told him.

I began my philosophy of pussy-loving.

"First, appreciate the pussy. This is an extremely sensitive area of our anatomy. The whole vulva, clit, vagina, even the insides of our thighs and the skin right above our pussy—it's sensitive. So, thinking that that three-day growth looks sexy is one thing, but we do not appreciate having sandpaper rubbed around these areas. If you want a woman to enjoy oral, get acquainted with a razor. Sometimes I think one reason women like women giving them oral is that there is smooth skin next to their pussy.

"Now, let's talk hygiene. Maybe some guys think our sex is a dirty place. If a guy thinks that way, he's never going to amount to anything. If that's a guy's outlook, then spare us both and keep your puss out of our pussy.

"But our pussy is not a dirty place and it's very important to us. We spend time keeping it clean. You're going to put your fingers inside a precious place. So, guys should have clean hands and fingers. And for god sake, clip your nails. That is extra-sensitive territory you're entering.

"Those are the basics, Jimmy. Next let's deal with myths.

"The first myth is that oral sex is simply foreplay. For some women oral sex is the endgame. For others, it's an important part of foreplay, but not all the time. Sometimes—straight, gay or bi—oral is what she wants right now and all she wants right now.

"For many guys, oral is a stopping point along the way. You know, like 'I better do something here so I can stick my dick in her.' So, a lot of guys do something down there and hope it's enough so they get a ticket to their final destination.

"Look, I understand. Guys want to stick their dicks in places. That's why they get hard-ons. The essential drive for a guy is to put it somewhere. Straight or gay, guys want to stick it in. Again, some women really like it—I've enjoyed it a bit—but oral can't just be a token to earn a hall pass for the dick to meet the pussy.

"Second myth is all girls are the same below the waist. Sadly, most guys have no clue what's down there. They look at it, but again they don't seem to see it. Their main goal is to stick in the thing that doesn't have an eye. But, Jimmy, we are all different. We look different, we have different areas that are more sensitive than others, and we react differently to how we are touched.

"Just as a dick is an amazing piece of engineering that can go from totally soft to rock hard in seconds, a woman is an intricate design. We have layers and those layers mean something. So, when guys think that touching or kissing or even licking one spot is the same as doing it to another, you're wrong.

"Third myth is technique. I know there are a lot of stories about this technique or that technique that will rock her world. Forget it. Guys get so hung up on doing everything right, in the proper order for the appropriate length of time that they miss all the signs.

"For example, freshmen year I was on the basketball team. Right before the season we had a mixer with the men's team. It was supposed to build a sense of camaraderie among the two teams. What it really was a mini-meat market. And, for that it was successful. I was this mostly naïve kid and was in awe of our own upper-class women players and some of the men. The guys made the Sweet Sixteen the year before, and the ones returning were sorta' famous.

"Anyway, I see this beautiful guy and I remembered him playing last year. He's about six-seven, great body, nice hair and the prettiest face on a man that I ever saw. I am just staring and he comes over and starts chatting. I am almost bowled over, but I talk with him. He's kinda' charming--in a goofy sorta' way. So, he asks me if I want to go somewhere. Now, I was naïve, but not stupid. I figure if we just wanted to talk, we could stay in the gym.

"We end up in his room and start making out. Well, I'll spare you the gory details but we screwed. It was nice. He had a great body and a decent dick. Not as nice or as big as yours, if you're wondering. So anyway we start seeing each other, which is a nice way to say we screw every chance we get. After a bit, I mention that I really enjoy oral. I did so after like the tenth blow job I gave him.

"He gives me a look and says "Ok, sure. How about next time?"

"I figure what the fuck, does he not know how to do it or what? Come to find out, I was right on target.

"So, a couple nights later we're in bed, all naked and sweaty. He says, 'Should I go down on you now?'

"If you have to ask, I'm thinking... But my pussy would like some attention so I smile and say "Oh, yes, please" or some shit like that.

"So down he goes and plunges right in. He's doing something but I can't understand what. Then it hits me. He's writing the fuckin' alphabet with this tongue on what he must think is my clit. Shit, I thought that was just some dumb story that became an urban legend, but that's what he was doing.

"A couple problems. First, if he was writing, he had lousy penmanship. He was all over the place, plus I think he was dyslexic. Also, he did not have good concentration, I think he got to "H" and lost his place and the next thing I know he's back to "A'. Finally, I moaned, thanked him and let him fuck me. Truthfully, he wasn't that good at fucking either. That was the last time we were together.

"So, forget the stupid technique you read in Playboy or Penthouse or some other place."

Jimmy looked between Mary and me.

"I think I understand, but what do I do?"

"Do you think you are pleasing Mary when you are together?"

"Well, we only did oral once. I liked it, but she wasn't reacting like when she was with you. I mean with you she was screaming."

"You want to make her scream?"

"More than anything."

He had the most sincere look. "Jimmy, that's a great start."

"Ok, what are two important things you've heard?"

"That, uh, you're all not the same and, let's see, that technique doesn't matter."

"Not quite," I said. "Technique, or let's say, how you make love to your woman's pussy is important. But, it can't be some out of the box, excuse the pun, technique. You have to be able to read a woman's wants and needs and then react. It's really that simple."

"Sounds simple," he said. I could tell he was still confused.

"Mary, can I talk about us to help explain."

She smiled and nodded.

"Mary is a terrifically sexual woman. I'm sure you know that. Not only is she beautiful, but she is openly responsive. She does not try to hide her pleasure. But, there are things that really make her feel good.

"I said we have layers and they're important. The outer lips serve one purpose, the inner another and then there's the clit and the vagina. All these parts need stimulation, along with our thighs, bellies and sundry other spots unique on each woman. Yeah, I know we don't make it easy on you guys.

"When we are not excited, our outer lips are tight and protect stray things from flying up. Think of it that way for starters. But, when we start to get excited, these lips become engorged with blood, become sensitive, start to open to allow easier access in and lubrication to flow out. As they swell, they become even more tender. So, paying attention to them is a good thing. With Mary I like to kiss her outer lips and nibble on them. She seems to enjoy that."

"Mmmm," added Mary.

"Inner lips help to hold things in and they can be sensitive. Now, a lot of girls don't care for a lot of attention on them. Some girls are even embarrassed that they hang out. Like I said, there are not two pussys alike. Even if you think thick inner lips hanging out is gross, do not let her know that.

"So, things like sucking on them, pulling them or even nibbling are many times more annoying than erotic. But, a good lover can experiment. You will usually know if it feels good for the other person. Sometimes you get a "yeah, that feels good" or you might feel her pushing harder against you. Other times, the girl may be pulling back. Take a hint.

"Now the clit. God, if guys only had a slightest inkling about a clit we'd have a lot less war in this world, since the women would never let them out of their grasp. Guys think it's some sort of strange toy and they don't have the directions to it. Jimmy, it is the center of our physical sexuality. All our sexual senses are tied into that tiny bit of flesh. Sure, we may love the feeling of something warm and hard inside us. Yes, we may love the emotion associated with receiving the man and having him move inside. But, the real essence of what makes us experience the pleasure of sex is in our clit.

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