tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 01

A Compromise Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Neighborhood Party

It had been a month now, and the shock and surreal memory has given way to a realism in my mind.

The party had been a good one, loud, full of our friends and lots of drink. In fact, at some point in the late night, I began to fall asleep in my chair and I felt David's arms around my waist hoisting me up the stairs with the help of a neighbor, Phil, I think. They were pretty drunk too, and they giggled as they carried me to my bed.

"What do you think, Tim, take her clothes off as a reward?" Phil said, slurring his words like the smirk on his face. But they didn't, they just pulled a cover over me and left me to my sleep.

It wasn't until I woke up at 3AM and got up to go the bathroom that I realized someone was still partying on the pool deck below. The moon was bright and I could see the shapes of two people in the pool.

Still half asleep, I stood watching them for a moment as they hoisted out of the water. She was slim, her white bra and panties shown brightly under the moonlight. I quickly recognized my next-door neighbor, Joyce. She has surprisingly large breasts for a small girl and keeps herself trim. I watched as she knelt in front of her husband Jeff, half concealed by the shadow of our tall garage gable. Her small hand reached to fondle his cock. I should have turned away of course, but I couldn't. My eyes strained to see more detail in the moonlight.

She slipped his shorts down, catching first on his erect cock and then dropping in a sodden, white pool at his feet. I watched intently, feeling guilty, but finding it too erotic to stop. He helped her to her feet, her hand still surrounding his cock. I watched him struggle with the front closure of her bra as she watched and fondled his cock. At last, she stopped and quickly opened the clasp. Her breasts sprang out into his hands, the white of her bra shining in the moonlight as it slipped down her arms and fell at her feet. His hands fondled and lifted the large round breasts as I my hand slipped into my own blouse and found my nipples stiff with excitement. I rolled my nipple between thumb and forefinger slowly and sat down on the window seat to continue watching, a tense smile on my face.

I noticed that my panties were feeling quite wet and I slipped out of the wrinkled skirt still around my legs. As I dropped the skirt, I let my other hand fall like a lover's caress on the silk covered mound and then opened my legs to cup my pussy in my hand. I could feel the soft wet pool that had formed so quickly.

My neighbors continued fondling each other there beneath my window, his hands cupping her round bottom and her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. I could see the sensual little movements they made pressing their tummies together. He slipped a leg between her legs and Joyce moaned softly as she rotated her hips against the firm thigh she was pressing her wetness against.


"Shhhhh, …..shhhhh." I heard him mumble, his voice dripping with excitement.

Joyce slipped her white panties down her legs. She raised one leg around his waist and his hands helped her climb higher on his body.

"mmmmfh!" she moaned.

I could tell by her moan and the way she moved that she had just slipped down over his cock. The head popping inside in a rush as it does when his cock head presses your wet lips open and he slips past the tight muscle at the entry to your vagina. The thought of it brought an involuntary tremble to my body. My finger slipped into my own pussy as I imagined that it was me down there impaled on that big slick cock.

I was really feeling deliciously naughty now.

As Joyce slipped up and down on his cock, I watched how he braced himself, legs spread, back arched, hands still supporting and guiding her by squeezing her bottom in his big hands. My finger touched the bump behind my clitoris and I felt my nipples tighten under my hands as I rubbed them over and over in time to their fucking.

"Yes, yes!" I heard her say urgently, the sound clear and distinct in the cool night air.

"Shhhh, ….. Shhhh! ………….." he urged.

An orgasm shook my body as my hand thrust hard against my pussy, my legs now wide apart, one foot on the window seat.

"She'll hear!"

I heard him finish the sentence. Only then did it dawn on me what I had heard. It wasn't HER husband, ….. it was DAVID, David, MY husband, David.

A cold shudder wracked my body.

"No!" the words slipped from my mouth, an ejaculation. Was it loud enough for them to hear, I wondered.

I felt as if my legs couldn't carry me. I slumped to the window seat, staring at the figures, not believing, not wanting to believe. I wanted my eyes to tell me it wasn't so.

Joyce's lythe body slipped down from its perch on my husband's cock and she stood on tiptoes to kiss his lips, their hands resting on each other's hips now. As they parted, my eyes confirmed that it was indeed David.

"No, oh no!" I whispered hoarsely. My voice was failing me too. I just had never thought this could happen to us. And it had. It had.

My forehead against the screen, I watched as Joyce fastened her soggy bra in place and slipped her panties up over the tight little buns. One last peck on the lips and then she was striding across the lawn we shared to her own bed, her own husband. Her walk was a little nervous -- or was it just the loose walk of a very satisfied, sexy woman?

I was numb. I didn't even know what to feel about her. A deep gut reaction that must have been hate convulsed my stomach and I headed for the bathroom where I threw up.

A tense anxiety overwhelmed me. I sat on the cool floor and held my head over the stool a long minute, waiting for it to pass, and then slipped heavily into my bed, unsure what I wanted to do. I decided to say nothing for now, give myself time to think. That's what they say about me - always a plan - never do anything without a plan.

I lay quietly in the dark, waiting for David to come upstairs. I heard him bump into something in the kitchen.

"Damn!" he muttered. The sound of a glass breaking in the sink.

I could hear him trying to be quiet as he came up the stairs, heard him bump against the wall a little heavily and stop a moment. Quiet, the house was so quiet. My ears were listening for the smallest sound.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt - betrayed, I guess that's the word. There was a hollow chasm in the middle of my stomach and I pulled my knees up, curling into a tight ball. I listened to his man sounds in the bathroom. He seemed to stay in there an interminable length of time. Finally, he pushed open the door and padded across to his side of the bed. I felt the weight of his 6' 2" frame sink on the bed.

I have a mean streak someplace in me, I guess, and I rolled over and put my hand on his stomach. He pretended to be asleep, faking an even, snoring, breathing. I thought, "You bastard! Look what you've done!" but I remained silent. My hand trailed softly down the hairy centerline of his stomach, past his navel, over the smooth muscular abdomen and then covered his limp, lying cock! He flinched briefly, but then returned to his soft breathing. I knelt beside him and moved my lips close to his flaccid, used-up cock.

For some reason, I was driven to know her scent on him. The heavy smell of sex was everyplace on his body. His scent, and a strange new one, that I knew must be Joyce's. I don't know to this day why I did it, was it to torment him? I still don't know for sure, but my tongue slipped slowly out between my lips and I touched it to the tip of his cock, the same cock that had just been pleasured by the juices of my friend next door. I satisfied my curiosity briefly as David tried hard to avoid letting me know he was awake.

I didn't sleep at all that night, and not much for the next week or two. Most nights I quietly cried myself to sleep, arguing with myself over what to do next. It has taken a full month to make my decision. But, I am doing a little better now that I have made the decision, and I will continue to get better as I work my plan.

At least, that is what I hope will happen. In the end, you see, there was just too much at stake to just throw it all away. I had the children to think of, of course, it was impossible to make the decision to thrust their lives into chaos, just because we, or at least one of us, had screwed up.

So, in the next few weeks, I'll chronicle how my plan unfolds, maybe it will be of use to you, dear reader, when it happens to you. Because it will happen, you know, it probably will happen to you. When you least expect it, ….. that's the thing!

Continued in Chapter Two.

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